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13:32 paul_p 'morning owen
13:33 danny morning #koha
13:33 paul_p in which case is there such embedding ?
13:33 owen[…]9c7f9be1d66ec347e
13:33 owen Who, sorry--didn't realize that url was so monstrous
13:33 gmcharlt not the only place
13:33 paul_p snow in marseille today : occurs once every 10 years or so. The view from our office :
13:35 gmcharlt owen: in any event, that  script uses CGI::scrolling_list, which atz and others have been steadily removing
13:35 gmcharlt so I don't expect this to last very long
13:35 gmcharlt patches to remove scrolling_list whereever used welcome
13:36 owen paul_p: If snow is so rare, does no one know how to drive safely in it?
13:37 gmcharlt shudders, even
13:45 paul_p owen: yes, it's really fun to see the street totally empty. I came by foot to office (50mn), and saw 11 cars running (or trying to run for some of them)
13:46 danny wow!
13:46 paul_p + I heard some ppl complaining about the mayor, that didn't put salt on the streets... of course, Marseille don't have any equipment for that, and having them for once every 10 years would be tax consuming, but that wasn't taken into account by those crying ppl !
13:56 nahuel gmcharlt, hi
13:56 gmcharlt hi nahuel
13:56 nahuel what is the stuff you don't like in the zotero patch ?
13:57 gmcharlt that it breaks save results to Zotero
13:57 nahuel i tested with a marc21installation and it works well...
13:58 nahuel does it exists a "demo" MARC21 database I can get to test it ?
14:01 gmcharlt nahuel: I will send you a file of MARC21 bib records that I use for testing
14:01 nahuel gmcharlt, cool thank you
14:01 nahuel i'll improve the marc21 record
14:01 gmcharlt for DB itself, just set up English and MARC21 and load all sample SQL scripts
14:02 nahuel ok
14:03 gmcharlt also, please validate the XHTML - I use the HTML Validator plugin for FF3
14:03 nahuel webdev plugin
14:04 nahuel gmcharlt, received
14:10 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I have seen that bulkmarcimport uses defer_marc_save =>1
14:10 hdl_laptop This prevents update of marcxml data.
14:10 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: But marcxml data is then never updated.... Unless I miss something.
14:13 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: it's done in AddItemBatchFromMarc(), which calls ModBiblioMarc()
14:17 hdl_laptop thx.
14:17 hdl_laptop rather counter intuitive.
14:17 hdl_laptop But understandable.
14:41 nahuel gmcharlt, I imported the datas, but it seem working fine...
14:41 gmcharlt what version of Zotero?
14:42 gmcharlt I'm using 1.0.9
14:43 nahuel the same
14:50 nahuel just the 3rd notice have an incompatible record
15:13 nahuel gmcharlt, oh you talked about search result ?
15:13 gmcharlt yes
15:15 nahuel ok
15:16 nahuel I try on opac-details ;)
15:16 nahuel i'm patching this
16:01 liz paul_p: that's a beautiful photo... are you going to make a snow man?
16:01 liz or snow angels (hehe)
16:01 paul_p my sons probably did one ;-)
16:01 liz i can't wait for my munchkin to be old enough to go out and play in the snow
17:14 atz paul_p: good point re: ldap in 2.2
17:14 paul_p thx ;-)
17:33 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
17:33 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes
17:33 hdl_laptop hi
17:34 hdl_laptop Question : about subdivisions for authorities.
17:34 hdl_laptop        '180'=>{auth_type=>'GEN_SUBDIV'},
17:34 hdl_laptop        '181'=>{auth_type=>'GEO_SUBDIV'},
17:34 hdl_laptop        '182'=>{auth_type=>'CHRON_SUBD'},
17:34 hdl_laptop        '185'=>{auth_type=>'FORM_SUBD'},
17:34 hdl_laptop Are those codes OK for you ?
17:35 gmcharlt sure
17:36 hdl_laptop I have added authorities Import and update to bulkmarcimport.
17:36 hdl_laptop But it requires to be able from the record data to be able to determine the authtypecode.
17:36 hdl_laptop So I added this stuff.
17:37 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: has anyone worked on that at LL ?
17:38 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: no, you have free reign
17:38 gmcharlt (but I'm confused: bulkmarcimport, or the staging import?)
17:39 paul_p gmcharlt: bulkmarcimport
17:39 paul_p (we are working for the 3 Marseille universities atm)
17:39 paul_p (at least hdl and matthias for the data import)
17:40 gmcharlt then bulkauthimport is going away?
17:40 hdl_laptop I think so.
17:40 hdl_laptop It was deprecated anyway.
17:40 paul_p ok, time to try to go back home by foot for me (with 10cm snow) ;-)
17:40 gmcharlt have fun, paul_p
17:41 paul_p see you tomorrow guys (unless I broke a leg ;-) )
17:41 gmcharlt not sure it was actually deprecated, given that there was no alternative until now
17:42 gmcharlt in any event, I have no objection to having bulkmarcimport handle both bibs and authorities, as long as code is structured well
17:42 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: No.
17:43 hdl_laptop I was wrong.
17:43 hdl_laptop bulkauthimport looks ok.
17:46 hdl_laptop But anyway, seems quite the same as what I did in bulkmarcimport.
17:48 hdl_laptop except that I added functions to in order to guess authtypecode and get authid from record rather than putting it directly in bulkimport, thinking that we might need that somewhere els..
17:49 gmcharlt I agree that that function belongs in C4
17:49 hdl_laptop And I manage Add And Modification.
17:49 hdl_laptop (If exists.
17:49 hdl_laptop )
17:49 hdl_laptop (for authorities only.)
17:49 gmcharlt C4::AuthoritiesMarc::MARC21
17:50 gmcharlt C4;:AuthoritiesMarc::UNIMARC, perhaps
17:50 gmcharlt cool
17:51 hdl_laptop so that you can tell what you think
18:41 jdavidb rch:  Sorry--was off at lunch.  No, I've not updated nekls-test
20:13 atz gmcharlt: should C4::Items::GetItemsInfo still return the marc and marcxml fields?
20:14 atz it seems to be unnecessary (for at least the staff details page)
20:14 gmcharlt no, it should
20:15 gmcharlt it should *not*, rather
20:15 gmcharlt I pushed a patch from Michael a while back to remove that
20:15 gmcharlt are there any consumers for GetItemsInfo that are still expecting it?
20:15 atz odd... i just rebased
20:16 atz i don't think anybody makes use of it (superficial review)
20:16 atz just because there are better C4 API for getting a MARC::Record object from the DB
20:16 chris morning
20:17 gmcharlt hi chris
20:17 atz greets chris
20:18 atz[…]7180df892873bf601
20:18 atz my $query = "SELECT items.*,biblio.*, .....
20:19 atz i guess that is safe b/c it isn't biblioitems?
20:19 gmcharlt right
20:19 gmcharlt marc and marcxml are columns in biblioitems
20:19 gmcharlt and that query doesn't retrieve them
20:20 atz yeah, it goes on to enumerate all the *other* biblioitems fields... ok it's making sense to me now
20:45 atz gmcharlt: do you want the patch via patches list?
20:46 gmcharlt atz: yes
21:44 danny yay! after wrestling with IE7 and Firefox all day I think I finally got the javascript piece working correctly
23:25 chris
23:27 chris but first, lunch
23:28 SelfishMan chris: I'm curious how *you* pronounce it
23:35 si SelfishMan: he'd say it something like cor-Ha
23:35 si cor as in apple core
23:35 si ha as in hard
23:36 SelfishMan Ha
23:36 si I kid you not
23:37 si that would be close to the standard Maori pronounciation
23:37 SelfishMan I don't doubt it
23:37 SelfishMan I think most peple see it and think more polynesian and pronounce it koh-ha
23:38 si yup
23:39 si hawaiian and samoan have pretty similar vowel sounds
23:40 si but amongst his many other talents, chris has a degree in Maori, so he's more definitive than me
23:40 SelfishMan ha ha ha
23:42 gmcharlt the distaff relative of MS Bob? ;)
23:42 SelfishMan Yep!
23:43 SelfishMan I recently found a shrinkwrapped copy of it that I acquired years ago
23:54 chris samoan and hawaian would pronounce it the same as maori, same vowel sounds
23:54 chris as maori
23:55 chris and spanish, and japanese
23:56 SelfishMan and that would be?
23:56 chris i bet i can find someone saying it 2 secs
23:57 chris its hard to type it phonetically
23:57 chris cos you guys pronounce english diff to us
23:57 SelfishMan I never thought I would hear that over four letters!
23:59 chris that it was hard to type phonetically? youve never done any linguistics papers then eh? :)
00:00 SelfishMan My linguistic skills apply to hearing spoken languages.  I can pick up most languages rather quick but can't speak them to save my life
00:00 chris[…]ronunciation.html
00:00 chris some mp3's of the vowel and consonant sounds there
00:02 chris selfishman: can you speak spanish?
00:03 SelfishMan As long as I don't have to roll an R, yes
00:03 chris koha in maori sounds almost identical to how you pronounce coja in spanish
00:03 SelfishMan Ah. Ok
07:44 chris evening
07:44 SelfishMan morning
08:19 chris hi hdl
08:20 chris galen sorted out gitosis for me, so i have been pushing updates to there
08:20 hdl_laptop cool.
08:20 mason evening all
08:21 hdl_laptop morning here.... ;p Good evening NZanders.
08:22 chris i have a plan, that when you want to release I can tell you all the finished translations
08:22 hdl_laptop I would like to release next week.
08:22 chris and we can release with that, then ppl can keep translating and ill put up translated templates as they finish them
08:23 chris with instructions how to download them and copy them to the right place so people can use them
08:23 chris that way we dont have to wait for every translation to finish before we release
08:24 chris does that sound like a good idea?
08:25 hdl_laptop I am OK with that idea.
08:26 chris cool
08:26 chris i figure that way, if someone comes along and wants to add a new language they wont have to wait for the next release either
08:28 hdl_laptop al the more that even if translation appear complete now, there are still some sentences missing.
08:28 chris yeah
08:28 chris i think having language packs available for download, seperate to the main koha download will be quite useful
09:26 chris hi paul
09:27 paul_p hi chris
10:53 nahuel gmcharlt, zotero should work with marc21 and my new patch :)

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