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12:42 mc hello
12:42 owen Hi mc
12:58 AmitG hi
12:58 AmitG mc
15:55 danny any perl experts have some suggestions, I am trying to do some debugging and I want to print some text from like, is this possible or do i have to go through the steps of passing it to a template?
15:56 gmcharlt danny: you can warn, which will dump info to Apache error log
15:56 danny ah that will work
15:56 danny thanks gmcharlt
15:56 gmcharlt or you can use die, which dump the error message to the browser in place of the page
15:59 Beth Can the Holds to Pull (or pending holds) report be customized?  If so, where does one do that?
16:00 gmcharlt Beth: customized in what way?  
16:00 Beth Well I'd like to customize what shows up in the columns (remove some maybe add others) - trying to get it to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper
16:00 Beth right now it's too wide and doesn't print properly
16:01 Beth BTW Hi Galen glad you liked our Hi logol *L*
16:09 owen I wonder if the guided reports system will ever improve to the point that *all* the hardcoded reports can be made as guided reports
16:09 Beth That would be great owen if that could happen.
16:09 gmcharlt Beth: you could lop off columns in the template - koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/circ/...
16:10 owen It couldn't happen without sponsorship I'm sure.
16:10 gmcharlt Beth: not ideal, because you then would have to maintain that local customization
16:10 gmcharlt but possible
16:10 Beth Galen - yeah definitely not ideal but thanks for an answer.
16:13 Beth Hey Galen one more question - got any idea why when I print the report it starts about 2" in on the paper and doesn't use the full page?  
16:13 gmcharlt Beth: presumably some CSS oddity
16:13 owen Beth: I'll bet there's a problem with the stylesheet
16:13 owen Which report is it?
16:13 Beth gmcharlt - thanks will take a look
16:14 gmcharlt make a print stylesheet available for such things may help, besides the changes to the base stylesheet that I think owen is talking about
16:14 Beth owen - Holds to Pull or pendingreserves
16:23 owen Beth, if you have access to your stylesheets, you can edit print.css and add at the end of the file: .yui-t2 #yui-main div.yui-b {margin-left : 0; }
16:24 Beth owen - yes we do thanks for your help
19:19 danny I remember reading a while ago about perl and being able to multi-thread, do any of the koha scripts use threads?
19:21 gmcharlt danny: no
19:22 danny are there any downsides that you know of to using threads, do they help increase speed in certain situations?
19:27 gmcharlt big downside is that threaded programming in Perl has gotchas for the unwary - easy to cause a deadlock
19:28 danny hmm ok
19:28 danny i was working on adding some facets that we need for HCL, then I got to looking at how the facets are ordered in Koha
19:29 danny and I like that they are ordered by number of hits per facet, but it is only number of hits in that page of results, instead of for the whole result set
19:30 danny and i was thinking about how you would get the facets for the whole result set, and depending on the search that seems like it could take a while?
19:30 gmcharlt right - Zebra add faceting support recently, and if we switch to that instead of having Koha compute the facets, that problem should go away
19:31 danny oh that is interesting
19:47 hdl gmcharlt: have ll setup gitosis ?
19:47 gmcharlt hdl: not yet, but soon
19:47 hdl Can I add a key there ?
19:47 hdl OK.
19:48 gmcharlt if you email me your public key, I can put it in place once I set up gitosis
19:49 owen gitosis?
19:51 gmcharlt owen: way to have multiple maintainers of different branches of the git tree
20:54 frederic df
21:26 chris morning
21:26 gmcharlt frederic: disk space usage on #koha: nil ;)
21:51 chris heya jaron
21:51 jaron hi chris :)
21:52 chris hows things?
21:54 jaron pretty good. in koha terms I upgraded to 3.0 without major problems and get to give a presentation on koha in October. so all's good there.
21:54 chris woot thats excellent news
21:54 jaron i didn't realize until just recently that you started a new job
21:54 jaron oh, was that a good time?
21:54 chris oh yeah, started in march
21:55 chris yep, 2nd year its run  ... some good finalists and i was happy with all the winners
21:55 chris and i got to actually enjoy it this time, last time i was too nervous hehe
21:55 jaron good to see that kind of open source promotion going on for sure
21:57 jaron ah, even an open source in government category
21:57 chris oh yeah
21:57 chris the entire nz elections are done on free software
21:58 chris including the electoral role .. theres a pretty decent uptake here
21:58 jaron nz++
21:58 chris silverstripe won the project category
21:59 jaron but oh dear what about the hackers fooling with the election results!
21:59 jaron silverstripe looks really nice
21:59 chris yeah, running the democratic convention website pretty much clinched it for them
22:00 chris and radio nz won the open source in govt
22:00 chris (they make all their shows available as .ogg)
22:01 jaron that's awesome
22:01 chris oh and robert o'callahan wone his category ... which was a suprise to no one :)
22:02 chris where are you presenting?
22:03 jaron I was asked to talk at some users group. I think it's Indiana OnLine Users Group.
22:03 jaron the whole day is on oss
22:03 chris awesome
22:04 jaron i think they're mainly library folks. it will be my first professional presentation
22:04 chris cool
22:04 jaron which means i've probably got to make some slides up before the night before or something ;)
22:04 chris heh
23:06 chris jaron: you could put that documentaion on if you liked as well
23:08 jaron ok, will do.
23:09 chris ill give it a try after work today :)
23:09 jaron then you can let me know if it is a stupid way to go about it :)
23:10 chris :)
23:10 chris seems like a neat little idea to me
23:12 jaron well, it's something I wanted to do and gmcharlt gave me an idea how to do it, but the mistakes are all mine. :)
23:12 chris :)
04:16 anasha hello friends
04:16 anasha hi mason
04:29 Amit hi
04:29 Amit koha good morning
04:29 Amit hi mason good morning
04:36 mason heya amit
04:37 mason did you have a look at the squid stuff i emailed you?
04:38 mason it might be handy for the DPL koha, depending on DPL's network speed...
04:38 mason just an idea ;)
04:38 Amit yes
04:38 Amit i have seen
04:38 Amit thanx
04:39 Amit dpl speed is not so good?
04:39 Amit i mean to say
04:39 Amit browersing of koha
04:39 mason ah, system load is high?
04:39 Amit no
04:39 Amit 1 min
04:40 mason hmm, looks like you still have a strange problems there....
04:40 mason slow system - but load is low.
04:41 Amit load average 0.11
04:42 mason i would write a script to hit the system with many searches, to increase load
04:42 mason then try to identify what is causing the slow-down
04:44 Amit i think some network problem
04:45 mason couls be
04:45 mason could be
04:45 mason write a script to test searching...
04:45 mason run it locally on DPL server with lynx/links
04:46 mason then run same script from openlx, see if there is a difference is seaching speed..
04:47 mason i thought you where testing this locally, sounds like a network issue then..
04:48 Amit yes
04:48 Amit ur right
04:49 Amit but speed is better than
04:49 Amit old one
04:49 Amit in my pc searching is fast
04:50 Amit when i m searching dpl catalog
04:54 mason perhaps, DPL need to upgrade their net connection with their ISP, if this is a big issue
04:54 Amit yes
04:54 Amit there is 2Mbps
04:54 Amit connection at present
04:54 Amit in future they me be increase
04:55 Amit because after 2 oct dpl is online 24 hrs
04:57 mason hmm, write a script to do the same search during different times of the day/night
04:58 Amit ok
04:58 mason does the performance improved at 2am , compared to 2pm? etc...
04:58 Amit searching is very slow
04:58 Amit network traffic problem
04:58 Amit may be
05:01 mason if so, you might need to start collecting data/statistics  to prove to DPL managment  that this is an issue
05:02 anasha any one around who installed koha 3 on debian-40r4a etch
05:02 mason get a script running every hour, doing the same search - and log the search time
05:02 Amit ok
05:03 Amit i will be made a script then i check
05:03 Amit searching
05:03 mason see if the performance changes much during the day/night
05:04 Amit ok
05:04 Amit or some apache bench marking
05:05 mason if search takes many minutes, show your data to managment - and suggest ISP upgrade; or network traffic-shaping with DPL routers perhaps?
05:21 Amit ok
05:57 Amit hi
05:57 Amit paul
07:22 chris amit: if you go to system preferences
07:22 chris what is yuipath set to?
07:22 Amit ok
07:23 Amit local
07:23 Amit yuipath set to local
07:24 Amit this is system preference setting
07:24 chris local?
07:24 Amit yes
07:24 Amit yuipath Insert the path to YUI libraries, choose local if you use koha offline  local
07:25 chris do you mean  /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui ?
07:25 Amit yes
07:26 chris in that case, yep chances are its the network at dpl
07:26 Amit ok
07:26 Amit i will see
07:26 Amit i have not change because this is the default setting
07:27 Amit because in dpl they are using local access also
07:27 Amit for koha
07:27 Amit by internal ip

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