IRC log for #koha, 2008-09-24

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12:44 owen Hi #koha
12:45 paul hi owen
12:47 hdl hi
12:51 Amit hi owen
13:17 Amit hi atz
13:17 shyam what would be a good school library management software?i dont want it that big as koha..
13:18 shyam something which dont require apache and related configuration stuffs...
13:20 owen If you like Koha but don't want to handle that part of the configuration, maybe running one of the VMWare images would work for you
13:21 shyam na i just want a simple stuff dont require this much of options for a simple school library na..
13:30 Amit hi shyam
13:30 Amit r u from india
13:32 shyam Amit: hi:)
19:55 dremits hey is there support for installing koha on windows using xamp?
19:56 dremits ..........................
20:00 gmcharlt dremits: do you mean ?
20:00 dremits yes
20:00 gmcharlt interesting idea; I don't know of anybody who's tried it yet
20:01 dremits wouldn't know how to configure koha to work with xamp tho
20:03 gmcharlt yeah, would need some experimentation
20:04 gmcharlt main issue would be whether all of the Perl modules Koha uses work under XAMPP for Win
04:12 AmitG hi
04:12 AmitG koha good morning
04:12 AmitG good morning mason
04:38 anasha helo all
04:39 anasha hello mason
05:02 mason hi amit and anasha
05:02 anasha hi mason how are you doing today
05:03 AmitG hi mason
05:03 mason hi, good thanks
05:03 AmitG i m dpl
05:03 mason heya amit
05:11 AmitG hi paul
06:54 paul_ hi mason
06:55 mason heya paul
06:56 mason 9am french-time now
06:57 paul yep.
06:58 paul (see private message)
07:56 mc hello
11:34 AmitG hi
11:34 AmitG koha

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