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15:45 owen Anyone awake?
15:46 paul hi owen...
15:47 owen Hi paul. Did you see MJ Ray's email to the Koha list today?
15:47 owen "As I understand it, the default currency is whatever has its rate set to 1 in Administration"
15:47 owen Is that correct?
15:49 paul owen: yep
15:49 owen Even if so I guess that doesn't give a simple way to tell the template which is the default currency, because it would involve a query to the database to determine which symbol/term to use
15:53 paul owen : some months ago, i've asked for a amount formatting feature in Koha
15:53 paul I think that should be the place to get & display currency
15:53 paul as you say : $1000 where write 1000€ !
15:54 paul more complex : $1,000.00 where we write 1 000,00€
15:58 owen So it's really a more complex issue than just picking the right symbol
15:58 owen ...and someone will have to choose to pick up this as an enhancement
16:00 nicomo if I may come in the conversation: I'm not about rate 1 == default currency
16:00 nicomo not sure, I mean
16:01 nicomo I tried to set the moroccan DIRHAM to rate 1 but it continued to use € as the default currency
16:02 owen In what way did it use the wrong default currency?
16:03 owen Hi kyle
16:03 kyle hey all
16:03 nicomo it continued to use € as a symbol
16:03 nicomo rather than the DRH I expected
16:04 nicomo My 1st reaction was: ah, it must be using the default used by the client PC and/or firefox
16:04 paul nicomo: in some places, the $ is hardcoded. Translated to french, i've set #
16:04 paul nicomo: in some places, the $ is hardcoded. Translated to french, i've set €
16:05 kyle Does anyone know of an easy way to get a list of items that have a certain value for a given MARC subfield. I'm trying to make a report based on the value of 952c ( Shelving Location ).
16:05 paul kyle: unfortunatly, there is no easy way through SQL. If you have xpath ON on your DB, you can write the request for that though
16:06 paul (trhough zebra)
16:06 kyle can you elaborate? I figured the solution would involve zebra.
16:07 kyle If I could just query zebra directly, that would be fine ( like http://localhost:9999/?version[…]ieve&x-pquery=the ) but I don't know what params I should pass.
16:10 paul kyle: do you have xpath=on in your record.abs ?
16:16 kyle no, I don't think so, assuming I turn it on, what would I do?
16:22 paul you'll have to write a specifiq RPN query...
16:23 paul hdl do you have the specifiq query near you to give to kyle ?
16:25 kyle paul: thanks for the help. Time to get back to work!
16:25 frederic owen: Are you available for a query related to Amazon cover?
16:26 owen Yes
16:26 frederic For me, amazon cover are correctly displayed in the PRO interface but are not displayed at all on OPAC
16:27 frederic In template file, I can see that different param are used: amazonisbn and isbn
16:28 frederic On OPAC template, if amazonisbn is used. If I change it to isbn: covers reappear!
16:30 atz frederic: isbn cleaning is a recurring issue
16:31 frederic atz: Sure! I've patched several installs (thanks git) to solve that issue. It would be great to have a 'global'  solution
16:31 owen frederic: are you talking about
16:32 frederic (OPAC) vs catatlogue/ (PRO)
16:39 owen I don't know, frederic, I get even better results from the OPAC than from the staff client, like the staff client isn't using as good a system of isbn-cleanup
16:50 frederic owen: In C4/, 'amazonisbn' is constructed with a regex based on isbn marc record field.
16:50 frederic In my case, ISBN contains '-'. The regex keeps ISBN digit before first '-' and loose everything else.
16:51 frederic Isn't it 'normal' to have '-' in ISBN?
16:51 owen ..whereas 'amazonisbn' is constructed in and for display on those pages.
16:51 owen It's only normal to have '-' in ISBN for human-readable display.
16:52 owen Everything but the numbers should be stripped out when trying to pull down Amazon or Google book covers
16:54 frederic So, this may be an issue with UNIMARC records: ISBN are recorded with '-' in 010 tag
16:55 frederic And there is another tag (EAN if I recall) for normalized ISBN (without not digit characters)
16:55 owen The script is supposed to build the normalized ISBN
16:56 paul frederic: ??? all - are supposed to be removed, even in UNIMARC !
16:58 frederic owen: Not true. In UNIMARC, you have two fields for ISBN: (1) tag 010, ISBN with extra characters like '-' and (2) tag 073 for normalized ISBN
16:58 frederic So we have UNIMARC/MARC21 issue.
17:00 owen I still don't understand...The script is supposed to sanitize your ISBN no matter what kind of junk is in it
17:01 owen That should work for UNIMARC or MARC21.
17:02 owen So even though my ISBN field says "155583180X (pbk)", that gets cleaned up to "155583180X" to pull the book cover image
17:03 frederic If I have this ISBN: 2-84902-162-8. The regex keep: 2. That's the issue.
17:05 owen You mean the script outputs only "2" ?
17:05 frederic yes
17:05 owen so the regex must need to be tweaked
17:09 frederic correct. I send a patch.
17:10 hdl hi
17:11 frederic hi hdl
17:11 hdl hi frederic
17:12 atz frederic: yes, you probably will see my comments by the broken regex
17:12 atz something like  "is XXXX a legal ISBN now?"
17:12 owen atz, what does that mean?
17:12 frederic atz: In Don't see it...
17:13 atz literally, the regexp was something like  /\d*x*/
17:13 atz so a string of X's would match
17:13 frederic Yes. I modify it to /([\d-]*[X]*)/
17:14 atz frederic: not exactly
17:14 frederic followed with s/-//g
17:16 atz frederic: /(\d+[\d-]*X?)/   # perhaps
17:17 hdl kyle : pqf=@attr 1=/record/datafield[@tag=320]/subfield[@code=a] myvalue
17:17 owen atz, you comment is in and
17:17 hdl will search for myvalue in 320$a.
17:17 atz frederic: force it to start with a valid digit, and not -
17:17 frederic owen: I see it also
17:18 frederic atz: In UNIMARC, it's valid to '-' in ISBN field. So it is required to remove those characters before sending ISBN to Amazon or to GooleBook
17:18 atz i see
17:18 atz but can you start ISBN with "-" ?
17:19 frederic No
17:19 owen And what's with isbn_cleanup() at line 239 of Is that something different?
17:19 frederic I would be better to have ISBN clearing logic in one place rather than in C4/ and
17:20 atz unfortunately, there are varied expectations.  google can handle hyphens
17:20 atz but yes, some centralization is long overdue
17:21 frederic cleanup doesn't work for UNIMARC ISBN. So I just modified and have now to tweak (don't know for PRO interface)...
17:22 atz i would prefer a C4::ISBN object that could output the value (1) untouched (for MARC view, e.g.), (2) cleaned and (3) maybe even convert 13 and 10 digit ISBN's
17:22 owen atz++
17:28 frederic And why not directly in It seems that's where biblio records are constructed: GetBiblioData and TransformMarcToKoha
17:30 frederic A hash is returned, with $dat->{isbn}. New keys could be constructed here: 'isbn_clean', 'isbn_10'
17:31 atz or the C4::ISBN object could be in the hash.   the effect is similar, w/ a more modular and OO approach.
17:31 atz I'll have to check CPAN and see if anybody has done something recently like this
17:32 frederic atz: You're correct. I would be more expandable.
17:32 frederic it would be..
17:33 atz i've been thinking about this kind of thing a lot, w/ swapping Dates objects in
17:33 atz where we otherwise have strings
17:33 atz it would reduce the number of client scripts that have to use C4::Dates directly
17:34 atz if they just get the object in the returns from other C4 calls
17:34 frederic atz: So true!
17:37 atz I'm confused by useDaysMode
17:37 atz VALUES('useDaysMode','Calendar','Choose the method for calculating due date: select Calendar to use the holidays module, and Days to ignore the holidays module','Calendar|Days|Datedue','Choice');
17:38 atz 3 values, but only 2 descriptions
17:41 atz Datedue is only used in C4::Calendar::addDate
17:42 atz "Days" is only used in C4::Circulation::CalcDateDue
17:42 atz neither is used in the other.
04:23 Amit hi
04:23 Amit good morning koha
07:07 Amit hi paul
07:07 paul hi Amit
07:07 Amit how r u
10:31 aleix question about 2.2.9... Until recently all new borrowers had a number like V1XXXXXX now, suddenly they are like 1,2,3 ... is there a default i can change in the DB or wherever?
10:35 aleix please... :(
11:30 frederic ls
11:30 mason total 0
11:32 frederic mason: thks. And: ls -lh
11:33 Amit hi frederic
11:33 mason heya guys

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