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04:24 anand hello friends
04:24 mason hiya anand
04:45 Amit Hi Mason Good morning
04:46 mason hi amit
05:19 anasha hi amit
05:20 anasha any one tehre
05:20 mason ep, whats up?
05:39 Amit hi mc
05:42 Amit hi paul
05:42 Amit how r u
06:13 anasha hello mason
06:13 anasha how u doing
06:14 anasha this is anand sharma from india, mumbai
06:16 mason hi anand
06:16 mason have you been talking to amit from new delhi libraries much?
06:18 mason amit has been doing some work on hindi searching on koha
06:18 anasha yes
06:19 anasha i was talking to amit from new delhi
06:19 anasha yes told me that
06:20 anasha my compnay is based in mumbai... and i am one of the promoter,,
06:21 anasha we aim to push koha in to education sectors.. universities, Colleges & Schools
06:21 mason cool, its good to hear that koha is taking off in india
06:22 anasha I will make it sure I have 50+ installation by the end on 2009
06:23 anasha and it is not possible with help of you people
06:27 mason i have always thought india was a good place for koha :)
06:27 anasha you were right
06:28 mason delhi DPL will the biggest item count of any koha, i think
06:36 mason friends have told me the food is really good in mumbai
06:36 anasha yes
06:36 anasha you come some day to india
06:37 anasha i would love to be your host
06:37 mason okra dishes :)
06:38 magnusenger Just curious: how big will DPL be? Near East University on Cyprus apparently has 2 million items in Koha...
06:39 mason woooo
06:39 mason thats big!
06:39 magnusenger sure is!
06:40 mason hmm, im not exactly sure about DPL - 250,000 maybe....
06:40 mason amit?
06:41 mason wow, i didnt know about NEU having 2 million
06:42 magnusenger guess it depends on how you count, too. Is one issue of one journal an item, or is the journal itself an item?
06:42 Amit dpl have 2 million records
06:42 paul hello world !
06:43 Amit hello paul
06:43 magnusenger hello paul!
06:43 Amit hello magnusenger
06:43 magnusenger hello amit!
06:43 Amit i m from delhi public library
06:44 Amit u
06:44 mason hi magnus, im from new zealand
06:44 magnusenger I work at a small-ish academic library, but I am hoping to get a small business up and running, providing Koha to Norwegian libraries.
06:44 mason (near south pole :) )
06:45 magnusenger (I live in Bodø, near the North Pole!)
06:45 mason meh, your pole has santa claus ;(
06:46 mason wanna swap poles?
06:46 magnusenger You have spring now, right? We're heading for winter!
06:46 mason we have a nice ozone hole  ;)
06:46 magnusenger not sure I want that, though!
06:46 mason very warm down here
06:47 mason bring some sun-block
06:47 magnusenger about 9 degrees Celsius here, and right now I can see a rainbow from my window
06:48 magnusenger New Zeeland, land of the first Koha. Are there many libraries using Koha in NZ?
06:48 mason hmm, yes there are quite a few
06:49 magnusenger Do you have your own "community" - mail lists or gatherings or anything?
06:49 magnusenger Or are you all "just" part of the international community?
06:50 mason is there much of a norwegian language translation for koha3?
06:50 mason no NZ lists, just part of the big community
06:51 magnusenger Yes, 4 people have been working really hard on translating 3. I think they are "finnished" too, but I'm not sure all their work is included in the distro
06:51 mason we have little gatherings now and again ;)
06:51 magnusenger cool
06:52 mason magnus++
06:52 magnusenger I'm wondering how we should/could do that in Norway. I think we should probably have som kind og list or forum, since we're not native english speakers.
06:52 magnusenger But we shouldn't forget the bigger community either
06:53 mason the french teams have a koha-fr #irc channel
06:53 mason for discussions in french...
06:53 mason you could do the same..
06:54 magnusenger Cool, but i have a feeling Noregian librarians aren't into irc
06:54 magnusenger I'm thinking more along the lines of a web forum
06:54 magnusenger I think that's better to use as a reference, too, perhaps?
06:54 mason yes
06:55 magnusenger But first we have to get some libraries to actually use Koha, I guess...
06:56 mason its a good idea tho,
06:56 mason no need to exclude people from koha discussions because they cant understand english
06:57 mc hello
06:57 mason perhaps a google.translate or babelfish translator thing might help there..
06:58 magnusenger I think all librarians here speak english, but I think having that as the only language to communicate in would put people off...
06:58 magnusenger hell mc
06:58 magnusenger oops
06:58 magnusenger *hello* mc
06:58 mason heya marc
06:58 paul mason & magnusenger : I confirm what magnusenger says : on #koha-fr, there are only some geeks. BibLibre, of course, and sometimes an other IT guy (& sometimes Frederic, from tamil)
06:58 paul but almost never a librarian
06:59 magnusenger a ha, that would probably be the same here, then
06:59 magnusenger but I guess having some kind of channel for the techies might be good thing too...
07:00 magnusenger So how do librarians talk to each other about Koha (if they do at all...)
07:00 mc what do you expect using IRC? this is unknown by the masses
07:00 mc (imho)
07:00 mason mc, yes i agree
07:01 magnusenger I'm a librarian, and this is like my 3rd time on irc
07:01 mason librraians primarily discuss on koha mailing list
07:02 mason
07:02 mason mostly in english :(
07:02 magnusenger Ah, I see that there is a french list too...
07:03 mason and german, spanish
07:04 magnusenger Cool. There is actually a Norwegian list too, but since nobody is using Koha here yet, there is very little traffic
07:04 mason mailing-lists are searchable as a web-forum too
07:05 magnusenger good point, I have used that on several occasions
07:05 mason so this could be an OK solution for norwegian librarian discussions
07:06 mason ok, off for some food..
07:06 magnusenger Guess so. the immediacy of a mailing list has it's good bits
11:56 Amit hi frederic

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