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12:51 Amit hi mc
12:57 owen paul_ around? I see that a patch has been pushed to address Bug 2466. Have you tested it since then?
14:50 owen do patron "additional attributes and identifiers" make "sort1" and "sort2" obsolete?
14:51 atz owen: not necessarily, but they could
14:53 owen I guess the question is whether you can do anything with sort1 and sort2 that you can't do with additional attributes.
14:53 owen additional attributes are stored separately from the patron record, right? So at the very least it makes your query more complex.
15:02 atz right, in guided reports for example, it will be much easier to use sort1/2
15:03 atz perhaps impossible to use extended attrs.
15:04 paul hi owen & atz
15:04 gmcharlt hi paul
15:04 paul hi gmcharlt
15:11 hdl hi gmcharlt : why have you chosen attributes as varchar(30) rather than text or longtext ?
15:12 gmcharlt hdl: because not everything should be a blob, and because it is meant to be possible to use a patron attribute as a patron login ID
15:14 hdl But if you want to use attributes as textual information, then you cannot.
15:15 gmcharlt hdl: intent of patron attributes is short identifiers and statistical codes, not a substitute for patron notes
15:18 hdl internet connection problem with atz ?
15:18 atz no, i was just changing windows to fast and closed by mistake
15:18 atz *too
16:28 gmcharlt owen: yeah, one could debate that
16:29 paul yeah. I think both are possible in fact. Maybe 2 links ?
16:29 owen I think of as a place for 'standing at the desk' kind of work tasks
16:30 paul I don't think that this idea will make me have a bad night ;-)
16:30 gmcharlt the library we're working with now is using it for bookmobile processing
16:30 paul s/night/sleep/
16:31 gmcharlt so it is a daily thing, not an extraordinary event
16:58 owen gmcharlt: another offline circ question. Should the "process file" button be hidden until the file has been uploaded?
16:58 owen Thanks, and I'll take my question off the air.
18:32 ryan owen-away: ping-away
18:54 owen ryan: back now
18:55 gmcharlt owen: to answer your question, hiding the "process file" button would be valid, I guess, but if we do it there, it should also be done in the staging MARC import tool
19:28 owen gmcharlt: I see the same usability issue with You first upload the file (inline) and then you fill out the rest of the form and submit?
19:28 gmcharlt owen: yep
19:28 gmcharlt owen: I'm open to suggestions
19:30 owen I'm picturing this: when the "upload progress" indicator reaches 100, file browse form disappears and the rest of the form (with the "stage for import" button) appears.
03:49 anasha hello friends
03:49 anasha hi mason
03:51 anasha any documentation available for installing KOHA3 on Debian Etch
04:03 Amit hi
04:03 Amit koha
04:03 Amit good morning mason
05:14 mason anasha: googles says[…]LL.debian;hb=HEAD
05:15 anasha thanks mason
05:15 mason heya, no problem
06:42 Amit hi paul

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