IRC log for #koha, 2008-09-27

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17:24 danny gmcharlt: are you around?
17:24 gmcharlt hi danny
17:24 danny oh good
17:24 danny you previously mentioned that zebra is able to do facets
17:25 danny I was trying to find out more information about this and it looks like it is do able, but I can't find anything about how to pull the information from zebra using zoom
17:25 danny have you heard anything about this or know where is a good place to find information about this?
17:27 gmcharlt danny: facets are exposed using a zebra::facet element set
17:27 gmcharlt and you could try using ZOOM::Option to set the ElementSetName option
17:29 danny thanks gmcharlt, that gives me a place to start
17:30 danny I saw the zebra::facet element but I was getting stuck trying to figure out how you use zoom to actually pass that through
17:48 kados danny: unfortunately, as currently implemented (last time I checked) the zebra facets are fully-normalized as retrived for the index, so they come back not so pretty
17:48 kados ie, they come back as stored in the index, not as they appear in the data
17:48 kados but that may have been changed recently
17:52 danny hmm, ok I am checking it now
19:49 atz it looks like overdue_notices does NOT use default branch
19:50 atz so the interface should prevent ppl from entering rules for the default branch
20:07 nicomo atz: funny you mentionned that, I just tried to use it that way and koha complained (basically saying nothing was defined for any branch)
20:08 nicomo then I tried to enter something for a given branch and tried to run the script again, then it complained about a conflict (I had not deleted what was entered for default)
04:14 Amit hi
04:15 Amit koha
04:15 Amit good morning
04:15 Amit good morning mason

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