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12:57 Roberto Anyone available for installation help?
12:58 Roberto More specifically, for an error encountered?
13:09 atz_ Roberto: what error?
13:10 Roberto Ah!  Someone is awake!
13:10 Roberto Here it is: invalid type argument of ‘unary *’
13:10 Amit yes
13:10 danny hello #koha
13:10 Amit tell me
13:10 Amit i amit from india
13:10 Roberto It's during the "install Event" part of CPAN
13:11 Amit then
13:11 atz_ Roberto: never seen that one...
13:12 Roberto Could be I'm missing a dependency of some sort, but so far, I've followed the Debian-related installation instructions exactly.
13:12 Roberto Then again, the documentation doesn't seem to be very current, since the instructions say Koha 2.2 and Debian Sarge.
13:13 atz_ you might try a manual process for that module, or look for a debian packaged binary
13:13 Amit i am installed koha on RHEL
13:13 Amit sory for that debian
13:13 Amit i have no idea on debian
13:14 Roberto atz, that would be great if I had any idea what it was or how it fit in, but I don't.  Wait.....
13:14 Roberto Let me see if this is any different...
13:15 Roberto I've been following the documentation from the kohadocs site...
13:16 atz_ INSTALL.debian should be the most current
13:16 Roberto Since I still had to install Debian on this machine, anyway, I had followed the directions exactly, making sure I still had all the Debian things right.
13:16 atz_ the binary package for Event would be libevent-perl, i think
13:16 Roberto I had not downloaded Koha yet, but have since done so, and just discovered the INSTALL,Debian file you just mentioned.  
13:17 Roberto Let me see if THOSE instructions help any more than the ones on the web.
13:18 atz_ Amit: you will want to use the same file: INSTALL.debian
13:19 Amit hey atz i am on RHEL
13:19 Amit not on debian
13:19 acmoore Roberto: where are the instructions for koha 2.2 and Sarge that you followed at first? I'd like to get those removed.
13:21 Roberto AC, those are the ones under "English" in the "Installation" section at kohadocs
13:21 Roberto[…]Debian_sarge.html
13:22 Roberto There was nothing more current at
13:24 acmoore Roberto: thanks.
13:26 atz_ Amit: you may want to use the INSTALL.fedora7 document then
13:26 Amit no
13:27 Amit i have not studies any install documentation
13:27 Amit like fedora
13:27 Amit i already installed step by step
13:28 Amit like koha-2.2.5 to koha-3 stable
13:32 Roberto Should I be at all concerned that, during the step to install the debian-backports-keyring, it said it could not be authenticated?
13:35 atz_ Roberto: not sure on that one... probably not a big deal
13:35 acmoore Roberto: probably not. I think that the keyring is the thing that debian uses to authenticate its own packages.
13:35 acmoore it seems like you always get an error like that until you get the debian keys on your keyring or something like that.
13:36 Roberto That was my guess.  Just checking.
13:39 Roberto Here's an off-the-wall question I've just never bothered to check...
13:40 Roberto Some versions of UNIX shells have a "spell-check" feature built in to the "cd" command.
13:42 Roberto For example, if a directory is named "koha" and you mistype the command as "cd kohs" it will ask you "koha?" instead of just giving an error message.  Is that available in bash, at all?
14:15 Roberto #   Failed test 'connection to '' refused (10007)'
14:15 Roberto #   in t/16-packages.t at line 88.
14:18 gmcharlt Roberto: known issue - IndexData's test server is down at the moment
14:18 acmoore Roberto: someone else reported that indexdata has recently changed their service, and that it's causeing failing tests, too.
14:19 Roberto Judging from the rest of the line, it only appears to be some kind of test, not critical for continuation.
14:27 mc_ hello world
14:29 Roberto Hello, mc.
14:29 hdl Amit ?
14:51 mc does liblime tools share authentification ?
14:52 mc (i mean: i created an account on can it work for bugs.*
14:52 mc ?)
14:54 acmoore I don't think so.
14:55 mc ok
14:55 mc so one more account ;)
14:56 Roberto Since our system will be so small, I will choose NOT to use Zebra.  If, for some reason, Zebra becomes necessary later on, is it possible to "switch in on" at that time?
14:57 Roberto It is unlikely that we would need it, but I would just like to know, for future reference.
15:03 paul Roberto: you can switch zebra/nozebra when you want.
15:04 paul you just need to change a syspref and reindex your datas
15:04 paul (using misc/migration_tools/rebuild(no)
15:29 Roberto Well, the installation is still going, so that's good.  Just sitting back and waiting, now.
15:32 Roberto Failed 9/19 test scripts, 52.63% okay. 19/47 subtests failed, 59.57% okay.
15:33 Roberto Is that because I said "no" to the earlier installation question about testing?
15:38 acmoore it should not be. Those questions are about a more extensive test suite. Koha runs a small one by default regardless of how you answer those questions.
15:39 acmoore I'd be interested in seeing which tests failed. I don't know of a good way for you to show me, though.
15:40 gmcharlt pastebin?
15:55 Roberto Too late.  I've already gone ahead and run the "sudo make install"
15:56 Roberto If there's a log that may contain that, I could try posting that.
16:12 acmoore one problem is that we don't run them with the '-v' flag, so there's not that much information shown on the display. another is that we don't really log it or anything so it can be sent in later.
16:21 Roberto the "make install" seemed to make it through okay.
16:21 Roberto Now trying to figure out how to access the site.
16:22 Roberto when I try "localhost:8080" as suggested, it just goes to the default site (i.e. "it works") and if I try the site name a couple different ways, it's just not found.
16:23 Roberto Ah....getting there.
16:24 Roberto shouldn't be "localhost:8080" but "library:8080"
16:24 Roberto The following fatal error has occurred:
16:24 Roberto Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/share/koha/lib /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 84.
16:24 Roberto BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 84.
16:24 Roberto Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 30.
16:24 Roberto BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 30.
16:24 Roberto Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 23.
16:24 Roberto BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 23.
16:25 Roberto This time, I'll wait for your reply, since I can't proceed any more.
16:28 acmoore I forget what that dependency is called. it's the Z3950 perl module. Is that Net::Z3950 or something like that?
16:29 Roberto Wouldn't know.
16:30 acmoore I think it's called Net::Z3950::ZOOM.
16:31 liz hey #koha, can anybody tell me the status of bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2541
16:31 acmoore yeah, I guess I wasn't really asking you. That was more of a rhetorical question or something. Anyway, you're missing one of the dependnecies.
16:31 Roberto Remember seeing something about ZOOM, somewhere in the instructions, but can't find it now....still looking.
16:31 Roberto Okay.  That's it.
16:32 Roberto Maybe something happened when I mentioned those earlier errors.  Will try to CPAN that package again.
16:32 Roberto Should I try the whole...
16:32 Roberto sudo cpan MARC::Record Class::Accessor MARC::Charset MARC::File::XML \
16:32 Roberto                Net::Z3950::ZOOM HTML::Template::Pro MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore \
16:32 Roberto                PDF::Reuse PDF::Reuse::Barcode Data::ICal GD::Barcode::UPCE \
16:32 Roberto                XML::RSS Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001 Biblio::EndnoteStyle POE Schedule::At
16:33 Roberto again, or just one part?
16:33 gmcharlt Roberto: try this
16:33 gmcharlt cpan
16:33 gmcharlt then in cpan shell
16:33 gmcharlt install Net::Z3950::ZOOM
16:33 gmcharlt if you get the same test errors, then do
16:33 gmcharlt force install Net::Z3950::ZOOM
16:33 gmcharlt (and actually, that would be 'sudo cpan', of course)
16:34 Roberto It's doing it now.
16:36 liz atz: any info on bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2541 ?
16:42 atz liz: i've looked at it, been breaking SIP into smaller cases w/ tests.  it looks like the initial implementation had hardcoded 2 week due date to avoid having to check.
16:45 atz working on it further this afternoon
16:48 liz excellent thanks atz
16:59 Roberto Sorry - got sidetracked on a phone call.
17:00 Roberto Had to force the install.  It still complained about a couple of things (examples to follow), but at least I'm getting something in my browser now.
17:00 Roberto Examples: #   Failed test 'database creation 'wapkjqcjba''
17:01 Roberto (several other things associated with that)
17:01 Roberto # Looks like you failed 11 tests of 41 run.
17:01 Roberto t/26-packages...........dubious
17:01 Roberto        Test returned status 11 (wstat 2816, 0xb00)
17:01 Roberto DIED. FAILED tests 3, 5, 7, 10, 13-14, 24, 29, 33, 37, 40-41
17:01 Roberto        Failed 12/40 tests, 70.00% okay
17:08 acmoore gmcharlt: have database versions v3.01.00.002 and v3.01.00.003 not been submitted yet?
17:09 Roberto Well, the web installer is working, so far.  Any suggestions on choosing a flavour of MARC?  It may not even matter here.
17:09 gmcharlt acmoore: not yet (at least, not in a appliable form)
17:09 gmcharlt acmoore: I have notified Jesse
17:10 acmoore aha. OK. I was just wondering about the funny use of the database revision wiki page.
17:10 atz Roberto: MARC21 is more US, UNIMARC is more Europe
17:11 acmoore perhaps the pending or upcoming database changes should be listed there with no database version number or something like that.
17:12 Roberto Well, Honduras (Central America) tends to have more U.S. connections, so MARC21 should probably be better.  As I said: we are so small the MARC side of things may neve even get used.
17:21 Roberto The installation appears to be complete.  Now I just have to figure out how to use this beast - and then teach the people in the school how to use it.
17:25 Roberto Still seeing lots of references to "Koha," including a logo containing the word.  Since this is a Spanish-speaking country, how do I get rid of that, as suggested by the koha FAQ (since "koha" sounds like "coja," which means "lame")?
17:27 gmcharlt Roberto: heh - reminds me of the story of the Chevy Nova
17:29 Roberto Which is actually apocryphal.
17:30 Roberto If it were two separate words ("no va") it would mean "doesn't go" or the like, but as a single word, it's just another Latin root meaning "new"
17:30 Roberto In fact, in Mexico, the Nova was a VERY popular car, and people were not the least put off by the supposedly problematic name.
17:32 gmcharlt Roberto: yeah, I had heard that it was an urban legend
17:33 Roberto
17:34 Roberto In any case, IS there a way to change "Koha" to something else for staff and patrons?
17:35 Roberto For me, it doesn't matter: I'm an American who helps them with these things.  The staff and students have Spanish as their first language, however.
17:43 Roberto ...or would it be necessary for me to create a different graphic for the logo, etc.?
18:11 gmcharlt a new graphic, I would think
18:13 Roberto Okay.  In other words, there are no aleady-customisable settings for this?
19:01 Roberto Okay.  Tried a few things, but am NOT that familiar with this end of Apache management.  How do I make koha the default page to come up when someone on the LAN just types the system name or IP address?
19:13 hdl ryan: around ?
19:15 Roberto Haven't seen much response in a while, hdl.
19:20 hdl ryan: never mind. was a question about biblio.serial and its management when no subfield attached
19:21 hdl Roberto: just make it on port 80 like default website on debian?
19:21 Roberto hdl, I'm not familiar enough with that.
19:22 hdl it is explained in INSTALL.debian, iirc.
19:22 Roberto I've tried variations of the ensite dissite commands, that are in INSTALL.debian, but those are not for default, but want a different site name.
19:23 Roberto THOSE settings worked, but now I'd like them to be the default.
19:26 atz Roberto: you can't force a remote system to connect to you by system name
19:27 atz (it can be done, if the system is configured correctly, but you can't make it happen)
19:27 Roberto By system name, I simply meant that the DNS and/or host files would handle it.
19:28 atz the VirtualHost definitions specify what apache responds to
19:28 Roberto That part is immaterial.  The question is how to make koha the default thing that someone sees, regardless of how they actually connect.
19:29 Roberto Let me see what I can find about VirtualHost
19:29 atz Put asterisks in, like  <VirtualHost *>
19:29 atz then comment out NameVirtualHost
19:31 Roberto Ah.  Well, I've actually done those things, but all I keep getting, now, when I try to point to (for example) is the XML.
19:31 Roberto (or at least that's what it looks like)
19:33 Roberto Maybe I'm not changing ENOUGH in the VirtualHost section.  I have the following changed:
19:33 Roberto       DocumentRoot /etc/koha/
19:33 Roberto        DirectoryIndex /koha-httpd.conf
19:34 Roberto Just about everything else is the same as the default file already was, except for commenting out NameVirtualHost.
19:35 Roberto Wait....
19:36 Roberto Am looking more closely...  That isn't XML - it looks like suggested VirtualHost settings.
19:41 Roberto Well, it was, but they didn't help - at least not yet.
19:43 Roberto I think I'm just pointing to the wrong place.
19:45 djmaster hola
19:45 Roberto Hola.  Que tal?
19:46 Roberto atz, I found it.
19:46 atz Roberto: DirectoryIndex is a separate thing
19:47 atz should not point to your config file
19:47 Roberto That had just been a guess from other info I had found.
19:47 Roberto got it working now.
19:47 atz cool
19:49 Roberto For some, oddball reason, the settings that were coming up from koha said "" instead if "" but I changed those references to "*" as you had indicated, and it worked.
19:57 Roberto Small detail: is there a way to make our defined library the default value on the 8080 screen, instead of having it say "My Library" and forcing someone to select?
19:57 Roberto Don't see that in any settings, so far.
20:17 djmaster hola roberto
20:19 atz Roberto: that just means that it takes the library from the account the user is logging in with
20:20 atz that is almost always the correct one
20:24 Roberto When I log in with "My Library" it says I have no library selected.  When I log in with the library I've defined, it uses that, without requiring additional selection of the library.
20:40 djmaster hello I have a problem with the module Net: Z3950: ZOOM, I can not install
20:41 djmaster someone has idea that might be happening??
20:43 gmcharlt djmaster: is it failing during the test suite
20:43 djmaster no
20:44 Thatcher_Rea atz you there?
20:44 djmaster failure at the time of installation
20:45 chris whats the error?
20:45 djmaster wait
20:45 chris ohh 7am saturday for the meeting, that works
20:46 acmoore chris: doesn't sound like the most convenient time for you, but I'm glad you can make it
20:46 chris acmoore: i may have a toddler squirming on my lap, but ill make it
20:59 gmcharlt chris: heh - and I may well have a cat on mine
21:00 chris :)
21:01 djmaster This is the fault
21:02 gmcharlt djmaster: there is a known, recent issue with the ZOOM test suite
21:02 chris ah yes, its the tests failing
21:02 gmcharlt a force install should be safe
21:02 chris what gmcharlt said :)
21:02 djmaster ok
21:02 gmcharlt the issue is that a server used for the network portion of the test is offline at moment
21:15 djmaster wait moment please
21:18 djmaster This is the error after cpan > force install Net::Z3950::ZOOM,
21:19 gmcharlt djmaster: was module installed anyway, though? i.e., does perl -e 'use ZOOM;' work?
21:21 djmaster everything is fine??
21:23 djmaster MARC::Record Class::Accessor MARC::Charset MARC::File::XML \ HTML::Template::Pro MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore
21:23 djmaster PDF::Reuse PDF::Reuse::Barcode Data::ICal GD::Barcode::UPCE \
21:23 djmaster                XML::RSS Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001 Biblio::EndnoteStyle POE Schedule::At
21:34 djmaster if I do not speak English, someone could help in Spanish
21:39 Roberto In a school setting, would there be any good reason to set a patron category for each grade, or isn't that level of division necessary?
21:42 gmcharlt Roberto: not unless you have different loan periods for each grade
21:42 gmcharlt you can use extended patron attributes to keep track of the grade levels for reporting purposes
21:44 Roberto Okay.  Thanks.
00:58 gmcharlt si: about?
01:00 chris they are on holiday, snowboarding and such
01:01 gmcharlt chris: thx.  somethings preventing CGI::IRC from connecting to - try to figure out if we're being blocked on the LL or Katipo end
01:03 chris well from the katipo end, it cant tell
01:03 chris its just another client hitting on port 6667
01:04 gmcharlt right, but they theoretically could be blocking that IP address for some reason
01:04 gmcharlt not likely
01:04 chris try telnet 6667
01:04 chris from the machine
01:04 gmcharlt times out
01:05 chris but you can get to other irc servers?
01:05 gmcharlt also times out for 6667
01:05 chris *nod*
01:05 mason ah
01:05 gmcharlt so probably on our end
01:06 chris yeah, i can telnet to both from a variety of machines
01:06 gmcharlt heh
01:06 chris so i suspect some outbound filtering is going on
01:06 gmcharlt would definitely explain lack of CGI-foo nicks for the past few weeks :)
01:06 chris probably some retarded isp trying to stop p2p
01:06 mason hmm, how to debug that :(
01:06 chris by blocking high ports
01:07 gmcharlt given number of DOS attacks on pippin on late, it may be that Clay decided to lock down outbound and missed the CGI::IRC app
01:07 gmcharlt I'll find out tomorrow
01:07 chris *nod*
01:09 gmcharlt hey mason :)
01:09 mason u keeping busy over there galen
01:09 gmcharlt just a little bit :)
01:10 gmcharlt how are you doing?
01:10 mason getting there...
01:11 mason wearing many hats!
01:12 gmcharlt mason:[…]nview-by_acme.jpg
01:13 mason very timely
01:16 mason ok, back to it..
02:05 gmc_test temporary test of CGI::IRC
02:05 chris that worked
02:05 gmcharlt kinda sorta
02:05 gmcharlt interposing an SSH tunnel
02:06 chris right
02:06 chris bodgey :)

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