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15:20 Kyle Hey all. Is there an easy way to update a single field for a single item in 3.0/dev_week? I want write a script so our librarians can scan a set of books and have the Shelving Location updated to either 'On Display' or 'On Shelf'. If I were to update the MARC blob in the MySQL database, would those changes make their way into Zebra, or does it only go the other way?
15:21 Kyle The Shelving Location being 952 c.
15:25 liz another question: is there a "shelf list" report?
15:26 Kyle liz: Which version of Koha are you using?
15:26 liz 3.0
15:28 Kyle You should be able to create your own shelf list report using the Reports Wizard if there isn't on there already.
15:29 liz i thought that might be the answer :)
17:19 liz liblime folks: is there a reason our connectivity to our install would be very slow?
17:19 liz (nekls)
17:19 liz nvm i'll call
17:22 Roberto Hello.  Have not even downloaded Koha yet, but have four questions before I do, to make sure I understand correctly and have what is necessary.
17:24 danny hi Roberto
17:24 Roberto 1) We are a small school in a third-world country, and don't have very many students or books in contrast to some of your installations.  Would a Pentium III 1GHz with 512MB RAM and Debian Etch be sufficient?
17:24 Roberto Hello, Danny.
17:25 atz Roberto: probably, yes
17:25 atz performance won't be great, but Koha has been tested and run on virtual machines with 512 MBs of RAM (or less)
17:26 Roberto 2) Given our location and situation, machines are at a premium, so would it be possible to use the server machine as the actual circulation machine within the library (we won't be using this live on the web)?  In other words, just point the browser to  the selfsame machine?
17:28 Roberto Another package I've considered (Evergreen - hope that's not a dirty word here -  LOL!) has a separate "staff client" module.  Is anything like that necessary for Koha, or just a browser?
17:28 Roberto (oops - that was #3)
17:28 atz evergreen's circ client is a custom mozilla client
17:28 atz koha uses any modern browser
17:28 atz preferably firefox
17:28 Roberto My preference, anyway.  :-)
17:29 atz Roberto: yes, you can run circ on the "server" box, pointing the browser to localhost
17:29 atz in that case, you might need more RAM, since running the linux desktop and browser add significant load
17:30 Roberto 4) The Koha FAQ suggests using a name OTHER than "Koha" in Spanish-speaking countries (I'm in Honduras).  How would one actually make that change so that "Koha" which, as the FAQ states, is too similar to "coja," can be something else?
17:30 atz lol... i didn't think of that
17:31 Roberto Okay on the RAM.  No problem.
17:31 atz i think there is a system preference for library name that will be inserted in the page title if populated (instead of Koha)
17:31 Roberto Ah.
17:31 atz of course some things will still say Koha, but not every page
17:32 Roberto Have searched the liblime demos for such a thing, but couldn't find one.
17:33 Roberto Okay.  Yes.  Considering some of the other, live sites, it would appear only something at the bottom (i.e. "Powered by...") would still say "Koha."
17:34 atz right
17:34 atz LibraryNameTitle is the system pref.
17:34 atz it mostly affects the opac
17:34 Roberto Cool.
17:36 Roberto I'm not sure how many books we have, but it's not very many.  We have about 300 students.  That COULD go up to 400 or so when we finally add grades 10-12, but it's still not many.
17:38 Roberto Hoping this is not taboo, but do you have any words of wisdom re: a comparison of Koha, Evergreen, Athenaeum, and any other systems (if there are others)?
17:39 Roberto Athenaeum, of course, isn't open source, but they do allow free use of an older version of their software.  Even so, it runs under Windows, and needs "FileMaker."
17:39 atz Koha scales "down" the best
17:39 Roberto Evergreen makes some interesting claims versus Koha, but doesn't really seem to be "all there."
17:39 atz OPAC runs w/o js
17:40 atz Evergreen has good development in load-balancing for very large installations
17:40 Roberto That does seem to be their target.
17:40 atz it was designed to replace Unicorn w/ 250+ libraries in a consortium
17:40 atz running on a Sun E10000 mainframe
17:41 atz so it does that rather well
17:41 Roberto THe only Sun we get here is over the Caribbean.  LOL!
17:42 Roberto Actually, most of the equipment we have is second-hand, and donated from one or more churches in the U.S.  Unfortunately, much of it may also be considered "junk for Jesus," if you know what I mean, so we cobble together what we can with what we get.
17:43 atz at least maybe you can make some frankenstein boxen
17:43 Roberto Actually, that's probably an even BETTER reason to chose something Linux based, since it will, generally, run better on such machines than Win Xp.
17:43 Roberto Have a few of those, too.
17:43 atz like stuff all the ram from 4 boxes in one
17:44 Roberto Sometimes that works.  Other times, they're different simms, and not compatible among machines.
17:45 Roberto We even have some older machines upon which I would not ever consider putting XP - they run Win98SE.
17:46 Roberto If nothing else, one of those could be a "client" machine, since it would only have to use the browser.
17:49 Roberto One more question: If I remember correctly, the documentation mentions Debian "Sarge" which is, of course, an older distribution.  Are there any special considerations for "Etch"?
17:56 atz Roberto: afaik, the standard linux distro for Koha is currently Etch
17:56 Roberto Great.
17:56 atz the INSTALL.debian file for 3.0 is written on etch
17:58 brendan One other comment about Koha vs. Evergreen -- Koha seems to be the more mature product (older, been around longer than Evergreen) if that means anything to you
17:58 Roberto Okay, then.  I'm on my way to download this and give it a shot.  Thank you for all your assistance.
17:58 Roberto Notice that, too.
17:58 Roberto *Noticed
17:59 Roberto In this case, that aspect may not be quite as important as it may be for others, but it was something I noticed.
18:01 Roberto Thanks again!
18:01 Roberto Bye for now.
18:02 pianohacker Of course, mature can be a double-edged sword, as a trip through the fines or circulation modules can tell you ;)
18:03 atz they're a bit... "ripe"
18:20 rhcl "Koha ...and first deployed in January of 2000". ( Eight years old now. Yea, time to ditch this effort and start on something new. :)
18:30 atz rhcl: maybe get some carnegie money or something :\
18:34 rhcl Wonder how rich a person would have to be today to fund what Carnegie did in the early 1900's?
18:35 pianohacker
18:35 pianohacker Right-hand sidebar
18:57 atz pianohacker++  # that's a ton of coin
20:44 chris morning
20:45 gmcharlt hi chris
06:49 Amit hi
06:49 Amit list
06:49 Amit any one is there
06:49 Amit to solve one query
06:49 Amit there is a bug in koha stable
06:49 Amit koha-3 stable
07:05 hdl Amit:
07:05 hdl I am.
07:06 Amit hi
07:08 Amit r u there
07:11 Amit there is a problem in koha -3
07:11 Amit stable
07:15 Amit have u checked with mutiple branches with koha stable
07:15 Amit koha -3 stable
07:17 Amit any one is there
07:17 Amit for response
07:20 hdl what is your problem ?
07:21 hdl I have multiple instances of multiple branch koha 3 installation.
07:21 Amit there is availibilty problem in koha 3
07:21 Amit suppose we have 3 branches in library
07:22 hdl what type on configuration are you on ?
07:22 hdl Linux ? Windows ?
07:22 Amit i m on linux rhel
07:22 hdl What kind of framework ? MARC21 ? UNIMARC ?
07:22 Amit MARC21
07:23 Amit say
07:23 Amit central library
07:23 Amit south library
07:23 Amit east library
07:23 Amit the copies are availible in all the three library
07:23 Amit but it would show only one library in opac page or in staff page
07:24 Amit Availability:  Copies available at:  Central library (1),
07:24 hdl means you have copies of the books in ALL the three libraries ?
07:24 Amit other will not shown
07:24 Amit yes
07:24 Amit it would show like this
07:24 Amit Availability:  Copies available at:  Central librayr(1), east library(1), south library(1)
07:25 Amit like this
07:25 Amit this is the correct way to show
07:25 Amit but it show
07:25 Amit Availability:  Copies available at:  Central library (1),
07:25 Amit this
07:25 hdl Do you have 3 items, one at each library ?
07:25 Amit yes
07:26 Amit have u tested this
07:26 hdl of course.
07:26 Amit in koha -3 stable
07:26 hdl In UNIMARC there is no problem
07:26 Amit k
07:26 Amit i will tested this on unimarc
07:26 Amit if u say
07:26 Amit this is right
07:26 Amit for me
07:27 Amit plz gudie me
07:27 Amit plz guide me
07:27 hdl http://o14.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]koha/
07:27 hdl look for particules.
07:27 Amit ok
07:27 Amit u check this
07:27 Amit at delhi public library site
07:27 Amit of my
07:28 Amit http:
07:28 Amit sory
07:28 Amit
07:28 Amit this is ip
07:28 Amit i have made a new in zebra
07:29 hdl which book ?
07:29 Amit Programming in ANSI C
07:30 Amit this availbilty are in karol bagh and central library
07:30 Amit but it show only
07:30 Amit central library in front page
07:32 Amit have u searched this book
07:34 hdl was looking at maha*
07:35 Amit Magical stories:in the King's shoes & the smelly little dog
07:35 Amit search this book
07:35 Amit on itemtype
07:35 Amit book
07:35 Amit click on check box only
07:35 Amit go to advance search
07:35 Amit the select
07:36 hdl searching on Programining in ANSI C shows 3 results,
07:36 hdl each one have different library.
07:37 hdl Amit : I guess there is a problem in the migration process.
07:37 Amit no
07:37 hdl It doesnot look like a Koha problem.
07:37 Amit i have tested this
07:37 Amit by download the record from library of congress
07:38 Amit the i import
07:38 Amit yes
07:38 Amit it show this book on three library on the front page na
07:39 hdl Normally, you should have 1 bibliographic record for Programming in ANSI C you have 3.
07:39 Amit yes
07:39 Amit bibliographic record is one
07:39 Amit but availibilty in three branches
07:39 hdl No.
07:39 Amit the three not shown in the front page
07:40 hdl look at the OPAC :
07:40 Amit yes
07:40 Amit i will see
07:40 hdl Programing in ANSI C   by Balagurusamy, E.
07:40 hdl biblionumbers : 5448 1996 3117
07:40 Amit k
07:41 hdl That is not one, that is 3.
07:41 Amit ok
07:41 Amit but
07:41 Amit when u click advance search
07:41 Amit option
07:41 Amit then click
07:41 Amit book
07:42 Amit check bok
07:42 Amit check box
07:42 Amit the first book show
07:42 Amit Magical stories:in the King's shoes & the smelly little dog
07:42 Amit copies :20
07:42 Amit but it would show only one library name
07:43 hdl And it seems that you donot have owner library and holding library set.
07:43 hdl only holding library.
07:43 Amit k
07:43 hdl imho, this causes the problem.
07:44 Amit change in system preferences
07:44 Amit options
07:44 Amit so what can i do for solve this issuse
07:44 Amit but in koha
07:44 Amit beta it would work fine
07:44 Amit it shows all library name
07:44 Amit in opac page
07:45 hdl get back to 3 beta then.
07:45 Amit no
07:45 Amit i think there is a problem in koha modules
07:46 Amit in beta version
07:46 Amit it would show all the availability of library
07:46 hdl is there some system preference you changed ?
07:47 Amit which one?
07:50 Amit changes are made in HomeOrHoldingBranch?
07:53 hdl without having acces to database, it is difficult for me to know exactly what is going wrong, but from what I can see, this problem comes not from koha Code but from data or some system preference
07:54 Amit k
07:54 Amit i will give u rights
07:56 Amit
07:56 Amit this is the ip
07:56 Amit login
07:56 Amit with
07:56 Amit kohaadmin
07:56 Amit passwd
07:56 Amit amit
07:56 Amit sory
07:56 Amit amit123
07:56 Amit check
07:56 Amit this
07:57 Amit and opac are available
07:57 Amit have u noted this
07:58 Amit if u made any changes
07:58 Amit then say
07:58 Amit i will reindexed the zebra

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