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12:06 nengard morning
12:59 acmoore it may be because parrot's time based release cycle has worked well, or because perl's feature-based schedule has problems, but it looks like there is some consideration being given to starting a time-based release cycle for perl:
12:59 acmoore the whole thread is good, but that one post is where it really starts getting interesting.
13:45 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:45 danny hey gmcharlt
13:52 hdl hi
13:53 liz mornin
13:53 liz ryan you around?
13:58 nengard morning liz
14:30 ryan hi liz
14:30 Sharon liz is out of the office.  We need our templates restored.
14:34 ryan Sharon: ok, i'll take a look.
14:35 Sharon check out the advanced search pages, too.  none of the collection codes are displaying properly.  Thank you.
16:14 brendan quick question -- in mysql --> can anyone point me to the correct table for circulation transactions.
16:15 acmoore issues?
16:24 kados yep, issues and old_issues I think
16:25 brendan thanks -- that's what I'm looking for
16:25 kados brendan: reserves and old_reserves is 'holds'
17:29 OrionUser Quick question:  The Koha FAQ suggests using a name OTHER than "Koha" in Spanish-speaking areas.  How does one actually CHANGE the name so the software doesn't say "Koha"?  Thanks.
19:35 acmoore anyone try koha with google chrome yet?
19:36 liz ooh, that's a fun afternoon diversion...
20:16 rhcl2 test test (We just lost power, not sure I'm on)
20:17 pianohacker hi, rhcl2
20:54 rhcl2 can somebody with root clear my regular nick (rhcl)?
20:58 acmoore it will ping out eventually.
20:58 atz rhcl2: looks like that nick timed out at 4:09pm
20:59 rhcl2 Yea, I may just have to wait overnight or something. We really got messed up here when we lost power--it was gushing rain for a while.
21:14 acmoore in St Joe?
21:16 rhcl2 Yea
21:18 acmoore hmm. All we have in KC so far is about 10 degrees cooler and more wind. We're supposed to get a few days of rain and cool, though.
21:50 chris1 anyone here who speaks english ?
21:53 chris umm yes
21:53 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
21:53 gmcharlt hi hdl
21:53 hdl gmcharlt: about your comment on opac-suggestion patch.
21:53 hdl I agree.
21:53 chris1 kind of found that koha-fr channel and thought "no way my french is shit"
21:54 hdl Should I resend ?
21:54 gmcharlt hdl: I pushed the first patch, so please send a followup
21:54 gmcharlt thx
21:56 chris1 well anyways my question is: I have the problem of a vast collection of books and I'm looking into what sowftware to use to make a catalogue of them all. (around 2000 titles) would you say that koha would be good for that or a bit of an overkill for a one person (well in reality a family of book hungry people) as it seems to be a software for libraries rather than personal collections
21:56 hdl gmcharlt: mmm, i think that it will require me to update or should i use a display artefact to display the branchname in ?
21:57 chris yeah, its probably overkill for that
21:57 chris i mean it'll work, but you wont be using most of the features :)
21:58 gmcharlt chris1: if you don't mind an online service (and assuming you don't charge your family members overdue fines ;) ) you could take a look at
21:58 chris1 hmm the thing is that i don't find a peace of software that just does the cataloging bit that runs on lokal hardware
21:59 gmcharlt hdl: probably just have look up the branch name [GetBranchInfo(), e.g.
21:59 chris1 well theoretically any database would do, but that wouldn't be nice and user friendly ;)
22:15 hdl gmcharlt: patch sent
22:40 gmcharlt hdl: thanks
22:42 hdl np gmcharlt
04:55 Amit Hi
04:55 Amit List
04:55 mason hi amit,
04:56 Amit hi
04:56 mason hows your day going?
04:56 Amit same debugging
04:56 Amit and urs
04:56 mason pretty good...
04:57 Amit first i m solve the issuse of os
04:57 mason ive been tweaking RT this afternoon
04:57 mason ah
04:57 Amit yes
04:57 mason you have fixed?
04:57 mason upgrade to 64bit?
04:58 Amit not yet right now
04:58 Amit on sat it will be upgrade
04:58 Amit because sat is off day
04:58 Amit in dpl
04:58 mason ah, sure..
04:59 mason ok, back to work for me..
04:59 Amit k
04:59 Amit i m also
11:45 brendan Morning

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