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12:19 brendan greetings #koha
12:37 hdl hi brendan
12:43 Amit hi brendan
16:21 danny hello #koha
16:49 atz gmcharlt: quick perusal makes it look like C4::Circulation::AddIssue is at fault...
16:49 atz return ($datedue) # the optional parameter
16:49 atz vs.
16:50 atz return ($dateduef)
16:50 atz or
16:50 atz return $dateduef->output('iso')
16:50 atz so if you don't tell it when the item is due, it returns undef
16:51 atz and by quick perusal, i mean several days
16:53 gmcharlt atz: heh
16:54 gmcharlt atz: apropos of what problem, though?
16:54 atz SIP2 was returning "0" as date due
16:55 atz faithfully, as it turns out
16:56 atz I'll file a bug and patch that
16:57 atz it's surprising though, isn't it?
16:58 atz i mean, nothing else was depending on that return value?
17:01 atz i guess somebody noticed:  ./t/lib/KohaTest/Circulation/        local $TODO = 'AddIssue does not actually return the due date';
17:02 gmcharlt atz: look  like the SIP code is the only one that actually tried to use the return value
17:05 atz and t/lib/KohaTest/Scripts/, but that passes the date in, so it gets it back
17:06 acmoore atz: It returns the date sometimes. it seems like it's a renewal or somethign like that it does.
17:06 atz it returns it if you give it one
17:06 acmoore I pondered over this one for a while, but decided to try to not change the way it was "working" as much as possible.
17:06 atz but that's pretty useless.
17:07 acmoore and misleading.
17:07 acmoore "you must be new here."
17:07 acmoore heh
17:08 atz there's no way to tell the difference between this and the undef you get back if GetItem fails!
17:10 atz $dateduef is confusing too
17:10 acmoore yes, it is.
17:10 atz in one part it's =$datedue
17:10 acmoore I really hope I didn't goof something up with my recent changes there, but I fear I did.
17:10 atz in another, it's a C4::Dates object
17:10 acmoore Yeah! I know. It's bewildering.
17:13 atz i guess $datedue is a C4::Dates object too now?  gah outdated perldoc
18:35 liz woot atz++
18:36 atz i'll have a patch sent for the SIP/Circ stuff w/in an hour.  Will benefit from some review/testing.
19:08 liz question: how much of a deal would it be to send the overdue letter data (just the patron name, and items) to the local libraries as CSV instead of directly mailing the Overdue notices? In our environment it would be nice for us to let the local libraries (branches, to koha) have their own verbiage in the overdue notices, and it's easy enough to do a mail merge both to paper and to email
19:08 liz i suppose you could build a report to do that
19:18 acmoore It's my understanding that the misc/cron/ has a '-csv' flag to help do that kind of thing.
19:40 liz zomg!
19:40 liz super!
20:16 gmc_test testing, testing
21:39 liz anybody noticed that when you edit a patron via the edit link on the member details page, the only sub section of data that has a save data is Library Use
21:39 liz save button, that is
04:01 Amit Good morning List
07:48 Amit Hi

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