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12:19 martinmorris hi again - is there anybody who can help with a minor display problem on my new koha 3 installatin?
12:19 martinmorris installation even
12:26 hdl hi
12:27 hdl martinmorris:
12:27 martinmorris hi hdl :)
12:27 hdl do you have correct link and acces to yui ?
12:27 martinmorris it's only a small thing but the drop down menus arent' quite working properly and all the options display at once
12:27 martinmorris um, no idea, what's yui?
12:28 hdl yahoo User Interface.
12:28 martinmorris ah
12:28 martinmorris not sure, is that in the intranet-tmp directory?
12:29 martinmorris i  have a "/usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs​/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui" directory
12:32 hdl could be.
12:33 hdl depending on your systempreferences yuipath
12:33 hdl if it is local
12:33 martinmorris ah, i set that up within koha do I
12:33 martinmorris let me have a look
12:33 hdl or http://...
12:38 martinmorris where in system preferences would I set that hdl?
12:38 hdl search yuipath
12:40 martinmorris ah so it's a system preference on the server, not within koha itself?
12:40 martinmorris ok...
12:43 martinmorris hmm, that's not making enough sense for me - i'm seeing a couple of different answeres
12:43 martinmorris anyway thanks for your help hdl
12:45 hdl martinmorris: no
12:45 hdl it is in koha
12:45 hdl on administration page
12:45 martinmorris right...
12:45 hdl you can find yuipath searching systempreferences.
12:46 martinmorris ah, with you :)
12:46 martinmorris searching now
12:46 martinmorris right, i don't have a yuipath system preference
12:47 martinmorris so i need to create one in which part of system preferences?
12:48 hdl any
12:48 hdl it wil go to the right part.
12:50 martinmorris so the preference is yuipath
12:50 martinmorris and the path is /intranet....
12:52 martinmorris or rather the value
12:53 martinmorris anyway, doesn't seem to have made a difference, trying with a / at the end
12:56 martinmorris got it working, thanks hdl!
12:57 hdl np
13:01 hdl gmcharlt: atz_ Is PDF::API2 0.3r77 still required to make barcode generator work ?
13:09 gmcharlt hdl: Makefile.PL claims 2.000 is required, but at moment I don't see any sign that C4::Barcodes::PrinterConfig is actually being used ATM
13:10 hdl gmcharlt: this peculiar version of PDF::API2 is quite hard to find.
13:12 gmcharlt hdl: after testing, no reason why can't require a version that's easier to find from CPAN or common packages
13:13 hdl should be removed from docs then.
13:14 hdl filing bug
13:31 cnighs hello #koha
13:54 liz-nekls mornin peps
13:59 atz_ greets liz-nekls
14:06 cnighs g'morning liz-nekls
14:20 liz-nekls yeppers
14:20 liz-nekls :D
14:21 liz-nekls some people in our system say "Nickels" i think that's just wrong
14:21 liz-nekls it's an E, people
14:21 liz-nekls :)
14:25 lizrea tired of my nick having something to do with where I work :P
14:28 gmcharlt lol
15:07 rhcl Hey Liz, how many total libraries in NEKLS actually moved from Sirsi to Koha?
15:48 hdl any mac user around ?
15:48 hdl Have you ever installed and used MarcEdit on Mac ?
15:49 gmcharlt hdl: we've used Mono on Debian with run MarcEdit - haven't tried it on a Mac yet, though
15:50 hdl So works on Debian.
15:51 hdl anything to install after Mono in order to run MarcEdit ?
15:57 martinmorris i've got a quick question about indexing - i chose dom rather than grs1 when installing and now i get bizarre entries in my zebra log when doing a search...
15:57 martinmorris such as:16:49:13-13/08 zebrasrv(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x09)((e|\xC3\xA9|\xC3\xA8|\xC3\xAA|\xE1\xB​A\xBD|\xC4\x95|\xC4\x99|\xC4\x97|\xC4\x9B|\xC8\x​85|\xC8\x87)sp(e|\xC3\xA9|\xC3\xA8|\xC3\xAA|\xE1​\xBA\xBD|\xC4\x95|\xC4\x99|\xC4\x97|\xC4\x9B|\xC​8\x85|\xC8\x87)r(a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\xA3|\x​C3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85|\xC8\xA7|\xC7\​x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83)nt(o|\xC3\xB3|\xC3\xB2|\xC​3\xB5|\xC3\xB4|\xC5\x8F|\xC7\xAB|\xC8\xAF|\xC5
15:58 martinmorris it's a unicode database if that is relevant
15:59 kados martinmorris: that's normal
15:59 martinmorris oh really?
15:59 martinmorris ah
15:59 martinmorris i don't remember getting that before, is it because i changed from dom to grs?
15:59 martinmorris from grs to dom rather
15:59 kados you must have also strted using the new .chr files
15:59 pianohacker owen: around ?
16:00 owen Yes
16:00 kados no, it would be the new .chr files with all the mappings for diacritical to non-diacritical chars
16:00 martinmorris right OK
16:00 martinmorris in that case there's another reason why my searches aren't workign then :)
16:00 kados heh
16:00 kados if you reinstalled you'll need to reindex zebra
16:00 kados most likely
16:00 pianohacker owen: Is there any reason for class="content_hidden" to have visibility: hidden and display: none ?
16:00 martinmorris i have reindexed zebra
16:00 kados and restart the zebra daemon itself
16:00 martinmorris aaaah!
16:00 kados using the new configuration file koha-conf.xml
16:01 kados so if your daemon is running, kill it, and make sure it's properly linked to your new install before starting it back up again
16:01 owen pianohacker: Where is it used?
16:01 martinmorris no, hang on actually i did restart it
16:01 martinmorris i get a blank table of results
16:01 pianohacker owen: In the templates of {auth_,marc_}subfields_structure
16:02 martinmorris done that kados, no difference
16:11 owen pianohacker: Sorry, got called away from my desk
16:12 owen I don't recall offhand why that class would be defined that way. Feel free to muck with it if you think anything is unnecessary
16:16 pianohacker owen: Thanks
16:17 lizrea-lappy ok, this may be a dumb question... I'm trying to customize the search results and I'm not familiar at all with xslt
16:17 lizrea-lappy how do I remove just one element of the result, example being "literary form"
16:18 lizrea-lappy I just don't want it to display that
16:18 lizrea-lappy i'm looking at MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl
16:18 lizrea-lappy is that even the right file?
16:18 gmcharlt yes
16:19 gmcharlt you'd edit the file, looking for whatever bit is extracting the literary form from the 008
16:19 gmcharlt use <!-- and --> (XML comments) to comment out the bit you don't want
16:19 gmcharlt then run xmllint MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl
16:19 lizrea-lappy ah, well I probably already have it done then
16:19 gmcharlt if it spits back the XSLT, it means that you haven't introduced an XML format error
16:20 lizrea-lappy just don't have access to update it
16:20 lizrea-lappy (we're hosted by liblime)
16:21 gmcharlt right - I guess raise a support query about getting the customization done
16:22 Sharon Liz we can do that through Bev, I guess.  I'll send the email.
16:35 ryan lizrea-lappy: editix is a nice xslt editor that makes it easy to see the results of the transform.
16:36 lizrea-lappy i may have to look into that
16:44 pianohacker owen again :P Can you think of an easy way to show that a table cell is editable (click to edit?)
16:46 owen Inline editing? Fun. What about a right-aligned background-image of a little pencil?
16:50 owen pianohacker: maybe something like famfamfam's page_white_edit icon
16:55 acmoore should the overdues report in the web interface show pretty much the same items as the script deals with?
16:56 pianohacker owen: Sounds good
17:53 owen Hi clockfort
17:53 clockfort hello
17:56 clockfort My libray is thinking of switching to Koha; however, our current software implements patron privacy automatically by limiting the "check out history" to two persons. is this feature duplicated in any setting in Koha? I've seen that there is a tools option to protect patron privacy that allows one to anonymize records older than a certain date. Is there any way to either duplicate our current system of patron privacy protection, or is there a way to anonymize rec
17:57 owen clockfort: Koha has a checkout history feature that can be enabled or disabled via a system pref
17:58 owen I'm not sure what you mean by limiting history to two persons?
17:59 owen Disabling reading history just hides the links to that feature. If you want to actually anonymize the checkout histories there is a tool to do so, but on a global level (for anything earlier than a specified date)
18:02 clockfort Yeah, I pretty much said that :-P
18:02 Sharon_ I think even with the check out history disabled, you can see the last patron to circ an item.  I'd need to test that to be sure.
18:02 clockfort hmm, if that's so, that'd be good
18:03 clockfort Because all I really want the history for is to provide accountibility for when things come back broken, etc
18:03 clockfort other than that patron privacy is a must
18:07 Sharon_ Owen, I can temporarily turn off intranetreadinghistory and NOT lose any data, yes?  Unless I anonymize, the data stays there?
18:09 owen Sharon_: Yes
18:10 Sharon_ ty
18:12 owen The system preference definition for opacreadinghistory is the more accurate one: enables /display/ of Patron Circulation History
18:13 clockfort Hmm, that still doesn't sound so great, though. If all the reading history disable feature does is disable the link to the list, its still being stored... privacy is not truly protected.
18:14 owen clockfort: Right, so you have to also use the anonymize tool
18:16 clockfort Yep. I think maybe I'll just set up a cron job to use the anonymization tool past X months, and have it run everyday.
18:16 clockfort Thanks for the clarification though, everyone
18:17 owen atz: Is Bug 2512 only talking about an HTML Tidy report? Or is there a browser error?
18:23 atz just tidy, hence minor
18:24 acmoore atz: are you running HTML::Tidy on all of the HTML that comes out of Koha?
18:24 atz i have the FF plugin on my win32 VM
18:25 acmoore ah. cool!
18:25 atz so usually when I'm investigating something else, i try to record any other anomalies
18:28 owen atz, what plugin is that?
18:28 atz Tidy
18:29 owen For Firefox? Is it on
18:29 atz yeah, they label it "HTML validator"
18:29 atz but it uses w3c tidy and SGML validators
18:29 atz unfortunately only win32
18:29 atz it was the best add-on before Firebug :)
18:33 owen Neat, thanks atz. Good addition to my tool set.
18:35 atz cool... since most of the bugs I'd file off of it would go to you anyway, now you can beat me to the punch :)
18:36 owen Not Firefox, but Mac at least:[…]with_safari_tidy/
18:46 atz interesting
19:07 Sharon_ Is there a global modification or global edit feature in koha for changing item types or collection codes?
19:08 owen Sharon_: Not at the moment, but I think there's an RFC for that for 3.2?
19:09 Sharon_ so to update an item from "new book" to "book" is going to involve editing each individual record?  Hmmm.. yes, that would be a very good enhancement from an efficiency point of view ;-)
19:10 owen Yeah, my library has never tried to do such things for that reason. But then we don't have different circ rules for new books
19:11 Sharon_ the issue is renewals - one of our libraries wants 2 renewals and new items and the rest are ok with 0 renewals and our data was just loaded today, so it's too late to change the map for them
19:13 Sharon_ so we hoped for a quick and easy way to update her items post-migration...
20:39 Sharon_ is there an ETA on 3.2?
20:41 acmoore Sharon_: no. There's only this:
20:43 chris morning
20:44 gmcharlt morning chris
20:57 cnighs hello chris
03:35 cnighs it's awful quiet around here
03:38 chris yep
03:49 cnighs chris: question for you
03:50 cnighs is the item-level_type syspref an accurate indicator of which itemtype field is being used by a library?
03:53 chris its supposed to be
03:53 chris whether it is or not is another story :)
03:55 cnighs yet another coder's nightmare ;-)
03:57 chris basically if you set it before you do your import
03:57 chris and dont change it
03:57 chris then ur good
03:57 chris but bad stuff (tm) happens if you change it
03:58 chris you can end up with a mix
03:58 chris it perhaps shouldnt be changeable
03:58 chris without a huge warning
03:59 cnighs I built a sub that takes a list of item numbers and hands back out their item type descriptions
03:59 cnighs it bases its decision on which itemtype to look at based on the item-level_type syspref
03:59 chris yep, thats what it should do
04:00 chris what we shouldnt let peopel do is change it, without either shifting the itemtype
04:00 chris or just not let them change it
05:40 nicomo 'morning all
06:09 cnighs g'morning and g'night :-)
06:29 nicomo bye cnighs :-)
06:36 hdl hi
06:37 hdl chris : you're right.
06:38 chris about the itemtypes?
06:38 hdl two types of system preferences are mixed :
06:39 hdl those who have to be set at the beginning and should never change unles it breaks everything.
06:39 chris right
06:39 hdl those who can be updated and only have display customisation effect.
06:40 chris yep
06:40 hdl nicomo realized that while doing a handbook.

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