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12:56 gmcharlt heh
13:39 danny hello #koha
13:39 owen Hi danny
13:41 gmcharlt hi danny
14:05 danny what is the trick to running the script? i am getting errors about can't find koha configuration
14:07 gmcharlt danny: KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB env vars should be set in order to run scripts from command-line
14:11 danny gmcharlt: ah, that worked, thanks
14:29 acmoore atz: you around?
14:36 atz here
14:38 acmoore atz: I'm fixing up some POD syntax errors, and I notice a large chunk of code commented out by you recently with POD tags. I often do that to temporarily coment out stuff while I'm working, so I wanted to make sure you realized it was still commented out.
14:38 acmoore see[…]581e3519af5a07afd
14:38 acmoore in C4/SIP/Sip/, it looks like you added a =doc ... =cut around a few dozen lines.
14:39 acmoore so, they're a comment now, but look like code.
14:39 atz not seeing it in that link ?
14:40 atz ah, at the bottom
14:40 acmoore yeah, sorry, I don't see how to direct you to just the diffs for that file.
14:40 atz #patch 4
14:41 atz er, #patch4
14:41 atz i'll check and get back to you in shortly
14:41 acmoore anyway, my POD syntax checker barfs on =doc, I think that you're supposed to use =pod for arbitrary comment blocks. Also, there aren't blank lines around the tags. So, I can fix that syntax, but it's sort of odd, so I thought I'd point it out.
14:42 acmoore OK. It's not really urgent or anything. THanks!
14:50 acmoore atz: I see it now. You've extracted all of that code to the login_core function where it's nearly duplicated. That function is called just before the comment block. I believe it is correctly commented out.
14:50 acmoore so, I no longer have my concern. you can return to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks!
14:51 atz acmoore: same conclusion here
14:55 acmoore gmcharlt: I just sent you an 18 patch bomb. I'm wondering if that's an acceptable way to wholesale address bug 2400. If it looks OK by eye to you, I can resend to patches@. If you don't have time today, just let me know and I'll send them along to the list right away.
15:11 gmcharlt acmoore: patchset looks ok per eyeball - go ahead and submit
15:12 acmoore gmcharlt: thanks. sent.
15:52 nengard hello all
16:00 aindilis hi is that newircbot that logs things here, is that available for download somewhere?
16:00 aindilis hi nengard
16:05 acmoore yeah, there's something about newlogbot on the wiki.
16:05 acmoore aindilis: here it is:
16:25 gmcharlt aindilis: what do you want to download, the bot itself?
16:25 aindilis I want to setup logging of my channels, and this looked as good as any
16:25 aindilis thanks
16:26 aindilis I want to download the bot itself
16:27 gmcharlt aindilis: ok, I'll toss up a tarball for you
16:28 aindilis great thanks
16:28 gmcharlt aindilis: it's a funbot, but I'm not sure if the funbot project still exists
16:28 atz what's the other common one, supybot?
16:29 gmcharlt atz: yeah
16:29 gmcharlt I wouldn't mind putting a supybot on #koha, actually
16:29 owen What's the difference?
16:30 gmcharlt lot's more functionality, and ability to add it all kinds of modules
16:30 gmcharlt see zoia on #code4lib for an idea
16:41 gmcharlt aindilis:[…]nbot-koha.tar.bz2
16:41 aindilis thanks
16:42 aindilis got it
16:42 gmcharlt ok
17:21 ryan owen: ( or anyone )  :  was the option to create a new framework as a duplicate of an existing one removed ?
17:22 ryan or am i blind ?
17:23 nengard ryan - i remember it being there
17:23 nengard but it's not
17:24 nengard ryan - you can do this still
17:24 nengard first create the framework then click on marc structure and it asks which framework to start with
17:24 ryan ah, ok
17:25 ryan nengard: thanks!
17:25 nengard np
17:25 nengard i should write that up if it's not already
17:32 Sharon hey nicole, do you have a special app you use with your mac to add screen shots to the manual?  I'm trying to tweak and personalize the manual for our training next week...and my mac is causing me fits
17:33 acmoore Sharon: I like "snapz pro x" for screenshots and for movies:
17:33 nengard Sharon i use the mac hot key for it
17:34 nengard command+shift+4
17:34 nengard it's awesome!!
17:34 Sharon ok, and then just insert the .pngs into your google doc
17:34 Sharon tried using grab and the gdocs doesn't like .tiffs
17:35 nengard it likes the .pngs
17:36 Sharon cool. i'll send you my tweaks when I'm done. just adding stuff that patrons might like to know, such as "Once your password is changed, library staff cannot see or retrieve it for you"
17:37 liz-nekls you might also be interested in
17:40 nengard liz-nekls this is great!
17:41 Sharon nengard we're going to put our public and staff training materials here, along with PR info and general NExpress shared catalog news
17:41 nengard sharon that is awesome!!!
17:41 nengard tinaburger have you seen this?
17:54 liz_ it's still being fleshed out
17:54 liz_, that is
17:55 nengard liz-nekls it's a great idea
18:08 nengard sharon - just fyi - i'm going to re-write the label documentation in the manual - if you got any pointers from your staff on that, let me know
18:10 Sharon nengard we'll ask the folks at atchison if they've played with it yet. they just sent us instructions for creating a new patron account
18:10 nengard k
19:06 owen liz-nekls: I have a first draft of a document up that describes how we do our "new and upcoming" list on the OPAC:
19:16 Sharon owen, i shared this with liz. thank you!!!
19:37 liz-nekls_ hey peps... Owen, that is SO BOSS thanks so much
19:37 liz-nekls_ question though, how do you get the titles into your micro database?
19:37 owen I left that part out, didn't I? :)
19:38 owen It's another little set of PHP scripts, and I'd be happy to document that too.
19:38 liz-nekls_ yea
19:38 liz-nekls_ <3 forever
19:38 owen I thought I'd start with the basics
19:39 liz-nekls_ but still that's hawtness
19:39 liz-nekls_ i'm wondering if it could be made into a wp plugin
19:39 liz-nekls_ (to myself)
19:40 owen Since you're just pulling data from a list, it shouldn't matter where you get it. You could even build it to pull from a virtual shelf I suppose
19:44 liz-nekls_ ! it's genius i love it !
19:51 atz owen: got RSS?
19:52 owen You betcha
19:52 owen But you have to click through to the full list:
20:49 chris buenos dias
20:56 rhcl 안녕
20:56 rhcl Hummm, it worked
20:56 atz gmcharlt: sent patch to realign "Tag Cloud" link in masthead
20:57 gmcharlt hi chris
20:57 gmcharlt atz: thanks
20:57 chris nicely done rhcl :)
20:58 rhcl Yea, I'm supposed to be able to speak Korean, I just didn't know if xchat would handle the characters.
20:58 chris yep, irssi handled them fine too
20:59 chris speaking as possibly the new translation manager, i notice our korean translation is not finished :)
21:05 rhcl 나는 �해하지 않는다.
21:05 rhcl (That means: "I don't understand you")
21:06 pianohacker 馬鹿
21:07 pianohacker error: error code not found
21:08 pianohacker Possibly unique 3.2 blocker: cat on desk clawing at mousing hand
21:09 chris heh
21:09 acmoore WORKSFORME
21:10 pianohacker Platform: Linux (with cat)
21:12 chris my issue is "Little child staring at me saying 'Daddy'"
21:13 chris if ignored, he will start to poke you with books
21:13 pianohacker Heh, even worse
21:35 cnighs hehe
21:39 gmcharlt chris: double-checking re Debian package - do you intend to work on that on the master branch, then have it cherry-picked into 3.0.x?
21:47 chris yeah thats probably easiest
21:48 chris lets leave it in the master now, until its production ready
21:49 chris the only thing that might change is the control file (for the dependencies) that might become different between branches
21:52 gmcharlt and currently hard-coded version number in the control file
21:52 chris yeah, its not actually used
21:52 chris so that can come out
21:52 chris the rules file uses the the version number from the changelog
21:53 chris so you dch -i
21:53 chris update that
21:53 chris and build a new package
21:53 chris ill rip it out, so its not confusing
21:53 chris i have a coffee scheduled with francios today, who is one of the DD here, he is gonna give me some hints, im stuck on the .config file at the mo
21:54 gmcharlt great
21:55 gmcharlt I'll apply your current patch series, and await further results :)
21:58 chris oh i already did
21:58 chris[…]734f03c33eae18dad
21:58 chris heh
22:00 chris i love gitweb
22:01 gmcharlt I don't know if the control format allows it, but breaking up depends across multiple lines woudl be nice
22:02 chris yeah, that was the line that made git-send-email barf
22:02 chris ill see what i can do
22:02 chris i think it supports /
22:02 chris or \
22:02 chris even
22:07 gmcharlt bbiab
22:28 chris certainly looks like you can, ie dpkg-buildpackage didnt barf
22:30 kados so chris ... do you anticipate koha making it into debian officially anytime soon?
22:31 chris i might get it into lenny
22:31 chris before it becomes stable
22:31 kados cool
22:31 chris might be some licensing issues
22:31 chris thats one of the other things im gonna talk to francois about
22:32 chris whether the stuff that isnt under the GPL is gonna cause any dramas
22:32 kados ahh, right
22:32 kados like famfamfam?
22:32 chris yeah
22:32 kados and maybe YUI
22:32 chris and i think maybe the greybox js we use
22:32 kados there's a license tab now on the about page
22:33 chris but yeah, ill find out what the deal is
22:33 kados if you find anything that's not listed there, add it :=)
22:33 chris will do
22:33 chris certainly we have have an
22:33 chris with the package there
22:34 chris for a bunch of architectures, and distros (ubuntu included)
22:34 chris while we get it into the main distro
22:35 chris s/have have/can have/
22:35 kados ahh, right
22:35 kados let me know if you need me to set up DNS for
22:35 chris will do
22:36 chris currently i just have them at
22:36 chris for testing purposes
22:37 kados sweet
22:39 chris  <--- this is the story making my life hell at the mo
22:39 chris but its a good story :)
22:40 chris right avg response time is back under 1 sec .. time for a coffee
22:43 ryan argh...
22:43 ryan [Tue Aug 12 18:09:07 2008] Wide character in syswrite at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/PDF/ line 968.
22:43 ryan pesky wide characters.
22:44 cnighs hehe
22:45 cnighs been there, done that
22:47 kados ryan: check the solution I committed for the same problem ... it's a three line fix
22:47 ryan that's amusing.  Togo's first medal in whitewater kayaking
22:47 ryan kados: yeah, just did, and testing it now.
22:47 chris the video is good too ryan
22:47 chris where he gets all excited and breaks his paddle :)
22:50 ryan reminds me of the jamaican bobsled team :)
23:05 cnighs kados: is that a fix for the wide-char issue?
23:08 ryan yay.  Encode fixes the pdf problem.
23:39 gmcharlt back
00:52 chris lol
00:56 gmcharlt heh
01:03 cnighs M$++ hehe
05:55 nicomo hello all
05:58 chris hi nicomo
05:58 hdl hi
05:59 nicomo hi chris : still at your desk? What time is it in nz?
06:05 mc hello all
06:07 mc nicomo, i think that i chatted with chris in late morning cupple of times... perhaps from home ?
06:23 chris yep
06:23 chris im at home
06:23 chris its 6.30pm
06:36 mc hehe ... chris uses screen :)
06:36 chris yep
06:37 mc i do too! this software roxes (even if it's open source ;) )
06:43 chris heh
06:52 chris i pretty much use nothing but FLOSS software
06:52 chris unless im forced too :)
06:55 hdl I bet mc too.
08:47 chris anyone about?
08:48 chris
08:48 chris can people see that?
08:48 mc i can see a 403
08:48 mc :)
08:48 chris ah ill fix that
08:52 chris now?
08:56 mc better
08:56 chris cool
08:58 mc didn't know plootle before
08:58 mc seems good
08:58 chris yeah its a bit nicer than kartouche
08:59 chris and under active development
08:59 chris i like the fact you can upload .po files to it
08:59 chris and merge them
08:59 chris so people can download, and work on them locally if they want, then upload it back
09:00 mc online edition too ?
09:00 chris yep
09:00 mc very good
09:01 chris and you can backend it onto git
09:01 chris (or other vc systems)
09:02 chris http://translate.sourceforge.n[…]e/version_control
09:03 chris ill test it out a bit more, and get others to look, as well as setting up any other systems that look nice, and then we can pick the best one
09:03 chris but now, im going to watch some olympics :)
09:04 mc have a good tv session
09:10 hdl mc, chris pootle seems to have the same drawbacks as kartouche unless i am mistaken :
09:10 hdl no way to jump to context.
09:12 nicomo yep: from the translators point of view, context is crucial
09:12 nicomo I love what LibraryThing did
09:13 nicomo if you go from to  you'll see a "traduire ceci" (translate this) on top right of screen
09:14 hdl[…]editing=1&blank=1
09:15 hdl editing gflag is lost from one page to an other.
09:15 nicomo when clicking on "traduire ceci" you jump to translate.php?page=775902985
09:15 nicomo nice
09:15 hdl Doesn't looks available on pootle though.
09:17 hdl the problem would be that we would have to SEARCH exact msg.
09:19 nicomo how he  manages this (sorry)
09:20 chris the thing that pootle has over kartouche is you can download the po use whatever tool you like and upload it back up and it merges, so you can use kbabel or other tools
09:21 chris but im still looking at other systems too
09:26 nicomo uploading the .po file is definitely a +
10:03 chris hdl:[…]editing=1&blank=1
10:03 chris does having ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog​/en/modules/opac-tags.tmpl:115
10:03 chris there, help at all?
10:04 chris that way you can at least look at the tmpl file to see the context
10:06 chris ill email the list tomorrow too
10:07 chris have a good day biblibrians :)
10:07 nicomo bye chris
10:07 hdl bye
10:07 hdl having ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog​/en/modules/opac-tags.tmpl:115
10:07 hdl is more than nothing.
10:08 hdl But would be better if we could jump into the page.
10:08 hdl having kindo' translator from tmpl to url integrated.
10:59 martinmorris hello all, just installed koha 3 and got a small problem i don't entirely understand
10:59 martinmorris with how the top menu displays
11:02 gaano cd /opt/var/koha/
11:02 gaano ls
11:02 gaano oops
11:34 martinmorris well if anybody has any ideas i'd welcome them - cheers

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