IRC log for #koha, 2008-08-15

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13:14 gmcharlt greetings #koha
14:10 slef discussion on webapps package now on
14:15 slef which I didn't know about before
14:17 slef hi davi... can you help with any of the spanish requests on
14:22 davi hi!
14:22 davi sure
14:23 davi slef, I have just get into holidays from today to 9 Sep
14:23 davi I will get a slow connection, but 24x7 too
14:24 davi I will not be 24x7 online, but well...
14:24 slef argh, yes, I know
14:24 slef I have just seen a message from you today that I must reply to.
14:25 davi no HTTP access to
14:25 davi Any URL to join to such mailing list
14:25 davi else I will look for it.
14:25 slef sorry, that's a list-id
14:26 davi What I am going to do in first place is subscribe to such mailing list
14:26 slef easiest URL IME is
14:26 slef official URL is
14:27 davi subscription in process...
14:29 davi done
16:08 pianohacker nicomo: RE bug 2516, I'm having some troubles duplicating; could it be mysql charset problems?
16:09 nicomo not sure cause then I guess the sorting would only be messed up when we have diacritics and such in the firstname, right?
16:10 pianohacker Possibly
16:11 nicomo I'll try to replicate it on another install
16:12 pianohacker nicomo: Thanks
16:17 pianohacker nicomo: mysql -u root -p -e 'status' | grep characterset _might_ be helpful
16:17 nicomo pianohacker : you're right, can't duplicate it. I'll see with hdl what's wrong with this particular install
16:18 pianohacker nicomo: Cool. Should I WORKSFORME the bug or wait?
16:20 nicomo Wait just a bit : I'll dig just a bit further with hdl tomorrow morning (Europe's time) and change the status then
16:20 pianohacker nicomo: Thanks
16:21 nicomo no pb, my fault : should have tested it further before commiting
16:22 pianohacker nicomo: Could still be a mix of install/Koha problems; if you find any improvements that would make that particular sort more resilient, please add them to the bug
16:22 nicomo ok, thanks
16:35 pianohacker owen: around?
16:35 owen yes
16:36 pianohacker Doing some work with the switchable search box at the top off the staff page
16:36 pianohacker Do you know why this rule exists? .autocomplete { width: 130px } There's a .autocomplete that wraps the search box when Ajax autocompleting of borrowers is turned on
16:37 owen Do you mean why does it have an explicit width?
16:37 pianohacker Removing the rule via firebug breaks nothing, and makes the orange border expand to encompass the whole search
16:37 pianohacker yes
16:40 owen pianohacker: I recall asking that question myself at one point, and I could have sworn there was a reason, because I saw the potential advantage just as you do
16:40 pianohacker Ahh, css
16:45 owen pianohacker: I don't see it now. Give it a try and test well.
16:50 pianohacker Can do
16:50 pianohacker Actually, I'll check the git logs, see if anything pops up
16:51 owen I think Frederic was the one who added the autocomplete in the first place
18:13 pianohacker owen: Patch sent in reference to this, please let me know if you see some dunderhead css or markup problem
18:14 owen ;)
18:55 pianohacker owen: Hey now
20:19 chris gah
20:20 gmcharlt is that a general purpose gah, chris?
20:20 chris
20:20 gmcharlt ouch
20:22 chris i had come in early to do some work on koha before work, but thats gone out the window now
20:23 chris but ill get some more done over the weekend and send some patches through
20:24 gmcharlt how much coordination if any do you need to do with vincent about the Koha Debian package?
20:24 chris i need to coordinate with some to get it into debian
20:24 chris ill email vincent over the weekend
01:17 hdl kados around ?
01:18 hdl chris around ?
01:18 chris wow
01:18 chris ur awake late hdl
01:18 gmcharlt hi hdl
01:18 hdl hi gmcharlt
01:20 hdl do you know what kados wanted to ask me ?
01:20 kados hdl: nevermind :-)
01:20 kados hdl: I figured it out
01:20 kados hdl: it was a question about OAI

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