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12:39 kados paul: you there?
12:39 paul yep. hi kados
12:39 kados paul: your recent patch to appears to be causing errors
12:39 kados Global symbol "$url_error_str" requires explicit package name at /home/nce/kohaclone/serials/ line
12:39 kados                 245.
12:39 paul yep, hdl is working on it.
12:39 kados I think it's your patch anyway
12:39 kados ahh, OK
12:39 kados thanks
12:39 paul I made a mistake with ryan test patches for serials.
12:39 kados sorry I missed it before pushing it up
12:40 paul there has been a merge between 1 temporary patch from him & mine.
12:40 paul I should have be warned by your notice "patch doesn't apply"
12:40 paul & not just rebase & resend it.
12:40 kados paul: do you know when hdl will be finished with it? we'd like to do some detailed testing of serials to 'sign off' on them for 3.0
12:41 hdl kados : I am finished with the bug paul assigned.
12:41 hdl I can send you the patch now.
12:41 kados hdl: that'd be great, thanks!
12:41 paul kados: the difficulty was to find a good behaviour when there is a duplicate
12:42 hdl It works on top of ryan's.
12:42 paul as ryan did : "don't create item, tell it, but mark the issue recieved"
12:42 paul which is un-perfect.
12:42 paul hdl : did you find a better way to deal with this problem ?
12:42 hdl I tell it.
12:43 hdl But I stay on serials-edit page rather than going to
12:43 paul & the issue is marked "recieved" or stays "waited/late" ?
12:43 kados hdl: the problem we have now is:
12:43 kados Global symbol "$url_error_str" requires explicit package name at /home/nce/kohaclone/serials/ line 245
12:43 kados hdl: is it fixed by your patch?
12:43 hdl kados : it is fixed.
12:44 hdl or rather.
12:44 hdl you have to remove paul's patch and apply mine.
12:44 paul kados: don't your libraries complaint of the opac recent acquisitions disappearing between 2.2 and 3.0 ?
12:45 kados paul: ?
12:45 paul in 2.2, there was a link in OPAC to display recent acquisitions of the libraries.
12:45 kados paul: the RSS feed?
12:45 kados paul: can't you just do a sort by acq date?
12:46 paul yes & no : the previous link displayed "itemtype" acquired in the last XX days.
12:46 paul which is not exactly reproduced by the sort_by acq date
12:46 kados seems like a simple search to create ... acq date is an index
12:47 nengard kados paul, that would be a nice link to add to the OPAC - most recent X acqs
12:50 kados no reason you couldn't add it afaik
12:51 kados just use the search api to search on a date range
12:51 kados and sort by acq date
12:56 paul (and items.dateaccessioned is the field to deal with to get acq date
12:56 paul )
12:59 nengard kados - where is date range in the OPAC? I tried to do a search sorted by acq - but had to put in a search term first
13:00 nengard and if i just do item type and sort i get this error:  Can't call method "sort" on an undefined value at /home/nce/kohaclone/C4/ line 431.  
13:00 paul nengard: choose an itemtype, it should be better. or a branch
13:00 hdl kados : is this ok if I send you my patch and you replace paul's with mine ?
13:00 nengard paul item type gave me an error
13:01 hdl or should it be a diff from paul's one ?
13:04 hdl kados : patch sent
13:11 kados hdl: I should revert paul's patch first?
13:12 hdl Yes, if you can
13:12 kados hdl: specifically, paul's ' bugfix for 2451 : serial recieve & barcode does exist complaint'
13:12 kados commit 23b8da277b0a1aa67f0686aa65a9e0d527a3b26b
13:12 kados right?
13:12 hdl yes.
13:12 kados thanks
13:12 hdl you're welcome.
13:13 hdl Back from vacation ?
13:13 kados hehe ... I haven't been on vacation for a while now :-)
13:13 kados last week i was away from the office though
13:13 kados meeting with customers
13:13 paul hehe... hdl, I already ask that yesterday, seems everybody knew he was in vacation, except him :D
13:13 kados hdl: still don't have the patch
13:14 kados hdl: received now
13:15 hdl sorry
13:15 kados OK, pushed
13:33 owen Hi #koha
13:33 danny hey owen
13:42 hdl hi owen
13:43 hdl gmcharlt: It seems you designed a way to shift from ISBN10 to ISBN13. Am i wrong ?
13:43 hdl where is it ?
13:50 hdl nengard: I am wondering if you applied also ryan's patches.
13:51 nengard hdl yes, kados upgraded my install and told me go through and test again :)
13:51 nengard if it's any help - i closed more bugs than I opened ;)
13:51 hdl I donot understand : 2469
13:51 hdl Can you detail ?
13:52 hdl Do you expect that editing a numbering formula would change the numbering formula of the expected issues ?
13:54 nengard hdl yes
13:54 nengard is it not supposed to do that?
13:54 hdl no.
13:54 hdl Would be dangerous.
13:54 paul will update FUTURE expected issues
13:54 nengard so it will change the next one?
13:54 paul not the one actually existing
13:54 nengard thanks paul
13:55 nengard will close bug
13:55 paul you can change it to improvement
13:55 paul as it would be better
13:55 paul (although probably too hard to code & too rarely encountered to be worthy)
13:56 hdl paul : it would be a pain in the neck.
13:56 paul 282
13:57 hdl And librarians can update the serialseq manually.
13:57 paul right
13:57 paul nengard: but it's worth mentionning that in the manual then
13:57 nengard i agree with hdl and i tested again and my new formula did apply to the next expected issue - so the bug is closed and marked invalid
13:57 nengard i will!!!
14:41 owen hdl, have you looked at Bug 2361?
14:42 hdl Not yet.
14:43 hdl owen : yes, now I remember.
14:43 hdl do you want to talk on my latest remark ?
14:45 owen Right now the bug is assigned to me, but I don't think it's something that can be resolved at the template level
14:45 owen I'd much rather have you and ryan working with each other on it
14:45 owen Is that something you'd be willing to take on?
14:46 hdl In fact, I would like us to try and settle a good way to work.
14:46 hdl There are many cases where having a popup would be quite slow and not efficient.
14:47 hdl Maybe having little pieces of templates in include directory, with a good structure would help
14:48 hdl For instance, biblios are displayed in at least 7 different ways.
14:48 hdl same for items, suppliers, borrowers.
14:49 hdl So that some patron information are not displaed the same way when getting on different tabs of Patron.
14:49 owen Yeah
14:50 hdl In fact, what I tried to do in this part of code was a reuse of additem part only for input.
14:50 hdl But this indulged me into creating a new part of code : PrepareItemrecordDisplay.
14:51 hdl (Which is, actually, quite a bad name since it is display for input)...
14:53 hdl What I propose is :
14:53 hdl What I can propose is :
14:54 hdl Synch that part of code with portion for item input.
14:55 hdl Get the template part that is displayed for input out of the additem.tmpl and put it in include/items/add.tmpl
14:55 hdl And make use of it in Acquisition/additem/serials-edit
14:57 hdl This is actually both a problem of template design and code design.
14:57 ccatalfo nengard: let me check....
14:59 owen hdl: I certainly don't object to the idea of creating the include. It could serve as an example for other areas that could benefit from the same treatment
15:00 hdl I shall try that in order to prevent from some caveats.
15:02 gmcharlt hdl: no (re ISBN) - but Business::ISBN might do it
15:06 spledger hello?
15:06 owen Hi spledger
15:07 spledger i am having a couple of issues with koha 3.  can you help?
15:07 owen There are many people here who will hear your question
15:08 spledger ok, i have imported all of my school's marc records from the old winnebago system into koha 2.2.7 and had them all working just fine under 2.2.9.
15:08 spledger we then decided to upgrade to koha 3.
15:08 spledger the upgrade is now finished, but when i search for items, nothing is ever found.
15:09 spledger i can still modify biblios, biblioitems, and items if i know the item/biblio/biblioitem number.
15:09 spledger if you go to, you can see what i mean.
15:10 owen spledger: When you installed, did you choose to enable the Zebra indexing engine?
15:11 spledger i did, but then after the install, i set the NoZebra system preference to On and ran the misc/ script.
15:16 owen I'm going to leave it someone else to answer you on that one, spledger, since zebra's not my strong point.
15:21 spledger aah, ok.
15:22 spledger thanks
15:22 hdl nengard: bug 2361.
15:22 nengard yep
15:22 hdl When you speak about location, it is branch/library ?
15:22 hdl or is it items.location
15:24 hdl there is no way to store a common serials itemtype in a subscription. So it is hard to default itemtype to something.
15:25 hdl I would not mark it as blocker since librarians can still edit item in order to fix **their** lack of attention
15:25 pianohacker owen: around?
15:25 owen Yes
15:25 pianohacker I'm adding a running spinner to a button in the interface that launches an AJAX call
15:25 paul nengard: are you around ?
15:26 pianohacker Right now, this is done by prepending an img to a <button>, since buttons already have a background
15:26 pianohacker That works, but I was wondering if you had any ideas on css integration
15:26 pianohacker The js already adds a 'running' class that dims out the button
15:27 nengard hdl - kados said to mark serials bugs blockers ... will look at bug and check
15:27 nengard paul i'm here now
15:27 paul (sending a mail to you)
15:28 nengard hdl - location is branch
15:29 hdl So it is a duplicate with 2470 ?
15:29 owen pianohacker: just from your description it sounds fine. Are you concerned that it isn't the best way to handle it?
15:29 nengard hdl - no
15:29 nengard one is for adding items and one is for editing a subscription
15:30 nengard hdl here's a process:
15:30 pianohacker owen: It'd be nice if I could put that bit of formatting into the css
15:30 nengard 1. you create a subscriptiion for library b
15:30 nengard 2 you need to edit subscription and it all of the sudden is set to library a
15:31 nengard 3. you fix and put it back to library b
15:31 nengard 4. you go to receive an item
15:31 nengard 5. the add item box pops up and now the library field is blank
15:31 owen pianohacker: I don't think I can give you a suggestion without seeing an example
15:31 nengard 6. you don't remember what library you're checking the item in for - and it should be there becuase you entered it when you created the subscription
15:31 nengard paul - email to where?
15:31 paul (i'm writing it atm)
15:32 paul sent to
15:32 nengard ah - got it
15:33 nengard thank you!! I was hoping someone would give me feedback on that :)
15:34 spledger has anyone else had any issues on the search feature in koha 3?
15:34 liz-nekls I think there are plenty of people  who have trouble with zebra at first
15:35 spledger liz-nekls: have you gotten zebra to work?
15:35 liz-nekls I never had occasion to make it work, on my test servers I always just turned it off
15:35 liz-nekls because 1. I didn't need it and 2. I didn't have time to make it work
15:35 rhcl I think we need to shoot the zebra and get a wildebeest.
15:36 liz-nekls lewl
15:36 spledger did you just turn it off using the NoZebra system preference?
15:37 liz-nekls that I did
15:37 spledger ok, its just that that doesn't seem to work for me.
15:37 spledger i still recieve no search results with the NoZebra setting On.
15:37 spledger any sugguestions?
15:39 liz-nekls :/ I don't sorry... i've always done a clean install
15:39 spledger dang.  ok, thanks.
15:41 spledger does anyone here have any sugguestions on how to fix this?
15:41 pianohacker spledger: I have a working zebra install; what problems were you having with it?
15:42 spledger searches return no results.  not in opac nor in the staffclient.
15:42 spledger i cant get it to work with zebra on or with zebra off.
15:42 spledger it really makes no difference to me whether or not zebra is used, but i do need to have the search feature workiing.
15:42 spledger working*
15:43 pianohacker spledger: If you run zebra in the foreground, does it give you any useful errors?
15:44 spledger zebra claims it couldn't lock /var/lock/koha3/zebradb/biblios/
15:44 pianohacker Ahh
15:45 pianohacker I think you need to run it as root (or whoever owns your install directory)
15:45 spledger nvm, now i fixed that.
15:45 spledger i just needed to make the directories
15:45 spledger now lets see if i can get some kind of search results.
15:45 spledger nope.  still nothing
15:47 pianohacker Does zebra give you an Error 109 in the console?
15:48 spledger no, it gives me nothing.
15:49 liz-nekls do you happen to still have the nozebra pref set?
15:50 spledger no, its not set.
15:50 liz-nekls kk just had to check :)
15:50 liz-nekls sanity and al lthat
15:50 pianohacker spledger: Can you pastebin the complete output of zebrasrv after a search?
15:50 spledger 09:50:10-05/08 zebrasrv(1) [request] Search biblios ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @and @or @or @or @or @or @attr 1=36 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=32 @attr 2=102 franc @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=28 @attr 2=102 franc @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 9=26 @attr 2=102 franc @attr 4=6 @attr 5=103 @attr 9=16 @attr 2=102 franc @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 "franc? " @attr 4=6 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 franc @or @attr 1=8002 @attr 4=109 @attr 2=2
15:50 spledger 09:50:10-05/08 zebrasrv(1) [session] Connection closed by client
15:51 spledger ok, i see that i am now getting an error 109
15:51 pianohacker Yah
15:51 spledger what does that mean exactly?
15:51 pianohacker Database unavailable (I banged my head against that too)
15:51 spledger what did you do to fix it?
15:52 liz-nekls think that was where i got stuck as well
15:52 pianohacker Have you run rebuild_zebra ?
15:52 spledger (pls don't say start over)
15:52 pianohacker Heh
15:53 spledger no
15:53 spledger but i'll run it right now.
15:53 pianohacker spledger: How many records do you have?
15:53 spledger 18000
15:53 pianohacker Hmm
15:54 pianohacker Let me post a fix for a problem i think you might have real quick
15:54 spledger its actually going pretty quickly
15:54 spledger ok
15:56 pianohacker If you do that, search and get an error having to do with Local-number, try this
15:56 pianohacker
15:58 spledger ok, well now i'm getting an error 114
16:03 pianohacker Huh
16:03 pianohacker That's new
16:08 spledger yeah...
16:11 pianohacker spledger: Try running zebrasrv with the -v all option
16:12 pianohacker It prints tons of info, but can handle it
16:14 liz-nekls Is there a way to override a renewal limit?
16:14 liz-nekls to renew a book over the limit
16:14 liz-nekls ?
16:14 pianohacker liz-nekls: I don't think so, though I'll have to send in a patch for that when I migrate my library to 3.0 here soon
16:15 liz-nekls ah I see
16:15 liz-nekls so the solution would be to check it in and back out to the same patron
16:16 liz-nekls to skirt around that issue
16:16 liz-nekls and how would that work if there was a hold on the item
16:17 liz-nekls though I think I just answered my own question
16:17 liz-nekls you would first put a hold on the item for the patron wanting the renewal, and set them to first in line, then check in and check the book back out to them
16:18 liz-nekls though why you would want to override a renewal when someone's waiting is beyond me
16:19 spledger ok pianohacker, here's my pastebin of zebrasrv with the -v all option.
16:20 spledger
16:20 owen liz-nekls: You don't need to mess with the holds, you can just override the warning when you go to check it out again
16:21 liz-nekls hm... we couldn't figure out how... but we're going to put some brains on it, one moment (thanks for the consideration)
16:22 pianohacker Did rebuild_zebra print out any error messages?
16:22 pianohacker (I love how zebrasrv prints out 250 lines and manages to not tell us what error 114 is)
16:22 spledger yeah -- its great, innut?
16:23 spledger "Wide character in null operation at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/Charset/ line 96." is when the script ended.
16:24 owen liz-nekls: After you check it in and check it out again, Koha should simply display a warning, "This is on hold for so-and-so. Override?"
16:24 gmcharlt pianohacker: (most of) Z39.50 diagnostic codes:[…]fns/bib1diag.html
16:25 pianohacker spledger: Ohh
16:25 pianohacker gmcharlt: Thanks
16:25 pianohacker Unsupported Use attribute. Hmm
16:26 pianohacker spledger: Does this show latin1 for everything? $ mysql -u root -p -e 'status' | grep characterset
16:29 spledger yep
16:31 spledger would the fact that my items information is stored in the 852 tag instead of the 952 tag of the marc holdings make any difference?
16:32 pianohacker Possibly
16:33 pianohacker You would have to change etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs so that every line referencing 952 pointed to 852 instead (and the rights subfield)
16:34 spledger aah, ok.  i'll give that a shot.
16:36 pianohacker Then rebuild_zebra (again)
16:41 spledger ok, i think i got it all.
16:41 spledger we'll see how it goes.
16:45 spledger random thought: library systems are rediculously complicated.
16:47 spledger ok pianohacker, still nothing.
16:47 pianohacker Huh
16:47 spledger same error 114
16:47 pianohacker Dangit
16:48 pianohacker When you run rebuild_zebra, somewhere in the output there should be something like i/u/d 18000/0/0
16:48 spledger my reaction was a little more profane, but yes.
16:49 pianohacker That tells you that the records did get inserted; does it exist?
16:49 spledger 10:46:36-05/08 zebraidx(22554) [log] Records: 18068 i/u/d 18068/0/0
16:50 spledger its got the records in, but still no luck on the search.
16:50 owen Can anyone tell me what might display in the "Serial Data" column in
16:53 spledger this is what really gets me tho: http://catalog.rjhslibrary.inf[…]
16:53 paul kados: 4 small patches in mailbox
16:53 paul bye bye world. see you tomorrow
16:53 kados paul: thanks
16:58 spledger any ideas anyone?
17:02 spledger i have now found a query that works for some reason, but its only in the intranet view.
17:03 spledger its highlighted towards the very end.
17:07 spledger ok, the staff side is working completely, but not the opac side.
17:10 spledger i got it to work!!!!!!!!!!!
17:11 spledger i had to turn off the hide missing items preference.
17:22 owen spledger: interesting: so there's something about your data that made Koha think everything was missing?
17:25 spledger yeah, thats what it looks like.
17:26 ryan spledger: edit one item and mark it lost, then reindex.
17:26 spledger ok.
17:26 ryan a curious thing about zebra, if every record has a zero value, it doesn't bother indexing
17:26 ryan so if you have no lost items, you won't get an index on lost.
17:27 owen Discrimination against libraries with spotless inventory records ;)
17:27 pianohacker Those exist?
17:27 pianohacker Where do you live, I want to visit that library!
17:28 spledger hmm...
17:28 spledger ok
17:28 spledger colorado
17:28 owen pianohacker: they have only one book, a you can't see it.
17:28 pianohacker Heh
17:28 gmcharlt the Gutenberg Bible, presumably
17:29 owen In which case zebra is really overkill, I guess.
17:29 pianohacker $ time -a -b
17:29 pianohacker real: 0.0001s
17:41 spledger ok, i feel dumb, i can't figure out how to mark items as lost.
17:41 spledger the drop-down is empty.
17:44 gmcharlt spledger: in Administration / Authorised Values, you can add non-zero values to a 'LOST' category
17:44 gmcharlt those would then populate drop-down
17:50 spledger ok
18:40 spledger ok, i have everything working except searching by callnumber.
18:40 spledger i can't figure out how its supposed to be mapped in the zebra server.
20:41 chris morning
20:50 masonj morning chris
20:50 chris hey rex, ltns
20:50 chris heya mason, hows things
20:50 rex aloha
20:50 masonj good good
20:50 masonj aloha rex
20:51 chris rex: i was listening to hawaii 78, on my ipod on the bus on the way to work this morning
20:51 rex ah... uh... whats that?
20:52 chris
20:54 rex oh you mean the song
20:54 rex I thought it was some weird podcast or something
20:55 chris nope, but that would be cool
20:55 chris you should start it :-)
20:56 rex in my Copious Free Time
20:56 chris heh yeah
20:56 masonj nice track ;)
20:56 rex wow this one has better pictures
20:56 rex[…]c&feature=related
20:57 chris ohh so it does
20:57 masonj and the pearl-jam cover too
21:02 gmcharlt thanks, chris
21:09 cnighs hi chris
21:09 chris hiya cnighs
07:47 chris evening
07:47 paul hi chris.
07:47 paul 4 at office today : hdl is with us ;-)
07:48 atz_ almost 4AM here...
07:48 chris sheesh atz
07:48 chris why are u awake?
07:49 atz_ prep cooking for dinner tomorrow
07:49 atz_ got a 3.5-lb black angus pot roast in the Staub
07:49 mc hello koha
07:49 chris paul: i hope there are enough pain au chocolat for everyone :)
07:49 chris atz: wooo
07:50 paul "black angus pot roast in the Staub" ????
07:50 paul chris: yes
07:50 atz_ yeah, tomorrow's dinner
07:50 chris i wonder if i can get get a quick flight :)
07:51 atz_ paul: all my best entree recipe's involve the Staub...
07:52 chris and remember in the US entree = main course :)
07:52 paul great. Except I don't understand "staub" and "black angus"
07:52 atz_ stew, chili, pot roast....
07:52 chris black angus is a breed of cow
07:52 paul angus : seems it's a kind of cow
07:52 atz_ black angus is a particular kind of beef.  better texture
07:52 paul and staub ?
07:52 paul ok, helps me ;-)
07:53 paul "cocotte" in french
07:53 atz_ staub is a brand of enameled cast iron.  like le creuset, but less famous.
07:54 atz_ (less famous here anyway)
07:56 paul
08:00 atz_ so the only downside to cooking this way is that it takes a long time
08:04 atz_ paul: is wiktionary correct ( ) that the same word means "Dutch oven" and "prostitute"?
08:07 paul yes, it is. Although "cocote" for a prostitue is unused since 1940s I think
08:09 mc US entree = main course ... but not french course :)
08:10 mc we call it "faux amis" (fake friends)
08:10 atz_ yeah, in france they use the word in a way that actually makes sense
08:10 chris same in nz
08:11 chris it confused the heck out of me when i first visited
08:11 mc i can imagine
08:16 chris tomato sauce is another one
08:17 chris in nz, that = what americans call ketchup
08:18 chris lemon cordial in nz = lemonade in america
08:18 chris seperated by a common language :)
08:18 atz_ chris: what do you call the sauce put on pasta?
08:19 atz_ probably pasta sauce.
08:19 atz_ (can't argue w/ that)
08:19 chris yep
08:20 chris or bolognaise if its a meat sauce
08:45 atz_ just sent in a patch for patron import (and related stuff)
08:46 atz_ i tested it, but could use more feedback from others
08:46 atz_ in particular if you have data that you know loaded correctly before, and can test importing it again

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