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12:10 danny hello #koha
12:10 nengard hiya danny
12:10 owen Hi danny, #koha
12:10 gmcharlt greetings all
12:12 hdl_laptop hi owen gmcharlt cnighs
12:26 kados paul: you here?
12:26 kados paul: can you verify by testing that 2451 can be closed with what's been pushed into Git?
12:28 hdl_laptop paul here but having conference.
12:28 kados ok
12:29 kados hdl_laptop: can you confirm that you're happy with bug 2351 now? or are there remaining issues still?
12:29 kados hdl_laptop: and if you can comment on 2451 that'd be great
12:33 kados hdl_laptop: also, I need your patch for 2361, I don't have it
12:35 cnighs anyone know what to do with this:
12:35 cnighs biblios:~/koha.git# git rebase origin
12:35 cnighs cannot rebase: your index is not up-to-date
12:35 cnighs Akoha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/css/colors.npl.css
12:36 kados cnighs: try checking in that file maybe?
12:44 nengard hdl_laptop i have updated bug 2470 - it's still not working as expected
12:49 cnighs git rm -f koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/css/colors.npl.css fixes it
13:05 hdl_laptop kados: patch for 2361 sent to you and koha-patches.
13:05 hdl_laptop kados: about patch 2351, can't tell atm
13:07 hdl_laptop kados : my patch only fixes the ability to get branchcodes and callnumber.
13:08 hdl_laptop kados : will comment on 2451 later today.
13:09 hdl_laptop i am not at home and would not be able to add the patch.
13:09 hdl_laptop right now.
13:10 kados hdl_laptop: OK ... but also please note that 2470 ... your patch didn't work
13:10 kados hdl_laptop: Nicole has updated the report
13:12 nengard hdl_laptop and kados 2361 works and is makred FIXED :)
13:12 nengard owen are you around?
13:12 owen Yes
13:13 nengard owen for serials when adding an item one the receive form the labels are being cut off
13:13 nengard you have to mouse over them to see the full text of them
13:13 nengard do you want a bug for this?
13:14 owen You have to mouse over them? You mean to get a tooltip?
13:14 nengard yep
13:14 nengard so it reads : "Source of cl" but if you mouse over you get "Source of classification'
13:14 nengard but if you're skimming the list you can't always find the right field for the data you want to enter
13:18 owen I'll see what I can do.
13:18 nengard :)
13:23 hdl_laptop nengard: will see my bugfix tonight and will resend.
13:23 nengard thanks hdl_laptop
13:27 hdl_laptop you're welcome
13:27 hdl_laptop nengard: can i test on your intranet ?
13:28 owen hdl_laptop, do you know why, on, the item entry form labels all have <span id="error"> in them?
13:28 owen Why the "error" id?
13:41 hdl_laptop owen : seen.
13:46 owen Hi liz-nekls
13:47 liz-nekls_ 'mornin
13:48 nengard okay this is wierd - hdl_laptop and kados when i got to edit serials now they're right - do i have a new patch for 2470 - or do you think the combo of 2361 & 2470 make it work - either way, 2470 now works
13:48 nengard morning liz-nekls
13:49 liz-nekls_ Owen - I've been meaning to ask you about how you did your magic on the Athens County home page, specifically displaying the upcoming titles
13:50 owen It relies on an external database, the one that we use for content on our library's web site
13:50 liz-nekls_ Ahh I see
13:50 liz-nekls_ so that doesn't pull the data from your library catalog at all?
13:50 owen Nope.
13:51 liz-nekls_ interesting
13:51 owen A staff member builds the list by hand
13:51 liz-nekls_ hmmm
13:51 owen He gets the titles from a list of recently-ordered titles, picking the ones he thinks will be of interest
13:51 liz-nekls_ yea, that makes perfect sense... but he doesn't use the list feature in Koha (or maybe that doesn't exist in 2.x)
13:52 liz-nekls_ I was thinking of some way to display a list that they would generate in koha
13:52 owen No, but that's really just because my expertise is PHP, not Perl.
13:53 liz-nekls_ yea, mine too, (insomuch as you can call it "expertise" :P)
13:53 owen So I've got a php script on our web server (not the Koha server), which pulls the data, and an iframe in the opac main page displays it
13:53 liz-nekls_ right, I noticed that in your source
13:53 liz-nekls_ I wondered what it was pulling from ^.^
13:53 cnighs does anyone know what db fields 'Subtitle', 'Classification', and 'Subclass' should be related to as they appear on labels/
13:54 cnighs these fields do not currently appear in the items, biblioitems, or biblio tables
13:54 kados cnighs: subtitle doesn't have a mapping anymore
13:54 kados cnighs: so it should be removed from the label (!!)
13:54 kados classification is items.itemcallnumber
13:55 cnighs hrmm, so is 'Call Number'
13:55 kados subclass ... is probably built into itemcallnumber already
13:55 cnighs ok, so it sound like all three need to be removed
13:55 kados I suspect so
13:56 kados but call numbers have parts
13:56 kados so it's possible some libraries only want some parts of the call number displaying on the label
13:56 kados lemme check something real quick
13:57 kados cn_class
13:57 kados cn_item
13:57 kados cn_suffix
13:57 kados those are the three parts of the call number available at the bib-level
13:57 cnighs are these common to all call numbers (ie. LCCN, DDCN, etc)?
13:57 kados but at the item level we only have itemcallnumber
13:58 kados cnighs: yea, mostly
13:58 kados cnighs: there is also a 'prefix'
13:58 cnighs how are they derived or where are they entered?
13:58 cnighs these fields that is
13:58 kados well, it depends
13:58 nengard liz-nekls i bet you could write a php script to point to the koha db and get the most recent titles by searching on the acq date
13:58 kados libraries can use the standard for each type LCC is 050 $a $b (class, item)
13:59 kados DDC is 082 $a $b
13:59 kados cnighs: the best way to do this woul dbe to allow specific marc tags/subfields to be added to the label for classification
13:59 kados cnighs: because every library does it differently and even within a batch you might use different rules
14:12 liz-nekls_ nengard I was thinking about a method to display the rss feed of a similar query
14:12 liz-nekls_ either a list or a rss'd search
14:12 nengard that would work
14:13 liz-nekls_ that one might not happen in 2 weeks though lol
14:13 nengard there are several tools out there to let you display rss feeds on web pages
14:14 hdl_laptop owen : I will try and see why.
14:14 hdl_laptop nengard: this is weird indeed.
14:17 nengard hdl_laptop does it work for you?
14:20 hdl_laptop nengard: works for me.
14:20 nengard hdl_laptop okay - i'll close the bug ....
14:55 danny ok, a git question for anyone that may have encountered this, I have a file that I do not want to track, but anytime I do a git pull the file seems to be deleted, I don't want the file to be deleted, just don't want it to be tracked
14:57 kados danny: in place of pull, try fetch and rebase
14:57 kados that shoudln't touch files outside of Git's pervue
14:57 kados git fetch; git rebase origin
14:58 danny ok I will do that
14:58 danny thanks
15:00 gmcharlt danny: also see[…]cs/gitignore.html
15:01 gmcharlt danny: depending on why file should not be tracked, you can use .gitignore, .git/info/exclude, or the core.excludefiles git-config setting to cause files to be ignored (and left alone) by git
15:07 danny thanks gmcharlt
15:10 acmoore cnighs: I notice that you have claimed database version I don't see a patch from you implementing it yet, though. Have you submitted on, or do you have one ready or anything?
15:10 cnighs acmoore: actually that patch got pushed to 3.2, I'll go and release my claim to it, sorry
15:11 acmoore no worries. Thanks!
15:13 paul cnighs: what does it mean "that patch got pushed to 3.2" ? is there a 3.2 repo somewhere ???
15:13 gmcharlt paul: no
15:13 cnighs paul: no, it's just on hold in my repo
15:14 paul thx, I was afraid I missed something...
15:14 cnighs acmoore: 107 is all your's if you like :-)
15:16 atz paul: i'm sure it won't be too long though...
15:19 kados cnighs: any word back from your catalogers?
15:20 paul atz, yes, I know/hope. That's why I thought I could have missed a fresh branch ;-)
15:26 cnighs kados: all previous error triggering MARC's have been saved now with the exception of one which still causes the error
15:27 cnighs kados: I'm having them try one other thing to try to determine if it is related or not
15:27 kados yay
15:37 nengard liz-nekls sharon was asking about the recent title on IM - told her we were talking with owen about that here
15:37 nengard you may want to talk to her in person and catch her up :)
15:38 owen liz-nekls: I'd be happy to send you the PHP scripts for that if you're interested.
15:40 Sharon owen, I'll say YES to that for NEKLS.
15:41 owen They'll have to be adapted to your needs, but they'll give you an idea for how it works
15:42 nengard hiya sharon
15:42 Sharon as all of our member libraries have seen the Athens County opac, they're very interested in having that kind of added content (bells and whistles)
15:43 Sharon hi Nicole...thought i'd join the fun
15:43 owen The way we do it, it requires regular staff maintenance. But maybe you guys can figure out a way to streamline it
15:44 owen That should be the case if someone can make it work directly from the database or from a virtual shelf
15:44 owen Since it doesn't even use Koha's database the way I have it written, there's not much point :|
15:45 Sharon maybe we'll sponsor that
15:48 liz-nekls_ i always wondered why the virtual shelves didn't have rss feeds
15:50 nengard liz-nekls i have a request in for that
15:50 kados liz-nekls_: another opportunity for sponsorship :-0
15:50 nengard[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1917
16:36 liz-nekls_ is there a template tag for author last name only?
16:36 liz-nekls_ I want to use it to pass a search on to[…]h=Search&Search=1
16:36 liz-nekls_ but the title doesn't seem to work and it doesn't work with the full name in the last name
16:37 kados liz-nekls_: MARC doesn't have separate fields for last and first names, so no, there is just 'name'
16:37 liz-nekls_ ah, ty
16:39 nengard isn't that funny - with all of the detail MARC goes into it doesn't have multiple name fields
16:41 paul nengard & liz-nekls & kados : isn't that very funny : UNIMARC has that ;-) (although we don't have a surname/firstname index anyway, so we don't use this feature)
16:41 gmcharlt nengard: MARC21, specifically.  It's a pity how whenever MARC21 absorbs another national MARC format, the good stuff from the other one tends to get dropped
16:41 gmcharlt for example, UKMARC had separate subfields for surname and forename
16:42 gmcharlt as well
16:43 nengard that i never knew - they don't teach us unimarc in US library school
16:48 liz-nekls_ ok.. so next question, since the marc record presumably holds the series information, what would the template tag be for that?
16:49 liz-nekls_ ^.^
16:50 liz-nekls_ the info they allow me to pass doesn't correlate all too well to the data I get out of koha... probably their limitation not ours
19:29 hdl owen looking now the stuff you asked me
19:42 hdl owen : look at line 286 in
19:43 owen yes
19:43 hdl There is span id="error$i" where $i is named from subfieldcount.
19:44 hdl can you tell me what it is there for ?
19:44 hdl i can't think of a worse name as error for sthg which is not an error message.
19:45 owen I don't know. The line in was similar, but had no $i to make it unique.
19:45 hdl And so id is not an id.
19:47 hdl I understand.
19:47 hdl Trying sthg.
19:57 hdl owen : i have a problem : no candidate id.
19:57 owen ?
19:57 hdl I Could try a random number but it would be dangerous.
19:57 owen What is the purpose of the <span>? Why does it need an id?
19:59 hdl It is used in CloneSeubfield.
20:01 hdl What do you think ? Is CloneSubfield used in items management ??
20:01 owen I don't see any way to clone a subfield in items
20:04 hdl item subfield is clonable in additems.
20:04 hdl But edition results in concatenation of values.
20:05 hdl And display is weird :
20:05 hdl http://i14.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]itemnumber=129622
20:07 hdl So maybe subfield cloning is BAAAD for item.
20:07 hdl kados do you agree ?
20:07 owen What's bad about the display?
20:08 hdl particule only is displayed where two values should be displayed with | or whatever.
20:08 hdl particule and test.
20:09 hdl No way to tell which one should be displayed.
20:09 owen It must depend on the framework?
20:11 hdl yes.
20:14 hdl kados : would it be OK to disable repeatable subfield for item ? Should this be marked as enhancement ? Should clonesubfield be removed from ? and thus from ?
20:14 hdl If so, I will remove spans from there.
20:14 hdl pls feel free to file a bug.
20:14 hdl I'll cope with it tomorrow morning.
20:15 hdl 22 PM here.
20:18 owen I committed a change to that removed the <span> from output to serials-edit.tmpl, seeing no functionality for it. Didn't realize it could be used for subfield cloning
20:18 owen That will have to be corrected if it turns out that is desirable. And if so, sorry for jumping the gun.
20:20 atz yeah, with jquery it gets hard to know which elements are important to structure and which are incidental
20:22 owen The <span> was suspicious because it had an ID, although not a unique one. But with jquery it's even harder since a name or a class can be a hook for manipulation just as easily as an ID
20:22 atz yeah, i just filed a bug for overlapped ids in opac-results.tmpl
20:23 owen I don't think the CloneSubfield function could have been working in with identical IDs for all those spans.
20:23 atz yeah, it breaks ajax that uses it (like Tags on hit list)
20:23 atz same problem, different code
20:24 atz i wonder if somebody didn't get a little copy/paste happy
20:28 atz owen: one thing i wanted to mention to you, since you more than anybody else will run into chances to use it
20:28 atz the use of DEFAULT in TMPL_VAR
20:28 atz can do interesting things
20:28 atz <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="LibraryNameTitle" --><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="LibraryNameTitle" --><!-- TMPL_ELSE -->Koha Online<!-- /TMPL_IF --> Catalog &rsaquo;
20:29 atz becomes
20:29 atz <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="LibraryNameTitle" DEFAULT="Koha Online" --> Catalog &rsaquo;
20:29 atz much nicer
20:31 owen Yeah, I noticed that recently
20:32 atz of course, i don't know for certain that the translator picks that up as a phrase....
20:32 atz if it doesn't, clearly it should
20:33 owen I'll bet it doesnt'.
20:34 owen I remember when the translator script was first developed we had to switch from <TMPL_VAR NAME=""> to <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="" -->
20:34 owen So I think the script is trained to look for translatable strings in real tags but not in comments
20:39 atz in a decent parser, it should be pretty easy to hit... but in that hackjobby assemblage of regexps i have no idea
20:40 chris morning
20:41 atz greets chris
20:42 chris how'd your meal go?
20:43 atz hasn't happened yet
20:43 chris ahh, well good luck then :)
20:44 atz should be awesome... that beef is high grade...
20:51 chris take some photos :)
20:52 chris hmm im not sure what to think about the OLE project
20:56 chris i guess ill wait and see
20:59 pianohacker chris: OLE project?
21:00 chris
21:00 pianohacker Hmm, seven capitalized buzzwords in the intro
21:00 pianohacker That's scary
21:00 atz big money dilberts
21:00 chris yeah, we are smarter than everybody, is how it reads to me
21:01 pianohacker Pretty much
21:01 pianohacker I envision relentlessly detailed, unimplementable, several hundred page specs
21:01 chris :-)
21:01 atz of course they are, they're the mellon foundation.  to be fair, carnegie mellon turns out some great software engineers
21:02 atz looks like Duke is the real core institution though
21:02 chris yup
21:02 atz all 3 leaders from Duke, plus 3 more
21:03 atz good luck to'm, seems like good goals anyway
21:04 chris yep, i hope they turn out something useful
21:05 atz yeah... a bit high-level academic right now... but their site is only a week old.
21:05 atz :)
21:16 hdl demo of biblios leads to and not demo.bib***l***
21:23 atz d'oh!
02:22 cnighs g'evening
02:36 chris hey cnighs
07:15 paul hello world (chris mainly, probably)
07:44 chris hi paul
08:52 mc chris?
08:52 johnny hello
08:52 mc oh .. hello johnny
08:52 mc hello koha people
08:54 johnny is it difficult to automate the Makefile.pL process? like exporting the env. variables before running it? and are the paths hardcoded into koha after that?
08:58 chris hi mc and johnny
08:58 chris no its not difficult johnny
08:58 mc chris, i tried to add the gpg key and it failed
08:58 mc that's my attempt:
08:58 mc
08:59 mc (i'm not skilled in crypto)
08:59 chris hmmm did you get the key first?
09:00 chris gpg --keyserver --recv-key 557F7779
09:02 mc this add the key in my "trousseau" (don't know the english word, it means "personnal set of keys" )
09:03 johnny chris: did you make the debian package?
09:03 chris yep
09:03 johnny congrats :-)
09:03 mc johnny, paul gave me this link:[…]koha-3-packaging/
09:04 johnny oooo
09:04 johnny sweet
09:04 chris theres a few posts about building packages there
09:04 mc johnny, what about a gentoo package? even if noone use gentoo ;-)
09:04 johnny mwah
09:04 johnny ☺
09:05 johnny well, i thought that if I was to install koha anyways, i'd make a package. it'll make my life easier anyways
09:05 johnny so all the deps are done, now for koha
09:06 chris yep
09:06 chris the next step is finishing my preinst and config files
09:06 chris so the user can configure more
09:06 chris but you can check out my packaging branch and build your own
09:08 chris mc: what does sudo apt-key list say?
09:08 mc chris, tell me if you have a clue. I have no time for the moment for non bloquant problems :)
09:09 mc you're in
09:09 mc the last one
09:09 chris hmmm
09:09 chris weird then
09:09 chris you can ignore it without the signing
09:09 chris sorry you can install without
09:10 chris and ill test out whats wrong with the key
09:10 mc no problem
09:10 mc (for me)
09:10 mc but we have to fix that if you want to go more public with your repo
09:11 mc (for example: a link from the koha wiki)
09:12 chris yeah i wont be doing that until ive finished
09:12 johnny chris: is there a way i could get my hands on your debian/rules file? :-)
09:12 chris yep
09:12 chris check out the packaging branch
09:12 chris its all in there
09:12 johnny oh, on koha main git?
09:12 johnny allright
09:12 chris it should tell you on that post
09:13 chris git clone git:// koha
09:13 chris then
09:13 johnny yep
09:13 chris git checkout origin/package
09:13 chris and you should be good to go
09:14 johnny cool, thanks
09:14 chris my caching branch is there too
09:14 chris where i have been adding memcaching
09:15 johnny nice
09:15 johnny any modification to koha itself for packaging?
09:15 chris[…]your-lunch-break/
09:15 johnny hehe
09:15 chris win some good performance with caching
09:15 johnny yeah, i read that :-)
09:15 chris nope none at all
09:15 johnny great
09:16 chris i want to add code to the postinst
09:16 chris to make the db too
09:16 johnny well
09:16 johnny yeah, but how do you find out the user's mysql password?
09:16 chris you ask
09:16 chris with debconf
09:17 johnny oh
09:17 johnny yeah, right
09:17 chris i also want to get it so if you do dpkg-reconfigure
09:18 chris you can add another koha site
09:18 chris thats on the todo list anyway
09:18 johnny yeah
09:19 johnny i'm planning to add support for webapp-install too, for vhost-style installs
09:19 johnny but that'll take a while :-)
09:19 chris yep
09:19 mc i wonder if vincent is aware of this packaging branch
09:19 chris there are a lot of debian maintainers at work, so once i get a working package, that works for a single install
09:19 mc as DD, he can help a lot
09:19 chris ill get one of them to sponsor me
09:20 mc chris, ask vincent
09:20 chris ah, i can ask someone who sits next to me :)
09:20 johnny heh
09:20 mc hoo ... good
09:21 chris i think there are 9 DD at work
09:21 mc does ms planned to bomb your HQ ?
09:21 chris hehe
09:22 chris we use packages for our work, when we do a new release of any software to a client, we make new packages and install them
09:22 chris so i have been getting a lot of practice hehe
09:23 mc i used to work on dh-make-perl
09:23 chris its a great tool
09:23 mc (i'm on contributors list)
09:23 mc sure
09:23 chris so is CPANPLUS
09:23 chris <-- thats where i work now
09:23 mc yep ... that's why i stopped
09:23 mc CPANPLUS is *the* way
09:23 mc according to me
09:24 mc catalyst ? related to the framework ?
09:24 chris well only indirectly
09:25 mc powered by catalyst  ?
09:25 chris sam villain works here as well
09:25 mc sam villain ?
09:25 chris
09:26 chris he also recently finished shifting perl to git
09:29 mc Data::Lazy ! sounds good ..
09:29 chris he also has patches in git
09:29 chris so a good person to know :)
09:30 mc sure ... interesting
09:38 chris  <-- works at catalyst too
09:39 chris he did a very good talk on why XML::Simple sucks, and why you should never put the word simple in a module name hehe
09:40 chris[…]ucks/slide05.html
09:44 chris johnny: if you have a user on gitorius, i can add you as a developer and you can push straight to the packaging branch if you want
09:44 chris the more people helping the better :)
09:44 chris (the same goes for you mc .. and anyone else)
09:47 chris but for now im going to sleep :)
09:48 paul_koha bye chris
09:51 hdl 'nite chris
10:43 mc chris, funny slide :)
10:45 mc chris, thx for gitorious proposal

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