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12:00 johnny chris: thanks!
13:27 hdl hi
13:27 owen Hi hdl
13:28 hdl kados : I sent a patch months ago : fixes 2 search problem and received no answer on it neither was it pushed.
13:28 hdl is there a problem ?
13:35 nengard need help with notices if anyone can give me advice
13:35 nengard Debra Denault: do you know what the choice "default" refers to in the list of notice templates when you are defining your notice triggers for a given patron category?
13:35 nengard Nicole Engard: default i think will be all categories
13:35 nengard Nicole Engard: let me check with the guys though
13:35 nengard Nicole Engard: i didn't get to test notices much
13:35 nengard Debra Denault: not the default for the libraries but the notice one
13:35 nengard Nicole Engard: oh ... hmmm
13:35 nengard Debra Denault: there are two default values .. one in the list of locations and then for each notice trigger you set for a given patron category (for a location or across all locations) there is an option called default which it defaults to :)
14:06 johnny so, i have a feeling make test needs to have some Tables created before being able to succeed?
14:06 johnny am I right?
14:13 atz johnny: it may be true, though data dependent stuff is supposed to be moved to a separate directory
14:13 acmoore johnny: it does, but it's not supposed to. I've been working on moving those tests so that a basic "make test" will succeed before the database is built.
14:13 acmoore johnny: what version of koha are you running? I'm wondering if we have missed some of those tests.
14:14 acmoore also, we neeed a better way of helping users measure their "version" number.
14:29 hdl atz: seems statistics table has been dropped ?
14:31 atz ?
14:32 hdl statistics table is there.
14:32 hdl or should be
14:40 johnny acmoore: i'm using the git version
14:40 johnny I guess 3.X
14:40 johnny the output of make test is
14:41 acmoore johnny: thanks, that helps. It looks like there is a test in the Barcodes.t that depends on the database. that should be moved to the database dependent tests.
14:41 johnny git log says i am at "commit 885b2337a11253a5d726955134514dff457e7d41"
14:41 johnny ah
14:42 atz acmoore: only 1 test in Barcodes, iirc
14:44 acmoore johnny: I opened up bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2483 for this. thanks for the notice.
14:44 johnny cool
14:44 johnny nice one
15:10 atz acmoore: it looks like it fails for "annual" format because Dates has a syspref dependency
15:10 acmoore atz: makes sense. thanks.
15:11 atz yeah, (imho) these designer barcode formats are clearly not worth the trouble they cause
15:17 johnny good evening all
15:17 hdl good evening johnny
16:05 hdl hi gmcharlt
16:06 hdl everyone : Is there some common perltidyrc we should use ?
16:06 gmcharlt hi hdl
16:06 gmcharlt hdl: I think acmoore has a minimal perltidyrc
16:09 hdl acmoore ? I have seen some recommandation in some mail.
16:09 acmoore There's one in xt/perltidyrc of the disutribution. I tried to make it based on historical evidence I found of desired style.
16:10 acmoore I'm open to suggestions (or patches), though.
16:13 hdl Maybe it is enough.
16:13 hdl At least, it exists.
16:14 acmoore I think it's pretty minimal, but every potential change is a potential war, so I don't really dare to add too much to it.
16:15 acmoore complying with anything at all would be far better than what we have, though, so I don't mind too much.
16:45 cnighs acmoore, hdl: "Perl Best Practices" has a nice recommendation for perltidyrc
16:47 acmoore cnighs: yep, it does. Agreeing on that one might be a way to defer to an innocent third party.
16:48 cnighs acmoore: that makes things a bit more objective ;-)
16:49 paul ok, it's time for vacation for me NOW. will be back on aug, 28
16:49 paul no internet access at all until then.
16:49 acmoore cnighs: I encourage you to propose that to koha-devel. I'll happily follow a reasonable proposal like that.
16:49 acmoore paul: have a good time!
16:50 cnighs paul: no internet++
16:50 cnighs enjoy!
16:54 gmcharlt paul: enjoy your vacation
16:54 paul thx, gmcharlt & congrats for your promotion to VP ;-)
16:54 gmcharlt paul: thanks
17:11 nengard awesome:[…]-librarything.php
17:16 kados did that over last weekend at the airport
17:17 kados it'll be part of 3.2 for sure
17:18 nengard kados - awesome!!
17:23 nengard kados did the API give you covers before today?
17:23 nengard I got the impression that this part was new
17:38 hdl cnighs: yes : I thought we could eventually use it.
18:12 owen ryan around?
18:34 ryan hi owen
18:35 ryan owen: http://nekls.tst.kohalibrary.c[…]ha/
18:37 owen ryan, is that with noItemTypeImages on, or with 'no image' selected for the item types?
18:39 ryan owen: these are collection codes
18:39 owen Oh, sorry
18:39 ryan so the adv search syspref is set to ccode.
18:39 owen So I'm not testing it properly
18:44 owen Ryan, I notice that when I edit my CCODEs to remove the icon, the Authorized Values screen that lists my CCODEs tries to load this image for each one: <img alt="" src="/intranet-tmpl/prog/img​/itemtypeimg/removeImage"/>
18:45 owen Looks like that's the same thing that's being output to the adv search page
18:45 ryan that's odd.
18:46 ryan so it's in the script?
18:46 owen Yeah
18:48 atz so if I run the MARC Bibliographic Framework Test, and it tells me:
18:48 atz invalid authority types:  Not all authority types referred to by the frameworks are defined.
18:51 pianohacker Dumb question: What exactly does it mean when an item is withdrawn? It looks like AddReturn won't let you remove the checkout
18:51 ryan hrmm.  that doesn't sound good.
18:51 ryan atz:  is that in a new installation?
18:52 atz The missing auth. type is apparenlly AR  Models  100  a  PERS0_NAME
18:52 ryan pianohacker: that seems like a strange behavior.  I guess it means 'we withdraw all claims of ownership of this material, so don't try to give it back to us.'
18:53 pianohacker Odd
18:53 ryan atz: that's an old framework problem that was fixed.
18:53 ryan change the zero to 'O'
19:17 owen Hey liz-nekls, how's it going?
19:51 cnighs owen, atz: is the general consensus to avoid using the DEFAULT= option of TMPL_VAR?
19:52 owen Unless you get the word from paul that the translator script would pick up translatable strings inside the DEFAULT=""
19:52 owen I strongly suspect the translator would /not/.
19:57 liz-nekls_ going pretty well, how are you Owen?
19:58 liz-nekls_ I've been afk sorry >.<
20:06 owen liz-nekls: dealing with mostly paperwork today, unfortunately
20:15 ryan hdl: , acmoore  or anyone familiar with overdue notices:  I see Paul's latest patch makes overdue rules require a branch.  This is intended ?
20:19 acmoore I didn't realize that it did that. I thought it just dealt with cases where there was a default rule. Hmm. I don't think that's intentional.
20:20 ryan i guess it's a quick fix that removes some functionality.  i think a proper fix would require adding an api function?
20:24 acmoore ryan: I'm not sure of the best way to fix it. I think it stems from the poor way that it handles defaulting to all branches when no particular branch is selected.
20:25 acmoore ryan: can you open a bug that shows this problem, please?
20:25 ryan acmoore: yes, i am still having some problems with other data missing as well.
20:25 ryan i'll put them all into one bug report.
20:26 acmoore hmm. OK. thanks.
20:34 atz ryan: I suspect it isn't as simple as:  UPDATE auth_types SET authtypecode=PERSO_NAME where authtypecode=PERS0_NAME;
20:35 ryan atz: actually, i think it may be.
20:36 ryan atz: auth_tag_structure & auth_subfield_structure
20:36 atz foo.... mysql> SELECT * from auth_types where authtypecode LIKE "%0%";
20:36 atz Empty set (0.00 sec)
20:39 atz mysql> select * from auth_tag_structure where authtypecode LIKE "%0%";
20:39 atz Empty set (0.03 sec)
20:39 atz mysql> select * from auth_subfield_structure where authtypecode LIKE "%0%";
20:39 atz Empty set (0.13 sec)
20:44 ryan hmm
20:46 ryan ah...
20:47 ryan it is in marc_subfield_structure.
20:47 ryan atz: i think that's where it's wrong ?
20:49 atz ok, got it
20:55 atz The code was:  UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET authtypecode="PERSO_NAME" WHERE authtypecode="PERS0_NAME";
20:55 atz probably should be put in updatedatabase
20:56 hdl ryan : I will try to see overdue notices tomorrow.
21:06 chris morning
21:07 cnighs hi chris
21:09 chris hey cnighs
21:10 chris atz: did your meal turn out well?
21:10 atz extraordinarily well
21:10 chris excellent
21:21 cnighs and puts on chicken marinated in Italian dressing
21:21 chris sounds good
21:30 atz dunno... maybe nicole, she's closest
22:06 ryan hdl: thx, i think we've got it all figured out here.
22:23 cnighs actually the marinate was Honey Dijon Vinaigrette
22:24 chris still sounds good
22:35 atz sounds pretty good
22:37 atz is there an interface to remove a biblio record?
22:37 cnighs that with home made fries and a bit later some hand-cranked chocolate chip mint ice cream
22:39 atz awesome... last night had potato wedges and homemade (motor cranked) triple-mint triple-basil icemilk
22:40 cnighs man, that sounds good too
22:40 atz sounds like similar menu sensibilities
22:40 cnighs do you make any of your own salsa?
22:41 atz the icemilk was trump.  i just wish i had more purple basil (for color and flavor)
22:41 atz cnighs: not yet, but I'll have to do something w/ the current hot pepper crop
22:42 cnighs I supplied the peppers and tomatoes and a friend made me a couple of gallons
22:43 atz yowza!
22:43 atz that sounds like a ton... or is that just "a 3 week supply" for you?
22:44 cnighs jalapeños, hot bananas, Hungarian wax
22:44 cnighs I can eat a pint w/a bag of "scoops" at one setting :-)
22:45 atz yeah, if you're at the couch, you need scoops
22:48 cnighs shouldn't do it?
22:48 atz is it smart rules now?  
22:49 cnighs not sure
22:50 cnighs smart-rules does not populate it either it seems.
22:50 atz odd... try adding a rule via mysql and see if it pops up
23:00 cnighs is there a means of viewing and/or editing overdue rules from w/in Koha?
23:00 cnighs tools/ appears to only define/add them
23:01 cnighs acmoore ?
23:06 cnighs overduerules must define the action taken when an issuingrules is violated?
23:08 cnighs chris ?
23:10 chris yo
23:10 chris its more to do with fines
23:11 chris when a fine is place, how much, when its added to
23:11 chris eg, if you had 1,7,7   it would be 1$ after 7 days overdue, then another $1 ever 7 days after that
23:12 chris .5,3,7  50 cents after 3 days, then another 50 every 7
23:12 chris used to deal with it run as a cron job
23:12 chris i suspect its been butchered in 3
23:12 cnighs looks at the overduerules table
23:13 acmoore hi cnighs.
23:13 acmoore I thought that tools/ let you see, edit, add, and delete overdue rules.
23:13 cnighs it does not appear to do much of anything afaics
23:13 acmoore there was a recent bug with it fixed that dealt with it not displaying rules in some cases, I don't recall the details, but other than that, I thought that's how it worked.
23:13 chris ok i have meetings
23:13 chris ill bbiab
23:14 cnighs tnx chris
23:14 cnighs it appears not to save rules
23:14 cnighs and after inserting a rule via mysql, it does not appear to display the rule either
23:14 acmoore Oh yeah, I think a few db versions ago fixed the situation where it would not save rules for branches with branchcodes greater than 2 characters or something like that.
23:15 cnighs odd, my repo is current
23:15 cnighs branchcode has three letters 'MPL'
23:17 acmoore I was thinking of this[…]8576f08c2479272a1 but I'm not sure if it really affects what I thought it did.
23:18 acmoore hmm. crummy link. let me know if that doesn't work.
23:19 cnighs that field was too short that for sure
23:19 cnighs here is a bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2293
23:19 cnighs a similar symptom
23:21 acmoore here's that patch in case it helps:
23:21 acmoore anyway, let me try to reproduce this. What do I do?
23:22 cnighs go to tools/ and select a branch, select a letter and save.....
23:23 cnighs but I see a delay is *semi* required?
23:23 acmoore I did that and it reflects whe stuff I put in.
23:23 acmoore ah, yes, I think a delay is *required*
23:23 atz yeah, delay is required, and you have to go left to right
23:23 acmoore or at least should be. Otherwise, it doesn't know when to do that action.
23:23 cnighs we need an error message me thinks :-\
23:24 atz sounds like it
23:24 acmoore hrm. That sounds like what Galen's 2293 patch was supposed to do.
23:24 cnighs acmoore: yes, but probably for the specific case prescribed in the bug
23:24 cnighs what kind of value should be in delay?
23:25 cnighs days, months, years?
23:25 cnighs int?
23:25 acmoore cnighs: oh yeah, this is the opposite from that. He corrected the delay with no action, this is action with no delay.
23:25 acmoore cnighs: yeah, you have to *know* that it's a number of days.
23:25 cnighs datetime
23:25 cnighs hehe
23:25 acmoore cnighs: can you express this in the form of a bug report?
23:25 cnighs I don't *know* ;-)
23:26 acmoore There are some usability problems here, and also a functionality problem.
23:26 cnighs yeah, I'll file a bug and assign it to myself since I'm in the area
23:26 cnighs doing bugfixing is certainly one way to get acquainted with maximum codebase in minimum time
23:26 acmoore you can put me as a cc or something and I may get to it eventually since I at least see what you're talking about.
23:27 cnighs k
23:27 acmoore but features are more fun!
23:31 cnighs ok, bug 2491 opened for this one
23:31 acmoore good. thanks.
23:31 cnighs tnx, acmoore, atz, and chris
23:32 acmoore in some past projects, I have tried to have the policy that bugs get fixed before new features are added, but with this one, I don't think I'd ever get to add a new feature! we're opening them pretty fast and writing more code every day.
23:33 acmoore It's hard to tell what to do.
23:33 acmoore I guess I'll go eat.
01:48 atz_ interesting.... seems superficially relevant to our many "wide character" problems:[…]tml#What-if-I-don't-encode%3f
01:50 chris makes sense
01:54 cnighs I fiddled with the Encode module a bit when troubleshooting some labels encoding issues, but it did not seem to help
02:06 atz_ currently the TransformHtmlToMarc function has:
02:06 atz_            if (utf8::decode($param_value)) {
02:06 atz_                $cgi_params->{$param_name} = $param_value;
02:06 atz_            }
02:06 atz_ but I'm not sure that makes sense
02:11 cnighs if the decode is successful it assumes utf8 encoding?
02:24 atz_ wow... now that's some black magic perl (in core no less):
02:24 atz_ sub import {
02:24 atz_    $^H ^|^= $utf8::hint_bits;
02:24 atz_    $^H ^|^= $utf8::codepoints_hint_bits;
02:24 atz_    $^H ^&^= ^~^$bytes::hint_bits;
02:24 atz_ }
02:32 cnighs $^H
02:32 cnighs WARNING: This variable is strictly for internal use only. Its availability, behavior, and contents are subject to change without notice
02:33 atz_ yeah, qualifies as internal
03:24 chris git stash
03:24 chris[…]ssy-git-checkout/
03:25 chris you can get em all back again
03:25 chris its really really handy :)
03:25 cnighs cool!
03:26 cnighs I wanted to verify how some code functioned before I mangled it :-)
03:26 chris yeah its good for stuff like that
03:26 chris i think one of the examples in the man, is doing somethign just like that :)
03:31 cnighs that works very nicely
03:31 chris i use it on a daily basis
03:31 cnighs tnx
03:31 chris np
04:44 cnighs neat:[…]cTable-for-Perl-6
05:43 mc hello all
05:44 mc cnighs, i had it as poster in my former job
05:44 cnighs hi mc
10:53 chris evening

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