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12:06 giokob hello people
12:06 giokob i have installed koha 3 rc1 on debian etch
12:06 giokob it works well
12:07 giokob but their is no language chooser on opac
12:07 giokob i checked in systempreferances and opaclanguagesdisplay is on
12:07 giokob what shoild i do
12:08 giokob please give me some suggetions
12:10 giokob does anybody have same problem or solved it?
12:53 nengard hi all, i think i asked this awhile ago but i don't have it documented ... what are free lists?  They aren't used on the OPAC side of things - only the staff side.  are they still used or are they an old feature?
12:56 owen They're supposed to be wiki-like in that anyone could add or delete items
13:00 nengard owen - do they work?  on the opac there are only public and private lists as far as i can see
13:02 nengard owen - i answered my own question - no they don't work - i added one on the staff site and it's not listed on the opac side
13:03 nengard oh!!! it works if i log out
13:03 nengard weird
13:03 nengard okay - bug report coming
13:03 owen The free lists were taken out from the opac at one point, I think partly because we weren't sure if it was really a usable feature
13:03 owen It's a hard one to explain to users, since it's not a typical way of doing things
13:04 nengard owen - bah - just got it to appear while i'm logged in ... hmmm
13:05 nengard okay - here's how it works.  It shows up under Public Lists on the OPAC and it does allow anyone to edit the list by adding items, changing the title, and changing the sorting of the list
13:11 owen Right, the lists in the OPAC are only set up to distinguish between public and private
13:14 nengard okey dokey
13:14 nengard documentation updated
13:32 atz the display "timing" you saw is probably due to the session-dependence of the lists drop-down
13:33 atz if you go to "my lists" you should get the full one every time
13:33 atz 2j68752a
13:33 atz 2j68752a
13:34 atz sorry about that...
13:43 acmoore I notice that a patch using Date::Manip was recently reverted. What have we determined was the problem with it? I want to make sure I stay away from it, too, if it's evil.
13:44 atz acmoore: it was often used in simple cases where would suffice
13:44 atz i don't know about that once case though
13:44 slef 2j68752a
13:45 atz slef: yeah, now you know the secret password to log onto my windows VM
13:45 atz (that annoyingly started up w/ the "Narrator" on today)
14:41 masonj acmoore: re date::manip, someone did some speed profiling on koha 2.2 , and found date::manip was a startup hog
14:42 acmoore hmm. OK. thanks
14:42 masonj so it got moved out of the circ stuff, real quick
14:42 masonj and got gradually moved from the other areas
14:45 masonj ah, heres some old irc logs about it.. ->
14:47 acmoore OK, thanks.
18:04 eric kados, are you around?
18:34 pablo Hello all!
18:36 eric hi pablo!
18:37 pablo Hi! My name is Pablo Bianchi, perhaps you remember me from movies like "Venezuela’s National Library evaluated, decided to deploy the Koha Integrated Library System" on koha list
18:37 owen :)
18:38 pablo I just one to show a software, some popular on latinamerica, for cataloging. Is Very friendly but it works with isis files
18:39 pablo luckly, is now a version in english, also a demo (unstable) 99% in English
18:40 pablo I wish to some koha developers to take a look to it, is really amazing, the interfase and all things it could do. The project name is "Catalis"
18:41 pablo There are some movements to add Catalis to other project named "OpenMarcoPolo", and try to be a Koha competitor
18:42 pablo Well, let's go to the URLs :P Here is a better presentation and screenshot:
18:42 owen atz, is there a preference for turning on and off the user tags feature in the opac?
18:42 atz yes
18:43 atz all should be under EnhancedContent
18:43 owen I notice the link isn't wrapped in a sys pref check in the template
18:43 atz there are several... you can toggle show on list, show on detail
18:44 atz owen: yeah, that's a minor thing (the destination page will say 'this feature not enabled')
18:44 atz you can hide it if you want
18:44 owen Yeah, we definitely don't want to link to a feature that's not enabled
18:45 eric owen: I think it is TagsEnabled
18:45 atz # Tags
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsEnabled}            = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsExternalDictionary} = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsInputOnDetail}      = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsInputOnList}        = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsShowOnDetail}       = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsShowOnList}         = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{TagsModeration}         = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{GoogleJackets}          = 'EnhancedContent';
18:45 atz   $tabsysprefs{AuthorisedValueImages}  = "EnhancedContent";
18:45 atz ^^ from admin/
18:46 pablo One more thing. If someone want to take a look, with username=xx, pass=test, on the Right box demo is a version in english to play
18:46 pablo[…]atalis.php?p=demo#
18:47 pablo Should I go with this to somewhere else? Perhaps I should send a mail to koha-dev?
18:47 owen pablo: have you heard about Liblime's project called "biblios" ? Also built using ext.[…]ime/tags/biblios/
18:48 owen atz, I don't have any of those preferences. I wonder if I downgrade my Koha version number and reupdate the database if that would fix
18:48 pablo No I'm not, I will see that link
18:48 atz owen: it might... not sure though
18:52 owen It did, cool. Neglectful of me to have never noticed I wasn't seeing that stuff.
18:56 pablo owen: Do you have more information about Biblios? Screenshots? a list of features?
18:57 pablo owen: searching with word "biblios" and koha doesn't help much on google, it get confused with the bibliographic record meaning
18:58 owen I know Liblime is still working on the official site. Googling turns up this:
18:58 owen Looks like the demo is offline though
18:59 owen Hm, doesn't look like there's much of anything at all at that site
19:00 pablo The link on is very inmature now, but the demo is working. Sadly, is in Spanish the firt part
19:00 pablo 1) go to[…]atalis.php?p=demo#
19:00 owen pablo, please post this information to koha-dev. It will reach many more eyes that way
19:02 pablo ou! ok ok.. but the demo is runing! user/pass = xx/test, on the left demo button.
19:02 pablo I'll send an email to koha-dev list either
19:05 owen atz: do you know what magic is required to make a system pref work on the OPAC's login page?
19:06 atz "work"?
19:06 atz probably you are thinking of sysprefs that are loaded for every template by Auth
19:07 atz Tags are setup such that the dependent sysprefs are not loaded if TagsEnabled-0
19:07 atz * =0 *
19:07 atz = 0
19:08 atz (my chat client makes =0 into a smiley)
19:10 owen Here's what I mean: I wrapped the user tags link in <! IF >TagsEnabled. With the syspref turned on, the user tags link does /not/ appear on the OPAC's login page
19:13 atz possible typo/syntax?  
19:13 atz C4/            TagsEnabled                  => C4::Context->preference("TagsEnabled"),
19:14 atz ^^ gets set for every template
19:15 owen No, the template responds correctly to turning the pref on and off. This is something I've encountered before with the login screen. Preferences just don't necessarily "take" on that page
19:17 owen line 763 of begins another set of preference-settings for auth screens
19:26 owen atz: is there just moderation on the staff side, or can you add too?
19:26 atz owen: not designed to add via staff side, and honestly I don't consider that a problem
19:27 owen :(
19:27 atz OMG but I'm a librarian, i can't login to the OPAC!
19:27 owen Exactly :)
19:42 nengard hey there all - is there anyone that can fill in the question marks on this page for me?
19:42 nengard[…]Authorized-Values
19:52 twiggle hiya peps, anybody around?
19:54 twiggle well I'll throw this out there... is there a way to restrict a user who has privileges to modify/delete/add patrons from deleting a superlibrarian... or is it supposed to work that way now
19:56 owen Liz-NEKLS: That feature is in 3.0
19:57 Liz-NEKLS cool... we're hosted with you all, I think we're using that version
19:58 owen Well... what I see is a permissions setting for "staffaccess  Modify login / permissions for staff users"
19:58 owen I'm not positive that prevents deletion of superlibrarian (although it seems like it should)
19:59 owen I don't want to say without testing it :)
19:59 Liz-NEKLS ok, so if you are setting up a circulation account you would want to give that permission... one moment we are testing (lol)
19:59 Liz-NEKLS ;)
20:02 chris morning
20:02 Liz-NEKLS that's it, thanks :D
20:03 owen Cool. Liz-NEKLS, where are you located, if I may ask? I grew up in Lawrence.
20:06 Liz-NEKLS we are in lawrence :)
20:06 Liz-NEKLS ks
20:06 Liz-NEKLS rock chalk and all that
20:09 Liz-NEKLS i guess you're the one who will be helping us with our look and feel customization here at NEKLS
20:09 owen My very first library! I remember it fondly
20:09 nengard Hi Liz-NEKLS
20:09 owen Yes
20:10 Liz-NEKLS way cool
20:10 nengard I'm the one doing your training at the end of the month
20:10 Liz-NEKLS hiyas :D
20:11 nengard Liz-NEKLS I can't get pms to work - feel free to IM me on Yahoo!/AIM/GTalk: nengard
20:12 Liz-NEKLS k ty
20:15 Liz-NEKLS Owen- the library probably hasn't changed much lol
20:15 owen Not still using the old cards in the back pocket I hope
20:18 Liz-NEKLS haha, no, fortunately that *has* changed
20:19 Liz-NEKLS but they use III I think
20:19 Liz-NEKLS to which I say "oi"
20:20 chris heh
20:27 Liz-NEKLS anyway, thanks for the tip on the permissions... it works exactly how I would expect :D
21:11 eric Hey!  any Zebra's pro around? :)
21:12 eric (get ready for a challenge if you answer: yes, me) :)

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