IRC log for #koha, 2008-07-13

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16:54 davi Is is required that the host where koha be installed get the name "koha"?
18:16 pianohacker What is the "Opac Catalog Browser" (enabled by the OpacBrowser preference)?
19:01 kados pianohacker: it enables a browse feature on for items and requires call numbers and items.location to have values
19:01 kados and for items.cn_sort to have the proper algorithm
19:05 pianohacker Ahh
19:05 pianohacker The infamous shelf-browser-by-callnumber
19:10 kados *nod*
19:17 pianohacker Thanks
19:30 pianohacker Is there a 2.2 -> 3.0 script to update the items.cn_sort from the biblioitems.cn_{source,class} ?
19:32 pianohacker nvm, updatedatabase covers that
22:02 chris hmmm
22:07 owen hmmm indeed.
22:11 chris hey owen
22:12 chris hows the family?
22:12 owen Really good. Thatcher's working on human speech.
22:12 chris ohh excellent
22:13 chris Kahu has a few words, the usual suspects "No" and "food" etc :)
22:14 owen We just this week started hearing 'yeah,' after quite a while of just 'no' ;)
22:14 chris cool :)
22:15 chris the latest one we have is wow
22:15 owen Oh yeah, we just got that one too!
22:15 owen I don't remember that being one of Chloe's early words
10:01 chris evening

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