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22:00 chris morning
08:34 Fallor hi koha! :)
08:48 chris hi fallor
08:48 paul_ hi chris & fallor
08:48 paul national day here in France, but I work
08:52 chris bastille day eh?
08:52 paul yep
08:53 chris i remember visiting the area where the bastille was with paul
08:53 paul "La Bastille" being the jail were the king was able to put anyone without justification.
08:54 chris yep
08:54 paul was a poorly defended castle in 1789, almost without any prisonneers, but was symbolic.
08:54 Fallor er... I have a little problem with Koha3
08:54 Fallor it says production mode - trapped fatal error
08:55 Fallor the OPAC says that the system is under maintenance
08:55 chris woo cool
08:55 chris hmm, have you run the web installer?
08:55 paul Fallor : run staff interface, you have to do an upgrade
08:56 Fallor no, that's the one that complains about fatal error
08:56 Fallor it refuses to start
08:56 chris ahh, is there anything in the error log?
08:56 Fallor yep
08:56 chris what does it say?
08:56 Fallor hold on, i'll switch the machine
08:56 Fallor then i'll be able to paste it
08:56 chris cool
08:58 Fallor [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/CGI/ line 129.
08:59 Fallor [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 38.
08:59 Fallor [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 38.
08:59 Fallor [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] [error] [client] [Mon Jul 14 11:54:50 2008] Can't locate object method "generate_id" via package "CGI::Session::ID::" (perhaps you forgot to load "CGI::Session::ID::"?) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/CGI/ line 74.
08:59 Fallor there, yep it's CGI::Session
08:59 Fallor I also posted that to the mailing list
08:59 Fallor someone else has the same problem
09:00 chris yep
09:00 chris download the tarball of CGI::Session::serialize::yaml
09:00 chris and install that
09:00 chris that should fix it
09:00 Fallor this is the first Koha installation for a public library in finland :)
09:00 Fallor as far as I know
09:01 Fallor can I get it from cpan?
09:01 chris should be able to
09:02 paul we should do an entry on until the dependancy is fixed by the package maintainer...
09:02 chris and thats great news about Finland
09:02 chris yeah good idea paul
09:02 Fallor nope, doesn't seem to be in cpan
09:02 Fallor it is actually
09:02 Fallor it's CGI::Session::Serialize:yaml
09:03 Fallor thus Serializewith capita S
09:03 paul if I don't mind : this package used to be a part of CGI::Session, and has been splitted by the package maintainer. the splitting is not properly done, thus the dependancy is broken
09:03 paul + there is a new spelling
09:03 paul + some cpan mirrors are not uptodate
09:04 mc hello
09:04 chris yeah
09:04 mc paul is right
09:04 Fallor it requires yaml, right?
09:04 chris its an annoying problem, that hopefully the maintainer will fix soon
09:04 mc yep
09:04 mc i wrote a mail to pause maintainers
09:04 paul mc: just writing a mail to matthias to hire him (you'll be cc:)
09:05 mc after asked in the french mongeurs list
09:05 chris cool mc
09:05 mc paul, wonderfull
09:05 mc i really think he is a very good recruit
09:06 chris how many at Biblibre now?
09:06 chris 6?
09:06 paul mmm...
09:06 paul already working full time : pp, hdl, mc, olivier (acq module), nicolas morin
09:07 paul starting aug, 1st : jacques piton, John soros
09:07 paul starting oct, 1st : Laurence Lefaucheur, Matthias
09:07 mc nicomo is now full time ...
09:07 Fallor jaiks, yaml doesn't seem to be part of slackware
09:07 mc wow
09:08 paul note : pp, hdl, nicolas & jacques = we are the 4 BibLibre owners
09:08 paul all others are employees
09:08 chris ah ok
09:08 mc Fallor, perl -MYAML::Syck -e1
09:09 Fallor i remeber that there used to be a package for that
09:09 Fallor not anymore it seems
09:10 Fallor mc: that says nothing at all
09:15 Fallor hmm... do I need to have yaml installed or is the module from cpan enough in itself?
09:16 Fallor This release breaks compatibility with versions earlier than version 0.60 of
09:16 Fallor YAML::Syck and when serializing blessed references.
09:16 masonj bonjour peoples
09:16 Fallor is that gonna be a problem?
09:18 Fallor bummer, it won't install :(
09:19 masonj fallor, it can be a little tricky :(
09:19 mc re
09:19 Fallor I tried installing YAML and then CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml
09:19 mc Fallor, yaml::syck isn't enought ?
09:19 mc make test
09:20 Fallor YAML, ok apart from the compatibility warning
09:20 mc Fallor, on what system ?
09:20 Fallor but no luck with CGI::Session...
09:20 Fallor this is Slackware 12.1
09:20 mc damned .. .you allready told it :)
09:20 mc sorry
09:22 Fallor what's this then:
09:22 Fallor t/g4_mysql......................skipped
09:22 Fallor        all skipped: Couldn't establish connection with the MySQL server: Can't                                              connect to data source '' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn'                                             t seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:' prefix and the DBI_DRIVER env var is not set)                                              at t/g4_mysql.t line 44
09:23 masonj hey mc, btw  - how did your e -> êèéëÊÈÉË equiv stuff go for zebra ?
09:24 paul through default.idx, charmap line
09:24 paul index w
09:24 paul completeness 0
09:24 paul position 1
09:24 paul alwaysmatches 1
09:24 paul firstinfield 1
09:24 paul charmap word-phrase-utf.chr
09:24 paul (same charmap line for index p)
09:24 paul we also have :
09:24 paul # Sort register
09:24 paul sort s
09:24 paul completeness 1
09:24 paul charmap sort-string-utf.chr
09:25 paul where sort-string-utf.chr is the same file as word-phrase-utf.chr
09:25 paul (same content I mean)
09:25 masonj sure, i switched my 'index w' charmap line to 'sort-string-utf.chr'
09:26 mc re ... sorry for lag: i am with my childrens
09:26 mc scheduler has top priority for them :)
09:26 chris heh
09:26 masonj my system thinks 'word-phrase-utf.chr' is a bit corrupt....
09:28 mc paul, throught well
09:28 masonj renice -19 children
09:28 mc :)
09:29 mc they are frozen now ... running very slowly in the house
09:30 masonj mc: my  'map êèéëÊÈÉË  e' line in 'sort-string-utf.chr'  seems to be doing equiv well!    
09:30 mc in fact:  
09:30 mc
09:30 mc i expected it to be a part of word-phrase-utf.chr
09:31 mc paul thought it's a bad idea because it doesn't respect our country charset
09:31 paul mc: mail in your mailbox (about next week vacation)
09:32 mc paul, i'm still waiting for the matthias CC
09:33 mc fetchmail said "no message"
09:35 masonj wow, what are all those chars in your equiv file?
09:35 paul mc: (i was in cc myself, & have recieved them)
09:35 mc Fallor, try to edit the t/* to find out the problem
09:35 masonj mc: i can understand *some* of them
09:36 mc tests about mysql can be ignored it you successfully installed the mysql dbd
09:36 mc masonj, i used the table supplied by the Text::Unidecode module
09:37 masonj ah, i saw you mention that before
09:37 mc i used it for a while in the normal way
09:37 mc éèëê... -> e
09:38 mc so i tried to do the counterpart to be exaustive for charmapping
09:38 masonj Text::Unidecode ??
09:38 mc see your line: êèéëÊÈÉË
09:38 masonj snap
09:38 masonj yes
09:39 mc it don't match the sweden °e
09:39 mc there is so many cases ....
09:40 mc that i don't know
09:40 masonj ah, i understand now (looking at man page)
09:40 mc so i tried to use an existing database
09:40 Fallor mc: err... try to edit what?
09:40 paul s/note/notice/
09:41 masonj question, does it make your zebra indexes much/slower than with smaller equiv.chr rules?
09:41 mc to solve the solution better than we all can because we aren't unicode experts
09:41 mc masonj, that was one of the questions i asked to myself
09:41 masonj slower/bigger
09:41 mc anwser is: sure ... but how much !
09:41 mc ?
09:42 masonj yeah, i will do some experiments with that too
09:42 mc Fallor, view the code and an consider ignoring some tests in fact
09:43 mc Fallor, if you thint that all reported errors aren't important, go to next step : make install
09:43 mc masonj, sure
09:43 masonj cool, thanx for the equiv.chr file marc, i will use it
09:44 mc i also noticed that some strange a chars are in e equivs
09:44 mc so i wonder:
09:44 mc - is this an error ?
09:44 mc - is this right for some langages ?
09:44 mc i vote 2nd
09:44 mc but not sure
09:45 mc i think that this code can be very usefull ... but there is too many questions
09:45 mc paul, messages finally appears
09:48 Fallor ok, i did a force install, see how that goes...
09:49 Fallor "Welcome to Kohan installer"
09:49 Fallor -n
09:49 Fallor works so far...
09:49 mc :)
09:52 Fallor Ok, at step 3, time for a lunch-break
09:52 Fallor thanks a million :)
09:53 paul bon appétit
09:53 Fallor merci
10:02 mc np Fallor
10:02 mc ohh ... va falloir penser a nourrir la progeniture!

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