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12:09 kados   el-GR-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po done
12:09 kados   es-ES-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po done
12:09 paul hello kados.
12:09 kados 5 translation files left to fix before 3.0 RC1 is released
12:09 kados hi paul
12:09 paul busy week end I've seen...
12:10 kados paul: nope, I didn't even use my computer over the weekend :-)
12:10 kados paul: but it will be a busy morning ... and was a very busy Friday :-)
12:10 paul mmm... right... 85 patches approved on friday.
12:12 kados paul: can you confirm httt-language is working now?
12:12 kados (it will only detect the first preference specified)
12:12 kados (but should work for that now)
12:12 paul except the phone don't stop ringing...
12:12 kados IKWYM
12:13 kados paul: over 50 bugs patched on Friday :-)
12:14 kados a few more days like that and we'll be in good shape :-)
12:17 kados paul: can you explain what 'fuzzy' strings are?
12:17 paul (on phone)
12:18 paul back.
12:18 paul kados : a "fuzzy string" is a string that is translated, but the translation is uncertain.
12:19 paul for us, a string can be "fuzzy" trhough 3 ways :
12:19 paul - a string XXXX has been translated, and has been modified (a case or a space change is enough).
12:19 kados (us meaning, French?)
12:19 kados (or us, Koha)
12:19 paul (us = Koha)
12:19 kados gotcha
12:20 kados (hy-Armn-i-staff-prog-v-3000000.po done)
12:20 paul - a string has been added on a template, and has found a "almost matching" existing string. It default the translation of the new one to the translation of the old one, with "fuzzy"
12:20 paul - a string has been manually marked "fuzzy" by the translator
12:21 kados how do you define 'almost matching'?
12:21 paul by security, a fuzzy string is not used when " install"
12:21 paul example :
12:21 paul - "Fill with appropriate value => Remplir avec la valeur correcte" already exists
12:22 paul - the string "fill with appropriate value" is added. It automatically has "Remplir avec la valeur correcte" as translated. with FUZZY=ON
12:22 paul if can be less near. For example, I think "Fill itemtype with appropriate value" would be automatically "fuzzy translated" as well
12:23 kados it's defined by 'gettext'?
12:23 paul I don't know what .po consider as a "almost matching" exactly.
12:23 paul I don't know.
12:23 kados OK
12:23 paul usually it's relevant, but I had a few surprises...
12:24 kados now that we have so many translations, we should put together better documentation on how to make a 'really good' translation of Koha
12:24 kados I will see if Nicole can add to the manual
12:24 kados (   ru-RU-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po) done
12:24 paul pootle ++ here, as you can have a vocabulary (see serhij mail)
12:25 kados yea, when I choose kartouche, pootle didn't exist
12:25 paul I know, as, in fact, I choose kartouche 1st ;-)
12:25 kados when I'm not RM, I can be translation manager and spend more time on it :-)
12:25 kados hehe
12:25 kados kartouche++ though, it does a very good job
12:26 kados I wish it did a bit more validation
12:26 kados so it remove ^M and \n automatically
12:26 kados and duplicate msgids ...
12:26 kados would be easy to add
12:26 kados but I suspect pootle would be better
12:27 paul I think the best thing that could be done atm, would be to clean the english strings that are filled with dozens of "This term", "This Term", "this term", "this term: ", "This term:"...
12:27 kados yep
12:27 kados in fact, I tried to do this, but it's a pretty boring task :-)
12:28 paul & very very very long.
12:28 kados yep
12:28 paul I think you have more important things to do.
12:28 kados *nod*
12:28 paul (I mean : things that someone else can't do. this one can be done by anyone)
12:28 kados yep
12:29 paul bye
12:47 kados back
12:48 kados zh-Hans-CN-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po done
12:50 kados uk-UA-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po done
12:50 kados so now just turkish ... which is really a mess :/
13:09 kados importing translations to
13:19 kados this could take about an hour ... then I'll be needing some testers for the tardist
13:19 kados any volunteers?
13:20 acmoore I'm available
13:49 kados OK, tardist is done, need some testers on this:[…]-stableRC1.tar.gz
13:50 paul kados : I tried to upgrade 2 of my setups (090 => 094) On one of them, I get an error during upgrade (nothing on the other one)
13:50 paul DBD::mysql::db do failed: Can't create table './ipt3/message_transports.frm' (errno: 150) at /home/paul/​ler/data/mysql/ line 1701.
13:50 paul 150 : MySQL error code 150: Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed
13:50 kados paul: that should have been fixed on Friday
13:51 kados paul: are you sure the first setup was fully up to date?
13:51 paul what do you mean by "uptodate" ?
13:51 kados paul: rebased as of today ?
13:51 paul yes, 2mn ago
13:51 kados (or as of late Friday)
13:51 kados hmmm
13:51 kados acmoore: any ideas?
13:52 kados TARDIST READY, PLEASE TEST:[…]-stableRC1.tar.gz
13:52 paul what is strange is that it works on the other DB... and they are both similar. really similar (upgrades always done on both at the same time)
13:53 kados paul: both French UNIMARC?
13:53 paul yep, and both zebra
13:53 acmoore well, I'll look at it.
13:53 slef hi all... is anyone working on kohabug 1909 Cannot delete repeatable marc fields in editor?
13:54 slef kados: is there a git tag for that?
13:54 kados slef: nope, won't be a git tag until the tardist is tested
13:54 gmcharlt slef: bug 1909 is on my plate
13:58 kados gmcharlt: is 1909 a blocker?
13:59 kados at very least, it should be a 'major'
13:59 kados IMO
13:59 gmcharlt kados: IMO it should be at least major, if not blocker
13:59 kados gmcharlt: assigning to you and marking 'major'
13:59 gmcharlt and as part of MARC editor, related to 2206, which is a blocker
14:00 kados *nod*
14:02 paul mmm... on one of my setup, the letter interclassement is latin1, not utf8. Thus the problem in creating the message_transports constraint.
14:02 kados acmoore,slef: i disagree about the optional stuff
14:02 kados acmoore,slef: I think all dependencies should be in the Makefile.PL
14:02 paul seems it's a long lasting diff between this base and the official one.
14:02 kados acmoore,slef: even if they are optional features
14:02 kados paul: ?
14:02 paul kados : consider my problems solved.
14:03 kados ahh, ok
14:03 paul (DB upgrade 090 => 094)
14:03 kados paul: so it's bug 2076 then :-)
14:04 paul yes, except it's a "local" one, I won't investigate where it comes from. Just fixing it manually
14:05 slef kados: listing optionals in PREREQ_PM has two problems: 1. asks sysadmins to install stuff they'll never use (=> fewer koha installations); 2. makes packages generated from Makefile.PL incorrect (=> harder koha packages, also more work if/when MakeMaker is replaced)
14:06 kados slef: yep, but I disagree that that stuff won't be used
14:06 kados slef: and there aren't very many 'optional' features, certainly not enough to make a big deal out of this point
14:06 kados slef: we've got bigger fish to fry
14:07 slef kados: SMS is expensive, ImageMagick is awkward, both are optional AIUI.
14:07 kados slef: you can choose to not install them if you don't want them
14:08 paul SMS & Imagemagick deps are used in a very specific cases. I agree to say koha should be installable without them.
14:08 slef kados: but there's no recording of what's optional yet, is there?
14:08 kados slef: the whole point of separating out the sys admin portion of the install is to not make the sys admin responsible for what the librarian will be using ...
14:09 kados slef: no, there isn't
14:09 kados slef: and we certainly don't have time to slip that into 3.0 stable
14:09 slef kados: there needs to be some recording, even if just in INSTALL
14:09 kados slef: but if you have the resources to add something to the installer to choose between mandatory and optional modules, be my guest
14:09 slef kados: oh come on!  If you can slip SMSing into 3.0...
14:10 kados ?
14:10 kados slef: I'll evaluate any patch from you on this topic
14:10 kados I disagree about not forcing installation of optional modules though
14:10 kados because some librarian somewhere will try to click on something and get an error
14:10 slef kados: ok, which modules has liblime added that are optional besides SMS and ImageMagick?
14:10 kados and will think it's a Koha bug
14:11 slef kados: I thought these things were behind system preferences that were disabled by default?
14:11 kados slef: the pages aren't
14:11 kados slef: the installer doesn't tell you you have to have SMS installed before installing the sample data for SMS
14:11 acmoore I tried to make the patron messaging stuff hidden if the syspref is off. I may have failed in that, though. I'm not sure about the imagemagik stuff.
14:11 kados slef: this is a bigger problem than we have time to solve right now
14:12 kados slef: we have larger bugs to resolve that are much more important
14:12 kados slef: I'd rather spend my energy thinking about those
14:12 acmoore perhaps we file a bug that says that we should separate optional and mandatory modules, even though we can't get to it now. If someone can get to it, then would that be OK? I personally don't really have time to implement that right now, though.
14:12 kados acmoore: sure, works for me
14:12 slef kados: so why did you raise this when I was asking about 1909?
14:13 slef if you don't want to discuss it now, don't discuss it now
14:13 kados slef: because andrew sent in some patches for it that I'm not going to approve
14:13 kados slef: and I was explaining why
14:13 acmoore slef, I agree that the product would be better with some facility to mark modules as optional and not install them. Shall I open a bug for that enhnacement?
14:14 slef acmoore: yes please... can you link the mailing list thread or would you like me to find a URL?
14:14 acmoore slef, sure. that would be great. thanks!
14:15 paul (we can add Net::LDAP to the list of modules that are not mandatory everytime)
14:16 slef acmoore:[…]s.koha.devel/1012 and[…]s.koha.devel/1014
14:16 slef acmoore: see paul's line above too
14:16 kados so is anyone testing the tardist? any issues so far?
14:17 slef kados: seems OK so far - reports some prerequisites that aren't required ;-)
14:17 kados hehe
14:17 kados slef++
14:18 slef also, do we actually need versions that late of DBD::mysql and HTML::Template::Pro?
14:18 kados slef: yes, in that case ... the dbd::mysql one is related to encoing issues
14:18 kados slef: and html::template::pro later versions have features we use that don't exist in earlier ones
14:18 kados s/encoing/encoding/
14:19 atz slef: yeah, we started using TMPL_ELSIF and loop_context_vars  (both of which are really useful)
14:21 slef atz: 0.69  Thu Feb 28 06:46:17 EET 2008- added elsif tag (requested by project) - heh, ok
14:21 slef
14:21 atz nice!  hadn't seen that it was a custom job  :)
14:22 slef those two in particular are later than debian backports, so I'll add a note for html::template::pro to INSTALL.debian
14:23 kados slef++
14:23 slef (I see now that DBD::mysql is noted)
14:24 slef kados: I've got the famfamfam language appearing again, I think
14:24 kados arrg
14:24 kados slef: where?
14:24 slef make
14:24 kados make?
14:24 slef it's copying prog/famfamfam
14:24 kados famfamfam is an image directory
14:24 kados it's valid
14:25 slef oh ok
14:25 kados but it shouldn't show up in the language list
14:25 kados check About Koha -> Licenses for details
14:25 slef not got that far yet - this is a bit of a big job... should we consider splitting languages out into their own tarballs?
14:25 acmoore OK. I opened bug 2270 to implenent a facility to mark some modules as optional.[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2270 I'd love to be able to mark SMS::Send as optional and have tried to make failure rather graceful in the event that it's not installed. I can't take that ticket now, though.
14:25 kados slef: yes, we should
14:26 slef ok, I'm going to triage some local bugs while waiting for this to complete||fail
14:26 slef except that those bugs are on serene too ... oops
14:28 acmoore slef, thanks for the help finding the perltidy options. I never would have found them. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a nut about code formatting, and unfortunately that's nearly as controversial as being a religious emacs fanatic.
14:29 acmoore Ha! I won't VERSION you, then.
14:32 slef does emacs respond to VERSION?
14:32 slef apparently yes :)
14:33 acmoore Oh, I'm an avid emacs user. I just recognize it as a controversial quality of myself.
14:33 slef tools/ Unmatched =back
14:33 acmoore but I don't use irc.el
14:33 slef erc is in emacs 22 - too easy to use
14:34 acmoore slef, do you use cperl mode? If so, do you have configuration options to match that perltidy config?
14:34 slef also, I switched too it when trying to coordinate #debian-dpl-debate
14:34 slef s/too/to
14:34 slef acmoore: no, I don't use emacs for editing ;)
14:34 slef well, not much
14:35 slef acmoore: I'll look and see if I have them set from $AGES_AGO
14:35 acmoore oh, wow. that is unusual.
14:38 kados as a reminder, please test[…]-stableRC1.tar.gz
14:39 kados If I hear no complaints before 12:00 EST (1.5 hours from now) I will announce the release on koha lists
14:39 slef acmoore: only setting in my .emacs is '(cperl-indent-region-fix-constructs nil) - not sure if that's relevant
14:40 slef kados: I've a few make test errors but I don't think they're serious
14:40 kados slef: can you paste them in?
14:40 slef kados: just grabbing the non-database ones
14:40 slef t/icondirectories...........Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /home/mjr/k3tar/koha-3.00.00-stable​RC1/blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 460.
14:41 kados should we throw a 'no warnings uninitialized;' in
14:41 slef I'll look and see what line 460 is in a mo
14:41 acmoore slef, I think that removes the space in "} else" to make "}else". I'll just use something to run perltidy on regions in emacs. THanks, though!
14:42 acmoore kados, I think we should initialize the variables instead.
14:42 slef #     Error:  Can't locate Algorithm/ in @INC at /home/mjr/k3tar/koha-3.00.00-stableR​C1/blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 25.
14:43 slef I think they're the only not-obviously-database-related ones
14:43 kados slef: is Algorithm::CheckDigits installed?
14:43 kados if so, maybe we need to submit a patch to fix their VERSION string on CPAN?
14:43 kados (or debian, as the case may be)
14:44 slef to me, 460 of is "if ($src eq 'intranet') {"
14:45 slef Algorithm::CheckDigits isn't installed
14:46 kados hmmm, why would $src be uninitialized?
14:46 slef 0.50  Fr 6. Jun 21:45:04 CEST 2008
14:46 slef       - put $VERSION back into
14:46 slef kados: do you want me to send a 3-line patch for that?
14:46 kados slef: please do
14:47 slef kados: line 27 of t/icondirectories calls it with no params
14:48 slef my $opac_icon_directory = getitemtypeimagedir();
14:48 slef
14:48 slef t/icondirectories.t even
14:58 slef Do I need to require Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001 as well as Algorithm::CheckDigits?
15:04 slef kados: do you mind if I include # optional comments after the optionals?
15:07 slef acmoore: other problem with reindenting is that it makes emacs git-blame-mode less useful.
15:07 slef acmoore: unless there's some way of drilling down in it that I don't know about
15:15 acmoore yeah, I encourage reasonable indentation from the beginning.
15:17 acmoore gmcharlt++ # new automated test for template translatability
15:20 acmoore slef, I can address that warning in getitemtypeimagedir, or have you opened a bug or sent in a patch?
15:23 slef acmoore: I've not done either yet - just got my git in a tangle :-/
15:24 slef acmoore: re "from the beginning" - yeah, but I think that would involve time travel for all of the current developers ;-) Ideally, I wouldn't start from here either, but how to get from here to there?
15:25 slef acmoore: can you address the warning - I'm not sure whether it's the test or the code to blame
15:25 gmcharlt slef: perhaps a Great Reindentation prior to the beginning of work on 3.2?
15:26 slef gmcharlt: that's one possibility, yes.
15:26 acmoore slef, I'll patch both.
15:27 kados back ...
15:28 kados slef: optional comments are fine
15:28 kados slef: but better get those patches in soon :-)
15:29 slef kados: A::CD patch has been sent
15:30 kados slef++
15:32 kados gmcharlt++ (template test)
15:34 kados slef: that patch didn't apply, but I'll do it manually
15:36 kados OK, I'm gonna tag 3.0
15:36 slef Subject: [PATCH] Note optional modules, for later reference.
15:36 slef kados: buh? I even made a new topic branch for it :-/
15:37 slef (rather than try to sort out the tangle I got my branch into)
15:37 kados shrugs even
15:38 kados slef: you want me to wait for this #optional commentary? or can that go in post-release?
15:40 kados post-release then :-)
15:40 slef kados: post-rc1, would really like this and the language-pack split pre-final
15:40 kados slef: OK, but you'll have to patch the language pack stuff, we (liblime) has bigger fish to fry unfortunately
15:41 kados have even
15:42 slef yeah, this is the problem, liblime making work for us much smaller companies
15:43 kados huh?
15:43 slef back in 20mins, sorry
15:43 kados slef: it's your request, how is that our fault?
15:43 owen Yeah, if people would just stop finding bugs, that would make life a lot easier
15:45 kados slef: for when you get back: please think hard about how you characterize liblime, we have feelings too
15:48 kados slef: and for the record, I'd turn liblime into a collective in a second if I had proof that a collective would work as effeciently for the koha project as a company
15:52 slef back
15:54 kados OK, stable release signed and delivered
15:54 kados in the meantime, anyone want to double-check the sigs, MD5s, etc, please do so at
15:55 slef Firefox can't find the server at
15:55 slef
15:55 kados oops
15:56 slef sok, I guessed it
16:00 slef kados: going back a little, liblime doesn't have feelings and I don't mean to characterise its employees.  I feel liblime (not its employees) doesn't mind if schedules and roadmaps are allowed to slide out-of-date because they don't pay liblime.
16:01 kados slef: liblime is nothing if not its employees
16:03 owen slef, are you saying that the release has been delayed for invalid reasons?
16:04 slef owen: no.  I don't know why the release has unfolded as it has.  We've not enough resources to track the current koha project.
16:05 owen Then what's your point?
16:07 slef We're not getting enough info from the PM, RMs and any other Ms.
16:07 slef Ultimately, if you want to pick it into one point.
16:09 slef According to the 3.0 roadmap, we're only half-done, but RC1 is out the door, so maybe the roadmap's out of date.  Mostly, I'm confused.
16:09 owen And you feel that the reason for this is that Liblime doesn't feel it's profitable to stick to the schedule?
16:14 slef owen: it's one possibile reason for the current practices, don't you think?  LibLime has other fish to fry, apparently.
16:14 slef[…]C1.tar.gz.MD5.asc verifies OK here
16:15 slef FF3 doesn't like it though, which is odd.
16:16 owen slef, your reasoning just doesn't make any sense. It is in Liblime's interest to release as soon as possible, since they have paying customers who want Koha 3. It's also in Liblime's interest to release as stable a product as possible.
16:17 owen Delaying the release in order to fix bugs doesn't sound like something anyone should be criticized for.
16:19 kados slef: who is willing to program the items on the roadmap that aren't finished?
16:20 kados slef: if you're saying you've found a way to do it without getting paid, tell me your secret (and proove it with your commits)
16:21 kados slef: profit has nothing to do with the reason the release is delayed and the roadmap wasn't finished
16:22 slef owen: no reason for delaying was announced AFAIK.  Maybe those who can monitor IRC 24-7 knew, but we didn't.
16:22 kados slef: I announced the reasons for the delay
16:22 kados slef: check my emails to the lists
16:23 slef kados: we're willing to program some things without getting paid.  We reinvest some of our koha revenue.  Part of the problem is tracking what is and isn't done yet.
16:23 owen slef: ...the latest of which was on June 21, Re: Koha 3.0 Stable Release Plan
16:24 slef kados: last release progress announcement was 21 May.
16:24 slef owen: huh? Where?
16:25 owen slef, perhaps you're having problems receiving mail from koha-devel?
16:25 slef well, then there was the string freeze announcement today
16:25 kados slef: I think you'd better double-check the archives
16:25 kados slef: sounds like your'e not getting emails from
16:26 slef kados:[…]raries.koha.devel
16:26 slef kados: can you share the message-id?
16:27 owen This? Message-ID: <>
16:29 slef ah, it's down a thread that had rolled off :-/
16:29 kados stableRC1 tagged
16:30 kados so ... website updates ...
16:30 kados slef: I can't be responsible for your email habits ;-)
16:31 slef kados: threading emails is a reasonably common habit... has it been just translation problems holding us up?
16:32 kados slef: yup, that's all
16:32 kados slef: if you mean holding us up between Friday and today
16:33 slef since last Monday
16:33 kados slef: and if you think it's easy being QA manager, RM and Translation manager all in one, try it some time
16:33 kados slef: ahh, that was explained last monday IIRC
16:33 kados slef: reason being the feedback and lack of bug fixing
16:33 kados slef: again, nothing to do with profit
16:33 slef "Based on the feedback to my last post"
16:33 kados slef: yep
16:34 kados slef: thomas was pretty vocal, as were others, about the need to actually fix bugs
16:34 kados as it is, we still have 24 major, critical and blocker bugs open
16:34 kados slef: how many of those are you willing to fix?
16:34 slef I remember thomas being pretty vocal about the need to change our whole bug severity approach :-/
16:35 kados yep, that too
16:35 kados and I agree with him
16:35 slef kados: all of them are claimed.
16:37 kados slef: that's really your reason for not contributing patches?
16:37 slef kados: we can put in patches, but how can we tell whether we're repeating work, which want help or what?
16:37 kados slef: just because there are default assignees assigned by bugzilla?
16:37 kados slef: who's 'we'?
16:37 slef
16:38 kados slef: have we seen more people apart from you contribute to koha?
16:38 kados slef: from
16:38 slef kados: I'm our reporter.
16:38 kados slef: so there are programmers other than MJ Ray that have contributed to koha?
16:39 slef kados: nothing from the other two has gone to yet, no
16:39 slef kados: please don't refer to me in the third person.
16:40 kados slef: OK, then please don't refer to yourself in the collective ;-)
16:40 lloyd This is better than TV
16:40 slef kados: well, they are working on koha...
16:40 kados slef: back on topic: the fact that bugzilla has default assignees shouldn't stop you from volunteering to fix bugs
16:40 kados lloyd: :-)
16:41 slef kados: how does one spot bugzilla default assignees?
16:42 atz slef: it doesn't matter if you want to volunteer.
16:42 atz just post in the bug.
16:42 kados slef: the assignee is assigned by default based on the module
16:42 kados slef: i'm not sure if there's a list that's viewable by anyone other than the admin of bugzilla
16:43 kados slef: but you can tell by selecting a module in a new bug, it will populate the default assignee
16:43 kados automatically
16:43 slef ok, this is quite different from other bugzillas
16:44 kados ?
16:44 atz not really.
16:44 slef see[…]id=etiquette.html "No messing with other people's bugs"
16:44 cnighs one can also reassign the bug to one's self
16:45 kados slef: so it's different than a huge project with thousands of peopel contributing, I'm not surprised
16:45 slef I thought we had a default assignee of koha-devel or something like that, but maybe that changed and I forgot.
16:45 kados slef: we have always (as long as I've been involved in Koha) had a default assignee of a person who's familiar with that module, and koha-bugs is marked as QA but that's just for notification to people subscribed to koha-bugs
16:47 acmoore There's a componenet list, which I think shows the default assignees:[…].cgi?product=Koha
16:47 kados acmoore++
16:48 acmoore but I agree that it's a but confusing to tell if someone is assigned a bug because they're actively working on it, or just because they're default. I tend to look to see if there are comments or other actions in the bug, and then contact the assignee.
16:48 acmoore perhaps we should be more diligent in changing the status from "NEW" to "ASSIGNED" or whatever when we start working on them.
16:49 kados acmoore: *nod*
16:49 atz yeah, i try to update when I actually start working on it...
16:50 slef ok, so bureado's kohabug 1909 - gmcharlt, mind if I poach from your plate?
16:50 gmcharlt slef: feel free
16:50 slef gmcharlt: any work not in the kohabug?
16:51 gmcharlt slef: noo
16:52 slef gmcharlt: how is this related to 2206?
16:52 slef <gmcharlt> and as part of MARC editor, related to 2206, which is a blocker
16:52 slef
16:52 slef just part of same area?
16:52 gmcharlt slef: yeah, same area
16:53 masonj oops, me 'n russ are still default assignee's - with our old LL addys
16:53 masonj[…].cgi?product=Koha
16:53 gmcharlt on first glance, probable fixes for 2206 and 1909 are not too likely to conflict
16:53 gmcharlt but there's a possibility, of course
16:53 kados masonj: just update your user on bugzilla and it will change
16:53 kados masonj: (it should anyway)
16:54 masonj ta josh
16:54 kados can someone with oper change the topic to 'Koha 3.0 RC1 out the door ... congrats everyone' ?
16:56 owen Does /anyone/ have oper?
16:56 masonj doesnt look like it ;/
16:58 slef si: how do we get ops?
16:59 masonj hes in baby-land....
17:04 slef masonj: asleep or what?
17:06 masonj yeah, but when he gets up (3-4 hrs) si can sort it out...
17:13 slef Can't coerce array into hash at intranet/cgi-bin/cataloguing/ line 738.
17:15 paul kados ? why didn't you applied my patch "bugfixin (itemtype summary)" ?
17:16 paul (same question for bugfixing scan index though)
17:17 gmcharlt paul: kados is away at the moment - back in a bit
17:19 acmoore slef, I'm woring on my perltidyrc. I can't find what the -en=4 option that you mentioned does in my docs. Do you recall what that was supposed to do? Perhaps it's deprecated or something.
17:21 slef acmoore: can you paste me the perltidy line please?
17:21 acmoore perltidy -bar -ce -pt=2 -vt=2 -en=4
17:21 acmoore slef, see also:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2269
17:22 slef I think it should be -et=4 (4-character tabs which IIRC paul uses and he was RM back when I wrote that note)
17:22 acmoore ah. OK, thanks.
17:22 slef sorry for the error
17:23 acmoore no worries. So, I think that encourages use of tabs at the beginning of the lines. That doesn't seem to be as common as spaces in our code. I wonder if that setting is still desired by many, or if we're on the wrong track here.
17:25 masonj yeah, i agree andy - i think spaces are safer
17:26 acmoore well, maybe I'll just leave this setting out for now. that means that perltidy will not recommend a change from whatever is there.
17:29 slef acmoore: I lean towards 4-char tabs, but maybe I reconfigured my system after[…]3-May/003181.html
17:33 acmoore ah. yeah, that looks pretty close to the config that you gave me.
17:33 acmoore thanks
17:41 gmcharlt owen: do you use circ/
17:42 owen I've only tested it.
17:43 gmcharlt owen: I've been looking at it all morning, and it seems to do nothing useful, at least as currently written
17:43 gmcharlt it shows a list of holds that have items to linked to them
17:43 gmcharlt with presumption that item is to be transferred to the pickup library
17:43 gmcharlt but in practice, by the time an item is specifically linked to a reqeust
17:44 gmcharlt the transfer record is already created
17:44 gmcharlt and because of that, the item is consequently not listed
17:45 owen gmcharlt: It seems with several of these reports that the real purpose is only known to the contributor
17:46 gmcharlt owen: agreed
17:47 gmcharlt owen: for your holds processing, you rely on and checking in the items you pull?
17:49 atz owen: sometimes i'm not even sure the contributor knows...
17:58 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
17:58 ricardo First of all: congrats on releasing RC1!
18:00 ricardo Is kados here? I want to ask him a question regarding the Portuguese translation (25% of translations seem to have disappeared from Kartouche, according to the stats there)
18:01 slef <gmcharlt> paul: kados is away at the moment - back in a bit [18:15]
18:01 slef !seen kados
18:02 slef ricardo: kados wrote to koha-devel about invalid characters in some translations - could that have affected pt?
18:05 ricardo slef: Thanks for the info. If I am NOT mistaken, "pt" was NOT one of the problematic translations that Joshua mentioned in his emails to the mailing list.
18:45 ricardo Gotto go home. Take care everyone!  :)
18:45 ricardo s/gotto/got to
20:21 chris sheesh
20:22 hdl hi
20:22 chris heya hdl
20:23 gmcharlt hi chris
20:23 chris hey galen, hows things?
20:23 gmcharlt pretty good.  you?
20:24 chris not bad at all
20:25 chris kados: is there anything you want me to trigger live on the website
20:25 chris ?
20:26 kados chris: there was a news item, but no way to trigger it
20:26 kados chris: and if you want to update other pages, feel free
20:28 chris
20:28 chris triggered the news item, ill update the other pages and add the download link
20:28 chris hdl: how'd that go?
20:29 hdl well Edward Corrado and Heather Moulaison found the visit pretty much interesting.
20:29 chris excellent
20:30 hdl Tomorrow, kohala is gathering for its annual administration council.
20:30 hdl I am going to Lyon, should go to bed now.
20:30 chris sleep well
20:31 hdl hope to see you longer next time.
20:31 chris maybe tonight nz time :)
20:33 chris have a good meeting if I dont see you before
20:49 chris there we go
21:18 slef chris: what's up with the breadcrumbs on do you know?
21:18 slef chris: also, if I mark that up as html, can you trigger it?
21:24 chris sure can
21:25 chris just yell out when its ready to go
21:36 slef sorry, distracted by koha-devel again ;-)
21:51 chris it can be distracting :)
21:52 slef chris: everyone has 20TB disks and is using debian-unstable, you know?
21:53 chris lol
21:56 slef yay! perfect for editing the web site!
22:06 chris heh
22:10 slef chris: trigger requested
22:10 slef (assuming I didn't botch the edit)
22:19 chris hmm breadcrumbs still dont seem right
22:22 slef chris: I don't think I can edit the breadcrumbs
22:24 chris ah right
22:24 chris
22:24 chris hows that
22:24 chris ?
22:27 slef chris: my bad: under "Upgrading from a Previous..." there are <cite> tags around following.
22:27 slef chris: other than that, looks much better, thanks!
22:27 slef chris: can you quick-fix?
22:28 chris will do
22:30 slef thanks!
22:30 chris done
02:48 rach howdy
02:49 cnighs hi rach
02:52 masonj hailing over your end rach?
03:03 rach thundering, so olive is quaking under my desk
03:03 rach the parliamentry environment commission are interested
03:04 rach we set up a demo, seems to work :-)
03:09 masonj w00t
03:11 pie we just had hail too
03:11 pie crazy since it was blue sky earlier
03:11 masonj yep, blue sky - then hail
03:12 masonj aro &  thorndon
03:12 pie congrats. on the release everyone, I was just chatting to Chris earlier and saying well done so thought I'd pass it to everyone
03:14 rach yep
08:58 chris well that was kinda annoying
08:58 masonj meh ;/
09:02 masonj i hope u charged him double-time
11:10 mc hello koha people
11:13 mc some git poweruser can help:
11:14 mc - i have no branch
11:14 mc - i wrote some code
11:15 mc - now i realize that this work require another commit before
11:15 mc my idea:
11:15 mc git branch work1
11:15 mc commit
11:15 mc git branch master (returns to master)
11:16 mc code, code, code ...
11:16 mc commit format-patch
11:16 mc git merge
11:16 mc can it work ?
11:22 masonj hi marc
11:22 masonj how about you make a patch for your 1st lot of work
11:23 masonj make a new branch 'work1'
11:23 masonj do your code, code, code
11:23 mc hmm
11:23 masonj and commit that..
11:24 mc in fact: i worked on the session bug
11:24 masonj then git-apply your patch after that...
11:24 mc and now i realize that i would like to use C4::Context::error
11:24 mc (another patch i have to provide)
11:25 mc oh ... like that ??
11:25 mc right
11:25 masonj i dont use git-merge yet ;/
11:27 masonj i think i manually merge branch commits thru git-apply
11:29 masonj ... -ing commits as patches, it seems to be a little slower/ but safer for me
11:30 mc i just seen that the error patch is just ridiculous: i propose all together
11:30 mc kados will love it :)

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