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12:07 Kyle Hello all.
12:08 Kyle Is there an install guide for Koha 3 on Debian anywhere on kohadocs or I thought I might take another shot at creating a vmware appliance since rc1 is out.
12:10 gmcharlt Kyle: try INSTALL.debian in the Koha package
12:10 Kyle Will do. Thanks.
12:18 slef hi all
12:20 slef just upgraded one site to rc1 and its zebra isn't returning any biblio data to the web interfaces
12:20 mc gmcharlt, is INSTALL.dedian uptodate ? ( SMS::Send, ... )
12:21 gmcharlt mc: it probably needs to be checked again
12:21 slef yaz-client gets an error about grs.xml
12:21 gmcharlt slef: what error?
12:22 slef anyone seen that sort of problem?
12:23 slef gmc: can't get back to the screen for 5mins at least
12:23 gmcharlt what's in the zebra log?
12:23 gmcharlt what's in the zebra log?
12:23 gmcharlt (sorry about repeat - fumble-fingers)
12:24 slef no obvious error on log
12:25 slef it finds the right number me matches but all biblios empty on the display
12:26 slef aha! back to screen
12:26 gmcharlt bbiab
12:28 slef addinfo Could not handle record type grs.xml
12:28 slef that's the end of the line in the yaz client
12:29 slef koha doesn't actually error
12:29 slef just no data in the display
12:36 gmcharlt slef: depending on the platform, zebra's grs support may be installed in a separate module
12:36 gmcharlt brb
12:37 slef yeah there's a .so which the log isn't showing as loading
12:37 slef I'll concentrate on that. Thanks!
12:38 slef koha does use the grs filter, doesn't it?
12:38 kados slef: yes
12:38 slef morning owen
12:38 kados slef: for authorities
12:38 owen Hi folks
12:38 kados hiya owen
12:38 slef ta. wonder why it broke
12:39 kados slef: when do you get that error?
12:40 slef possibly upgrade clobbfring config files
12:41 slef doing a search from yaz client
12:42 kados slef: have you tried a re-index?
12:42 slef sorry about slow typing. am on mobile phone
12:43 slef I did a rebuild
12:44 slef is there another reindex worth a trY?
12:44 kados hmmm
12:44 kados slef: what version were you running previous to your update?
12:44 slef with -a -b
12:44 slef 089
12:44 kados hmmm
12:44 kados strange
12:45 kados did you run through the installer again? or just replace the files?
12:45 kados also, what type of install is it, standard, dev?
12:45 slef but I'm not convinced that was working right now from talking to the lib staff
12:45 slef single
12:46 slef installer as directed under upgrade heading
12:50 slef will be back at machines in 10ish. currently in another meeting
12:50 slef love 3g phones though
12:51 kados slef: nothing is jumping to mind :/
12:51 kados owen: of course :-)
12:52 kados owen: the speed of the internet on the iphone is one of the detractors IMO ... Edge just doesn't cut it :-)
12:52 owen Be sure to sell you old on on eBay for a tidy sum
12:52 kados hehe
12:52 owen
12:54 mc kados: sorry to not send the patch before RC1
12:54 mc i just sent it now
13:10 slef hi js
13:10 js hi :)
13:13 slef by the way, any thoughts on
13:19 slef biab
13:26 slef well, that didn't work
13:33 slef got it working again. thanks both
13:36 kados slef: what was the prob?
13:41 slef overwrote my zebra module paths
13:42 slef our zebra is in sw not usr
13:43 slef could upgrade merge config files instead of overwriting?
13:44 gmcharlt slef: good idea - could you add a bug?
13:44 gmcharlt slef: also, did the upgrade create a backup of the original version of the file, or do it fail to do that?
13:54 slef will file bug when I'm back in the office
13:56 slef it made a backup but that was also wrong - see above for my suspicion that it was broken by a previous upgrade
18:29 slef hi all
18:31 slef on HST so no idea how long I'll be online!
18:31 acmoore Hubble Space Telescope?
18:32 slef high speed train
18:32 acmoore ah.
18:33 slef uk 1976 grandfathers of european fast trains
18:33 slef still 125mph ain't bad for diesel
18:34 slef was in news today that uk is finally considering building its second euro-standard fast train line
18:40 slef3 once the train hits 88mph it can't switch cells fast enough ;-)
18:41 gmcharlt hehe
18:42 slef3 there's a google map somewhere which would show my progress in real time
18:43 slef3 2 hours time I'll be back on the west coast
18:44 slef3 narrow little island
18:45 slef3 how good is koha on cellphones
18:45 slef3 -
18:45 slef3 ?
18:46 slef3 damn small keys!
18:47 slef3 heh
18:48 slef3 results said too large
19:31 su-erin is anyone running to different types of authentication- for instance one LDAP network account users and another against MySQL for local patron

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