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14:25 gmcharlt announcement: is down at moment - page requests get reset.  sysadmin is looking at it
14:32 slef gmcharlt: thanks for the headsup
14:39 gmcharlt slef: is that occuring in RC1.  I've not been able to reproduce that bug
14:40 gmcharlt paul or hdl, about?
14:40 slef gmcharlt: yes, RC1, but the authorities tables were deleted at some point, so I've tried to re-add them
14:40 slef gmcharlt: so entirely possible to be a local bug
14:41 gmcharlt announcement: is back
14:42 slef gmcharlt: have you seen it from anyone else?
14:42 slef ok, I can't reproduce the bug
14:43 gmcharlt slef: bug 2254 reported by fbcit seems similar
14:45 slef Yes, it does.  I'll link our local bug to that one and give more info as I get it.
14:51 gmcharlt slef: ok, looking at code, I'm starting to get an inkling of how it might be triggered - GetAuthType returns either a hashref or an arrayref depending on its arguments
14:51 gmcharlt *sigh*
14:51 atz lame
14:51 slef gmcharlt: seems to happen for Serials and not for Books here.
14:52 slef gmcharlt: Does that correlate and shall I test on our dummy server too?
14:53 slef Can't coerce array into hash at /Library/WebServer/Koha/intranet/​cgi-bin/cataloguing/ line 738.
14:53 slef at /Library/WebServer/Koha/intranet/​cgi-bin/cataloguing/ line 738
14:53 slef main::BiblioAddAuthorities('M​ARC::Record=HASH(0x1c0aa94)', 'SER') called at /Library/WebServer/Koha/intranet/​cgi-bin/cataloguing/ line 850
14:53 slef
14:53 slef (just switched KOHA_BACKTRACES on)
14:53 slef got to go away for 2 hours or so now, though, which is frustrating
14:54 gmcharlt slef: ok, I've reproduce the bug
14:54 gmcharlt create/edit bib using Serials framework
14:54 gmcharlt with BIblioAddsAuthorities ON
14:55 gmcharlt and entering something in the 100$a (corporate author, which is commonly used for serials)
14:56 slef great!
14:56 slef (have I mentioned how much I enjoy meeting vendors' salesmen, by the way? :-/ )
14:57 atz do you get some free pens out of the deal?
14:57 atz or lunch?
14:58 atz I think I still have a Juniper deck of cards and a Barracuda t-shirt... along w/ who knows what other crap.
14:58 atz Oh yeah... A Sirsi library bag.  Gotta love that.
15:01 slef atz: I suspect not.  They usually expect us to buy stuff.  Bizarrely, I get more gifts from customers than suppliers since working for a cooperative.
15:02 slef cooperation? pity? $DEITY knows
16:04 gmcharlt slef: FYI, patches for 2254 coming shortly
16:16 rhcl Is the mailing list down? I see bugs was down earlier.
16:28 tim I'm looking at the 3.0.0 manual on google and it says replaced,, and  I have those three files, but not
16:30 rhcl !seen gmcharlt
16:31 gmcharlt rhc1: I'm here
16:32 rhcl OK, I had just noticed that you were discussing the site being down earlier, and it looks to me like is down too.
16:33 gmcharlt rhc1: appears to be up for me - different server, and different outfit running it
16:35 rhcl hummm, donno, but a post I made earlier hasn't shown up. I know sometimes it takes a while, but usually not this long.
16:36 kados rhcl: are you subscribed to the list?
16:37 kados rhcl: and did you get some kind of notice that it was held in a moderation queue?
16:37 frederic hello
16:37 rhcl OK, just this second I got the "held" notification.
16:38 frederic Have you seen Beda Szukics message on koha-translate?
16:38 mc 'lo world
16:38 frederic I have the same issue, even in .PO file creation.
16:39 frederic I would like to prepare .po file to do an Arabic translation
16:39 mc i would like to be sure of something:
16:39 mc 1 zebra base = 1 zebra instance
16:40 mc i mean: this is not as mysql that could handle multiple bases in a same process
16:40 kados mc: zebra can handle multiple databases in the same process too
16:41 kados mc: e.g., 'biblios' is bibliographic, and 'authorities' is authorities db
16:41 mc damned! i'm a looser :)
16:41 mc oh ...
16:41 mc yes
16:41 mc but is it a way to have:
16:41 mc biblios_client1
16:41 mc biblios_client2
16:41 mc biblios_client3
16:41 kados yes, it's possible
16:41 mc with separate credentials
16:42 mc ok
16:42 kados mc: but at liblime, we have separate zebra instances per client
16:42 kados mc: it's easier to handle IMO
16:42 mc readson ?
16:42 mc reason?
16:42 kados you can restart one without affecting the others
16:42 kados no permissions issues
16:42 kados ie, every client can have it's own permissions
16:42 kados (file permissions)
16:43 mc right
16:43 mc not too heavy ? scalable ?
16:43 kados I think so ...
16:43 kados :)
16:45 mc thanks for your advice
16:45 frederic kados: how you you generate .po files. translator_doc.txt instructions doesn't work for me. The process fails without any error message
16:48 kados frederic: I use the process described here:
16:48 kados frederic: if translator_doc.txt needs to be updated, please submit a patch
16:49 frederic Are you aware of someone trying to translate koha into Arabic? Which ISO code would you use for Arabic? (ar-???)?
16:50 kados frederic: ar-Arab would be the general cae
16:50 kados (ar = Arabic language; Arab = Arabic script)
16:50 kados if you have a specific region if could be included
16:50 kados frederic: i think the ur-Arab may be arabic and a good starting place
16:51 kados frederic: there is at least one other person working on arabic translation, but I haven't heard from them in a bit
16:52 frederic kados: Thanks. I will go with ar-Arab.
17:27 frederic kados: I've found why .po creation was failing: My Linux box was missing msgmerge command (gettext Debian package)
18:16 kados frederic: a likely cuprit
18:16 kados frederic: can you also suggest the same to the list in response to the thread that was started on this topic?
20:12 atz wow... bigtime rainstorm just moved in
20:24 kados heh
21:40 atz apparently I can't match a spotty *statistics* record for a renewal to the transaction record in old_issues
21:41 atz the timestamp field is apparently not updated?
21:42 atz or I guess I don't get what constitutes an "old_issue"
21:43 gmcharlt old_issue = returned item no longer in issues table - nothing to do with renewals
21:44 atz ok, i guess that's just an oddity of my test data.  transaction was 2007, but isn't returned yet
23:22 atz gmcharlt: stats correction (i.e. "backfill") script patch sent
23:22 atz with copious commit msg
23:35 gmcharlt atz: saw it
23:36 gmcharlt one potential issue - for patron privacy, will need ability to sever borrowernumber from statistics related to circulation transactions
23:36 atz that isn't implemented anywhere yet, is it?
23:37 gmcharlt atz: it is - the anonymization option in tools/
23:38 atz so all it does it set borrowernumber to null?
23:38 atz that would be a bad implementation
23:39 gmcharlt why?
23:39 atz wouldn't you want to extract the demographic and other useful statistical info to an anonymous_profile table and link that instead?
23:40 gmcharlt that would be a valid enhancement, yes
23:40 atz at the very least, set it to -1 so it is differentiable from mistakenly null borrowernumbers
23:41 atz i guess null would be ok if we didn't have a problem with mistakenly null values
23:41 gmcharlt I'd prefer the latter (making sure that there's no such thing as a mistaken null value)
23:43 atz me too... then I wouldn't have to write the script
23:48 atz gmcharlt: if the borrownumbers are removed from issues/old_issues, then this script won't "recover" them
23:49 atz (and if they aren't, I don't quite get the point of partially-anonymized histories)
07:13 chris evening
07:34 js hello chris
09:17 mc hello koha people

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