IRC log for #koha, 2008-06-27

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13:28 paul hello world
13:34 kados hi paul
13:34 kados paul: thx for filling in for me yesterday!
13:34 paul hi kados & welcome back on the web ;)
13:34 kados yes, it's good to be back :-)
13:34 kados paul: btw: did you ever test http-request on RC1
13:34 kados ?
13:35 paul the language chooser ?
13:35 paul auto-chooser I mean
13:35 kados if cookie isn't set, it should detect based on your browser settings
13:35 kados yea
13:36 paul yes, and it seems it don't work still
13:37 kados :/
13:40 hdl_laptop hello
13:46 ryan hi hdl_laptop
13:47 hdl_laptop hi ryan
13:48 ryan hdl_laptop: the systempreference Addpatronlists --  this should allow me to change a Staff type to an Adult type ,  correct ?
13:50 hdl_laptop ryan: Nope
13:51 hdl_laptop this only allows you to list categories or category types when adding a new patron
14:30 paul kados & gmcharlt : itemtype search does not work in 3.0RC1. It used to work perfecly until 3 or 4 days before the release. Did you do some changes ? do you have the problem (or is it a unimarc record.abs one)
14:49 acmoore yeah, that flurry of commits undoubtedly gained us a bunch, but will probably cost us a few bugs.
14:49 acmoore I don't think I did anything to affect that search stuff.
15:31 ryan paul: /win 5
15:31 ryan oops
15:31 paul ???
15:31 ryan nm :)
15:31 paul I won USD5 at a lottery ?
15:31 paul usually it's 5 000 000 !
15:31 paul you're a beggar :D
15:32 ryan you win 5 bugfixes :)
16:58 kados paul: still here?
16:58 paul yep
16:58 paul (for around 30mn)
16:58 paul 7PM here
16:58 kados paul: re: itemtype search, do you mean 'itemtype' or 'itype'?
16:58 kados paul: I think the unimarc definitions weren't correct on that point
16:59 kados paul: 'itemtype' is bib-level, 'itype' is item-level
16:59 paul when you limit the search on a given (or some) itemtype in advsearch
16:59 paul in the checkbox list
17:00 kados paul: works OK for me
17:01 kados paul: in both opac and staff, seems fine
17:01 paul can you point what you changed last week on this ?
17:01 kados paul:,
17:01 paul because it used to work fine for us too. It's just that it don't work anymore
17:02 paul http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]y=relevance&do=OK
17:03 kados paul: check your indexes
17:03 kados paul: make sure itemtype and itype are correctly defined for UNIMARC
17:04 paul we didn't change anything since weeks. Could you point what you changed, to help us understanding what we have to update ?
17:04 kados I think it was frederick that changed something
17:04 kados Frederic I mean
17:04 kados maybe ask him?
17:04 kados otherwise, check git logs
17:05 paul ok, will do that.
17:05 kados[…]dbe8874f56e4541e8
17:05 kados[…]703621c6eb0126f55
17:23 paul bye everybody. See you tomorrow.

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