IRC log for #koha, 2008-06-23

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10:45 chris quiet day
10:45 pie heh
10:45 pie how's things Chris?
10:50 chris well, i just got my little man back to bed, he's been a bit cranky
10:50 chris so its a lot calmer now :)
10:51 pie excellent
10:52 pie are you hacking on anything at the mo?
10:52 chris i was going to play with memcached a little more, but that got derailed by phones and fire engines conspiring to keep waking kahu up
10:53 pie awesome fun for him though
10:53 chris heh yep
10:53 pie big red fire engines
10:54 chris ive just been looking at pootle, following a post to the koha-translate list
10:54 chris[…]prog-v-3000000.po
10:54 chris its pretty neat
11:01 chris we currently use kartouche at but pootle looks a lot swisher
11:03 pie do you reckon it'll help speed things up?
11:04 chris the way the russian and ukranian guys have it set up to do their koha translations looks like it would make translating a lot easier
11:07 chris they have cron jobs that generate the templates from the .po files, so the translators can see finished product (or partially finished)
11:08 chris you going to do the perlmongers hackoff?
11:09 pie yep
11:09 pie you going?
11:11 chris yep
11:12 chris i remember competing in a competition in university was a day long thing
11:12 pie sounds a bit mad
11:13 chris i cant even remember what the problem was now
11:13 chris i remember our team solved it in c though
11:14 pie old skool :-p
11:15 chris[…]Results_1994.html
11:15 chris there we go, 10th :)
11:18 chris gotta love the internet
11:19 pie wowser
11:19 pie that's crazy you could still find that
11:19 chris yeah mad eh
11:19 pie not bad going, 10/10 :-)
11:19 chris i just did a google for massey university programming contest 1994
11:20 chris and there it was
11:20 chris i think i mostly drank coke and gave unhelpful suggestions :)
11:21 chris right, i think i might hit the hay, might have a go at getting the zaapt admin interface going tomorrow night
11:21 pie awesome
11:21 pie I need to write the TUTORIAL for that
11:22 pie you ever done the ICFP?
11:22 chris nope
11:22 pie I always look at it, then I realise I would have been rubbish :-)
11:23 chris havent done that much functional programming
11:23 chris just the obligatory build a calculator
11:23 pie you can enter using whatever language you like
11:24 pie one year, a guy on his own won it using c++
11:24 chris prolog :)
11:24 pie he wanted to prove c++ was not dead and it sure made people sit up :-)
11:24 chris hehe
11:26 chris we could have our own informal go at it, when they post the problem on the 11th
11:29 chris ok, im off to sleep, spotya in the morning :)
11:31 pie seeya

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