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12:02 gmcharlt greetings #koha
12:34 kados g'morning owen, ccatalfo
12:34 owen Hi
12:35 owen Thanks for the help with the issuing rules, kados
12:35 kados np, sorry I didn't get to it sooner
12:35 owen we don't have any method in 3.0 for showing circ limits, do we?
12:36 owen Obviously there needs to be a more flexible way to set it up
12:37 ccatalfo morning #koha
12:40 kados owen: you mean to display on the circ page on the staff client like NPL has?
12:40 hdl hi #koha
12:40 kados yea, we don't have that in 3.0, it's an easy add, but we do need it to be more flexible
12:40 kados hey hdl
12:40 owen Yeah. I know NPL is going to want to have that in 3.0, but as we found out, they don't want /all/ item types displayed
12:40 kados *nod*
12:59 kados yay
13:00 hdl congrats kados
13:00 hdl (I've just seen Movers & shakers)
13:08 hdl kados : some person have problems entering items with no barcode because barcode is NOT NULL + there is an index. Is there a way to allow this ?
13:08 kados hdl: why is barcode NOT NULL?
13:11 hdl kados : I checked and it can be NULL.
13:11 hdl OK.
13:12 kados hdl: maybe a prob with updatedatabase?
13:12 hdl well may be.
14:01 gmcharlt hi everybody, I'd like to introduce a new LibLimer
14:01 gmcharlt acmoore is Andrew Moore, our newest developer
14:01 acmoore Hi all!
14:01 acmoore Thanks, Galen.
14:02 owen Hi Andrew, welcome
14:02 owen kados, is the AmazonAssocTag preference still required?
14:03 kados owen: yes, i think so
14:03 kados acmoore: welcome!
14:05 kados owen: it's possible they don't require it in ESC 4.0, I haven't tested
14:06 owen Doesn't look like it's necessary
14:16 nengard owen & kados - does this mean i should remove the note i had in the manual saying it was required?
14:16 kados nengard: yea, I'd say it's optional I guess
14:17 kados it used to be mandatory :-)
14:17 nengard okey dokey - will do kados
14:19 kados hdl: just noticed that the online help only works in firefox, not safari or IE
14:19 hdl hi acmoore
14:20 kados hdl: are you experiencing the same thing?
14:20 hdl I donot have any safari or IE to test.
14:21 hdl But that seems strange.
14:21 kados any other browsers?
14:21 hdl Is this because of window name ?
14:21 hdl Opera
14:21 kados very strange
14:23 atz possibly because the perl script that responds sends unclean headers, then redirect
14:24 atz that is very strange... I'll try to test that w/ IE in VM
14:24 hdl online help works in Opera.
14:27 fbcit g'morning all
14:28 nengard hdl: i'm writing the manual and have a question about the opac cloud
14:28 nengard do i need my system to re-idnex for the opac cloud to work? if not, then it's not working - and i have another bug to report :(
14:28 kados hey fbcit
14:28 kados nengard: there might already be a bug for that one
14:28 nengard kados: i'll search
14:29 owen I can confirm online help isn't working with IE6
14:29 kados it should probably be OFF by default, as it's an 'experimental' feature
14:31 nengard kados: shouldn't we have something like that display in the preference so people know that it's experimental? I'll note it as such in the manual
14:33 kados yea, we should
14:33 kados ooh, nengard, looks like you just threw a 500 error
14:33 nengard yes
14:33 kados nengard: how'd you manage that?
14:33 hdl yes.
14:33 nengard was about to put a bug in for it
14:33 nengard hehe
14:34 nengard clicked on browse by subject and clicked submit
14:34 kados ahh, yea, that'd do it
14:34 kados browse by subject and subject cloud don't work
14:34 nengard hdl & kados the note has been added to the manual
14:34 kados they're experimental :-)
14:34 nengard kados: i'll add a note about that too
14:34 kados I'll disable them by default
14:35 hdl nengard: one has to launch buildopaccloud before it can be used.
14:35 kados hdl: do you have a working link you can show?
14:36 hdl http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
14:36 nengard kados - in my system the OpacBrowser is set to OFF - why did the link show up at all?
14:36 hdl for tag could
14:37 kados nengard: good question!
14:37 nengard glad you thinkn so :)
14:39 kados hdl: most of the links I click on don't work in that example
14:39 kados hdl: http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
14:39 kados hdl: the largest ones in fact
14:40 hdl maybe zebra is not running there.
14:46 hdl nengard: According to what I see in opac-main.tmpl there is no reason why Browser would apper if opacBrowser is set to OFF.
14:47 nengard hdl: I see these links under my search box:  Advanced Search | Browse by Subject | Most Popular
14:47 nengard and my setting for cloud and browser are set to OFF
14:47 hdl nengard: unless there is a problem with TMPL_IF that could have been added after.
14:48 hdl Subject is to search on authorities.
14:48 hdl Nothing to do with OpacBrowser.
14:48 kados nengard: you don't have authorities set up
14:49 kados nengard: well, they are installed, but you don't have any loaded
14:51 kados hdl: also, the "Most Popular" link is dog dog slow
14:51 nengard kados - so opacbrowser is something different! okay!!  Now - i have to load some authorities ;) how do I do that
14:51 kados hdl: is it slow for you too?
14:52 kados nengard: you can catalog some :-)
14:52 kados nengard: or ... I can load some
14:52 kados but that's a command-line operation atm
14:52 nengard kados - i like the load idea :) it's quicker and i can write more of the manual that way :)
14:52 kados hehe
14:52 kados OK, I'll put it on my list
14:53 nengard otherwise it may take me all day to catalog them :) hehe
14:53 kados heh
14:53 atz lol... the idea of actually cataloging as a fix
14:53 atz i hadn't even considered it  :)
14:54 kados heh
14:54 hdl kados : most popular link shows only search page for me : still the shelves problem.
14:54 kados it's a real bummer that of the links that show up on the OPAC, only Advanced Search works without any admin overhead
14:55 kados hdl:[…]
14:55 kados hdl: it works for me, but it's slow if you ahve a lot of items
14:56 hdl I have answers in less than 2 secs.
14:56 hdl If you find it dog dog slow, ....
14:56 kados no, that db is only 500 records
14:57 kados if you increase it to say, 5000, or 50,000, it gets quite slow
14:57 nengard kados: should we have a better error page than the 500 error if people don't have authorities loaded?
14:57 kados nengard: for manual purposes, you can try my demo
14:58 kados
14:58 kados nengard: the subject 'browse' (really a search) works
14:58 nengard cool
14:58 kados nengard: yea, there's already a bug for that one
14:58 nengard thanks
14:58 kados I guess it's a question of how easy do we need to make it work 'out of the box'
14:58 hdl we could disable Subject browse when no authority is loaded.
14:59 kados hdl: good idea ... we used to have a syspref to disable it, right?
15:00 hdl so many things we "used to have"... time goes by.. things change.
15:02 hdl getshelves is using userenv to get shelves.
15:02 hdl When one is not loged at OPAC : there is a problem.
15:05 fbcit kados: any thoughts on why after resolving a rebase conflict I am ending up with one remaining patch which has already been pushed to the main repo?
15:05 hdl nengard: what is VALENJ ?
15:06 kados fbcit: hmmm, I've seen that before
15:06 atz fbcit: maybe that patch was reverted?
15:06 atz (the simplest, most logical answer)
15:06 fbcit actually it is only a piece of the original
15:06 kados yea, time for a fresh clone ;-), or else track it down on #git :-)
15:06 fbcit the real question is how to get rid of it w/o destroying hours of work
15:06 kados ahh
15:06 atz gitweb back up, right?
15:06 kados you have work in there
15:06 kados atz: correct
15:07 fbcit to the tune of 10-15 hours maybe... :-(
15:07 nengard hdl: meeting time for me it's a consortium for libraries in NJ
15:07 atz when i got merges crossed or conflicting... I just copied out whatever I was working on to a backup dir
15:07 kados fbcit: well, that stray patch shouldn't hurt anything
15:07 fbcit atz what is gitweb backup?
15:07 kados fbcit: it will most likely just tell me that it's already been applied
15:07 atz fbcit: gitweb was down
15:08 atz fbcit: now it's "back up"
15:08 fbcit heh
15:08 kados the whole git environment moved servers last week, but I didn't push any changes to the new env until the DNS had propogated
15:09 fbcit kados: I'll send it to you and see
15:09 fbcit it's really a one-liner
15:09 kados k
15:09 fbcit kados: you should have it
15:11 fbcit atz: maybe I could copy the entire branch elsewhere, get a new clone, and then copy the branch back over the new clone?
15:11 atz yeah, i never worked on that scale...
15:11 atz at most 10 uncommitted files or so
15:12 fbcit all changes are committed locally
15:12 fbcit ahh
15:12 fbcit maybe I can simply apply my patches over a new clone...
15:12 kados fbcit: it wasn't committed on my tree
15:12 kados fbcit: and it applied fine
15:12 fbcit hrmm
15:12 kados fbcit: shall I push it up?
15:13 fbcit[…]2e362b116835fc02b
15:13 fbcit seems to be there?
15:13 kados so it does
15:14 fbcit those patches were submitted via gmcharlt
15:15 fbcit the line numbers in the repo diff and the patch I currently have are different
15:15 kados fbcit: I just pushed it up again, see what happens when you rebase
15:15 fbcit k
15:16 fbcit fixed
15:16 fbcit kados++
15:17 kados fbcit++ # for having 10 hours of work you're about to send my way :-=)
15:17 fbcit heh
15:17 fbcit I can forward it now, but it is not entirely finished yet
15:17 atz so kados, you got the Amazon code up to current API?
15:17 fbcit nothing breaks, just the new stuff doesn't work all the way
15:18 kados hehe
15:18 kados it's listed twice now
15:18 kados fbcit: can you check your kohastructure.sql?
15:18 kados fbcit: and verify that copynumber is listed twice?
15:18 kados in the deleteditems table
15:19 fbcit yep...
15:19 fbcit it should only appear before the marc longblob
15:20 kados I ahve it both before and after
15:20 fbcit I'll send a patch to remove the second instance
15:20 kados sweet
15:22 fbcit see if that fixes it
15:22 gmcharlt oops - sorry for missing that
15:23 kados so long as no-one installed KOha from a 5-minute-ago snapshot we're OK :-)
15:23 kados fbcit: pushed
15:27 fbcit kados:things look fine now
15:27 fbcit tnx for the help
15:27 fbcit atz too
15:28 fbcit kados: I'll forward the first part of this work later today
15:28 kados fbcit++
15:29 gmcharlt welcome bchurch, bb_marblehead
15:33 kados fbcit: any teasers on what it is? :-)
15:33 fbcit I'm just adding the ability to generate patron cards from w/in koha
15:34 kados oh, cool
15:34 fbcit I'm hoping to include an option to add patron pics to the cards as well
15:34 kados hehe
15:34 kados fbcit: are you using the current label stuff as a starting poing?
15:34 kados point I mean
15:35 fbcit yes
15:35 fbcit although there is much existing code that needs work
15:36 kados amen there!
15:36 kados that db design needs a complete makeover
15:36 fbcit for now, I'm simply reusing what's there
15:36 fbcit in the interest of time
15:37 kados yea, IKWYM
15:39 fbcit I want to throw out the label search stuff completely
15:40 fbcit or maybe I should say the label-item-search stuff
15:40 kados hehe
15:40 kados yea, I have that on my list, a generic item search API
15:41 kados we need it in several places
15:41 fbcit that along with a generic patron search API
15:41 kados labels, call number browsin
15:41 fbcit yea, search is really the core around which Koha revolves
15:44 atz fbcit: agreed
15:45 atz though w/ biblios integrated, certain catalog staff might think differently
15:48 kados heh
15:48 kados and I'm sure circ staff would disagree too :-)
15:54 atz kados: to confirm, you updated C4::Amazon to current API already?
15:54 kados atz: yes
15:54 kados atz: in 3.0, this weekend
15:55 atz cool... that's one change we should consider back-porting
15:55 kados atz: agreed
15:55 atz otherwise that's all the list will talk about for a month
15:55 kados yea
15:57 kados well it goes something like this: replace, add any other modules and back-port any api changes (shouldn't be any of those), and copy/paste the stuff in,, opac-detail.tmpl, detail.tmpl into the rel_2_2 ones
15:57 kados with testing maybe an hour or two task
16:24 epederstuen I am new to using Koha but had a problem during the install where it does not look like all of the database tables were created.  Is there a way to re-create the koha database structure without re-installing everything?
16:52 gmcharlt epederstuen: are you running version 3? if so, you can drop the existing tables, then run the web installer again
17:09 nengard hello all - on the OPAC menu for general preferences which logo is being used - and if it's both where is each on being used - there is opaclargeimage and opacsmallimage
17:18 owen opaclargeimage is out of date. Only opacsmallimage is in use
17:41 owen-away kados?
18:10 nengard another pref question - for OpacPasswordChange it says: If ON, enables patron-initiated password change in OPAC (disable it when using LDAP auth)" - where do I send the user to see if they're using LDAP auth?
18:10 kados nengard: they would have to ask their systems administrator
18:11 kados the answer is almost universally NO
18:11 nengard thanks kados
18:11 kados LDAP is a remote authenitcation service, so they'd probably know if they were using it
18:11 nengard ahhh
18:11 nengard got it
18:15 fbcit is there a way to have vim locate matching HTML tags?
18:19 kados fbcit: perhaps ... I found this:
18:19 kados
18:19 kados Close HTML and XML tags automatically
18:19 kados not quite the same thing
18:21 fbcit cool
18:24 nengard hmmm - when logged in as one patron, I'm seeing purchse suggestions by other patrons in my personlized opac display - this is a bug right??
18:26 nengard hmmm - wait - it says I can see purchase suggestions for just me or for anyone -  this might be a security issue - dont' you think - or better yet, a privacy issue
18:32 kados nengard: there should be a syspref for that IIRC
18:32 nengard IIRC?
18:32 kados nengard: OPACViewOthersSuggestions
18:32 nengard ahhh
18:32 nengard thanks
18:32 kados IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
18:32 nengard I'll make sure to note that
18:33 kados this is why profiling is so important for libraries
18:33 kados every library has a different set of assumptions about what the defaults should be
18:33 kados they need someone to walk tthem through the options
18:34 nengard :) it's okay - and i totally agree
18:34 owen Hmmm... So if OPACViewOthersSuggestions is on there should be a global nav link for Suggestions. If OPACViewOthersSuggestions is off we can leave the suggestions link in the user-specific menu.
18:36 kados owen: yea
18:37 kados and I guess those belong in the Acquisitions tab too
18:38 kados so nengard  ... the AnonSuggestions syspref is a classic example of the sysprefs not making sense to people
18:38 kados it says 'Set to anonymous borrowernumber to enable Anonymous suggestions'
18:39 nengard right- which i don't get
18:39 kados what could be improved in that sentence to make it clear what the purpose of it is?
18:39 kados is it unclear what an anonomous suggestion would be?
18:41 nengard In that sentence ... Enter borrower number 'X' to allow anonymous purchace suggestions
18:41 nengard i know what an anonymous suggestion is
18:41 nengard i just have no idea what value to enter for the anonymous borrowernumber
18:41 kados ahh
18:41 kados I guess it assumes the user knows there's a field called borrowernumber
18:43 nengard field where? a system preference field? a patron field?
18:43 nengard that's my problem
18:44 nengard PS my OPACViewOthersSuggestions is set to OFF - and yet I see them in my OPAC....
18:45 kados nengard: bug it ;-)
18:45 nengard will do
18:45 nengard kados: so where is that field?
18:45 kados nengard: borrowers table
18:45 nengard where is that field from the user's perspective?
18:46 nengard where can they see what number to enter?
18:46 kados yea, it used to show up, but we've hidden it I see
18:47 kados you can see it in links
18:47 kados like the 'details' tab has a borrowernumber=?
18:47 kados where ? is the borrower number
18:47 kados it should be listed in the Library use section of the patron detail page
18:47 kados that's another bug :-)
18:47 nengard sorry if i'm being daft - but how does that help a user setting up this feature?
18:47 nengard OH!!!
18:47 nengard Thanks :)
18:47 nengard will report it
18:50 owen nengard, I'll fix it right now
18:50 owen kados, would you have it be labelled "borrowernumber" ?
18:51 kados probably I'd called Patron ID
18:52 kados too many past tenses in that sentence
18:52 owen ...and update the syspref text to match?
18:52 nengard owen: bug #1944
18:53 nengard and thanks :)
18:53 owen Good for my bug-fixing stats :)
18:53 nengard hehe
18:53 nengard hey i have tons of bugs you can solve if you want to up your stats ;) hehe
18:53 kados owen: yea, that'd be ideal
18:55 owen kados: I don't know what all needs to be changed to update the system pref. I'm going to update the bug and assign to you.
18:58 nengard "Text to display as the link anchor in the OPAC" -- HUH?  what the heck does that mean?
18:58 nengard you guys need an English major to write these blurbs :) hehe
19:00 owen You take what you can get...and we can't always get an English /speaker/!
19:00 nengard i guess that's true ;)
19:01 owen That said, I don't know what that pref is for either.
19:01 nengard but the English is okay in that - it just doesn't make sense to me - the average person
19:01 nengard owen: hehe - it's URLLinkText
19:03 owen I can only find reference to that string in Sounds like it's out of date, or not forward-ported to 3.0 yet?
19:03 owen A question for koha-devel I think
19:04 owen kados, if I want to add more similar items to my catalog for testing that feature, should I be looking at LibraryThing's data?
19:05 kados owen: you can add a warn in the script
19:06 kados line 193 of (inside the for loop)
19:06 kados use Data::Dumper; warn Dumper($similar_product);
19:06 kados add that inside the loop and you should see some decent data on every page load
19:07 nengard owen: sent to the list
19:07 ryan URLLinkText should be the link text in the <a> tags in an 856 link.
19:07 nengard oh!!!
19:07 ryan it is needed for long urls which will break page layout
19:07 nengard guess I didn't need to send the email - thanks ryan
19:08 owen ryan, is that feature implemented?
19:08 nengard good catalogers should enter a subfield 3 to solve that problem - but good idea :)
19:08 owen kados: is that only Amazon's similar items data?
19:08 ryan owen, i thought it was
19:08 kados owen: yea
19:09 owen Kados: I'm still getting similar and editions mixed up, sorry
19:09 kados nengard: but not all of them do enter the subfield 3
19:09 kados owen: :-)
19:09 kados owen: yea, theya re actually very different
19:09 nengard kados - i always did :) hehe
19:09 nengard and that's why i said it was a good idea to have that field - because so many don't
19:09 kados owen: similar items is more 'related' whereas editions is 'other versions of the same thing'
19:10 kados nengard: *nod*
19:10 owen kados: I understand the difference as long as I'm paying attention
19:11 ryan owen: looks like it was unimplemented
19:11 kados owen: they were introduced at nearly the same time, so I can see why you'd get them conflated ... especially since they're both kinda hard to test without good data :-)
19:12 nengard kados and ryan if subfield 3 is entered will that preference override it?
19:13 ryan nengard: no, the syspref should only appear if there's no subf 3
19:13 ryan and if it's not a TOC
19:13 nengard rayn - awesome!
19:13 nengard ryan i should say
19:13 kados ryan: so we need to forward-port that from dev_week?
19:14 nengard owen: i'm not sure it's in 3.0 cause my full URL is showing here:[…]?biblionumber=721
19:15 nengard kados is that a bug?
19:15 kados nengard: it's an item that needs to be done, so yea, I'd say so
19:15 ryan nengard: yes, it seems to be missing
19:16 nengard thanks guys
19:19 nengard bug #1945 submitted - taking off now - ttyl
19:27 owen I'm not seeing anything listed on admin/
19:28 owen DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /home/oleonard/koha/production/intr​anet/cgi-bin/admin/ line 37.
19:30 owen Hm, I guess that's bug 1789.
19:30 kados huh, that's weird
19:31 fbcit owen: works fine here
19:31 owen fbcit, are you able to add a new z39.50 server?
19:31 kados works for me too
19:32 fbcit owen: yes
19:32 owen Weird, could it be a problem with my database?
19:34 fbcit perhaps if there are no z3950 servers loaded in your db to start with??
19:35 owen There are
19:36 kados anyone wanna test webhuddle with me?
19:36 owen Whassat?
19:36 kados it's an oss webinar thingy
19:36 fbcit owen: it looks like it has to do with a template param 'searchfield'
19:36 kados owen:[…]0948c03&mID=26876
19:36 kados owen: let me know if you can see my screen
19:37 fbcit hehe
19:37 kados or anyone really
19:37 fbcit cool
19:37 kados does it work?
19:37 kados hehe
19:37 kados cool
19:38 kados owen: making you moderator
19:38 kados yea, this is soo easy to use
19:38 kados compared to say, webex
19:39 owen Are y'all seeing my desktop now?
19:39 kados cool, I can see owen's screen :-0
19:39 fbcit windows
19:39 owen Exciting.
19:39 kados hehe
19:39 kados very cool
19:40 kados I think it's OSS too
19:40 kados yea, it's on sourceforge
23:29 atz why is the ISBN returned by C4::Search actually an a contaminated string
23:29 atz ?
23:29 atz like: 0807737143 (cloth : alk. paper) | 0807737135 (pbk. : alk. paper)
23:31 atz i guess b/c it is expected to be displayed, and not used... and hit maps to potentially many ISBNs
00:15 kados atz: yea that's the problem with AACR2
00:16 kados atz:  galen was gonna work on a generic C4::Normalize
00:17 kados atz: but other priorities have crept in :-)
00:17 atz yeah, i hacked out a regexp to recognize the first isbn in the string, but that's sooo chintzy
00:26 atz i see in the rather near future that we will be using js to get image, because we can fail over (and over) w/o doing any connections w/ the server
00:27 atz so we can start w/ the amazon image, fail to google image, optionally fail back to B&T, syndetics, etc.
00:27 kados yea
00:27 kados you working on google image?
00:28 kados the long-term failover if there's no available image is a css overlay on a generic book image
00:28 kados css over lay of the title :-)
00:28 atz not yet, but I have made myself conversant on the backend code... some ppl on list have already implemented google as a substitute for amazon
00:28 kados on ablank book image
00:29 atz but i'm looking at potentially multiple sources per image
00:29 atz yeah, the CSS move would be nice
00:29 atz not everything will have images
00:30 atz ok, got B&T on hit list and detail
00:35 kados sweet
00:35 kados got a link?
00:36 atz[…]murder&limit=MAIN
00:36 kados oh, tagging too, eh?
00:37 atz indeed... not 100% yet, but most of the front and back end are there
00:37 atz need to dress it up w/ some jquery xhtml, so you don't have to even leave the page
00:38 atz i think I'll set up the sysprefs to default  TagInputOnList=OFF
00:39 atz just to keep it clean
00:39 atz TagInputOnDetail=On
00:40 kados cool
00:41 atz the other complexity will be building the moderation interface on the staff side
00:41 atz I should say that I'm using Lingua::Ispell (optionally, but preferred)
00:42 atz as a built-in whitelist
00:43 atz a level of polish would be to have one of you zebra pros index the tags and make them searchable that way
00:44 kados cool
00:44 kados yea, that'd be pretty trivial I think
00:46 kados atz: got a sec for a Vshelves uestion?
00:46 kados question I mean
00:47 atz sure
00:47 kados I'm trying to figure out how to add the imageurl variable to
00:47 atz zebra stuff might be easy... once you know how.  
00:47 kados the new convention is:
00:47 kados <img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="imageurl" -->" alt="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="description" -->" title="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="description" -->" />
00:47 kados instead of linking to a specific .git
00:47 kados gif I mean
00:47 kados :-)
00:48 kados but I don't see how that list is being created
00:48 kados it looks like is mostly a placeholder
00:48 kados whith the heavy lifting being done in the modules
00:48 atz ah yes..
00:48 atz C4::VirtualShelves/
00:48 atz C4/VirtualShelves/
00:48 kados yep
00:49 kados but I don't even see a call to GetBiblio or anything
00:49 kados or is it GetBibliofromItemNumber
00:49 kados is vshelves a list of items or biblios?
00:49 atz yeah, GetBiblioFromItemNumber
00:49 kados (I guess it should be both long-term, depending on it's purpose)
00:50 kados (if we use this sas the general purpose container for bulk updates, etc)
00:50 atz vshelves is biblios, never items
00:50 kados k
00:50 kados so where would I add imageurl?
00:50 kados should it just go in GetBibliofromItemNumber
00:51 kados and if it's a list of biblios, why do we have an itemnumber?
00:53 atz on the staff side, librarians expect to make the list by scanning books
00:53 atz in addition to searching
00:53 atz so that's why you have a barcode
00:54 kados *nod*
00:54 kados ok, so any thoughts on where best to insert this imageurl?
00:55 atz not really
00:55 atz i'm not sure where it comes from in all cases
00:55 atz does it map at the biblio level, bilioitems level?
00:56 atz w/ some syspref about what (local or remote) directory the gifs are supposed to live in?
00:56 kados in this case it's biblioitems level
00:56 kados yea, don't worry about where imageurl is built from, that part's done, I just need to know where in Vshelves code I can insert it into biblioitems hash
00:58 atz GetShelfContents, probably
00:58 atz (or just after that call, line 141)
00:58 atz in
00:59 atz since this is really an aspect of the page, and not the back end, makes the most sense
00:59 atz and will affect both opac and intranet there
01:00 kados cool
01:00 kados Ill inspect $items to see the format
01:05 kados cool, that worked, thanks
01:15 kados atz: any comment on bug 1873?
01:41 atz kados: this appears to a problem with the DB constraint definition
01:42 atz the field dateadded is of type=timestamp
01:42 atz but it isn't updating
01:48 ryan /Users/ryan/Library/Application\ Support/xPad/Temp/ISLC\ Reinstall.txt
01:48 ryan oops
01:48 ryan C-c C-v error
01:53 atz kados: updated bug
01:56 atz updated updated... heh

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