IRC log for #koha, 2008-03-17

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15:05 martinmorris hello I've lost my zebra bibliosocket and don't quite know what to do about it :)
15:06 martinmorris (and have just fixed it! ignore me)
18:19 slef Hi all. Can someone remind me where the authoritative 2.2.9 branch is?
18:19 slef (CVS,, some other git...)
18:19 slef Couldn't find it on
19:09 kados slef: it's on savannah
19:09 kados slef: and it's CVS
19:09 kados slef: though if you'd like to take it over and run it on Git, no-one would object
19:10 kados it could use some love :-) ... I think a lot of people would be very content with a 2.2.10
19:42 chris morning
20:01 martinmorris hi there, just wondering something and can't find the answer on the kohadocs site
20:02 martinmorris is it possible for me to search LOC authorities directly using z39.50 or do I have to upload them to koha and search locally?
20:10 chris well you perhaps could search LOC with some hacking, but out of the box, nope it searches locally
20:12 martinmorris fair enough, that's all i wanted to know
20:12 martinmorris thank you
20:12 martinmorris am i the first person to ask that I wonder?
20:12 chris could be :)
20:20 hdl hi
20:23 chris hi hdl
20:24 hdl how are you chris ?
20:24 chris good thanks, how are you?
20:24 hdl good... (a bit tired, i have been working most of the week end.)
20:25 chris ahh, i did some work saturday, but had a day off yesterday
20:30 chris[…]308/1408ln012.htm
22:23 martinmorris i'm wondering if my koha 3 installation isn't quite right - i want to tell koha that my call number is UDC (080) and not seeing where i can do that...
23:27 slef kados: thanks. No plans for 2.2.10, just investigating an old bug.
23:42 chris hey slef

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