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12:01 fbcit-away tnx for catching my mistake kados :)
12:14 nengard hi all - i'm wondering if this fix is set up right[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1939 - on my test OPAC I have news showing up on my main opac page - and so this field shows up below that .... just wondering
12:32 nengard morning owen
12:32 owen Hi
12:32 nengard i think this question if for you:
12:32 nengard i'm wondering if this fix is set up right[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1939 - on my test OPAC I have news showing up on my main opac page - and so this field shows up below that .... just wondering
12:34 owen[…]koha/
12:35 owen Does it not look right to you? Not what you expected?
12:37 nengard I guess it does look better on yours :)
12:37 nengard here's mine:
12:38 nengard i think it's a-ok the way it is - it's probably easy for individual libraries to customize if they need
12:38 owen The idea was to leave a big blank canvas for libraries to customize, rather than try to come up with something to fill the space with that would apply to everyone
12:40 kados g'morning #koha
12:44 owen Hi kados
12:52 nengard 2 more preferences that sound the same to me - opaclayoutstylesheet and opacstylesheet both say it should be the layout css file ... are they they same or different - if the same which is the right one?
12:55 owen Note that opacstylesheet says "a complete URL to use an alternate layout stylesheet"
12:55 owen That means that opacstylesheet is a complete replacement for the default opac stylesheets, and you're hosting that file somewhere else
12:55 owen It might be used by a library that doesn't have access to the server Koha is hosted on, but want to make style changes
12:56 owen opaclayoutstylesheet points to a local css file
13:01 kados hey ccatalfo
13:01 ccatalfo hey all
13:03 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:05 nengard owen thanks!!
13:13 nengard question: OPACSubscriptionDisplay - has 3 values - but doesn't tell me what each value does - I checked help ... but nothing ... is there somewhere else to check?
13:34 hdl hi*
13:35 gmcharlt hi hdl
13:44 owen nengard: maybe hdl knows the answer to your OPACSubscriptionDisplay question?
13:44 nengard hdl: OPACSubscriptionDisplay - has 3 values - but doesn't tell me what each value does - I checked help ... but nothing ... is there somewhere else to check?
13:44 nengard thanks owen
13:45 kados ccatalfo: all the DNS is set up, it'll take a few hours to propogate
13:45 kados ccatalfo: i've got this 10am call, then I'll get on getting you access to pippin/gandalf to make the switch
13:46 kados oops, wrong channel :-)
13:47 hdl nengard : seems now deprecated.
13:47 hdl There should be 2 possibilities :
13:47 nengard hdl: thanks!!
13:47 hdl short summary
13:47 hdl or
13:47 hdl whole list.
13:48 nengard hdl: what's the difference between the two?
13:50 hdl http://o17.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]iblionumber=15002
13:50 hdl clicking on more detail leads you to summary.
13:50 hdl (subscription tab)
13:51 hdl You could be able to see the whole subscription history directly if this systempreference was used.
13:51 hdl Is it OK for you ?
13:53 hdl Set to Off if one donot want to show subscription history.
13:54 hdl (Or if you store it in biblio data)
13:56 nengard got it - so i need to report a bug to have that menu changed to two options instead of three
13:57 kados hdl: btw: I am unable to SSH into Savannah
13:57 hdl :(
13:57 hdl Is there an other way ?
13:58 kados hdl: I'm not sure ... maybe the savannah gurus can help?
13:58 hdl will email them.
14:00 hdl
14:00 hdl jus FYI
14:02 hdl savannah has been supporting git project since June 2007.
14:12 hdl kados : do you have mailman administrator pasword at savannah ?
14:12 kados hdl: yes
14:13 kados hdl: it's a different password for every list
14:13 kados hdl: you need those?
14:14 fbcit hello koha
14:15 gmcharlt hi fbcit
14:17 kados hdl: I just emailed it to you
14:17 hdl thx.
14:18 hdl I will see if it helps.
14:27 owen kados: thanks for the tip, re:z39.50 servers. Your fix worked for me.
14:29 kados sweet
14:44 nengard she's back - where was all the documentation for this stuff from before??? Anyway, 'opacthemes' only has one value - how do you add other themes?
14:45 owen it actually checks the filesystem of the server for other directories containing template files
14:45 owen So if you only have one set of template, you only get one choice.
14:46 nengard ahh - so if you want another template you need your sys admin to create a folder for it ... or to create the entire thing
14:48 owen Yes
14:49 owen typical sequence would be to copy the existing template directory into a renamed directory, and edit from there
14:50 owen ...But it's a long and complicated process to re-write templates, so it's not recommended
14:51 owen kados, I'm still concerned about Bug 1195. For example:[…]?biblionumber=507
14:51 owen How is the user to determine that the record is for a web page, and not for a book with no items which happens to have an online resource link?
14:52 owen You'd have to read through the info in the descriptions tab
14:52 kados owen: ryan and I discussed this
14:52 kados the solution we're going to propose is to add a few new fields to the bib-level record
14:52 kados so that you could have different record 'types'
14:53 kados and those types would have different display options
14:53 kados so a web resource shouldn't need to have a holdings tab
14:53 owen That sounds good. This would be in user-defined MARC tags?
14:53 kados we haven't decided how to do it ye
14:53 kados t
14:54 kados but as it turns out, Dublin Core has done quite a bit of work in this area, so we will likely be looking closely at some of the paradigms they provide for
14:55 kados acmoore: congrats on your first patch! and first Bugfix (1801)!
14:56 nengard owen: mom answered your question:
14:56 acmoore Thanks! I think I'll take the rest of the day off!
14:56 kados hehe
14:58 hdl kados : Dublin core detail save donot throw valid XML.
14:59 nengard acmoore: i have plenty more for you - no taking the day off :) hehe
15:03 acmoore grrr. OK. ;)
15:07 owen kados, re:  bug 1732. At some point we talked about using "on shelf" instead of "available." Either that never happened or it got lost along the way
15:08 kados right
15:08 kados I was pretty sure we did implement it
15:08 kados maybe it got reverted :/
15:13 owen I think the "Editions" tab should be hidden if there are no editions. What do y'all think?
15:14 kados owen: yes
15:19 owen Shouldn't the editions feature exclude the record itself from the list of editions?
15:20 kados owen: if you say so :-)
15:20 kados owen: can you file a bug for that and assign to me?
15:20 owen Sure
15:21 kados owen: I will fix that immediately since I know you're working on it right now
15:35 nengard okay this should be an easy one: OPACURLOpenInNewWindow - this means URLs from the 856? or other URLs as well?
15:37 atz doesn't get used anywhere, actually
15:37 nengard atz - okey dokey - another bug report then?
15:37 atz yeah, i think so
15:37 nengard what about this one: OPACUserCSS - the value is 0 in my system
15:37 nengard how is this dff from the many other css fieds?
15:38 atz same story... gets installed, doesn't get used
15:38 atz they may be holdovers from earlier versions
15:39 nengard okay .... one reported bug: #1951
15:40 nengard another reported #1952
15:41 kados owen: pushed up a patch for that
15:41 kados owen: also added a little metadata tag to toe top of every page so we can start tracking kohas in teh wild
15:41 kados <meta name="generator" content="Koha 3.0000066" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->
15:41 owen Sneaky
15:42 owen That should force links from 856 urls to open in new window?
15:42 kados it's one of Ryans
15:42 kados owen: yes, feel free to add the feature if you have a moment
15:43 owen Will do
15:43 kados owen++
15:44 owen Anyone else having a problem with the BiblioDefaultView pref? Mine is set to normal but I keep getting links to ISBD
15:44 nengard owen, kados: am I assigning these things right? they're in the system preferences so i keep picking sys admin - but that doesn't seem right to me
15:45 owen It's fine, nengard. It's just that sometimes it comes down to an interface issue which I can fix.
15:45 kados nengard: it's correct
15:45 nengard great!
15:51 owen I see, because the variable has been changed to IntranetBiblioDefaultView. I wonder if that's a bug or if it's just me.
15:53 tim Would we have to upgrade to 2.2.9 before upgrading to 3.0?  We're on 2.2.5 now.
16:08 nengard next: what's opacuserjs - just a js file for librarians to enter if they want - and if so is it just the filename or a full URL
16:10 owen opacuserjs is where users can enter a block of javascript to be embedded globally in pages in the OPAC
16:10 owen So it's not looking for a filename, it's looking for actual Javascript
16:10 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="opacuserjs" -->
16:10 owen <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
16:10 owen //<![CDATA[
16:11 owen <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="opacuserjs" -->
16:11 owen //]]>
16:11 owen </script>
16:11 owen <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
16:13 nengard thanks owen - you're helping me a lot!
16:28 owen In case anyone hasn't seen this yet:[…]03/05/simplicity/
16:31 kados owen: :-)
16:49 atz owen++
17:15 ryan tim: the upgrade22to30 script should have the same results whether you start with 2.2.5 or 2.2.9
17:22 tim thanks ryan
17:33 fbcit owen-away: hehe
17:58 fbcit where is BorrowersLog defined?
18:00 kados fbcit: systempreferences?
18:00 kados fbcit: under Logs
18:01 fbcit kados: so in what log are these entries made?
18:03 kados fbcit: it's a table in mysql I believe
18:03 kados hdl might know off hand
18:04 kados hehe
18:06 fbcit opps
18:07 fbcit we log everything about a ModMember action except the action??
18:07 fbcit rather the specifics (aka 'info') about the action?
18:08 fbcit hdl: u around?
18:08 fbcit owen: can you confirm that bug 1695 is still an issue?
18:15 fbcit owen: it should not be with the fq relationship between patronimage.cardnumber and borrower.cardnumber
18:15 fbcit s/fq/fk/
18:16 owen You're right: it's no longer an issue.
18:19 fbcit not to mention they are faster
18:24 fbcit chris around?
18:26 fbcit kados: are you handling right now?
18:26 kados fbcit: yea
18:26 fbcit if so, disregard the first patch I sent and apply the second
18:27 kados transitionally until hdl and I work out the details of the new QA role
18:27 kados ok
18:34 kados hey indra!
18:53 owen atz?
18:53 atz yep
18:53 owen I'd like to get more info into the listing of titles in a list
18:53 atz in the toolbar, or in the full display?
18:54 owen The full display
18:54 atz kados was already working on this last night, iiuc
18:54 owen Well, great minds think alike then ;)
19:01 owen kados? Is that something you were looking at?
19:07 kados owen: yea, but I haven't done anything about it
19:08 kados I routed one of the bugs over to atz, our resident Lists expert :-)
19:24 fbcit can anyone confirm that a log search based only on date fails in all cases?
19:26 atz fbcit: try setting the date to ISO format
19:27 atz i'm guessing that's one area where the search date isn't being converted
19:27 fbcit its not
19:27 fbcit AND DATE_FORMAT(timestamp, '%Y-%m-%d') >= "03/01/2008"  AND DATE_FORMAT(timestamp, '%Y-%m-%d') <= "03/18/2008"
19:28 atz yeah, that's a bug
19:28 fbcit mysql> SELECT * FROM action_logs WHERE object = 4 AND module = 'MEMBERS' AND DATE_FORMAT(timestamp, '%Y-%m-%d') >= "2008-03-01"; works fine
19:28 fbcit is there a function for data conversion?
19:28 atz right, if you set your syspref to use ISO, it magicallly... uh.... doesn't break itself.
19:28 fbcit heh
19:30 atz you want to use something like $iso_date = C4::Dates->new($input,'syspref')->output('iso')
19:42 chris morning
19:43 fbcit atz: cool
19:43 fbcit kudos to the C4::Dates people
19:45 fbcit hi chris
19:53 chris atz is the dates people fbcit :-)
20:37 atz kados: so I have a "tag" that maps to a set of biblios
20:38 atz how do I get those biblios to display in the standard search results window?
20:43 atz I don't want some separate results window that looks a lot like it, w/ a bunch of copy/paste code
20:43 atz I suppose I need to modify C4::Search
20:49 kados atz: the tag is stored outside of the biblilo table?
20:49 kados biblio table I mean
20:49 atz yes, since they are user-driven
20:49 kados gotcha
20:49 kados so in that case you'll need to add some code to the searchResults function in
20:50 kados to pull those aout into the hash
20:50 kados and then variables (a loop most likely) to display the tags in the opac
20:50 kados need to be added to the template
20:50 atz yeah the display is already there
20:50 atz the only thing that doesn't exist is the right behavior when I click on the tag
20:51 atz i.e., show me everything w/ that tag
20:51 kados ahh
20:51 kados yea, that's gonna be trickier
20:51 atz i can get the query fine
20:52 atz I just can't force Search to search based on it...
20:52 kados yea, so you get a list of bibs
20:52 atz it gets into zebra issues also
20:52 kados *nod*
20:52 kados yep
20:52 atz right, i get a list (potentially hundreds or thousands) or biblionumbers
20:52 kados *nod*
20:52 atz *of
20:53 kados so I didn't write searchResults, but that's the function that takes a list of bibs and returns a formatable set of objects
20:53 kados s/objects/hashes/
20:53 kados IIRC
20:53 atz ah, ok... so I can co-opt that
20:53 kados should be able to
20:53 kados will give you some ideas how to do it
20:54 atz cool, that would be fine... it's weird to be in the position of having the bibnums already
20:54 kados in fact, if you could build it into that'd be the best
20:54 kados yea, exactly
20:55 atz ok, I'll see what I can get moving
21:24 irma Hi all
21:24 irma I would like to ask a question about the ISBN-13 and qualifiers
21:26 irma Could someone pls run me through the steps to change: vachar (14) to a longer field to accommodate the qualifiers?
21:27 atz do you know the sql you would use to create a new column of the appropriate size?
21:28 irma in the biblioitems table
21:28 irma ?
21:29 atz whatever table you say the varchar(14) comes from
21:30 irma Not me "atz" but I can ask a programmer
21:31 atz yeah, basically to make the change you would be writing SQL
21:33 atz it seems like this kind of thing would be accounted for already.  what constitutes a "qualifier" for ISBN 13?
21:33 irma (hardcover) for example
21:33 irma they shoud go in 020  $a
21:34 atz i know I have datasets w/ that info already in there
21:35 irma but with ISBN-13 it ends up by truncating the qualifier
21:35 atz so this is probably more of a question of how koha maps the data, rather than changing the underlying field definition
21:35 irma as is now in 2.2.9 (should have mentioned this in the beginning!)
21:36 atz hmm... ok, most of my experience is in the new codebase
21:36 atz ryan: maybe you can comment?
21:36 irma yes, the qualifier can be added to MARC21 Tag 300 $..but this is contrary to the AACR2 rules.
21:40 irma The truncating occurs as we import records.  I will try to catalogue a new record with a 13 char ISBN and a qualifier and have a look at what happens.  Thanks.
21:41 atz sounds like a good test
21:41 gmcharlt irma: the ISBN would be stored in both the 020$a of the MARC bib with a copy in the isbn column of the biblioitems table
21:42 irma The other question is about how 650 and 651 are mapped together in 2.2.9
21:42 gmcharlt is it truncating the contents of 020$a itself, or just the copy found in biblioitems.isbn, which is where the OPAC display comes from?
21:44 irma Thank you Galen we will check. Thank you for the clarification.
21:45 irma Cheers all.
22:09 hdl fbcit: am around now
22:20 hdl seems you are not anymore.
22:24 kados hdl: still around?
22:25 kados hdl: your patch for doesn't seem to affect the functionality
22:25 hdl for a little while.
22:25 kados I have a ton of users in my db that haven't ever checked out and cleanborrowers doesn't find them
22:25 kados it also doesn't anonymize checkout history
22:25 kados all I get is:
22:25 kados all I get is:jmf@kohavm76:koha-dev/var$ ls run/
22:25 kados zebradb
22:25 kados oops,
22:26 kados    *  0 patrons will be deleted
22:26 kados    * 0 check-out history will be anonymized
22:26 kados is what I get
22:26 hdl what date have you entered ?
22:26 kados today
22:27 kados oops, it defaults to 2007!
22:27 hdl System date not OK ? Or is it hardcoded in the script ?
22:27 kados but still, when I pick today, I get the same result
22:28 hdl I have tested on my box and it worked.
22:28 hdl Can you log the mysql statement ?
22:29 hdl should be the same as mine... But I wonder why you donot have the same results.
22:29 kados I'm using the stock sample data in 3.0 for marc21 english
22:31 kados hdl: I'm changing the priority to p2 again, instead of PATCH-Sent
22:32 hdl I will setup a new Koha box and insert marc21 english data to it.
22:32 hdl And will test again.
22:32 hdl tomorrow.
22:33 kados sounds good
22:33 hdl kados :
22:34 hdl do you have old_issues data on your box ?
22:35 kados hdl: not very much, but some
22:39 kados hdl:  can you expand on bug 1938 ?
22:39 kados hdl: I can't reproduce it
22:41 hdl well : I just went to page installer/ on my testing box.
22:41 hdl And got Error500.
22:42 hdl when I logged in.
22:43 kados me too
22:43 kados I see:
22:43 kados [Tue Mar 18 18:42:20 2008] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]taller/
22:43 kados but no details
23:26 ryan chris: around ?
23:58 chris am now
23:58 chris sorry was at curry wednesday
10:07 frederic Hello all
10:12 frederic kados: did you get my last 2 patches? The one facets-related is important :)

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