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15:28 owen Hi tinaburger, are you at code4lib?
15:31 paul 'morning owen
15:32 owen Hi paul
15:57 paul owen : what time is it in Portland now ?
15:57 paul (which GMT are they ?)
15:58 owen I believe it's 8AM
15:59 fbcit g'morning paul, owen
15:59 owen Hi fbcit
16:04 owen fbcit: I've got a question about the new patron image upload form
16:04 fbcit k
16:04 owen If you check 'zip file' but pass a cardnumber value to the script, will the script get confused?
16:04 fbcit you should not be able to do both
16:05 fbcit if you select the zip file radio button, the cardnumber field should become hidden
16:05 owen Here's why I ask: I'm making changes so that you can pass a cardnumber to that page from the patron detail screen
16:05 owen that the card number is pre-filled
16:06 owen I'm wonder what happens if someone changes their mind and chooses 'zip' at that point
16:06 owen The card number field will still be filled in
16:07 fbcit hmmm
16:07 owen I could easily empty the cardnumber field when the user clicks 'zip', but I'd rather not punish the user from playing around
16:08 fbcit I may need to add some code to override that var or undefine it  at lease in that case
16:08 fbcit s/lease/least/
16:08 fbcit the javascript may be able to be mod'd to clear that field when hidden...?
16:09 owen Yeah, I just thought it'd be nice to not clear it in case they didn't really mean to.
16:09 fbcit right
16:09 fbcit let me look at the code for a moment
16:10 fbcit it should not be difficult to manipulate the variable there
16:11 fbcit owen: are you aware of anywhere the patronimages syspref is actually used?
16:11 owen It /should/ be used in, but I see it's not
16:12 owen It's used in some other places to determine whether or not to load the patron-image javascript check
16:13 fbcit I'm thinking to change it to a YES/NO pref and clarify the description somewhat. Do you foresee any issues?
16:13 fbcit re cardnumber: if the user passes up a zip file, $cardnumber is overwritten by the cardnumbers contained in the *link.txt file in all cases
16:14 owen That's what it is in my system, but I don't know where that came from
16:14 fbcit so I don't think the scenario we're considering will confuse the script, but we should test to see.
16:15 fbcit the syspref description here is: "Enable patron images for the Staff Client; to enable, specify a file extension (e.g., png)"
16:15 fbcit and the value is '0'
16:16 owen Hunh, yeah that's out of date alright
16:17 fbcit it's that way in HEAD
16:17 fbcit also, kados mentioned that there might be code somewhere to display a "no image available" placeholder image?
16:18 owen Yes, I've just committed some changes to make that happen again. It's javascript-based, but I suppose your patronimage script could to it just as easily
16:19 owen Could return /intranet-tmpl/prog/img/patron-blank.png if there were no patron image in the database?
16:19 fbcit I can add that
16:20 fbcit does that image exist currently?
16:20 owen Yes
16:41 fbcit morning gmcharlt-away
16:43 fbcit owen: I have displaying patron-blank.png when no image exists, but have one more caveat to overcome before committing
16:50 gmcharlt hi fbict -- how goes it?
16:54 fbcit gmcharlt: fine. you're @ code4lib?
16:55 fbcit gmcharlt: question: can I retrieve the FQDN from some variable in Koha for a given install?
16:55 gmcharlt yep -- will be starting the Koha Camp presentation soon
16:58 gmcharlt fbcit: re FQDN  -- it's not in koha-conf.xml, but could be added
16:58 gmcharlt just need to be sure that split-server installations are handled
17:00 fbcit is that a desirable config var?
17:04 gmcharlt fbcit: could be -- just need to be careful about using it, since it could easily be wrong -- e.g., if an OPAC is accessed both from outside a firewall and within, and has different internal and external names
17:04 paul hello gmcharlt
17:04 paul (hdl around ?)
17:05 fbcit gmcharlt: thanks, hope your presentation goes well. I'd like to be there to hear it.
17:17 fbcit gmcharlt: got around it using CGI::url(-base => 1) which I *think* should return the correct FQDN:port each time.
17:18 fbcit hrmm
17:18 fbcit though it will not pickup on firewall mangling
17:33 paul hello nengard. How was your greek restaurant with hdl ?
17:34 nengard paul: very good:[…]qsebgJwYM6Cj8ofHw
17:51 fbcit owen around?
17:51 owen Yes
17:52 fbcit I've cooked up a patch to that defaults to patron-blank.png if no image exists for a given cardnumber in the db
17:52 fbcit I've submitted it, but if you like, I'll send you a copy
17:54 owen that's great, fbcit. No I don't need a copy, thanks
17:54 fbcit gmcharlt-camp: it turns out that CGI::url works with the info in the request header and so returns the actual FQDN:port contained there
17:55 fbcit gmcharlt-camp: so this should work nicely regardless of the mangling that goes on in between the client and webserver.
17:57 fbcit owen: let me know if the issue of the cardnumber field is a problem when you make the changes to the patron detail screen
17:57 owen Okay
18:04 nengard quick question - is RSS for search results an option in the admin? (like athens county)? Or is it more difficult than that - i wanted to turn it on in my demo and test
18:06 owen nengard: I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You want to be able to subscribe to a search in the staff client like you can in the OPAC?
18:07 nengard owen: sorry - no i just want the rss feed to show in the opac on the search results page like it does on the athens county opac
18:07 nengard[…]
18:08 owen so you want to see the little RSS icon next to the "returned x results" text?
18:08 nengard yes
18:08 owen Is it not auto-discovering the feed and displaying the icon in Firefox's location bar?
18:09 nengard it is!! I'm a dummy.....
18:09 nengard sorry - jet lag and all
18:09 nengard i'll use that - someone here reported a problem so i want to poke and see if it's a bug
18:09 nengard uh oh
18:09 owen It's a legitimate question, whether we should emphasize the RSS feature by keeping that icon there like we have it in dev_week
18:09 nengard Software error:
18:09 nengard Cannot open file rss/O4fJfRXo6xHlGqJemldw6Q for write: Permission denied at /home/nce/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 159
18:09 nengard CGI::Carp
18:09 nengard i'll file the bug
18:12 owen looks like hdl was the last to touch that can bug him in person! :)
18:12 owen paul still around?
18:16 nengard owen: hehe
18:25 nengard owen: hdl says it's not his fault
18:25 nengard looks like it's not a bug after all - it's a NOTE for the manual - looks like a permission issue
18:27 fbcit owen: I just submitted a patch correcting patronimages syspref to YesNo and correcting the description as well. Defaults to No (0).
18:27 owen Hmmm... So there's a configuration step somewhere that's not covered by the installer?
18:28 fbcit looks like another situation where the apache2 user needs write permissions to /usr/share/koha/misc/rss
18:30 owen actually opac/rss
18:30 qiqo hi guys
19:34 fbcit u around chris?
19:40 chris yep whats up?
19:46 fbcit chris: what's the difference between 'call number' and 'dewey' && why do what I think are dewey show up under 'call number' and not vice-versa?
19:46 chris dewey is just one form of callnumber
19:47 fbcit so if callnumber == dewey shouldn't it also show up in the dewey field?
19:48 fbcit or it may be the fact that I'm not a librarian ;-)
19:53 chris heh yeah if you choose to use dewey in sysprefs, then id expect it to say dewey i think
19:53 nengard some libraries will have a dewey number and a call number
19:53 nengard it's two different marc fields
19:54 nengard call number being LC call number 090/050 or Local call number 099
19:55 chris yep but some might also just have dewey, i think fbcit is asking where it should show up in that case
19:56 chris some might also just have LC call numbers
19:56 chris hows the camp going nicole?
19:59 chris heh
20:01 owen fbcit: I'd say call number handling is broken in Koha at the moment. There's no working standard for how to display call numbers
20:02 chris yep, it keeps changing
20:02 fbcit so I'll just specify callnumber since that field appears to contain dewey here
20:03 fbcit so how are other's doing spine labels?
20:03 fbcit or are they?
20:04 chris some are
20:04 chris lots use kbarode
20:04 chris kbarcode even
20:05 fbcit hrm
20:05 fbcit barcode on spine labels?
20:05 chris yeah lots fold around
20:06 chris so on the spine you have callumber, or author or whatever
20:06 chris and it folds around so the front bit has barcode
20:06 chris it all depends what ur labels look like
20:07 fbcit that makes since
20:08 fbcit so maybe using a 1" X 2 5/8" for the wrap around?
20:17 chris sorry was just getting kahu ready for daycare
20:17 chris yeah, one of the defined labels is a wrap around one
20:17 chris opus here in nz use it
21:18 chris hi tina
09:38 chris hey russ
09:38 ru55el hi all
09:56 paul sweet dreams chris

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