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12:46 CGI728 how to install koha for windows
13:43 qiqo anyone who can help me, my koha is so slow
15:17 qiqo thd
16:41 qiqo help
18:02 qiqo anyone here?
18:02 qiqo atz you there?
18:03 qiqo thd-?
18:27 qiqo ohh it's really slow.. what can i do...
21:22 chris hey galen .. in portland now?
21:25 gmcharlt chris: if only -- I'm at O"Hare
21:25 gmcharlt my wife, as it happens, is flying to Richmond tonight, and I"m keeping her company until my flight leaves ORD later this evening
21:25 chris ahhh
21:25 chris free internet there?
21:48 atz qiqo: what kind of system specs?  using zebra?
21:48 atz i won't be able to help much, as I'm leaving for the airport soon too
00:21 |hdl| kados : are you around ?
00:22 chris havent seen him
00:22 masonj heya henri
00:23 qiqo gosh i missed atz
00:23 qiqo anyone else who can helo?
00:24 masonj hmmm, im a bit busy today  qiqo :(
00:25 qiqo ah ok
00:25 masonj whats the problem?
00:25 qiqo my koha installation is so slow
00:25 qiqo with 2.2.9 it was fast
00:25 masonj is it network or system?
00:25 qiqo the same..
00:25 masonj its the same system?
00:25 qiqo either if i access it on another computer or the server it self
00:25 masonj right
00:26 qiqo im running 2 Xeon processors at 2.0Ghz
00:26 qiqo 1.0GB ECC Ram
00:26 masonj its doing marc-editing that its slow ?
00:26 qiqo everything
00:27 qiqo html files load fast
00:27 masonj what does 'top' show?
00:27 qiqo what do you mean with top?
00:27 masonj man top
00:28 masonj run top on your system, do some koha tasks...
00:29 masonj watch  what processes and scripts are being used the most
00:29 qiqo ive seen the processes
00:29 qiqo theyre fine
00:29 masonj that will give you an idea or what specifically is taking so long
00:29 qiqo nothing is flooding the cpus and memory
00:29 chris im betting its the api stuff
00:30 qiqo i think it's the scripting or dns stuff
00:30 chris the yahoo yui
00:30 qiqo i think that its that too
00:30 masonj aaaah, click
00:30 chris qiqo: go to system preferences
00:30 qiqo uhuh
00:30 chris find the yui syspref
00:30 masonj search for 'yui' ..
00:30 chris you can switch it to serve the content locally
00:30 qiqo i actually downloaded yui
00:30 masonj good
00:30 qiqo extracted to local folder
00:30 chris yeah it comes with koha now
00:31 masonj the folder has to be under your 'htdocs' dir
00:31 chris hang on mason
00:31 chris it comes with koha if you checked it out from git
00:31 qiqo ohh htdocs.. not var/www?
00:32 chris qiqo: how did you get your copy of 3?
00:32 chris with git from the repo?
00:33 chris or did you download the alpha release?
00:33 nengard hdl: hiya
00:33 chris if you got it with git then just change the yui syspref to
00:33 masonj looks like the yui stuff live here, in git
00:33 masonj ./koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
00:33 chris /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
00:33 chris yep, it says so in the syspref even
00:34 qiqo i got it from
00:34 chris right, you just need to edit the syspref then
00:34 masonj ./koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
00:34 qiqo oh ok
00:34 qiqo thank you very much, i will try that
00:35 chris without the .
00:35 qiqo ok
00:35 chris and the koha-tmpl bit
00:36 chris  /intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
00:36 masonj koha-tmpl is the htdocs dir , from koha-http.conf
00:36 chris is what you need
00:36 masonj  DocumentRoot /home/mtj/git/koha/koha-tmpl
00:36 chris just like the syspref says
00:36 masonj yep, chris is correct
00:36 qiqo ok will try that
00:37 masonj yui-path is prolly your problem qiqo
00:37 qiqo yeah i was thinking of that too
00:37 chris i feel strongly that it should be set locally by default
00:37 chris and people can switch to use the yahoo served ones
00:37 chris if they want
00:37 qiqo so i downloaded it.. and extracted it to var/www
00:37 qiqo and nothing happened
00:38 chris yeah, it wont
00:38 qiqo right now i am reconfiguring koha
00:38 chris you dont need to download it, it comes with koha, just change the system preference
00:38 qiqo i mean i am starting from scratch
00:38 chris it should serve locally by default, from yahoo is only better for people who have a fast connection to one of the yahoo sites
00:39 chris i hope that it gets fixed before the 3.0 stable is released
00:39 qiqo hmm.. i cant test it right now, but i actually have 1.5mbps connection
00:39 qiqo it would really take 5-10 seconds before the thing loads
00:40 chris yes
00:40 chris cos you have to fetch it all the way from the US
00:40 chris silly, if you are fetching the rest of the site locally
00:40 qiqo hmm ok
00:40 masonj qiqo, you can check that you have the yui files in the right place
00:40 masonj cd koha
00:40 masonj find . -iname *yui*
00:40 chris id just change the system pref
00:40 chris and see if it works
00:41 chris if it doenst then you can go looking round, no point doing that if it just works
00:41 qiqo yup it's here
00:41 masonj perfect
00:42 qiqo i actually had problems upgrading to 2.2.9...
00:42 qiqo so i decided to start from scratch
00:42 qiqo though i already have 300 records..
00:42 qiqo it's really a pain but i have to do it.. items are already on the shelf
00:46 |hdl| nengard: are you in Portland ?
00:46 qiqo i just hope this will work
00:46 nengard hdl: yes
00:47 nengard hdl: want to eat?
00:47 |hdl| Great.
00:47 |hdl| Why not?
00:47 nengard was going to go get take out
00:47 nengard you at the embassy suites?
00:47 |hdl| Where are you in Portland ?
00:47 |hdl| No.
00:47 nengard i'm at the embassy suites hotel
00:47 nengard in my room
00:47 |hdl| In Markspencer hotel.
00:47 nengard how close is that to me?
00:47 nengard we can meet in between
00:47 nengard hang on - getting a map
00:48 |hdl| 11th avenue
00:48 chris i think its like .7 of a mile
00:48 |hdl| Starkstreet.
00:49 nengard hdl: i found some nice places on 4th
00:49 nengard greek, vegan, bars,
00:49 nengard not sure what you feel like
00:49 nengard my map doesn't have anything that looks good
00:50 nengard[…]-in-late-february
00:53 |hdl| I was in XV yesterday.
00:54 nengard XV?
00:54 nengard ahh
00:54 nengard found it
00:55 nengard how about - A
00:55 nengard Greek Cusina?
00:55 nengard 404 SW Washington St
00:56 chris mmm greek
00:56 nengard hehe
00:56 nengard you're too far away
00:59 nengard hdl: ? greek work?
00:59 |hdl| yes.
00:59 nengard chris is joining us
00:59 |hdl| Sorry.
00:59 nengard he'll be here in like 10 hours :) hehe
00:59 |hdl| hehe.
01:00 |hdl| I need 15 minutes.
01:00 nengard this is me:[…]2157594341238511/
01:00 nengard 15 minutes to walk - or 15 minutes before you leave?
01:01 |hdl| Walk + have to bring along some files.
01:01 nengard no problem
01:02 nengard 5:20pm then?
01:02 |hdl| OK.
01:02 nengard see you soon!
01:02 |hdl| Where?
01:02 |hdl| At your hotel ?
01:02 |hdl| nengard:
01:02 nengard restaurant
01:02 nengard less of a walk for you
03:50 qiqo i have a question,, my call number is at 082 and 942.. however opac doesnt seem to show this on tehe search results

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