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13:33 kados g'morning #koha
13:46 paul_ hello kados
13:47 paul do you have some minuts for a git question ?
13:50 kados hey paul
13:50 kados paul: sup?
13:51 paul sup? ???
13:52 kados what's up? => sup? :-)
13:52 kados it's rapper speak :-)
13:54 kados yea, setup can be tough
13:54 kados if you are around in a few hours chris may be able to assist
13:54 kados he's our resident git expert :-)
13:55 kados paul: got a quick sec for a question?
13:55 kados paul: two actually :-)
13:55 paul yep, throw your questions
13:56 kados 1. when you edit a patron, does the drop-down for branch have encoding correct?
13:56 kados for me it's double-encoded
13:57 kados (I have the Instiut protestant de Theologie
13:57 kados and it is mangled
13:57 kados )
13:57 kados 2. what is authorities 'report tag'?
13:58 paul question 2 first :
13:58 paul (all examples for unimarc)
13:59 paul here is your authority entry :
13:59 paul 200$aFerarro$bJoshua$d1975-...
13:59 paul 400$akados
13:59 paul 450$aLibLime
13:59 paul (kados = rejected term)
14:00 kados :)
14:00 paul (LibLime = see also. and it's not in 450, but in 500)
14:00 kados *nod*
14:00 paul let's say joshua write a book as author.
14:00 paul in biblio, you'll have :
14:01 paul 700$9your_authority_number_that_is_in_001_​and_i_forget_to_add$aFerraro$bJoshua$d1975
14:01 paul (the authority number : I forgot to add a 001 to the authority)
14:01 kados *nod*
14:01 paul the tag_to_report says : from the authority, you report the 200 field from the authority into the 7xx field of the biblio when the authority is choosen.
14:02 paul in unimarc, PN=200,Congres=210,Common name=250, ...
14:03 kados what do you mean by 'report'?
14:03 paul (maybe it's a frenchism ;-) ) it's the authority tag you copy in the biblio
14:03 kados ahh, ok
14:04 kados what if I want to put all the tags in?
14:04 kados or more than one?
14:04 paul you can't.
14:04 paul but what kind of copy could you want to do ?
14:04 kados let's s/report/copy/
14:05 paul (in unimarc, you copy only 1)
14:05 kados OK, now I understand
14:05 kados thanks!
14:05 kados I will update the nomenclature to be clear
14:05 kados so i don't have to ask again! :-)
14:05 paul question 1 : works fine for me
14:05 paul but... i need to update my repo.
14:05 paul testing with an uptodate repo...
14:05 kados ok
14:06 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]1&category_type=A
14:06 paul seems OK
14:06 kados I have noticed that all  CGI::popup_menu have bad encoding
14:06 kados what version of CGI are you running?
14:07 paul CGI::popup_menu ???
14:07 kados and CGI::scrolling_list
14:07 kados scrolling_list is the one I meant
14:08 paul CGI = 3.29
14:08 kados hmmm, I have 3.15
14:08 kados I will test upgradeing
14:09 kados still double-encoded :(
14:11 kados paul: do you have any hacked modules to fudge with the utf8 flag?
14:11 paul nope
14:11 gmcharlt kados: I'll play around with the utf8 module -- had noticed this issue before and can come up with a patch quickly
14:11 kados gmcharlt: sweet, thanks
14:12 paul gmcharlt: do you have an idea why I don't have the problem ?
14:12 paul (I have only 1 small remaining problem : the encoding of the branch login (top right) that is mungled as well
14:30 kados mornin atz
14:30 atz greets
14:31 atz still lots of _away'ers
14:32 kados *nod*
14:32 kados atz: how was the holiday?
14:33 atz it was nice.  a little bit of everything...
14:34 atz how 'bout you?
14:34 kados not bad ...
14:34 kados nice and quiet
14:34 kados lends itself well to getting stuff done ... holidays are my favorite time to work :-)
14:37 kados atz: stick around in Ohio? or did you travel?
14:37 atz lol  holiday/work
14:38 atz yeah, my brother and sister came home from brooklyn and florida, respectively
14:38 atz we went up to cleveland area for xmas day
14:38 kados cool
14:39 kados wow, brooklyn ...
14:41 atz yeah, he's been there about 16 months...
14:44 paul hello atz
14:44 atz hi paul
14:45 paul at the end of this week, we will go to my sister home, because of 2 events : the beginning of 2008, and the beginning of my 40's (will occur jan 9th)
14:46 atz nearby?
14:46 paul 1 hour travelling (in "Tarascon")
14:46 kados paul: also on the coast of south France?
14:46 paul (a famous village due to "Tartarin de Tarascon", a famous book heroes here in france)
14:47 paul kados : almost.
14:48 paul I have to leave for an hour or so. will brb
14:55 gmcharlt hi atz
14:55 atz greets gmcharlt
15:57 fbcit morning koha
15:59 fbcit kados: how do you run your hardware config on koha servers?
15:59 fbcit specifically HDD config
15:59 kados well, it depends
15:59 fbcit do you keep the db on a separate drive/array from the system/app stuff
15:59 kados yea, you can do that
15:59 kados it's a question of how much money you have :-)
16:00 fbcit or spare hardware :-)
16:00 kados ideal scenerio would be to have a disk array for system/app, one for mysql, and one for zebra
16:00 fbcit ahh
16:00 kados and a second server that does real-time replication for all three
16:00 kados if you have a big library, you'd want to split up the services into independent hardware platforms
16:00 fbcit I also try to run a separate drive for swap as well
16:01 kados so you might have a web server or two that handle the OPAC, and a SAN for the database, etc.
16:01 fbcit we on the small side with maybe 25k volumes
16:02 kados at that size you could probably run happliy on a soekris box with a 256MB flash drive ;-)
16:02 fbcit hehe
16:03 fbcit performance will not be as much of an issue here as data protection
16:03 kados in that case I'd highly recommend some form of RAID
16:03 kados minimally mirroring of the database
16:04 kados and probably mysql real-time replication to another 'Slave' server
16:04 kados which is easy to setup
16:04 kados unless you're running a completely vanilla system, you'll also want to have something in place to do off-server backups of your installation
16:05 kados config files, etc.
16:05 fbcit DDS
16:05 kados *cough*
16:05 kados waste of time IMO
16:05 kados just set up rsync
16:05 fbcit SAN
16:06 kados rsync is your best friend for backups :-)
16:06 fbcit I currently have an rsync server which handles backups of all other *nix systems on the network
16:06 fbcit and some Win32 stuff
16:07 fbcit adding the db to that should be a simple matter
16:07 fbcit tnx that gives me something to chew on
16:08 kados you'll want to use mysqldump for the db
16:08 kados for periodic backups
16:08 kados and real-time backups with mysql replication
16:09 kados hehe
16:09 kados here's an ancient one
16:09 kados[…]nd_Restoring.html
16:09 kados 2004-12-15 :-)
16:09 fbcit so 'Slave' (above) == 'hot standby' ?
16:09 kados yes
16:09 kados if configured as such
16:09 kados but for that you need a monitor
16:09 fbcit at lease warm standby
16:09 kados yea
16:09 fbcit least also
16:18 arsenic hello koha!
16:19 gmcharlt hi arsenic
16:20 gmcharlt paul: to answer your question from a while back, it looks like the version of DBD::mysql matters -- what version are you using?
16:20 kados hey arsenic
16:21 fbcit hi arsenic
16:24 paul i'm back
16:24 arsenic hi paul!
16:25 paul gmcharlt: DBD::mysql => 4.005
16:25 paul ??? the problem seems to have been solved. It works fine now
16:25 paul mmm... no
16:26 paul the 1st screen after login is correct, but thereafter, branchname is mungled
16:28 gmcharlt paul: so far, it looks like you need at least version 4.005 of DBD::mysql (which we're in the process of testing on a LL server, as Debian Etch ships with only version 3.008)
16:28 gmcharlt also, C4::Context does not appear to be enabling DBD::mysql's utf8 flag correctly
21:30 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
22:53 chris hey is pate :) ltns
22:53 kados wow
22:53 kados pate: hey!
22:53 pate yeah, thought I'd swing by and see what's up
22:54 kados pate: what's new with you?
22:54 pate not too much
22:54 pate working on genealogy stuff these days
22:54 kados cool
22:54 kados for
22:55 pate yup
22:55 pate cool.
22:55 chris i hear you are gonna meet up with rach and si?
22:55 pate I didn't realize we sent anyone there
22:55 pate yeah, I'm looking forward to it
22:56 pate (actually, I'm hoping to talk them into meeting up with some folks here)
22:56 chris sweet
22:56 chris :-)
22:56 pate we've got a lot of data in our collection, and there are many conversations about indexing, cataloging, etc.
22:57 chris *nod*
22:58 pate so, what's up in koha land?
22:58 chris lots of bugfixing :)
22:58 chris in the push to get 3.0 out
22:58 pate oh, sweet!
22:58 pate I didn't realize you guys were making a push these days
22:59 pate what big changes are going into 3.0?
22:59 chris the major one is a rework of how marc data is handled, and how searching is done
23:00 chris then tons of small features too ... independent branches is quite a nice feature too
23:00 kados we have APIs now! :-)
23:00 kados SRU/Z39.50 for searching, SIP2, LDAP, plus some native REST stuff for managing biblio data
23:00 pate very cool
23:01 kados brand new installer
23:01 kados and we switched to Git for revision control
23:01 kados pate:[…]lopment:git_usage
23:01 kados pate: if you're keen to try it out ...
23:02 pate I might take a look at it ... I'm not really up to snuff in Perl anymore though
23:03 pate git seems to be gaining momentum
23:04 chris yeah its pretty cool
23:04 kados git++
23:30 atz hrm...  the "Important links here." default should be changed to be valid HTML (inside tags)
23:31 kados atz: agreed
23:34 atz actually... it can't really be much, since it falls in between the opening of <ul> and the first <li>
23:36 kados it's designed to be a place you can add new <li>s
23:36 kados and it just pushes the other ones down
23:36 kados a la
23:37 atz right... so we can't just throw text, or <p> or whatever other tags in there
23:37 kados *nod*
23:37 kados should be <li>
23:37 kados also notice that it's a syspref :-)
23:37 kados so the user can add their own content without having to touch the template
23:38 kados OpacNav syspref
23:38 kados also see OpacMainUserBlock
23:38 kados A user-defined block of HTML in the main content area of the opac main page
23:38 kados which is also a syspref
23:38 atz yep, i noticed that, and then checked the default sql
23:38 kados means that those modifs survive an update
23:38 kados which is better than having your local changes wiped out when upgrading
23:39 atz that means the pages don't validate by default
23:40 atz but w/ valid data, it is a cool customizeability
23:40 kados *nod*
23:40 kados I don't think anyone's seriously audited anything in the OPAC for 3.0 yet
23:40 kados I know I haven't
23:41 kados but that's typically a weekend-sort-of-thing
23:41 kados ie, it's not a long process, there's not much to the opac
23:41 kados compared with say, acquisitions :-)
00:13 atz what's up w/ arwen?
00:32 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx

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