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13:24 kados g'morning #koha
13:33 paul hello kados.
13:33 kados hi paul
13:33 kados 300 strings?
13:33 paul (it includes around new 200 help strings)
13:33 paul (for translation)
13:33 kados ahh
13:33 paul quite long & boring process...
13:33 kados so if a string isn't translated, it's left in English, eh?
13:33 paul yep.
13:33 kados in the template?
13:33 paul yep too
13:34 kados I wish there was an easier way :(
13:34 paul the easiest way would have be to have only 1 langage all over earth...
13:34 kados working on those this morning ... and also quite a boring process!
13:34 paul s/earth/world/
13:34 kados :)
13:35 kados paul: do you use findseealso somewhere?
13:35 paul I have 3 universities that have officially told to me that they are investigating Koha seriously !
13:35 kados is that the 'suggestions' feature I've heard about?
13:35 kados wow!, great news!
13:36 paul kados : I think it's a remaining 2.2 feature that is now useless
13:36 kados OK
13:37 paul could you explain to me what matching-rules is done for ? (I don't understand, so it's hard to translate ...)
13:38 kados it's the equiv of FindDuplicate
13:38 kados except it's not hard-coded :-)
13:38 kados ie, you can go into system administration and defined 'match points'
13:38 kados s/defined/define/
13:41 kados rules to find duplicates
13:41 kados better?
13:42 paul could you give me a sample of a filled matching-rule ?
13:43 paul (as most of the field meaning is still mysterious : threshold, score, offset, length, normalization rule...)
13:43 kados yes, ISBN is an example
13:43 kados hehe
13:43 kados there are sample matching rules available
13:43 kados in the sample data in installer/data/en
13:43 kados optional I think
13:45 kados :)
14:13 paul kados : a quick question : on opac-search, the result list does not have the menu on the left.
14:13 paul is it something missing or something volunteerly done like that ?
14:13 paul (we have the "refine your search")
14:14 kados hmmm
14:14 kados zebra or nozebra?
14:14 paul (zebra)
14:14 paul http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
14:15 kados there should be a menu too
14:15 kados you are missing a syspref
14:15 kados called OpacNav I think
14:15 paul nope.
14:15 kados where you can define the menu
14:16 paul look at any other page : there is a "BIBLIOTHEQUE DE L'IPT PARIS" +"PAge de liens" + "PAtchwork"
14:16 paul (+"site de l'ipt paris")
14:17 paul + on opac-search no menu on the left too
14:17 kados ahh, maybe it's removed for search results ?
14:17 kados question for owen ...
14:19 kados paul: I just pushed up the last of the utf8 fixes ...
14:19 kados paul: you should be able to use session type mysql now
14:19 kados paul: galen discovered the problem
14:20 paul that's was on my plan for today ;-)
14:20 kados :)
14:20 kados hiya owen
14:20 owen Hi folks
14:20 paul hello owen, a small gift for you just written on ;-)
14:21 paul[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1716
14:26 paul (45 fuzzy to review + 4 untranlsated)
14:27 paul (most of them seems related to virtual shelf = > list change)
14:31 gmcharlt_ good morning #koha
14:31 paul the morning was good for me. it's afternoon now, you're a little bit late gmcharlt_ ;-)
14:32 gmcharlt_ :)
14:32 paul (but good morning to you anyway)
14:32 gmcharlt_ thanks -- and good day to all :)
14:33 kados hiya gmcharlt
14:47 paul kados : I confirm that the patch for utf-8 works well (and the SessionStorage syspref can safely be set to mysql even if you have diacritics in the library name)
14:47 kados awesome!
14:47 kados gmcharlt++
14:52 fbcit g'morning koha
14:53 gmcharlt hi fbcit
14:54 fbcit gmcharlt: I worked on XML::LibXSLT more last night/this morning
14:55 fbcit no success yet, though
14:55 gmcharlt yeah, got your e-mail
14:56 gmcharlt but at least looks like progress
14:58 paul kados, are you still around ?
14:59 paul do you have plan so solve the git-send-email not working for translations (diacritics mungled) ?
14:59 paul because it's really a pain to have to tar gz every time I want to submit a patch.
14:59 paul and with other translations coming, the problem will grow.
15:00 kados how do we solve it?
15:01 paul (something like the mail being identified as latin1, even if it is utf8)
15:01 kados ahh ...
15:02 kados I'll talk to chris about it today
15:03 paul 8 patches in a tgz file in patches mailbox...
15:04 kados paul: thanks
15:05 kados hiya js
15:05 js hi
15:09 owen I wonder why number of holds allowed is a system preference for all patrons rather than something defined in patron categories?
15:10 kados I think it is defined in itemtypes
15:11 paul owen : it's historic. and nobody ever changed the behaviour.
15:11 paul but I agree we could have holding rules as we have issuing & fines rules ;-)
15:12 owen I'm surprised no one has asked for it yet
15:13 paul I had some questions from libraries, but none saying "hey, I WANT this to change"
15:13 paul (with our without sponsoring, that's not the core of the problem it seems)
15:16 owen If I'm in the staff client placing a hold for a patron, I get a message about "Pickup Library is different than patron's home library"
15:16 owen Should that only be there if IndependentBranches is on?
15:16 paul right, it should (imho=
15:16 paul )
15:39 kados if independantbranches is on the dropdown shouldnt display any branches other than the current one by default
15:40 kados threre's another syspref called canreservefromotherbranches that enables it again
15:40 kados[…]dependentbranches
15:41 kados paul: it'd be useful if you could take a look at that page and confirm that it describes the feature as you understand it
15:46 owen kados: So there's no reason for a message about pickup library being different from home library?
15:47 kados well, I think it's a useful thing to warn in any case
15:47 owen So you would vote to keep the message whether or not independantbranches is turned on
15:47 kados yea, I think so
15:48 kados because even for NPL, it'd be useful to be warned to verify that the patron wants to pick it up at a branch other than their home branch
15:48 owen Having an expired card prevents a user from checking something out. Should it also block them from having a hold placed for them in the staff client?
15:49 owen Right it shows a message, but doesn't block the hold from being placed.
15:51 kados yea, that makes sense
15:55 owen kados: I'm thinking we should hide the hold entry form if the patron cannot place the hold, just as we hide the circ form if the patron can't check out. What do you think?
15:56 kados I agree
15:57 owen What do you think should be the navigation option at that point? Back to biblio record?
15:58 owen Reserve for another patron?
15:58 kados back to biblio record I think
16:07 owen kados: Here's a glitch
16:07 owen Hm, never mind I think I can handle it.
16:36 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi
16:40 paul [K] is chris ?
16:46 kados should be
16:47 paul kados => I was surprised by the login : chris, from !
16:47 kados really?
16:47 kados what should it be?
16:47 kados metavore? :-)
16:47 paul nope, just chris
16:47 kados I think it's because he's on from freenode
16:48 paul yep, but that's unusual
16:48 paul thus my question
16:48 kados :)
17:26 owen kados, are you accepting questions?
17:28 paul time to leave for me.
17:28 paul see you  ... next year !
17:28 paul (will be off on monday/tuesday, back on jan 2nd)
17:30 kados owen: sure am
17:30 kados owen: what's up?
17:36 owen Regarding Bug 1348: I don't really understand how call numbers are handled now
17:37 owen Are call numbers handled in a more standardized way now?
17:48 kados owen: yes
17:51 kados owen: adding to the wiki ... just a moment
17:55 kados this is incomplete:
17:55 kados[…]pment:callnumbers
17:55 kados but a good start
17:57 kados owen: is what's there enough to go on?
17:58 kados owen: basically, for bib-level call numbers you can concatenate cn_class and cn_item and cn_suffix
17:58 kados owen: item-level call numbers are just itemcallnumber
17:59 kados owen: make sense?
18:00 owen On an abstract level...
18:01 kados not in practice though? :-)
18:01 owen Let's be specific: In my installation at least, there's nothing listed in the call number column in the list of checkouts in circulation
18:01 owen Should I alter the template to output cn_class and cn_item and cn_suffix?
18:01 owen ...or is there a problem with my data?
18:01 kados got a link?
18:03 kados you should add cn_class, cn_item and cn_suffix to the template
18:03 kados and replace whatever's there
18:03 kados ie, classification, dewey have gone away
18:04 kados but note
18:04 kados your data doesn't have cn_* in it
18:04 kados at the biblio level anyway
18:04 kados it would be in 942 if you did have it
18:05 kados ok, Writing as social action /   should now have a cn_class
18:05 kados although ...
18:05 kados come to think of it
18:05 kados these are items
18:05 kados so they probably need itemcallnumber
18:06 kados sorry ... yea, tey need itemcallnumber
18:06 kados :(
18:06 owen So for instance with NPL's database, the upgrade process will have to populate those fields
18:07 kados yes
18:07 owen Okay.
18:07 kados I believe we've done it previously for inventory purposes
18:07 kados hehe
19:04 owen kados: re: checkouts without date due, are you talking about my record?
19:05 kados owen: yea
19:05 owen That's an artifact of the bug where books checked out with a "specify due date" date didn't get a date due
19:06 kados ahh, ok
19:06 kados phew! :-)
19:19 owen kados, back to the callnumber thing...If the display referrs to items (like in checkout and check in), the itemcallnumber should be displayed...but will that always be populated? Should it be <if itemcallnumber>itemcallnumber<else>cn_data</if>
19:19 kados it should always be populated
19:19 kados so we don't need the IF
19:21 owen so itemcallnumber would get populated automatically from the biblio record (942?)
19:25 kados yes, in some configurations
19:25 kados in others, people will be crafting each one separately :-)
19:26 owen Of course.
19:34 owen does o - Koha full call number = itemcallnumber?
19:36 kados yes
19:53 owen Why should I not be able to place a hold on a specific copy if that copy is checked out?
20:01 kados because san-op says so
20:01 kados :)
20:02 gmcharlt I smell a syspref here
20:03 kados we need a configuration template for 'holdability' of an item
20:03 kados it's all contained in about 10 lines of perl atm
20:03 kados :)
20:03 gmcharlt kados: does Koha currently support recalls?
20:03 kados no
20:04 kados but that's int he WALDo spec
20:04 kados as is course reserves
20:06 owen kados: I think we've got some confusion going on regarding the definition of "in transit"
20:07 owen[…]?biblionumber=109
20:07 owen The list of items there says the last one is checked out and in transit
20:08 owen I would say being checked out negates the in-transit
20:09 kados if anything the item is 'out of place'
20:09 kados ie, not at home
20:09 kados but when it's checked out displaying that probly doesn't matter
20:09 kados owen: can you file a bug report for that one?
20:09 owen Yeah, but since it's checked out (not in the library at all), I don't think the homebranch/holdingbranch distinction is relevant for display
20:10 kados *nod*
20:10 owen Yeah, I'll file a bug
20:26 kados :)
20:34 owen still isn't showing me that an item is checked out. Didn't I see a fix for that come through?
20:36 kados I thought so
20:36 kados another bug?
20:36 owen I guess so
20:42 kados hehe
21:15 owen kados, have you tested display of ccode? I'm not seeing it come through to
21:16 kados bug it :-)
21:18 fbcit bb in 8 days koha... Happy New Year
22:11 atz perl 5.10.0 released:[…]/perl-5.10.0.html
22:12 atz including a real switch statement and recursive REGEXP (sweet)
03:51 kados recursive_regex++
03:54 gmcharlt named_captures++

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