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12:50 fbcit-away chris?
12:51 fbcit-away kados?
12:55 kados hiya fbcit-away
12:55 kados gmcharlt should be around in about an hour
12:56 kados fbcit-away: I'm assuming you sent your patches to as per usual, eh?
12:56 kados fbcit-away: chris is sick with the flu and I'm 'acting QA' at the moment, so I'll have a look and forward those on to Galen this morning
12:57 kados fbcit-away: it's just one patch?
12:57 kados Second try:Corrected bad pathing for default Perl base dir. Default now matches Debia
13:07 hdl hi
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13:46 owen kados around?
13:52 owen Anyone here who knows about patron image upload in 3.0?
14:01 kados hiya owen
14:01 kados I committed it
14:01 kados but don't know much more
14:01 kados there are some funky requirements
14:02 owen Hi kados, I was trying to figure out where the patronimages dir was supposed to be, but I found it
14:02 kados cool
14:02 kados the uploaded file needs to be in a directory that's zipped up
14:02 kados with some kind of mapping file inside
14:02 owen Oh, in a zipped directory?
14:02 kados yea, I think so
14:02 kados it's kinda weird
14:03 kados I didn't have much chance to test it
14:03 kados but it's on my lise
14:03 kados list I mean
14:03 kados bbiab
14:04 owen I wonder if it's easier for users to create that mapping file or to rename the files according to the patron cardnumber/borrowernumber?
14:10 hdl kados : in my opinion your way to display holdings in resultlists is really less readable than the old way. For instance :
14:10 hdl root
14:11 owen hdl: I prefer this way for the OPAC, but I think the intranet should keep the old way
14:12 hdl I cannot see what a result list look like in OPAC at the moment.
14:14 hdl @or @and @and @and lost st-numeric gt 0 @not @attr "1=_ALLRECORDS" @attr 2=103 '' @attr 1=8002 @attr 2=103 ''
14:14 hdl This is added to search and make it fail.
14:19 kados hdl: one of three probs:
14:19 kados 1. no 'lost' in your
14:19 kados 2. no 'lost' in your record.abs
14:19 kados 3. no 'lost' in your bib1.att
14:20 kados 4. (might require a re-index)
14:20 hdl But hidelostitems is disabled !!!
14:20 kados owen: good questions re: mapping vs renaming
14:20 kados hdl: ahh, in that case, my fault, lemme take a look
14:21 owen Is it a security risk that the patronimages directory has to be chmod 777?
14:21 kados owen: shouldn't need to be, but it will need to be chown www-data
14:21 owen Will the installer handle that?
14:22 kados yes, it should
14:24 kados hdl: are you sure hidelostitems is disabled?
14:24 kados hdl: it is properly wrapped in opac/
14:24 kados # add OPAC 'hidelostitems'
14:24 kados # not items with
14:24 kados if (C4::Context->preference('hidelostitems')) {
14:24 kados    $query ="($query) not ((lost,st-numeric gt 0) or ( allrecords,AlwaysMatches='' not lost,AlwaysMatches=''))";
14:24 kados    warn "Q".$query;
14:24 kados }
14:26 kados hdl: I've just tested in my OPAC and it's not called if hidelostitems is set to OFF
14:26 kados hdl: please confirm if you're experiencing a bug
14:26 hdl kados : not any more.
14:27 kados cool
14:27 hdl I changed hidelostitems to ON and OFF then problem was washed away.
14:27 owen Do we need a Bugzilla component for every different Tool (I'm thinking of patron images at the moment), or should there be a component for Tools?
14:28 kados owen: ryan and I discussed this yesterday, I think it depends on the tool
14:28 kados for some tools, there is a specific person who manages it
14:28 kados for others it's more generic
14:28 kados so I'll make a component for 'Tools' ... just a sec
14:28 kados (the patronimages is a good example of a generic one)
14:29 kados owen: added
14:29 kados hehe
14:29 kados yea, sorry bout that
14:29 kados you can blame me :-)
14:30 owen The real problem is I'm not sure where I'm going to put it
14:30 kados *nod*
14:31 kados so we're down to 256 bugs, from about 318 on Sunday
14:31 kados not bad for a thanksgiving weekend ;-)
14:33 owen If only /all/ of us were single with no kids ;)
14:39 kados heh
14:47 hdl kados : language selection seems not to add correct limits index does it ?
14:49 gmcharlt good morning #koha
14:49 owen hi gmcharlt
14:49 kados hdl: language selection from where?
14:49 kados hdl: opac or staff client?
14:49 hdl languages selection in advsearch.tmpl
14:49 hdl any.
14:50 kados works OK for me
14:51 kados ahh, I see
14:51 kados yes, you're right
14:51 kados OK, I'll add that to my list
14:51 kados hdl: thanks for noticing
14:52 kados I see this also has changed from dev-week
14:52 hdl you're welcome.
14:52 kados it should have ln:ara etc
14:53 kados instead of just ara
14:53 hdl yes.
14:55 kados hmmm, it seems that's been removed wholesale from the opac-advsearch.tmpl :/
14:56 fbcit-away kados: that patch is a corrected version of one you committed the other day. I submitted both at the time, but the wrong one was committed.
14:57 fbcit-away It only temporarily fixes one issue.
14:57 fbcit-away brb... after Gk
14:58 kados fbcit-away: ok, good to know, I'll have a closer look
15:04 kados fbcit-away: ok, applied and pushed up with galen's approval :-)
15:23 kados morning atz
15:24 atz greets
15:24 gmcharlt hi joe
15:25 atz in response to your queries and greeting, hello gmcharlt
15:41 kados owen: have you considered how one would change the default koha logos in the staff client in a upgrade-survivable way?
15:42 kados owen: would it make sense to have one CSS file that's parsed by HTML::Template to allow us to use a syspref or sth?
15:45 owen I'm not sure what you mean about changing the logos
15:45 kados ok, so use case: someone has a logo they want to use in place of the black koha logo
15:45 kados like what we have on the opac
15:46 kados (in fact, we have such a person :-))
15:47 atz I saw a comment already about how to do that
15:47 atz I forget where though, since it wasn't what I was working on at the time
15:49 owen Is it possible to have HTML::Template parse a CSS file?
15:51 kados owen: sure, just make it as a .inc file and put it in the appropriate dir
15:51 kados and do a TMPL_INCLUDE NAME=""
15:51 kados it'll have to be embedded in the page though
15:52 kados can't be external
15:52 kados at least not under the current design
15:52 owen Yeah, I thought you  meant have H::T parse a linked css file
15:52 kados we coudl do that, but would reqire a bit more trickiness than we currently allow
15:52 kados and serving up something via CGI is about 1000 times slower than a static file
15:52 kados so we'd only want to do it for a few things, like the logo
15:57 owen That's certainly doable. We haven't done any of the CSS file organization that we talked about at the beginning of this templating process
15:57 owen That's one of the things still on my list
15:59 kados *nod*
16:00 fbcit morning koha
16:01 gmcharlt morning fbcit
16:02 fbcit gmcharlt: got a minute to discuss makefile?
16:02 gmcharlt sure
16:04 fbcit after some thought, I concluded that the current method of glob-ing through the dir structure seemed a bit brute force and not easily scalable
16:05 fbcit so I wrote some code to recurse through the dir tree beginning at the point Makefile.PL is run from...
16:06 fbcit I then added some regex conditionals to setup %result...
16:06 gmcharlt ok, with you so far
16:07 fbcit this would allow any changes in the dir tree to be picked up automagically with only possibly the addition/deletion/modification of a regex conditional
16:07 fbcit and maybe not even that if the dir tree is cleaned up a bit to start with.
16:07 fbcit but
16:08 fbcit I got lost in the current dir tree confusion... :-(
16:08 gmcharlt i.e., the Zebra config files?
16:08 fbcit yes
16:09 fbcit I'm unsure of what you are thinking. I have chris's patches.
16:09 fbcit no
16:09 gmcharlt well, as of this morning the initial move of all MARC21 and UNIMARC zebra config files to etc/ instead of misc/ is complete
16:09 fbcit not confused with zebra
16:10 gmcharlt ok, then what?
16:10 fbcit rather with such things as why some tmpl files are in the cgi-bin while others are in the perl5
16:10 kados can't we pick a simpler convention?
16:11 fbcit not perl5 but the INST_LIB dir
16:11 fbcit which is different it appears for different os's
16:12 fbcit there also appears to be a significant number of files/dirs in the repo which were not installed by the original Makefile.PL
16:13 fbcit but that may be incorrect based on my lack of understanding of exactly what should or should not be installed and where.
16:14 gmcharlt at moment, not seeing a good reason for the templates to go off of INST_LIBDIR
16:16 gmcharlt fbcit: just to let you know where I'm coming from
16:16 gmcharlt I am diving into the details of the installer just starting this week
16:16 gmcharlt at first reading
16:17 gmcharlt I'm inclined to agree that the installation directory targets need to be cleaned up
16:19 fbcit gmcharlt: I'll be glad to forward you a patch with the changes I mentioned for you to see what I've done if you like.
16:19 gmcharlt fbcit: please do
16:20 fbcit it does not quite duplicate the current installed dir stree...
16:20 fbcit tree, that is.
16:20 gmcharlt this afternoon and tomorrow I will be figuring out the current state of the installer
16:20 fbcit and it does not included chris's changes to allow marcflavor and lang selection.
16:21 gmcharlt I have chris's patches as well, so can integrate them with yours
16:21 fbcit my conditionals will *have* to be helped out a bit as well.
16:22 gmcharlt ok
16:22 gmcharlt I'll also be participating in thd's koha-devel thread about the installer
16:23 gmcharlt and hope to have a complete picture of what needs to be changed by Tuesday afternoon
16:23 fbcit also, I was working on an older copy of Makefile.PL so some changes in the dep's section do not apply.
16:23 gmcharlt and maybe do a chat on #koha on Wednesday among all interested parties
16:23 fbcit k
16:23 owen kados: regarding[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1101
16:23 fbcit anytime Wed after 11am est is clear on my schedule.
16:24 owen I filed the original bug assuming that could /not/ process multiple items
16:24 gmcharlt ok; I send out the proposal for a chat on koha-devel by this afternoon
16:24 gmcharlt s/I/I'll/
16:25 fbcit where do you want me to send the patch?
16:26 gmcharlt fbcit:
16:26 kados owen: I'm not sure that assumption is correct
16:27 kados owen: if you add the code to the template and it doesn't work I'll add the code to th script ;-)
16:27 owen Okay :)
16:28 owen uh... except not even normal opac renewals are working: Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/oleonard/koha/production/in​tranet/modules/C4/ line 1663.
16:33 kados :-)
16:34 kados could you file a bug report (sorry)
16:36 kados owen:  I'd patch the template anyway so whoever fixes that bug can test both behaviors :-)
16:55 tumer owen around?
16:55 owen Yes
16:55 tumer hi there i believe u nuse winbox?
16:55 owen Yes
16:55 tumer i am looking something like tortoise to access git
16:56 hdl hi tumer
16:56 tumer hi hdl
16:56 hdl how are you ?
16:56 tumer very busy as always
16:57 tumer owen can you access git from a windows box?
16:57 owen Yes, I use this:
16:57 owen It's not a GUI, though
16:58 tumer thanks owen
17:01 tumer oven:it will be very hard for me without GUI but lets see
17:02 owen It has taken practice, but I'm quite comfortable with the essentials now
17:03 tumer unfortunately currently short of time for practice
18:54 owen kados back?
19:55 masonj morning #koha
19:56 owen hi masonj
19:58 masonj heya owen
20:13 kados owen: sup?
20:14 owen I was trying to add the XISBN stuff to the opac, and wasn't getting any results.
20:14 kados hum ... it wasn't already there?
20:15 owen Uh... not that I could find?
20:15 owen I found it in the staff client, and copied over the markup
20:15 kados hmmm
20:16 kados the code's in
20:16 kados you've got OPACFRBRizeEditions ?
20:17 kados syspref enabled?
20:18 kados owen: is it working on the staff client, and just not on the opac?
20:18 kados might also want to check your OCLC settings
20:18 kados and/or ThingISBN, etc.
20:20 owen I see a FRBRizeEditions syspref, but not a OPACFRBRizeEditions  one
20:20 owen Should there be both?
20:22 owen Looks like it is working in the staff client
20:22 kados yea, should be both
20:22 kados I musta missed adding that to updatedatabase
20:22 kados try adding it and see if that fixes it
20:23 kados sorry bout that
20:24 owen Yep, that fixes it
20:24 kados sweet
20:24 owen Is there something else new? Similar items?
20:24 kados I'll add that to my lise for tonight
20:24 kados yea
20:24 kados Simiilar items is another amazon web service
20:24 kados and it has two options
20:24 kados run by itself
20:24 kados or run together with xISBN
20:25 kados in wich case the ISBN from amazon is sent to OCLC for processing, then the restuls are tested against the local db
20:25 kados if it sounds complicated that's because it is :-)
20:25 kados but I just couldn't help myself :-)
20:26 owen And that still needs to be added to the templates?
20:26 kados no, it's handled in the back-end
20:26 kados meaning, depending on your preferences, it will populate the SIMILAR items loop appropriately
20:27 kados does that make sense?
20:27 kados (it does need to be added to the OPAC I think)
20:27 owen So it either replaces the XISBN stuff or supplements it, depending on which option you pick?
20:28 kados not quite
20:28 kados they are completely separate services
20:28 kados xisbn takes one ISBN and gives you back a list of identical works
20:28 kados amazon simlar items just shows you 'related' items
20:28 kados not identical ones
20:29 kados the similar items feature can also be passed through xisbn which sort of guarantees you'll get a match on the 'related items' and will show you all editions of them
20:29 kados in the local catalog
20:29 kados if that makes sense
20:29 kados it's pretty cool when you see it happen
20:30 kados :-)
20:30 kados so in terms of interface design
20:30 owen the similar items are output separately from the other editions?
20:30 kados I'd keep them separate
20:30 kados ie, 'similar items' is one feature
20:30 kados and 'editions' is a tab
20:30 kados I'd probably use amazon itself as a design paradigm for the simiilar items feature
20:31 kados place it near the bottom of the page or something
20:31 owen What are the relevant system preferences for that service?
20:31 kados lemme check
20:33 kados XISBNAmazonSimilarItems will turn on/off combining amazon's similar items with xisbn
20:33 kados AmazonSimilarItems will turn on/off amazon's similar items
20:33 kados AmazonContent needs to be on as well
20:34 kados as does XISBN
20:34 kados and ThingISBN if you don't want to use oclc
20:34 kados :-)
20:34 kados FRBRizeEditions is used strictly for the Editions tab ON/OF
20:34 kados F
20:34 owen The similar items sysprefs need to be added to updatedatabase too, I guess. I don't have those.
20:35 kados k, I'll add that to the list, sorry
20:37 owen I see the XISBN stuff in detail.tmpl, but nothing that looks like similar items
20:38 kados hmmm
20:39 kados yea, doesn't look like it's in there :/
20:42 kados ok, I'll email you what I think shoudl work
20:43 kados owen: sent
20:43 kados one thing to note
20:43 kados the barcode example is just showing how to get item-level data out
20:44 kados ie, showing that you have both item-level and biblio-level access with your loop
20:44 kados same applies with the XISBN feature
20:44 kados I figured you'd have your own display ideas about what should show up
20:44 owen I was curious about the barcode output in the XISBN stuff, it looked clunky.
20:44 kados yea, definitely not designed for production use :-)
20:55 owen kados: I'm also not getting Amazon descriptions in
20:55 owen In dev_week we had <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="item_description" -->
20:55 owen etc.
20:56 owen ..or reviews either, I guess
20:57 owen Shoot, I gotta go.
20:57 owen Gotta save it for later
20:59 kados :/
22:24 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: dmcmorris_esi
00:31 aindilis` ping
00:32 aindilis` I have a few questions regarding barcode and also security
00:32 owen Shout them out, and see if anyone can answer
00:33 aindilis` can you print barcodes from a command line instead of the web interface - the web interface died, although I don't know if I have the prerequisite modules installed.
00:33 aindilis` we're about to barcode our library
00:33 aindilis` Is there any reason to print them instead of ordering them?
00:33 aindilis` are there predefined Avery-type labels
00:33 owen No
00:34 owen You can print them from Koha if you want, but it's not required
00:34 owen Koha doesn't care what kind of barcodes you use, as long as your barcode scanner can read them
00:34 aindilis` How would one affix a lamination sheet over? where would you acquire that?
00:34 masonj kbarcode might do the trick too
00:34 aindilis` is a usb barcode reader recommended?
00:35 owen aindilis`: you can buy clear stickers to stick on top of the printed barcodes, if that's what you mean
00:35 aindilis` yes
00:35 aindilis` any sources on the stickers, or what they might be called?
00:35 masonj any  barcode reader that works for you :)
00:36 aindilis` okay regarding security
00:36 owen One of the major US suppliers is Gaylord, and they call them barcode protectors
00:36 aindilis` thank you
00:36 aindilis` we would like to not store records of who has checked out books after they return them, and in general store as little patron information as possible etc.
00:36 aindilis` is there a maximum security configuration?
00:37 kados hiya owen
00:37 aindilis` also can you use config files instead of the database or import config files to the database?
00:37 kados owen: you're up late :-)
00:37 owen Yeah, had a free moment and couldn't stay away
00:37 kados heh
00:38 aindilis` correction -maximum privacy configuration
00:39 owen aindilis`: As far as I know there isn't anything built into 2.2.x that will purge patron data for you
00:39 aindilis` shall I write it?
00:39 aindilis` also, is there a contact point on packaging koha for debian?
00:39 owen There is such a feature in 3.0
00:39 aindilis` oh
00:40 owen ...although I'm not sure on the specifics of how it works
00:40 aindilis` hmmm, I'm using 2.2 or something, I guess I'll upgrade
00:40 owen 3.0 isn't out yet
00:40 owen Soon :)
00:40 aindilis` oh
00:40 aindilis` thanks
00:40 aindilis` when roughly?
00:41 kados aindilis`: should be an installable packaged version ready within a week or so
00:41 kados a 'beta'
00:41 aindilis` nice
00:41 aindilis` packaged how?
00:41 aindilis` debian?
00:41 kados well, just a stock installer
00:41 aindilis` ah
00:41 kados debian packages coming soon
00:41 owen[…]omp.misc.koha---A
00:42 kados yea, and there's also that :-)
00:42 kados I'm guessing Koha 3.0 will make it into debian testing before too long
00:42 kados 3.x anyway
00:42 owen :D
00:42 aindilis` nice
00:43 aindilis` are all the modules packaged for debian, I can talk to debian-perl to get that process started otherwise
00:43 aindilis` I don't recall that they are
00:43 kados someone was workign on that
00:43 kados but they could doubtless use some help
00:43 kados I'd recommend posting a mail to koha-devel asking abou tit
00:43 aindilis` okay
00:43 kados MJ Ray has been keeping tabs on that IIRC
00:44 aindilis` sweet
00:44 owen kados, I put that 'similar items' markup into opac-detail.tmpl and I'm not getting anything
00:45 kados owen: yea, I'll have a look at that tonight
00:45 kados sorry, it was working  i swear :-)
00:45 aindilis` thanks guys
01:26 aindilis` Is there a module for requesting books?
01:26 aindilis` Say someone sees that the specialty library is missing a relevant book.
01:27 owen Yes, suggestions
01:27 owen You should be able to enable that for the opac in system preferences
01:30 aindilis` thanks
09:11 yesan hi, is there anyone out there?
09:11 yesan i got to seek someone
09:11 yesan to help me
09:12 yesan masonj, r u there?
09:12 masonj hi yesan
09:12 yesan yes, masonj
09:12 masonj how is life for you?
09:14 yesan Hello, MasonJ
09:14 yesan I can't see the chatline display
09:15 yesan how are u there?
09:15 masonj pretty good, the weather is nice :)
09:15 yesan Yes. I have finally been able to install koha on Blue
09:16 yesan while i try to add record, it gives error. what could have been the reason for?
09:16 yesan says, internal error 500
09:17 yesan HTTP 500 - Internal server error
09:17 yesan HTTP 500 - Internal server error
09:17 yesan hi, masonj do u hear me?
09:17 masonj you need to look in your error log, to find the error
09:17 yesan how do i find the error log.
09:18 masonj look in your koha.conf file, for a line like this...
09:18 masonj kohalogdir=/koha/log
09:19 yesan ok,
09:19 yesan yes, i am trying to figure out the error?
09:19 masonj ah, actually look i your koha apache config file
09:20 masonj for a line like..
09:20 masonj ErrorLog /nzkoha/log/koha-error_log
09:22 masonj then try somthing like 'tail -f /nzkoha/log/koha-error_log' while you add the record again
09:23 yesan ok
09:29 yesan kohalogdir=/koha/log
09:29 yesan i don't find any error recorded in this directory
09:33 yesan masonj
09:33 yesan hi, r u arround?
09:34 masonj back in 5..
09:35 yesan thank u
09:36 yesan i shall wait 4 u
09:36 masonj ok, back
09:37 masonj so what does your 'ErrorLog' line in yr apache config say?
09:37 yesan i don't see any error file at all
09:38 yesan koha.conf file has
09:38 yesan kohalogdir=/jlcopaco/koha/log
09:38 masonj how bout your koha-httpd.conf   file?
09:39 yesan let look 4
09:39 masonj look for 'ErrorLog'  line in there...
09:42 yesan kohalogdir=/home/jlcopaco/koha/log
09:43 masonj hmm, that looks like yr koha.conf file
09:44 masonj look for your koha apache config file , its called 'koha-httpd.conf' by default
09:44 yesan yes
09:47 masonj there should be an apache <VirtualHost> block in the file, like this example...
09:47 masonj .
09:47 masonj # KOHA's INTRANET Configuration
09:47 masonj <VirtualHost>
09:47 masonj   ServerAdmin
09:47 masonj   DocumentRoot /nzkoha/intranet/htdocs
09:47 masonj   ServerName
09:47 masonj   DirectoryIndex index.html
09:47 masonj   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha/ "/nzkoha/intranet/cgi-bin/"
09:47 masonj   ScriptAlias /index.html '/nzkoha/intranet/cgi-bin/'
09:47 masonj   ErrorLog /nzkoha/log/koha.staff-error_log
09:47 yesan where do i find
09:49 masonj that depends on how bluehost/someone/you set  your apache up :)
09:50 yesan ok
09:50 yesan i got to ask my friend who did install koha 4 m3
09:50 yesan me
09:51 masonj yep, thats were the error log is set
09:53 masonj you could try searching your home directory for the file, like this...
09:54 masonj cd; grep -rl 'ErrorLog' ./*
10:00 yesan i shall try once again
10:02 yesan ./Koha/sources/yaz-3.0.14/doc/frontend.xml
10:02 yesan ./Koha/sources/yaz-3.0.14/​doc/server.invocation.html
10:02 yesan grep: ./access-logs: No such file or directory
10:02 yesan ./etc/koha-httpd.conf
10:02 yesan ./intranet/scripts/misc/
10:02 yesan ./koha/intranet/scripts/misc/
10:02 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/
10:02 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/Hints
10:02 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/scripts/misc/
10:02 yesan masonj
10:03 yesan ./Koha/sources/yaz-3.0.14/doc/frontend.xml
10:03 yesan ./Koha/sources/yaz-3.0.14/​doc/server.invocation.html
10:03 yesan grep: ./access-logs: No such file or directory
10:03 yesan ./etc/koha-httpd.conf
10:03 yesan ./intranet/scripts/misc/
10:03 yesan ./koha/intranet/scripts/misc/
10:03 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/
10:03 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/Hints
10:03 yesan ./koha-2.2.9/scripts/misc/
10:03 masonj ./etc/koha-httpd.conf  <- looks like it
10:03 yesan ok, i shall try
10:03 yesan htat
10:03 yesan that
10:04 masonj sure, have a look at the ErrorLog  line
10:04 yesan ErrorLog /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:05 yesan masonj
10:05 masonj cool
10:05 masonj tail -f /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:05 yesan in the above dir doesn't have anything.
10:06 masonj ls -l /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:06 masonj no file exists?
10:07 yesan tail -f /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:07 yesan tail: cannot open `/home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log' for reading: No such file or directory
10:07 yesan tail: no files remaining
10:07 yesan [jlcopaco@box341 ~]$ ls -l /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:07 yesan ls: /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log: No such file or directory
10:07 yesan [jlcopaco@box341 ~]$ tail -f /home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log
10:07 yesan tail: cannot open `/home/jlcopaco/log/koha-error_log' for reading: No such file or directory
10:07 yesan tail: no files remaining
10:08 yesan masonj, did u see the above lines
10:09 masonj ls /home/jlcopaco/log
10:09 masonj does the log directory exist ?
10:09 yesan yes, dir exist. but no content/files in it
10:10 yesan masonj
10:10 yesan r u there?
10:11 masonj uhuh
10:11 yesan
10:11 yesan visit the above page
10:12 yesan pass/username: saiacs
10:12 yesan masonj, did u get it?
10:12 masonj yes
10:13 yesan
10:14 yesan the above has content of koha-httpd.conf  
10:14 yesan masonj,
10:14 masonj ta
10:14 yesan did you get this also
10:14 masonj yes
10:14 yesan ta?
10:14 masonj ta = thanks
10:14 yesan good
10:15 yesan am giving toooooooooo much work?
10:15 yesan :)
10:15 yesan am I? :)
10:16 yesan shall come back after 5 minutes? i got to go for a short meeting.
10:16 yesan with your permission
10:16 yesan whiel you figure out what is wrong with it?
10:16 masonj yes , thats fine :)
10:50 yesan yes. Masonj
10:50 yesan were u able to find the problem?
10:53 masonj heya
10:53 masonj hmm, not really
10:54 masonj you need to sort out the apache looging first,
10:56 masonj and confirm with your friend whether that koha-httpd.conf file is *really* the conf file that your apache is using, or another one
10:56 yesan yes
10:56 masonj without the logging going, its pretty hard to debug
10:57 masonj could be a file permission issue too...
10:57 masonj can the apache user write to your log dir? etc..
10:58 masonj what are the perms on your log dir..
10:59 yesan write, read
10:59 yesan modify

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