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11:01 masonj ls -ld /home/jlcopaco/log
11:04 masonj what does that say?
11:04 masonj mine looks like this
11:04 masonj $ ls -ld /nzkoha/log
11:04 masonj drwxrwxr-x 2 root www-data 400 2007-04-09 19:37 /nzkoha/log
11:13 yesan let me try
11:13 yesan was out and came back
11:15 yesan drwxrwx---  2 jlcopaco jlcopaco 4096 Oct 29 10:05 /home/jlcopaco/log
11:15 yesan hi, masonj
11:15 yesan did you see this
11:15 masonj yes
11:15 yesan does this say anything?
11:15 masonj that probably the problem
11:15 yesan ls -ld /home/jlcopaco/log
11:16 yesan so what should i do now?
11:17 masonj you need to allow apache to write to that dir
11:17 masonj exactly how to do that depends on how your friend has set up your apache
11:18 yesan could you be of some help.
11:19 yesan i shall give you ssh access :)
11:19 yesan did you open
11:20 masonj ssh access is probably not a good idea, just in case i break something..
11:21 yesan yes. u r right.
11:21 yesan what could be other option.
11:23 masonj so, apache *usually* runs as 'www-data' user
11:23 masonj so the usual fix is...
11:24 yesan so i have to set the permission to log dir?
11:24 masonj sudo chgrp www-data /home/jlcopaco/log
11:25 yesan sudo?
11:25 yesan chgrp?
11:25 masonj or, 'chgrp www-data /home/jlcopaco/log'
11:25 masonj chgrp = 'change group'
11:26 masonj man chgrp :)
11:26 yesan sudo?
11:26 yesan surely
11:26 yesan :)
11:27 masonj man sudo
11:27 masonj ok, sounds like you ned to talk to your friend to get apache set up properly
11:28 yesan ok.
11:28 masonj koha has a pretty standard apache setup, so it wont be too tricky for him
11:28 yesan yes.
11:28 yesan thank u masonj
11:28 masonj if he has got this far , then he knows what hes doing :)
11:29 yesan Sudo (su "do") allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run some (or all) commands as root or another user while logging the commands and arguments.
11:30 masonj yep
14:01 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: dmcmorris_esi
16:19 owen paul_ ?
16:46 hdl owen : paul_ is away today
16:47 owen Hi hdl. Did you work on
16:47 hdl not at all.
16:47 hdl why ?
16:48 owen I'm curious about some of the changes in the way it works. When returning an item that belongs at another library, a message pops up about the transfer...
16:48 owen ...and there is a "send item" button
16:49 owen Is it necessary to click the button?
16:50 hdl I donot think so.
16:50 hdl But if you click, then item is put on transfers to do.
16:51 owen why would it not be done automatically?
16:58 hdl I donot know
17:01 owen Is paul the one to ask, hdl?
19:17 fbcit g'afternoon koha
19:18 owen hi fbcit
19:18 masonj hiya fbcit
19:39 fbcit where do I add members in koha3?
19:39 owen click "patrons" at the top of the screen
19:40 owen The click "New" for a menu of options
19:40 fbcit where might "New" be?
19:41 owen Right above the alphabet links on
19:41 masonj cgi-bin/koha/members/
19:41 fbcit seems to be missing on my copy :-\
19:42 fbcit I see the alphabeta links
19:42 masonj function yuiToolbar() {
19:42 masonj var newmenu = [
19:42 masonj { text: "Adult Patron",  url: "/cgi-bin/koha/members/memberentr​" },
19:43 owen fbcit, do you have yuipath specified in system preferences?
19:48 fbcit owen: I don't see it....
19:49 fbcit what systempreferences.variable does it go by?
19:50 owen Add it: variable "yuipath" Explanation "Path to YUI javascript library files" value "/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui"
19:50 owen ...or value ""
19:51 owen I thought that had made it into updatedatabase already...
19:57 fbcit owen: it is there, I'm just a bit out of date...
19:57 fbcit works now.
19:57 fbcit tnx
20:26 gmcharlt hi fbcit
20:50 kados hi all
20:51 masonj hiya joshua
20:51 kados hey mason ... I saw you on when I left this morning, I hope you got some sleep last night :-)
20:52 masonj yap, all good on the sleep front
20:53 owen Hi kados, busy day?
20:54 fbcit hi kados, gmcharlt
20:54 gmcharlt fbcit: quick question for you
20:55 gmcharlt I submitted a patch to MARC frameworks, and decided to go ahead and touch both mysql and Pg versions
20:55 gmcharlt since it was affecting functionality
20:55 gmcharlt but in general, how do you want to handle the Pg init scripts?
20:55 gmcharlt i.e., you take care of edits?
20:56 gmcharlt at least until we improve the data loading process to avoid direct SQL scripts
20:56 fbcit kados and I had some discussion about that
20:56 fbcit I had thought to have patches involving sql cc'd to me so I could do the changes
20:57 gmcharlt ok -- then I will not touch Pg SQL scripts again directly :)
20:58 gmcharlt but anyway, now you're warned about a patch to sync with after kados pushes it :)
20:58 fbcit unfortunately, in the long run, the maintenance will be horrific if we do not standardize or abstract or something....
20:58 fbcit right
20:58 fbcit I've pretty much set aside the Pg port until after 3.0 is released.
20:58 gmcharlt no question -- initial data needs to be stored in a non-DB-specific fashion
20:59 fbcit things have been changing too fast to keep up with right now.
20:59 gmcharlt and loaded with DB-specific loaders
20:59 kados fbcit: yea, and don't expect that will change anytime in the next 4-6 months unfortunately :/
21:00 fbcit are we on track for a dev release in the next few weeks?
21:00 kados my goal is Monday :-)
21:01 fbcit over mysql for the time being...
21:01 kados *nod*
21:02 fbcit gmcharlt: we still on for a meeting here tomorrow?
21:03 gmcharlt yep, I am
21:04 fbcit kados: are u suggesting that it will be 4-6 mo before we can give serious thought to multi-db work?
21:06 kados not necessarily
21:07 kados fbcit: I'm just suggesting that there will be a lot of db changes in the coming months
21:07 kados because there is a lot of dev work in the pipeline
21:08 kados (that I know of, on the LibLime side)
21:19 fbcit interesting...
21:19 fbcit if I am logged in as an opac user in one window, I cannot log in to the intranet interface in another... is that by design?
21:20 kados that's strange
21:20 kados you sure?
21:20 kados they shoud be separate sessions
21:20 fbcit Error: Unauthorized userclick to log out
21:21 kados well that's definitely a bug
21:21 fbcit I built a patron, jdoe...
21:21 fbcit logged into the opac interface...
21:21 fbcit opened another window to the intranet interface and was greeted with that error...
21:21 kados
21:21 fbcit :-)
04:40 Yesan masonj
04:40 Yesan how do you do?
06:31 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx_

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