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14:52 thd kados: are you about?
14:52 kados hi thd
14:55 thd kados: I have this error even when the file is set to world readable
14:55 thd (13)Permission denied: /usr/local/lib/cgi-bin/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable
14:56 kados maybe do a chown www-data ?
14:56 kados (apache user
14:56 thd that was the first thing I did
14:56 kados )
14:56 kados weird
14:57 thd the installer did not install that file either.  I did it manually
14:58 thd perhaps the file is being read but the error is reported for another reason
15:05 kados bbiab
15:35 thd kados: are you at the office?
16:15 thd kados: are you at the office?
17:12 thd kados: is it a bit yet?
20:04 owen chris around?
20:05 kados usually is by now
20:07 kados something must have come up, his calendar is clear
00:48 kados thd`: you around?
00:49 kados nope
00:49 thd` kados: yes
00:53 kados :)
01:41 fbcit-1 gmcharlt: you around?
01:42 kados unlikely, he just got back from a long road trip
01:42 kados but I let him know you'dbe looking for him tomorrow
01:42 kados and he's planning on working on the instlaler tomorrow afternoon
01:43 fbcit-1 did you see my message?
01:43 kados fbcit-1: there were, you may have noticed, some db changes pushed up today
01:43 kados yea
01:44 fbcit-1 it appears that there are more files/branches in the repo dir structure than the original makefile was accounting for...
01:44 kados *nod*
01:45 kados yea, it's confusing
01:45 kados lemme check my schedule, I'll see if I'll be around tomorrow
01:45 fbcit-1 ie. some templates go to the cgi-bin others to the perl5 library dir?
01:45 kados yea, I've no idea what's up with the perl5 library dir
01:46 kados crappy day for me tomorrow unfortunately
01:46 fbcit-1 so I wondered if we needed to get some consistancy in it all.
01:46 kados I won't be around until after 6 at best
01:46 kados yea, we definitely need consistancy
01:46 fbcit-1 my new code is much more scalable
01:46 kados what's happened is that every koha user tends to have their own way to install it :-)
01:46 kados it's very flexible, and that's part of the trouble
01:46 kados what we need to do is establish a set of sane default conventions
01:47 fbcit-1 the 'glob'ing in the original was not very flexable
01:48 fbcit-1 6 as in 1800, right?
01:49 fbcit-1 I'll make up a patch and send a copy to galen tomorrow near lunch time.
01:50 fbcit-1 several changes that chris made need to be added to it also.
01:52 kados w00t
01:52 kados fbcit-1++
01:52 kados watch out for paul's commits
01:53 kados he finally got rid of misc/zeb*
01:53 kados and moved some stuff into etc/
01:53 kados which I did approve this afternoon
01:53 fbcit-1 yea, the dir structure needs/needed cleaning up badly
01:53 kados so it might cause some conflicts with your stuff ... might wanna be careful there
01:53 kados yea, it definitely needs further work
01:53 kados I think we need a meeting to hash it all out
01:54 kados galen's thinking maybe a meeting on Tue or Wed
01:54 kados man, I've got a crappy week
01:54 fbcit-1 my changes will allow fewer changes in makefile in the future as the dir structure changes.
01:54 kados I think I could swing an afternoon mtg tomorrow
01:54 fbcit-1 afternoon is better for me
01:54 kados cool
01:55 kados fewer_changes++
01:55 kados did you also handle the marcflavour and language issues?
01:55 fbcit-1 no, we can incorporate chris' changes to do that I think.
01:55 kados cool
01:56 fbcit-1 I simply crawl the dir tree from the base and send files to where they go via regex conditionals.
01:58 fbcit-1 if you add another branch/file to the tree, makefile will simply crawl out to it and install it accordingly.
01:59 thd kados: I am back from laundry
01:59 kados thd: I see :-)
01:59 kados fbcit-1: nice
02:00 fbcit-1 kados: any particular time for the meeting tomorrow?
02:01 kados hmmm, well tomorrow I don't think I can swing it unless it's late afternoon
02:01 kados like 6pm
02:01 kados and I'm not sure galen can make that
02:01 kados but tuesday afternoon I could probably swing
02:01 fbcit-1 tuesday after 1pm is fine by me...
02:02 thd I am about to send a message to the koha-devel list on the issues.
02:02 kados hehe
02:02 kados everyone's working on the installer
02:03 fbcit-1 thd too... :-)
02:03 thd :)
02:42 fbcit-1 kados: I notice that an incorrect patch I submitted was committed. I had send a corrected version to chris, but it must have been dropped.
02:43 fbcit-1 *sent
02:45 fbcit-1 I'll send up the correct version again tomorrow.
04:29 thd kados: are you still there?
04:29 masonj_ thd; looks like hes off
04:30 thd masonj_: how can you tell?
04:30 masonj_ wel, josh usually has this jabber on, when hes on :)
04:31 thd :)
04:31 masonj_ hows things going over there?
04:33 thd masonj_: reasonably well as long as Koha 3.0 is ready yesterday
04:54 masonj_ great work on the new frameworks too thd, they are looking really complete
04:54 masonj_ speshly the 952$'s
04:58 thd masonj_: the default MARC 21 bibliographic framework quadrupled in size after I edited it early last year.
04:59 thd masonj_: I have been allowed to make holdings a little closer to standard holdings for 3.0.
05:02 thd masonj_: many automation systems do not do much for standard holdings but there are multiple holdings fields in MARC 21 bibliographic and even a separate MARC 21 holdings format.
05:04 thd masonj_: my notes about the correlation have been moved from comments in the SQL installation file to a separate directory in misc.
05:04 masonj_ cool, ill have a read next time im there
05:08 thd masonj_: The worst document I ever wrote explains a little better complete with some errors no one ever noticed, .
05:09 thd masonj_: I have an almost complete much improved revised text but Stephen no longer had time to edit Koha documentation.
05:10 thd masonj_: the revised text suggests workarounds for Koha holdings problems more completely.
05:10 masonj_ hmm,  how bout the  koha wiki?
05:13 thd masonj_: I could put it there, although, I dislike putting anything other than the briefest documents there because I find the default Docuwiki stylesheet has many readability problems.
05:16 thd masonj_: I spent weeks on a beautiful template and stylesheet but kados did not give me a chance to prove that some wiki authentication problems people had when he was testing had nothing to do with Docuwiki template or stylesheet changes.
05:18 thd masonj_: you can see that work at .
06:48 masonj aww,

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