IRC log for #koha, 2007-11-25

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23:35 thd ping kados
00:12 kados hi thd
00:12 thd hello kados
00:13 thd I will have some patches for the installer
00:13 kados web installer or command-line installer?
00:14 thd command-line
00:14 kados ok
00:14 kados it seems everyone is working on it concurrently :-)
00:14 kados thd: what did you work on?
00:14 thd kados: allowing make to function so far
00:15 kados could you explain in more detail?
00:15 kados was it a large change?
00:16 thd the showstopper was Makefile.PL line 161 or 162
00:16 thd make would not copy a directory
00:16 thd I changed globbing to /*.* instead of /*
00:17 thd then it only globbed files
00:17 kados ahh
00:18 thd of course if a file is not in the form of *.* then something will be missing
00:18 thd there must be a more robust solution
00:19 thd also files are going to /usr/local/* although everything assumes /usr/*
00:20 thd $PREFIX should default to /usr/local so the presumptions are mistaken as far as I know
00:21 thd kados: is there a meeting forthcoming?
00:21 kados yes
00:21 kados I think $PREFIX is going away
00:21 kados replaced with $INSTALL_DIR or something
00:23 thd kados, what issue did your "yes" above answer?
00:25 kados yes, we have a meeting forthcoming
00:26 thd you have not yet announced it.  Has a date and time been set?
00:26 kados no
00:26 kados I haven't yet found a date/time

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