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12:34 fbcit g'morning koha
12:45 paul g'morning fbcit
13:38 hdl owen around ?
13:38 hdl not at all.
13:38 hdl kados ?
13:45 gmcharlt hdl: kados is on the road today -- may be popping in at times
13:57 hdl what about owen ?
14:22 gmcharlt hdl: don't know, sorry
14:24 hdl gmcharlt: what is the roadmap for OPAC and when will be the dev release ???
14:27 gmcharlt hdl: not sure about the OPAC roadmap
14:27 gmcharlt do know we're trying to get Koha 3.0 stabilized for a beta release ASAP
14:28 hdl ok.
14:29 owen hdl here?
14:30 hdl yes owen.
14:30 hdl sorry to bother you.
14:30 owen Hi, I just got your email
14:30 owen Only the layout of the OPAC is being changed at the moment
14:31 owen Any bugs you find relating to functionality are distinct from my changes
14:31 owen But the real issue is: I can't do my job unless I consider Koha 3.0 to be pre-release
14:32 hdl The fact is that often, features are linked to display
14:32 owen I have to be able to make changes with the understanding that the version in Git is a pre-release version
14:36 hdl owen : you could create your own branch on your system and send your commits to joshua.
14:36 hdl Then Joshua would take them in on a new branch.
14:49 hdl owen : In fact, my opinion is that Joshua should have been careful about this commit.
14:49 hdl But that's OK.
15:04 owen Sorry hdl, I got called away from my desk
15:05 owen I'm working closely with Joshua on the interface design, and he and I discussed the OPAC overhaul in person.
15:05 hdl I just worried because I cannot update now. And I also have to fix some bugs.
15:06 paul owen: nice to read, but you (kados mainly) sometimes seem not to remember that we are also in the boat (frenchism here i think)
15:07 paul it's very very good to see that LibLime involvement is huge, it's bad to see it's so huge that sometimes they forget the small frenchies...
15:14 gmcharlt hi paul
15:14 paul_ hi gmcharlt
15:14 gmcharlt communication is the key, I think
15:15 paul_ gmcharlt: ++
15:16 paul_ and we were not warned at all of those changes. Worst, kados spoke of a beta release this week. which wa can't obviously have with opac not working !
15:16 paul_ s/wa/we/
15:18 gmcharlt yeah, I guess the OPAC is kind of important :)
15:19 gmcharlt we should collectively figure out what features (hopefully not too many) must be present for 3.0 beta
15:19 gmcharlt then freeze except for bugfixes soon
15:27 paul owen will say that it's not new features, it's just relooking. except it's broken today !
15:31 paul owen around ?
15:31 paul I had added some fields from biblioitems in a few weeks ago. The move to yui made them disappear. Can I reintroduce them in
15:32 paul + the normal view is still really strange, with 2 columns with a large empty space in the middle.
15:35 owen Yes, paul, the detail page needs a change to better manage the columns in case of Amazon content being enabled/disabled
15:35 paul do you know how you'll do that ?
15:36 owen A TMPL_IF to switch the layout gride
15:36 owen grid.
15:37 owen I'm working on the same issue in the OPAC, so that should help me sort it out.
15:37 paul ok, then i let this for you
15:38 owen But paul, if there are fields missing, please add them. I didn't intentionally remove anything
15:38 paul ok
15:47 fbcit kados: ping
15:49 fbcit who can answer a question about
15:53 paul owen : a bug that is urgent to fix :[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1513
15:53 paul could you take a look pls ?
15:54 paul (we have 2 sites in production with koha 3 and it's really a pain to catalogate atm)
15:54 paul (+ 3 sites testing for a migration asap)
15:55 owen I have taken a look, but I cannot reproduce it on my system. If you have me access to a test system which showed the error, I could try to diagnose from there.
15:55 owen Sorry, if you /give/ me access to a test system...
15:56 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ login abel / abel
15:56 gmcharlt fbcit: what's the question?
15:56 paul search chaos
15:56 paul edit 1st biblio (from chaos to covenant)
15:56 paul look at 200 field
15:56 paul click on "Titre et mention de responsabilité"
15:56 fbcit gmcharlt: somewhere this select is issued: SELECT * FROM `class_sources` WHERE cn_source = $1...
15:57 paul you should understand the problem
15:57 fbcit gmcharlt: it is not in and I cannot seem to locate where it is....
15:57 fbcit I thought someone might know..
15:57 fbcit 'grep' did not.... :)
15:59 gmcharlt fbcit: C4/
15:59 fbcit tnx
16:13 owen paul, I'll roll back the change that caused your problem, but the fix is easy if you want to make it manually to those who are in production
16:13 owen In function Expandfield(), I changed this:
16:13 owen            if (divs[i].style.display == 'block') {
16:13 owen                divs[i].style.display = 'none';
16:13 owen            } else {
16:13 owen                divs[i].style.display = 'block';
16:13 owen            }
16:14 owen to this: $(divs[i]).toggle();
16:14 owen ...which was supposed to be an improvement because of its compactness. I'm not sure why it's working for me but not you, but simpler to change it back.
16:15 paul ok, thanks i'll do that immediatly
16:17 paul hdl : it worked previously
16:19 owen hdl, why don't you think it will fix it?
16:19 hdl I thought it just did the same as toggle :
16:20 hdl display of those who were not displayed and hide the others.
16:22 owen paul, will you test on first?
16:22 paul yep
16:22 paul i'll let you know when it's done
16:27 owen I see now that the problem /was/ showing up on my system, but I wasn't looking at the right tag in order to see it
16:27 owen It has something to do with tags which have some subfields hidden in their initial state
16:27 paul yep
16:27 owen The example I was looking at had no hidden subfields in the initial state. I thought it had something to do with /mandatory/ fields
16:28 owen My change fixes it on my system, so I'm hopeful for yours
17:07 owen paul_, any luck?
17:09 paul back...
17:09 paul owen : done, it works (although my dsl is really poor today, you may have problems to test)
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17:33 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: darcilicious i=plinkit@
18:17 fbcit biblioitems.marcxml is set NOT NULL, but when attempting to import some marc data kados sent me, the db complains because the "marcxml" field is being populated with nulls...
18:18 fbcit which is correct? the .mrc or the db schema?
18:25 gmcharlt fbcit: bilbioitems.marcxml should not be null
18:26 gmcharlt potentially there could be an issue where the marc record was not parsed (or not parseable)
18:26 gmcharlt so I suggest making sure that the ->as_xml() call that is producing the XML to store in marcxml
18:26 gmcharlt is producing a non-empty result
19:26 owen Is there a way to turn off item-level holds in the OPAC?
19:26 chris just  in the opac?
19:26 owen Yeah
19:26 chris not currently no
19:27 chris they are either on or off
19:27 chris wouldnt be hard
19:27 chris just another syspref
19:27 chris that you pass to the template
19:28 chris whack it in bugzilla :)
19:32 owen I'm pretty clear on that process, I guess, except for getting it into the default database setup.
19:32 owen Are we still using updatedatabase?
19:33 chris yep 2 places, in the sysprefs.sql
19:33 chris and then in
19:33 chris and then paul will port it to french .. and fbcit will port it to the postgres bits :-)
19:34 chris installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sysprefs.sql
19:34 chris and
19:35 chris installer/data/mysql/
19:35 chris the first gets in there for all new installs
19:35 chris and will let all of us who have koha 3's running upgrade
19:35 chris make sense?
19:36 owen Yes
19:36 chris cool
19:36 fbcit chris: curiosity... does just keep becoming bigger? or does the *old* stuff roll off at some point?
19:37 chris it rolls off
19:37 owen Looking at, if I want to change the way the YUI pref is stored, I have to add a section that does an "UPDATE `systempreferences` ..." ?
19:37 chris yeah, ... well and insert
19:37 chris sorry an insert
19:39 chris fbcit: will keep getting bigger until we release 3.0 ..and then it will be merged into the update22to30 script
19:39 chris and a new will be started .. which will become the script when 3.0.1 is out
19:41 chris what the script allows us to do is to not have to keep doing a fresh install everytime someone changes something in the db
19:42 chris so a fresh install shouldnt use it
19:49 chris heh
19:49 chris what we will have is scripts to upgrade from release to release
19:49 chris and exists while we work on the next release, and then becomes the script to upgrade to that release
19:50 chris and a new one is started
20:02 owen Can someone better at regexes than me explain this: $dat->{'amazonisbn'} =~ s|-||g;
20:03 gmcharlt owen: get rid of all hyphens
20:04 owen And that's all it does?
20:04 gmcharlt should be, yes
20:04 owen It's supposed to be formatting isbns so that they can be passed to Amazon to grab book covers, reviews, etc.
20:04 owen But just taking out hyphens doesn't take care of all cases
20:05 gmcharlt what cases are missing?
20:05 owen I'm seeing ISBNs with |, (pbk.), and more
20:05 gmcharlt ah, right
20:05 gmcharlt general issue with ISBN normalization that I'm hoping to clean up in a few days
20:06 owen So there will be a more "centralized" solution for getting a clean isbn into the template where it's needed?
20:06 gmcharlt please file a bug report so that I remember to check this specific place
20:06 gmcharlt owen: yes, and also for normalization it for various searching purposes
20:07 gmcharlt normalizing, rather
20:29 JeremyF does anyone have any ideas why the latest version of koha, that i just setup on a windows machine, would not be letting me input users?
21:03 atz JeremyF: permissions
21:03 atz whatever process you're running as doesn't have permissions to edit the files of the user you installed as
21:59 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
08:27 paul_ chris around ?
08:27 paul some patches in your mailbox

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