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13:16 hdl kados ?
13:16 kados hi hdl
13:16 hdl hi
13:16 hdl Good morning.
13:16 hdl how are you ?
13:16 kados :-), I've got a cold, but other than that I'm well
15:25 gmcharlt greetings to #koha
15:26 hdl hi
15:59 hdl kados : change from branch to homebranch for opac search is definitive ? Or is it subject to more changes ?
16:06 kados hdl: I think both work now
16:06 kados I updated he index as well as the template
16:07 hdl have you updated  ?
16:50 fbcit g'morning #koha
16:56 fbcit kados: ping
16:56 paul
16:56 fbcit hi paul
16:56 paul hi fbcit
16:57 fbcit paul: can you give me a little more detail concerning the issues you had after rebase?
16:58 paul sure : the mysql was not open with SET NAMES=UTF8
16:58 paul thus, mysql was in latin1
16:58 paul and all diacritics were corrupted in koha
16:58 paul a 1 line fix solves the issue
16:59 fbcit something I missed/deleted/etc?
17:02 fbcit ahh...
17:02 kados hiya fbcit
17:02 kados paul: you had an issue after rebase?
17:02 fbcit s/if ( $db_name eq 'mysql' ) {/if ( $db_driver eq 'mysql' ) {/
17:03 fbcit sorry...
17:03 paul kados : yes, look at my mail "do we want postgress NOW"
17:03 paul fbcit: no worries
17:03 kados fbcit: i'll have a look
17:03 fbcit paul: have you submitted a patch?
17:03 paul not yet, but in 1 hour yes
17:03 fbcit I'll leave it with you then.
17:05 fbcit hi kados
17:05 kados "Supporting PostgreSQL now seems very important right now. While Koha 3.0
17:05 kados introduces great new features, I think most libraries and interested
17:05 kados people are doing well with 2.2 ATM, so maybe 3.0 can be delayed a little
17:05 kados while in order to release it with Pg support, which will be a big
17:05 kados breakthrough, I think."
17:06 kados so the bug only affected non-asci characters?
17:06 paul the bug affect set NAMES=UTF8
17:06 paul that was not properly set
17:06 paul fortunatly, I spent 1 hour this morning rewiewing all yesterday commits
17:07 paul so could quickly understand where the bug come from
17:07 paul (MARCdetail resulted in an internal server error !!!)
17:07 hdl owen :  dates in circulation are not set via a calendar is this a will or an overlook ?
17:08 paul (which was not easy to understand why. Fortunatly, there were other diacritics before MARCdetail that were shown corrupted ;-) )
17:08 kados paul: one way I could test for that is if I had data that had diacritics in it
17:08 kados paul: can you add such data to the installer/data/en/sample_patrons.sql ?
17:09 paul just enter a é in your library name, and you'll see immediatly (at login stage) any problem !
17:09 kados paul: what is a proper library name that has that character?
17:09 paul Institut Protestant de Théologie
17:09 kados paul: gthanks
17:09 kados thanks even
17:11 kados paul: again, sorry about that, if you send the patch directly to I'll push it up immediately
17:12 paul kados : done
17:12 kados paul: also, if you could send me some sample data with unimarc I will add that to my testing
17:12 kados paul: I can start testing both unimarc english and unimarc french
17:12 kados (and marc21 english)
17:12 kados (and marc21 french ;-))
17:14 fbcit in mysql, the db is not typed as utf8?
17:14 fbcit it is the connection?
17:14 kados fbcit: it's utf8 everywhere
17:14 kados database level, table level, column level, connection level
17:15 fbcit why do we have to connect utf8
17:15 fbcit ?
17:15 fbcit sorry, I'm missing something here...
17:15 kados because that ensures that nothing is corrupted from perl -> database
17:15 fbcit ahh...
17:15 fbcit so the connection is utf8
17:15 kados if you're explicit about utf8 everywhere there's no question
17:16 kados yes
17:16 kados paul: pushed
17:37 kados paul: do you have any ideas for how to reduce the size of the .po files?
17:37 paul kados : except removing similar string by making them the same, no
17:38 kados maybe w/respect to breadcrumbs, instead of having many breadcrumbs, one on every page, just have includes
17:39 paul may make template harder to maintain
17:40 kados I'll have to ask owen
17:41 kados paul: i still can't get any of the new opac features working
17:41 paul I think the best & easiest way is to track small differencies
17:41 kados the cloud, or hierarchy for subjects, etc.
17:42 paul did you investigate build_browser_and_cloud ?
17:42 paul it works, but it is probably highly unimarc oriented. should be "easy" to add marc21 features.
17:48 fbcit kados: what table is $sessionID stored in?
17:52 kados I think sessions
17:53 kados yep
17:53 kados
17:56 fbcit kados: I have added pg support to session stuff.
17:56 fbcit I still get prompted between every screen & there is a new row in session for every screen????
17:56 fbcit is there more code somewhere I'm missing?
17:57 fbcit hold it
17:57 fbcit I found it....
18:12 tinaburger hi everyone
18:13 paul hi tinaburger
18:13 tinaburger hi paul:)
18:13 tinaburger what are we discussing/
18:13 tinaburger ?
18:13 tinaburger independent branches?
18:13 tinaburger Josh asked me to hop on
18:19 hdl hi tinaburger
18:20 tinaburger hi hdl
18:20 tinaburger did you have a question about the independent branches issues?
18:20 tinaburger Josh is on a demo now
18:21 tinaburger I think
19:46 fbcit kados: ping
19:57 kados hiya fbcit
19:58 fbcit kados: does mysql require the back-tic in its SQL? (`)
19:58 chris no
19:59 kados fbcit: you thinking of just remoing it globally?
19:59 chris unless your are using a reserved word as a column name
19:59 fbcit Pg does not like it. Eliminating it in some places may reduce redundancy.
19:59 fbcit chris: Pg uses single quote for that (')...
20:00 chris yeah we should find what the sql ansi standard is
20:00 chris and use that
20:01 fbcit I notice the back-tic is used in an inconsistent manner in the existing sql...
20:28 kados fbcit: so regarding testing of pgres ...
20:29 kados fbcit: did you ever batch load records in this morning?
20:31 fbcit kados: I'm trying to update kohastructure.sql for Pg thinking this might affect that...
20:32 kados er?
20:32 kados fbcit: you asking about back-ticks?
20:32 fbcit no :-)
20:33 fbcit the changes in the structure... if I don't have the current schema will the import still work?
20:33 kados with your current structure you should be able to bulkimport
20:33 kados using the command-line utility
20:33 fbcit k
20:33 kados just not the bulkimport from the interface
20:33 fbcit I can try it now...
20:34 kados wget
20:34 kados export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/koha-conf.xml
20:34 kados perl -I /path/to/modules misc/migration_tools/bulkmarcimport -file /path/to/outmarc.mrc
20:35 kados oops
20:35 kados perl -I /path/to/modules misc/migration_tools/ -file /path/to/outmarc.mrc
20:35 kados let me know if you get that far :-)
20:37 fbcit kados: it says:
20:37 fbcit Bareword found where operator expected at outkoha.mrc line 1, near "00561nam"
20:37 fbcit        (Missing operator before nam?)
20:37 fbcit syntax error at outkoha.mrc line 1, near "00561nam a22002177a "
20:37 fbcit Unrecognized character \x1E at outkoha.mrc line 1.
20:39 kados hmmm
20:39 kados can you run 'marcdump outkoha.mrc'
20:39 kados see if it's a valid marc file
20:39 kados (should check for errors)
20:39 fbcit one moment
20:41 owen Hi guys
20:42 masonj hiya owen
20:42 fbcit kados: back
20:42 fbcit kados: marcdump says:
20:42 fbcit Recs  Errs Filename
20:42 fbcit ----- ----- --------
20:42 fbcit  500     0 outkoha.mrc
20:42 fbcit looks good?
20:43 kados yep
20:43 kados can you show me what you typed?
20:43 kados to produce the error?
20:44 fbcit fbcit:/usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha# perl -I /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/misc/m​igration_tools/ -file outkoha.mrc
20:44 kados ahh, that's not quite right
20:44 kados here's what you want:
20:44 kados perl -I /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/intranet/modules /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/misc/m​igration_tools/ -file outkoha.mrc
20:45 kados (presumes that /home/fbcdev-1/kohaclone1/intranet/modules contains the C4 directory)
20:45 kados or you could just add it to your PERL5LIB :-)
20:46 masonj fbcit: or you can 'export PERL5LIB=/home/fbcdev-1/ko​haclone1/intranet/modules'
20:46 masonj snap
20:46 kados hehe
20:46 kados ok, well that's good
20:46 fbcit and ERROR...
20:46 kados that means we have SQL to change
20:46 kados any sql errors?
20:47 fbcit can you say "s-y-n-t-a-x e-r-r-o-r"... :-)
20:47 kados this is where things get interesting :-)
20:48 fbcit so what exactly needs to be ported here?
20:48 kados there shouldn't be any SQL in bulkmarcimport
20:48 kados there might be, but there shouldn't be
20:48 kados it should mostly be in
20:49 kados C4/
20:49 kados ok, there are a few lines of sql, but only if you specify -d for delete existing data
20:50 kados so I'm guessing the problem is in AddBiblio
20:50 kados C4::Biblio::AddBiblio
20:51 kados that sub calls five other functions where the actual heavy lifting happens
20:51 kados TransformMarcToKoha
20:51 kados _koha_add_biblio
20:51 kados _koha_add_biblioitem
20:51 kados _koha_marc_update_bib_ids
20:51 kados ModBiblioMarc
20:52 kados so we'll want to introduce some warnings in those subs to determine where the failure is happenning
20:53 fbcit sql syntax is a problem in several places as I look...
20:53 kados fbcit++ for being able to spot it
20:56 fbcit kados: let me work on this for a bit....
20:57 kados cool
21:39 fbcit kados: is there any reason to prevent biblio.datecreated from being defaulted to now()?
21:42 fbcit chris?
21:42 chris not that im aware off
21:43 chris of too
21:43 chris but you might want to check with others also
21:44 chris probably the devel list
21:44 fbcit k
23:12 fbcit-1 kados: I got some of the sql ported...
23:12 fbcit-1 I'll try to get the rest tomorrow...
23:12 fbcit-1 and test.
03:11 fbcit-1 hello kados

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