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12:19 hdl kados ?
12:20 hdl wow. No more dewey ?
12:25 hdl chris still around ? (hopefully not)
12:34 owen So, dewey is taking some hard-earned vacation.
12:36 paul lol...
12:36 paul owen : still no updated commits from you in the main repo ?
12:37 owen No, 6 commits that finally made their way through yesterday
12:38 paul mmm... i don't see them
12:38 paul ah ! kados just validated them  it seems.
12:38 paul with 7 bugfixes from me
12:43 paul owen:  where can I see the "toolbar" result ?
12:44 owen It's nothing pretty yet, but moremember and circulation have the toolbar now I think
12:45 paul ok, gotcha.
12:46 paul (except for separating real actions & viewing datas, which is a good thing)
12:46 owen Exactly. That's the main difference. The plan is to change the appearance of the toolbar to make it more like an application toolbar
12:47 owen At the very least, icons to go with some or all actions
12:48 paul would it be a good idea to immediatly add a class="add" on buttons to add something, class="modify" ...
12:48 paul that could have an img before ?
12:48 paul (in the css)
12:51 owen That's certainly an option. kados and I have been looking at various js-library solutions for styling buttons, but haven't settled on anything
12:52 owen We like the way this looks and works, but I'm not crazy about all the stuff it has to load to do it:
12:52 owen In Koha, we'd like to have a "New" toolbar item have a dropdown like the 'Options' button in that example.
12:53 owen In Members, the options would include adult, child, etc.
12:53 owen The "print" button could drop down to "Slip" or "Page"
12:54 paul about the js : keep it simple & small would be my preffered option : we want to be able to run Koha on small configs, like the one ppl have in africa or south america
12:56 paul I'm highly for a solution that would define standard buttons (generic add, add member, add biblio, check out, check in, & other librarians common needs) and let the others without pictures.
12:57 paul (generic modif, modif member, modif biblio, generic deletion, delete member, delete biblio,)
12:58 paul (in fact that's the way it works for yui :
12:59 paul #button_print .first-child {
12:59 paul 17    background:url(button3.gif) left center no-repeat;
12:59 paul 18}
12:59 paul button3.gif being not really meaningful ;-)
13:04 paul
13:05 owen hdl?
14:03 hdl owen ?
14:03 owen Hi hdl
14:04 hdl hi.
14:04 hdl So it seems the Bug fix I commited didnot solve your problem.
14:04 hdl Did you apply this commit ?
14:05 owen Yes
14:06 paul hdl : could you specify the log you entered for this bugfix ?
14:06 paul (just to check i've submitted it)
14:07 paul bugfixing : password were modified ... is probably that
14:10 hdl yes.
14:10 hdl paul : did you commit that one ?
14:10 paul yep, it's in the rss feed
14:10 paul so it has been validated
14:29 owen Hi Brooke
14:29 Brooke howdy :)
15:00 hdl owen : in
15:02 owen Yes?
15:02 hdl line 603 you find : $data{'password'} = md5_base64( $data{'password'} )   if ( $data{'password'} ne '' );
15:03 hdl put it line 600 before foreach
15:03 hdl and it should work
15:04 owen Move it to line 600?
15:04 hdl yes
15:05 owen Looks like that fixed it
15:21 paul kados : mail in your mailbox
17:47 Brooke right. lunch!
18:16 cm kados, if you're around I have a puzzle for you.
18:50 ryan hi cm
18:50 ryan kados is afk for the day
18:56 cm hi ryan.  thanks.
18:57 cm maybe you would have some idea, though.  and owen, this applies to npl too.
18:57 cm i just found out that if you search for a title with "not" in it, the title isn't in the search results.
18:58 cm i'm assuming koha thinks it's a boolean operator.
18:58 owen Yeah, I've reported that one to Liblime before
18:58 owen Koha treats the "not" as a search instruction
18:58 cm ah.
18:59 owen No word on a solution, unfortunately.
18:59 cm maybe it's better in 3.0?  
18:59 cm darn.
18:59 owen Since it's a Zebra thing, I'm not so sure 3.0 will be better.
18:59 cm that's what i was afraid of.
18:59 owen I'm working with a 3.0 test installation, but with a broken Zebra, so I can't test searching. :(
19:00 cm :(
19:00 cm do you know of anyone that has a public 3.0 demo up?
19:00 cm we've been wanting to play with it but haven't had time to do an install.
19:00 owen No I don't
19:01 cm oh, well.  one of these days i'll get around to it.
19:08 owen hi offramp78
19:08 offramp78 hello there
19:17 owen twiggle: you're fine just the way you are :)
19:18 twiggle .<>.< been a long time since I've used IRC
19:29 ryan cm: yes, there are some issues there
19:36 ryan cm:  this has been filed as a bug in dev_week; not sure if it's filed against rel 3.
19:47 cm hey guys, i found that you can force "not" to be included by escaping it with a \.  (i.e., \not)
19:48 ryan yep- that works
19:48 cm pita but effective.  :)
19:49 cm ryan, do you know if facets will be improved in 3.0?
19:50 cm in dev_week they only include facets for the first page of results instead of all of them.
19:50 ryan no, i don't think that's been addressed.
19:51 ryan amazon does the same thing.
19:51 cm really?
19:51 ryan pretty sure
19:52 ryan ok, scratch that comment :)
19:52 ryan amazon _used_ to do the same
19:52 cm ok.  
19:52 cm i don't think amazon is completely accurate, though.
19:53 cm "knitting" produced 45,077 books, but when I clicked on it said there were 46,347 results.
19:53 cm still, not too shabby.  :)
19:53 ryan yes, they have some nifty tricks i think
19:55 ryan owen: what 's the status of the facets in rel3 ?
19:56 owen No idea. I can't even test it because something about Zebra with my test install is not working
19:58 ryan i don't show facets in my test instance
20:02 ryan owen: do you get ZOOM errors ?
20:03 ryan perhaps try restarting zebrasrv with -l ~/zebra.log  (log into your home dir, to ensure you have write perms.)
20:07 owen I'm new at this Zebra thing. What do I do to terminate the current process and restart?
20:10 cm just ps aux |grep zebra and kill it.
20:10 cm i start mine with -D to daemonize and -l for logging.
20:11 cm zebrasrv -D -l /var/log/zebra/zebra.log -f /etc/koha.xml &
06:27 Brooke howdy

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