IRC log for #koha, 2007-09-26

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12:51 owen hdl around?
12:51 hdl yes
12:51 owen Hi hdl
12:51 hdl hi hi
12:52 owen I just found a bug in memberentry, and it could be I made an incorrect change to the template
12:52 owen I wanted to check with you about it
12:52 hdl yes ?
12:52 hdl url ?
12:52 owen I find that when I edit a patron record, the OPAC password is saved incorrectly
12:53 owen ...because the password field is filled with "****"
12:54 paul owen (hello) iirc, the **** was my idea : Koha shows **** to point that the password exist, but it doesn't show it. Of course, **** has to be ignored when saving
12:54 owen I don't know for sure that is what is happening, I was guessing
12:55 owen paul, Koha should be checking for "****" when saving?
12:55 paul yep
12:57 owen Now that I test more, I'm not sure what's going on... If it was saving the "****" as my new password, I should be able to log in with "****" but I can't.
12:58 paul having **** as password is : 1- insecure 2- forbidden ;-)
12:59 owen Hm... looks like my password went into the database in plain text!
12:59 paul wow...
12:59 paul big bug !
12:59 owen Talk about 1- insecure and 2- forbidden! :)
12:59 paul (& very strange : i tested that a few days ago, & hadn't the problem)
13:12 owen Is the "Other Name" field something used in French libraries?
13:17 hdl Sometimes.
13:17 owen How is it used? For nicknames?
13:58 owen In moremember.tmpl, <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="C" --> is checking for a child patron?
14:39 kados yikes, shoudln't that be in the script?
14:42 owen Well the template checks to see if it's displaying an adult, institutional, or child member, and shows different bits of information for each
14:42 owen ...but I don't think the C variable is coming through
14:57 kados so another bug?
14:58 owen Yeah, definitely. I was hoping to hear something back from paul and hdl, but I'll go ahead and file a bug report
14:59 hdl i am here.
15:02 owen hdl: I don't think <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="C" --> is coming through for child patrons
15:12 hdl Can you do a warn $category_type on your, just before output ?
15:17 hdl bugfix commited to paul
15:24 owen hdl: I see that category_type is coming through to the template correctly (C for child, A for adult)
15:25 hdl So it may be the usage in templates which is not accurate.
15:25 owen ..that's in moremember.tmpl
19:47 chris sweet with the patch owen sent last night, now the other 4 he sent apply
19:47 chris pushed them up kados
01:09 dbs Hurray for Chris (and for Koha!)
01:09 chris cheers :)
06:55 hdl_away chris : you are finalist, but are you elected ?
07:02 chris no, finalist, from 130 entries
07:03 chris they announce the winner at a dinner, on october 17
07:22 hdl_away congrats anyway
07:23 hdl_away (i voted for you)
07:23 chris thank you :)
07:25 hdl_away you're welcome. It was a pleasure being given the opportunity to state your role in Koha.
10:26 paul chris around ?
10:26 paul 7 patches in your mailbox
10:27 chris cool ill go look
10:30 chris yay for more bugfixes :)
10:31 paul this week, (except friday), i almost work only on bugfixing...

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