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13:54 owen Did we lose 'Alternate contact' from patron entry in 3.0?
14:27 paul_ owen : nope, or at least it's not supposed to...
14:28 owen Hi Paul. I see alternate address, but not alternate contact
14:29 owen In 2.x we had choices for Alt. Contact Name, phone, relationship, and notes
14:31 paul_ owen : I've just submitted to chris 14 patches that are related to (and the bugs i've marked "fixed")
20:39 chris darn missed owen
03:37 cht anyone know of an issue with searching by pub date in 2.2.9?
03:38 cht debian etch, mysql 5, koha 2.2.9, and all of the latest perl code form cvs
03:39 kados hmmm, not me
03:41 cht kados: thx. if yo have a sec, take a look at  and try an advanced search by date
03:41 cht you get nothin'
03:42 cht yet there is 260c date for nearly 41,000 biblios
03:42 cht i wonder aloud if it might be one of those mysql 5 queries?
03:43 kados you mapped 260c to the koha fields?
03:43 kados before you imported the data?
03:43 cht i will have to wait until i go home to check the log - usp blocks ssh <sigh>
03:43 kados the mapping is done from the web interface
03:44 cht i believe 260c is mapped to pub. date by default, but now you are worrying me
03:44 kados that's the first thing I'd check
03:45 cht ok!
07:02 paul_ chris around ?
07:08 chris yep, i applied the patches, just waiting on kados to take a look and push them live
07:08 paul ok, good.
07:08 paul I don't see any template changes from owen since something like 10 days.
07:08 chris there were 4 more last night
07:08 paul do you confirm you have nothing in your queue ?
07:08 paul ah, ok
07:08 chris but the patches didnt apply
07:09 paul :(
07:09 chris i think he missed sending one
07:09 paul about my patches that didn't apply : I think the problem with mine were due to encoding problems.
07:09 chris yes, sounds right
07:09 paul because the file that failed contained systemprefs in french, with accents
07:09 chris yep
07:10 paul i plan to work on french translation today we will see if the patch fails too.
07:10 chris it was definitely the sysprefs
07:10 paul is your system utf-8 ?
07:10 paul (mine is)
07:10 chris mine is, but the server i applied them on might not be
07:10 chris ill check that
09:06 kados paul: I just pushed some patches from you
09:10 hdl kados hi
09:10 kados hi hdl
09:56 kados paul around?
09:56 paul yep, but almost lunch time here
09:58 kados if you have to eat lunch ... we can do it maybe later this week?
10:00 paul i'm writing an answer to your mail. you should have it in your mailbox soon
10:00 kados ok, thanks
10:00 paul otherwise, i'm available everyday except friday
10:00 paul (at SANOP)
10:00 kados ok, great
10:00 kados so perhaps we should do an IRC meeting soon, to finalize the database updates
10:01 paul yep
10:01 kados slef around?
10:01 kados nope
10:54 n0name`` hi all
10:54 n0name`` i need some help

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