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12:01 kados morning jaron
12:01 kados jaron: just got your email :-)
12:02 jaron good morning
12:02 jaron :)
12:04 jaron btw, was able to poke around and find a public but unannounced svn repo to grab the code.
12:05 kados cool
12:06 kados yea, it's there, but you have to look closely :-)
12:08 jaron cool, thanks for responding.
12:14 paul hello kados & jaron
12:14 jaron morning paul
12:18 kados hiya paul
12:28 owen Hi #koha
12:28 kados hiya owen :-)
12:28 owen What've you been up to kados?
12:29 kados yesterday we had a meeting with a client at our new offices
12:30 kados and we got a fishtank :-)
12:30 paul a fishtank ???
12:31 owen Good news!
12:31 kados paul: an acquarium
12:31 kados small one, 35 gallons
12:31 kados that's been fun :-)
12:31 kados owen: you'll have to stop by and see our fish :-)
12:31 owen Now you nead a fishtank cleanup roster
12:32 owen And every time someone feeds the fish, they make a commit to the fish-git repository
12:33 kados heh
12:35 paul kados : what is the relation btw the client & the fishtank ? you have a fishtank vendor using Koha ?
12:36 owen Or can libraries now pay you in fish?
12:36 owen We'll give you three carp for a reporting module.
12:37 kados hehe
12:37 kados paul: nope, we just got one for the office
12:37 kados :-)
13:02 owen paul, I noticed yesterday that the holds page gave me a warning about "The patron isn't in his own library" even though independent branches is set to 0. Is that a bug?
13:05 owen When I'm placing a hold, after entering the patron number, I get a message onscreen that says "The borrower isn't in is own library"
13:07 kados and yep, that sounds like a bug to me
13:08 paul patron is registered in branch ???, the hold is taken by a librarian in branch ???, for a book that is in branch ??? and a pickup at branch ???
13:09 owen I don't understand
13:10 paul kados : the ip "detector" address works only if you have entered ip address, otherwise it does nothing
13:10 owen Yeah, that's not turned on
13:10 paul owen : what is the branch you're logged as ?
13:10 paul (aslibrarian)
13:10 paul what is the pickup location you choose ?
13:10 paul what is the branch of your member ?
13:11 owen I'm logged in at Chauncey, the patron's branch is Main, and I haven't chosen a pickup location yet
13:11 owen But with IndependentBranches turned off, what does it matter?
13:11 owen I should be able to place a hold for any patron at any branch and have it sent to any branch
13:12 paul gotcha !
13:12 paul the warning is just a warning. It doesn't forbid you to do the hold.
13:13 paul because usually, a patron calls it's own branch for a reserve. even if the book is at another one
13:13 owen Is the warning useful if IndependentBranches is turned off?
13:14 paul good question...
13:15 paul this feature has been added by SAN-OP, that is independantBranches=OFF
13:15 paul so they think it's useful !
13:17 kados owen: how about NPL?
13:17 paul if he ask, I suspect he will find this useless ;-)
13:18 paul maybe we should have 2 classes for "warnings".
13:18 owen Our librarians will be confused by a warning on the screen that isn't relevant to the hold process
13:18 paul atm we have only 1, and it's red.
13:18 owen Yes, in fact we've started that process
13:18 paul we could have a "warning, danger", and "warning, maybe useful"
13:18 owen[…]global_stylesheet
13:18 owen We came up with warning, error, message, and dialog
13:19 paul so this message is a message, not a dialog.
13:20 paul sounds ok to me & I can convince SANOP I think
13:20 owen kados, I have a question about terminology
13:20 kados sure
13:20 owen We've agreed that "holds" is the most-preferred term, right?
13:20 kados yep[
13:20 kados because 'reserves' means something else in academic environments
13:21 owen What is the transitive form? Place a hold? Add a hold? Should the title say "Adding a hold for <title>" ?
13:21 kados and holds is universal
13:21 kados place a hold
13:21 kados place a hold on
13:21 kados I think
13:21 kados place a hold on <title>
13:24 owen Have you ever polled your libraries on whether patrons should be displayed lastname, firstname or firstname, lastname? How about you, Paul?
13:25 paul nope. but saying "Hello POULAIN Paul" sounds very administrative where "Hello Paul POULAIN" sounds more friendly & close
13:25 paul (and it's "Paul POULAIN" without comma in french
13:26 paul maybe that's why some of us spell lastname in capitals, to differenciate last & first ;-)
13:27 owen Sounds like a good system--I've been called "Leonard Owen" often throughout my life
13:30 kados hehe
13:30 kados owen: yea, I agree, Firstname Lastname makes sense
13:30 owen Still looking at Is the 'reserve this item' checkbox used if you want an item-level hold?
13:30 kados also, on the prob of ALL CAPS
13:30 kados can't that just be a font style?
13:30 kados paul: ?
13:30 paul yep.
13:31 kados paul: yep to which question? :-)
13:31 paul we hare a problem here, I agree... (yep to calling me)
13:31 paul s/hare/have/
13:31 kados calling?
13:31 paul Using a font-style is not what SANOP want.
13:31 kados ahh
13:31 paul but upcasing everything is bad, I agree
13:32 owen We can add class="surname" to all relevant fields, and have a custom stylesheet defining text-transform "all-caps"
13:32 owen paul, what is SANOP asking for?
13:32 paul except that when or exporting we will have small caps!
13:32 kados right
13:32 paul they want to have "Paul POULAIN" everywhere.
13:32 kados so you need a JS transform, but it will have to be wrapped in a syspref
13:33 paul I'll teach them git in 10 days.
13:33 kados the sysprefs that is
13:33 kados and they are still quite small overall
13:33 paul they'll discover the power of git rebase orign :-)
13:33 paul and i'll tell them they can keep their "ucase" behaviour locally easily
13:34 kados ok, that's another option
13:34 kados (though I think it's a nice feature to have built in with a syspref for libraries that like it)
13:35 paul we have a BorrowerMandatoryField, that decide which fields are mandatory for patron typing
13:35 paul we could have a BorrowerUpcaseField as well
13:36 paul because maybe some ppl will want the city to be ucased as well
13:36 kados or BorrowerMandatoryField could have a special way to represent uppercase?
13:50 owen Okay, so...still looking at Is the 'reserve this item' checkbox used if you want an item-level hold?
13:50 kados owen: yep, as I understand it
13:50 owen Should that be a radio button instead of a checkbox? Or does checking multiple boxes mean, "give me the next one that comes back" ?
13:51 owen ..the next one of these two, as opposed to the next one of all, for instance?
13:52 kados paul: ?
13:52 paul (on phone)
13:57 paul owen : i think you're right, it should be a radio button. Because i would bet a lot that you can't choose 2 different items...
13:58 paul "the next one that come back" is the "1st available" option ;-)
14:09 paul kados : mail in your mailbox.
15:28 kados paul: thx, I'll respond soon
15:28 kados paul: did you see MJ's post about 2.2.10?
15:30 owen paul, I'm curious about the 'cancel a reserve' link on
17:18 ryan owen:  there's code in dev_week that manages reserve on multiple specific items.
17:18 ryan just cancels other reserves for same biblio when one item reservve is filled.
17:19 paul hello ryan.
17:19 ryan hi paul
17:19 paul is it your code or a port of SANOP code in dev_week ?
17:20 ryan rangi added it.
17:21 ryan well, if sanop did it, then it was done twice :)
17:21 ryan it's a small thing, but a nice feature imo.
17:21 paul right?
17:21 paul right.
17:22 paul and, best of the best, all checkboxes are unchecked if you select "1st available" ?
17:24 ryan or, i think 'first available' is greyed out if you select a specific item.
17:25 paul ryan: kados told us you'll teach koha to 2 new employees next week. 2 more, or 2 replacing ppl that leaved ?
17:25 paul (how many "LibLimers" now ?)
17:25 ryan paul: new
17:26 ryan we'll have 5 developers in U.S.
17:26 ryan plus team NZ
17:57 owen That business about 'first available' being greyed out isn't in 3.0. Is that what's in dev_week?
17:59 kados ryan: ?
18:10 kados it's addicting, I'll tell ya
18:10 owen I look forward to seeing a fish-git commit for "bubbling treasure chest"
18:10 kados apparantly, people who watch fish live longer :-)
18:10 kados hehe
18:10 kados so the toolbar on circ's coming along eh?
18:11 kados do you have a plan for priorities?
18:12 owen I've been pretty unfocused. I think you and I need to sit down together soon and discuss some of the questions that have arisen from trying to sort out toolbars and sidebars
18:12 kados any luck with that js library for the toolbars?
18:12 kados yea
18:12 owen I haven't even touched the js for toolbars yet
18:12 kados ahh
18:58 ryan owen: nvm the greyed out business.
18:59 ryan just replying to the radio v checkbox bit -
18:59 ryan i say go with checkboxes, since you _can_ select multiple specific items for reserve.
19:00 owen Ah, you can? In 3.0?
19:00 owen And the first one that becomes available fulfills the reserve?
19:00 ryan code just needs ported to 3.0
19:00 ryan rught.
19:00 ryan er.. right.
19:01 owen I wonder how much other stuff needs to be ported to 3.0...
19:08 owen From my point of view "next available" should be checked by default, and checking one of the 'hold this item' boxes would uncheck the 'next available' one
19:09 johnb kados, got a sec?
19:29 kados johnb: sure do
19:29 kados johnb: hat's up?
19:29 kados what's up I mean :-)
19:30 johnb kados: sorry got asked away from my desk
19:30 johnb Kados: We had a problem with "not" not working in title search
19:31 kados oh, yea that is a problem
19:31 johnb cm: youu teel him
19:31 cm hey owen & ryan!  i found a fix for the problem with 'not' searches
19:31 kados one solution is we could change the syntax
19:32 cm in the ccl properties where the operators are defined,
19:32 cm i changed '@not not' to '@not -'
19:32 cm so just the minus sign is used for not.  like google.  ;)
19:32 kados we could replace not with !
19:32 kados or we could replace it with -
19:32 kados which do you guys prefer
19:32 cm i used -
19:32 cm you could define both, couldn't you?
19:33 kados yep, you could
19:33 kados lets see, you'll also need to make sure you don't have '-' mapped to ' ' in the record.abs
19:33 cm i'll check.
19:35 kados and unfortunately, if you do, you'll have to reindex
19:35 cm i don't think i do.  there are too many hyphens in that file to simply search for it.
19:35 cm it's not that way by default, is it?
19:36 kados hmmm
19:37 cm i'm not seeing it in there.
19:38 kados sort-string.utf8
19:41 cm I don't have that in my record.abs.
19:41 kados look for the file sort-string-utf.chr
19:41 kados should be in biblios/tab/ dir
19:41 kados there's a line:
19:42 kados space {\001-\040}!"#$%&'\()*+,-./:;<=>?@\[\\]^_|}
19:42 kados remove the '-' from that line
19:42 kados and reindex :-)
19:42 kados repeat for all of the .chr files
19:42 kados (well, you can edit them, then reindex once for all changes)
19:42 kados make sense?
19:43 cm ok.  what about the ! if i want to use that too?
19:43 cm i've been reindexing every night anyway.
19:44 kados yea, ditto on !
19:44 cm ok.  thanks!
19:45 kados lemme know if you have any other questions
19:47 cm okay, thanks kados.
20:03 kados back
20:12 cm i do have another question for you.  in 3.0, will the facets show all the results instead of just the ones for the first page?
20:13 kados they could do that now if you want them to
20:13 kados the problem is it's too expensive
20:13 kados (load wise)
20:14 kados index data have been waiting for money (about $20K or so) to build facets into zebra itself
20:14 kados so there would be a facet index
20:14 kados which would make that possible
20:14 kados but we have to wait until that sponsorhip goes through
20:15 cm that would be cool.

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