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12:29 kados morning thd
16:01 thd good morning kados
17:52 Jorge hello anybody.
02:51 pupung hi
02:51 dewey bonjour, pupung
02:51 pupung salut dewey
02:52 pupung am i just the only one who thinks is down?
02:55 pupung hello?
02:55 dewey hello is anyone here
02:55 walter works for me
02:55 pupung ah ok
02:56 pupung connection times out with me
02:56 pupung uhhmm
02:56 walter drag
02:56 masonj yo wal-tar
02:56 masonj hiya pupung
02:56 walter he mason
02:56 walter hey mason
02:56 pupung hey masonj
02:57 pupung :)
02:57 pupung ahh cant really browse
02:57 pupung heheh
02:58 masonj try a google cache of it , if you really need to see it
02:58 masonj[…]cd=1&client=opera
02:58 pupung ah ok
02:58 pupung hehehe
02:58 pupung thanks
02:59 masonj its 4 days old...
02:59 masonj ok, im off for a while
04:02 CGI131 hello?
04:02 dewey well, hello is anyone here
04:03 pupung hi CGI131
04:03 CGI131 hello pupung, how are you?
04:04 CGI131 K'm a Koha newbie who has just installed Koha 2.2.5 and I haven't finished setting it up, but I have some questions.   Can you please help me?
04:06 pupung ill try my best
04:06 pupung btw, dont you want to install 2.3.0?
04:08 CGI131 Thanks.  Here are my questions.
04:08 CGI131 I ran into a bug.  I haven't finished going through all the configuration in the online manual, so that might be the cause, but I think it's something else.
04:09 CGI131 I was on the advanced search NPL skin webpage for users and I changed the language from English to French.
04:09 pupung what linux distro are you using
04:09 CGI131 But I think I didn't load French during the installation.
04:09 pupung uhh oh
04:09 CGI131 So it says "internal server error" whenever I try to access the catalog page, so basically the user interface doesn't work.
04:09 pupung wait.. let's wait for the french users here, sorry havent experienced that since i dont use french..
04:10 pupung internal server error.. did you consult the error logs?
04:10 pupung like of apache's?
04:10 CGI131 I guess it set something in the database that it reads to start up, and then it tries to access a nonexistent file, and the server can't serve it.
04:10 CGI131 Just guessing.
04:10 pupung i usually experience error 500 when mysql is not working
04:11 CGI131 So, do you know of any tables in the mysql database that have the value "English" or "French"? (en or fr)?
04:11 pupung is mysql loaded in your memory
04:11 CGI131 This is not giving a number, it just says 500.
04:11 CGI131 I could reinstall it.  Uninstall and reinstall, and put in both english and french.
04:11 pupung did you do that?
04:11 pupung like clear all things,, drop the db
04:12 pupung delete the koha folder and restart?
04:12 CGI131 well, I looked at the logs in (wait... let me find the path)
04:13 CGI131 whoops sorry it just says "internal server error"
04:13 CGI131 the path is /usr/local/koha/logs
04:13 pupung uhuh
04:13 pupung how bout /var/log/apache
04:13 CGI131 Thank you, I'll check that, one second ...
04:16 CGI131 well, i looked but it doesn't give any names of files, or anythiing that looks descriptive that would point to the problem
04:16 CGI131 the apache error log, that is
04:17 pupung hmm how bout mysql
04:17 pupung did you check the logs of your mysql?
04:18 CGI131 No, I'm sorry, do you know where they are?
04:19 CGI131 Mysql is loaded, I think - It's running, you can see it with "ps aux" in the process table.
04:19 pupung i think it's in /var/log/mysql
04:19 pupung ahh ok
04:19 CGI131 Thanks, let me check.
04:21 CGI131 There is a /var/log/mysqld.llg but it jsut seems to have messages in it like "mysqld ended", "mysqld started", and some stuff "you should upgrade your hardware"
04:21 CGI131 The last thing it says is "ready for connections"
04:21 CGI131 So I don't think that's it.
04:22 CGI131 The koha logs have lots of information.  Maybe I'll try to connect to the koha webpage again, and then see what are the last messages in the logs.
04:23 CGI131 Huh, well, it's back now, so who knows what that was.
04:23 pupung yeah
04:23 pupung but did you try to reinstall koha?
04:23 CGI131 I mean the page is showing the search engine page, without the "internal server error" - let me try searching once.
04:23 CGI131 I didn't reinstall.  It just righted itself somehow.
04:24 CGI131 Maybe having to do with my closing the staff client page?
04:24 CGI131 I have no idead.
04:25 CGI131 I would like to update to the most recent stable version - I think it's 2.2.9
04:25 CGI131 Do you know which version(s) of Fedora Core or Debian it will work with?  
04:25 CGI131 I'm afraid of upgrading to the latest Fedora Core and then finding it doesn't work and I have to downgrade, because I'm not sure how to downgrade.
04:26 pupung ofcourse any version of koha will work on debian
04:26 pupung dunno with FC
04:26 CGI131 Also, I heard Koha doesn't work with MySQL 5 (or I read it).
04:26 CGI131 Will Koha work with any version of Debian?
04:26 pupung yeah
04:26 pupung koha is developed on debian
04:27 CGI131 Yes, but do you know, sometimes if you have the latest version of something, then applications don't work on it.
04:27 pupung just stay with mysql 4.0
04:27 pupung or 4.1
04:27 pupung there are backports..
04:27 pupung ex. dotdeb
04:28 pupung
04:30 CGI131 Do you know, something else is strange.  I can't find the page I was looking at before, that had options like "make purchase requests", "book shelf", "recently read history".
04:30 CGI131 I don't see it?  Do you where it is?
04:31 CGI131 Maybe because I was logged in as KohaAdmin on one window, it took a cookie setting or something, and made it look like I was logged in?
04:32 CGI131 Oh, yeah, that's what it was.
04:33 pupung you mean you're at the opac?
04:33 CGI131 But it's still working, yeah.
04:34 CGI131 Well, I'll be careful not to do that.  Maybe I'll look at the source of the html.
04:34 CGI131 I have a feeling that if I run into more trouble, I'll have to upgrade, because I doubt they're maintaining the old versions of Koha.
04:35 CGI131 Thank you very much, Pupung.
04:35 CGI131 What are backports?
04:36 pupung ohh its the a compatible version of an old package for a new version of a distribution
04:37 pupung it's like installing mysql 4.0 at an ubuntu feisty which bundles 5.0
04:37 CGI131 It may have had something to do with the file /cgi-bin/koha/
04:37 CGI131 That's what's at that part of the form in the HTML source.
04:38 CGI131 Do you mean it's a mirror to download MySQL 4.0?
04:38 CGI131 Or it points to them?
04:38 pupung mysql 4.0 requires files that are no longer available in newer linux distro
04:39 pupung you need backports to install it
04:39 CGI131 Does dotdeb have those files, or tell where to get them?
04:41 CGI131 It's not just for Debian, it has resources for Ubuntu, too?
04:41 pupung yes dotdeb has them
04:41 pupung ohh for ubuntu, just point your apt to older versions like warty or hoary
04:41 pupung they should be compatible
04:43 CGI131 May I please ask you which versions you are running of Koha, Linux, MySQL, Apache, and Perl?
04:43 pupung Koha 2.2.9 (planning to upgrade to 2.3.0)
04:43 pupung Ubuntu Feisty
04:43 pupung Mysql 4.1
04:43 pupung Apache 2.0
04:44 pupung Perl 5.8
04:44 pupung well ill be installing a new linux distro called freespire
04:45 CGI131 Thank you.  What's FreeSpire?  Is it a flavor of Linux like Ubuntu or Debian?
04:45 CGI131 How stable is the Koha 2.2.9 that you're running?
04:47 CGI131 Oh, I see the FreeSpire website, it says Freespire 2.0 begins with Ubuntu (Version 7.04) as its baseline.
04:49 pupung yeah
04:49 pupung hehehe
04:49 pupung it's a cute desktop
04:49 pupung well i have to have a desktop on top of a server
04:49 pupung it's pretty frustrating
04:49 pupung we lack funds to purchase a dedicated server
04:50 pupung good thing about freespire is that it bundles propriety drivers..
04:55 CGI131 Thank you very much for all your help.  Do you know anyone who is using a recent version of Koha on a Fedora Core system?
04:56 pupung errmm
04:56 pupung sorry i have no idea who uses such
04:57 CGI131 Have a good night, Pupung.  Thank you.
04:57 pupung sure
04:57 pupung you too
04:57 pupung anyway it's 1pm here

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