IRC log for #koha, 2007-08-13

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12:50 pupung welcome back masonj
13:03 thd kados: are you there?
18:02 thd kados ?
18:02 dewey kados is champion alligator-wrestler in 7 counties
18:52 kados hi thd
18:53 thd hello kados
18:53 thd kados: did you understand my telephone message?
18:53 kados thd: I haven't gotten it yet
18:53 kados this is chris's last day in ohio
18:54 kados and I'm hanging out in columbus with him
18:54 kados so haven't worked today
18:54 kados (in a mall currently :-))
18:55 thd kados: I committed marc21_standard_auth_frameworks.sql to the misc directory.
18:55 kados excellent
18:55 kados I'll check that out tonight
18:56 thd kados: I also added linking codes to all but the simple frameworks, however ...
18:57 thd kados: the first few authority frameworks show the default fields/subfields instead of what they should show
18:57 kados what do you mean?
18:58 thd kados: if you look at the order of the frameworks in the SQL file ...
18:58 kados I don't have time now
18:58 kados w
18:58 thd do you have time for the explanation?
18:59 thd personal name, corporate name, and meeting name frameworks are inserted just after the default framework with everything
18:59 kados I don't
19:00 kados I'll be available later tonight I hope
19:00 thd kados: those frameworks show everything instead of the correct fields
19:00 kados ?
19:00 thd kados: done explaining
19:01 kados I thought the goal was to reduce the number of fields
19:01 kados ie, show JUST the correct fields
19:01 thd I did but it does not work for the first few
19:02 thd kados: maybe there is some incremental value which needs to be set so that all frameworks are treated correctly
19:03 thd kados: my SQL code is correct for what it does
19:14 thd` kados: however, maybe DEFAULT increment=? is needed somewhere that I have left out
19:14 thd` kados: maybe paul will know what the issue is in the morning
21:01 masonj morning #koha
01:46 thd kados: are you there now?
02:06 kados hi thd
02:09 thd hello
02:09 dewey hello, thd
02:12 thd kados: if you want to know how to merge manifestations for books in your union catalogue Karen Coyle has published the weightings used by the original MELVYL system
02:12 thd kados:
02:14 thd kados: I had the MELVYL documentation for doing this except there were no weightings provided in the version of the documentation I had obtained.
02:15 thd kados: are you still there?
02:18 kados yep
02:18 kados intersting stuff
02:21 thd kados: try installing marc21_standard_auth_frameworks.sql and tell me if you have the same issue where personal name, etc. are showing the default fields and subfields
02:22 kados ok, I'll give it a shot
02:57 thd kados: do you have similar results to me for the authorities record editor?
02:58 kados and I'm getting pretty tired
02:59 kados I'll have to look tomorrow ... sorry
03:11 thd good night kados
07:20 hdl_away dewey: forget hello
07:20 dewey hdl_away: I forgot hello
08:34 thd` paul: I have a question about authorities frameworks in relation to some code I committed

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