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14:14 owen Should a library be able to have more than one category?
14:15 kados hi foxnorth
14:15 foxnorth hey kados
14:15 foxnorth just getting adding new savefiles setup...
14:16 kados sweet
14:20 kados cool
14:21 owen kados: if I run into problems, should I file bugs, or would you rather I keep a list somewhere for you to review?
14:24 kados file bugs I think
14:24 kados let me know if there's not an entry for 3.0 in bugzilla
14:25 owen There is for rel_3_0
14:35 kados that'll work for now
14:38 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious n=plinkit@
14:39 owen I guess I should resist the temptation to mess with the CSS for now
14:39 kados *nod*
14:43 hdl kados: ?
14:43 hdl hi
14:43 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: darcilicious n=plinkit@
15:02 owen kados, are you still considering standardizing on YUI for javascript and/or css layout?
15:22 kados owen: well, ext seems a bit more actively developed
15:23 kados owen: but in general, I think yes, we should use a js toolkit for standardizing layout
15:23 kados foxnorth: is our best resource there
15:23 kados he's worked the most with javascript
15:24 foxnorth although YUI is quite developed as well...
15:24 foxnorth i think Ext looks a bit more polished out of the box
15:24 foxnorth although they each have some features/widgets the other doesn't...
15:24 owen foxnorth: Ext works on its own or with other libraries?
15:25 foxnorth right- the newest version can work standalone, whereas prev. versions required yui or other tk
15:25 foxnorth yeah i love jquery!
15:28 owen foxnorth: It sounds like Ext might be a good choice in part /because/ it works with other js libraries?
15:29 foxnorth owen: that is a very cool feature
15:29 owen For instance: Ext doesn't have the same cool plugin that jquery has, so I can use the jquery one?
15:29 foxnorth owen: that's what i've found so far
15:29 owen Interesting.
15:30 foxnorth hehe
15:30 owen Whatever we do, we need to pick something and stick with it. Right now the staff client uses a mishmash of javascript stuff in not-very-standard ways
15:31 foxnorth i see...
15:33 foxnorth owen: i'm not familiar (yet) with what the javascript is doing in the staff client
15:34 foxnorth owen: and i've used jqueries dom manip. funcs instead of Ext's so far, so i'm more familiar with them.  although i think Ext also has css/xpath selectors
15:38 owen foxnorth: In the staff client js is mostly used for per-page tasks. A particular form needs to be validated, so the script is added at the bottom of the page.
15:38 foxnorth i see
15:39 owen And this kind of thing: <a href="javascript:back();">Go Back</a>
15:39 owen ...which I'm not fond of
15:39 thd kados: are you there?
15:39 kados thd: yep
15:40 kados thd: I'm going to try out your frameworks today, I promise :-)
15:41 thd kados: I was unable to obtain paul's attention even 7 hours ago
15:43 paul (but on phone)
15:44 owen autoMemberNum doesn't affect the way Koha saves card numbers, right? It's for borrowers.borrowernumber?
15:44 thd paul: please signify when you are off phone
15:44 paul i am, now ;-)
15:44 kados owen: I'm not sure how that's implemented in 3.0 to be honest
15:45 kados none of LibLime's clients use automembernum
15:45 thd paul: I committed some MARC 21 authorities frameworks
15:46 owen Hmmm.. I guess it is cardnumber. With autoMemberNum turned on the "Card number" field in the member entry form doesn't save what you type in.
15:46 paul kados : some of mine does use automembernum. so it must work...
15:46 thd kados: However, there is a problem that the first few named authorities frameworks show all the fields and subfields like default
15:46 paul owern : fill a bug & affect it to me pls
15:46 kados paul: of course, I agree it should work
15:46 kados paul: I just don't know what it does :-)
15:47 thd paul: so you have seen this before?
15:47 paul i calculate the max(borrowernumber) + 1
15:47 kados huh
15:47 kados paul: you mean cardnumber?
15:47 paul thd : /me don't understand what you mean
15:47 paul kados : yep, cardnumber
15:48 paul (sorry, doing 2 things at the same time)
15:48 kados paul: ahh, ok, I understand now
15:48 kados paul: (no worries ;-))
15:49 thd paul: I committed authorities frameworks for personal name, corporate name, meeting name, uniform title, topical subject term, etc.
15:50 thd paul: the default unnamed framework included all possible fields and subfields while the others had less fields and subfields as appropriate to their authority type
15:51 thd paul: however, the frameworks which were inserted first show all fields and subfields in the authorities editor as the would for default
15:52 thd paul: default is also not a selectable option
15:52 dewey okay, thd.
15:52 thd s/as the/as they/
15:53 paul thd : i'm surprised, i never seen that problem before.
15:53 paul do you have an url ?
15:53 thd paul: perhaps there is something missing from my SQL insert statements
15:54 thd paul: I mean maybe some table needs extra filling
15:55 thd paul: The version I have tested is marc21_standard_ath_frameworks.sql in the misc directory
15:57 thd paul: could you look at the beginning of that file to see if anything is missing for how or which tables are created?
15:57 paul not in the next minutes
15:57 paul but i'll try tomorrow
15:57 paul kados/chris, do you have a few seconds for a git question...
15:58 kados chris is on a plane :-)
15:59 paul I wanted to commit something, but get an error message about a merge to fix.
15:59 paul I modified the file that had a merge problem (a template iirc, it was on friday)
15:59 paul but could not commit here after : I still had the same message.
15:59 paul so I tried to search a solution.
16:00 kados try 'git status'
16:01 paul I thought git commit -a could help me, but now, the patch I wanted to submit are in my code, but git-format-patch tells me it has nothing to do.
16:01 paul so git status tells me :
16:01 paul [paul@localhost head]$ git status
16:01 paul # On branch master
16:01 paul # Untracked files:
16:01 paul #   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
16:01 paul #
16:01 paul #       0001-adding-path-for-apache.patch
16:02 paul ... some already send patches
16:02 paul + some already send patches
16:02 paul and git format-patch origin don't create the patch I want to send
16:02 kados hmmm
16:02 paul (a patch to handle utf8, on
16:02 kados how about 'git branch'
16:03 paul * master
16:03 kados ahh
16:03 kados that could be the prob
16:04 paul in qgit I see the commit (called "not sure this commit is correct..."), but can't send the patch :-(
16:04 kados generally, best to work on a branch
16:04 kados otherwise it gets confusing tracking where the origin is
16:04 paul git pull will synch on my "tipaul branch" all the commits you validate on master ?
16:04 kados yes
16:04 kados but ...
16:05 kados if you are developing on master
16:05 kados it won't track the changes you make properly
16:05 kados what you want to do is:
16:05 kados 1. git branch mychanges
16:05 kados wait
16:05 kados best try this on a new clone so you don't lose any work
16:05 kados 1. git clone ...
16:05 kados 2. git branch mychanges
16:05 kados 3. git checkout mychanges
16:05 kados make changes
16:06 kados then, instead of git pull:
16:06 kados 4. git fetch
16:06 kados 5. git rebase origin
16:06 kados that will merge changes from into your branch
16:06 kados then you can git-format-patch, etc.
16:07 paul ok, i'll try later, thanks
16:07 thd paul: the SQL import script is at[…]oot=koha&view=log
16:07 paul (i see the wiki page has been updated with git fetch. And it's quite clear)
16:08 kados paul: yea, after a few days of using git, we found it's a better way to do it
16:08 owen paul: userid is only saved during new patron registrations if a password is entered as well?
16:08 paul owen : what do you call userid ?
16:08 owen OPAC login (borrowers.userid)
16:09 paul mmm... I don't know.
16:09 paul sounds a good protective measure to avoid having passwordless logins.
16:27 owen script not found or unable to stat: /cgi-bin/cataloguing/intranet.css ?
16:28 owen I've gotten that error in a couple of places now
16:32 kados yea
16:32 kados I've no idea why
16:32 kados someone else was getting it too
16:32 kados there must be a css call somewhere that's wrong
16:33 owen It would only generate an error if something tried to directly include the css file, woudln't it?
16:33 kados owen: kudos to you if you track it down ;-)
16:34 kados don't think so, it would generate an error any time a browser requests it and it's not there
16:34 kados maybe paul knows what's going on there
16:34 paul nope
16:34 paul shouldn't you have at least intranet2.css ?
16:35 paul don't you have the intranet2.css stylesheet ?
16:35 paul don't you have set up the intranet2.css stylesheet ?
16:35 kados should, yes
16:54 owen What's this? function _(s) { return s } // dummy function for gettext
16:55 kados dunno, but I don't think it should be on every page
18:35 bikashb hello do i know anybody here whom i suppose to be a KOHA expert ?
18:35 bikashb poor chap is having installation issues ? can somebody help plz
18:37 bikashb i am seeking somehelp regarding KOHA installation ? could anybody be kind enough for a help plz
18:37 bikashb hello room ....
18:37 bikashb anybody alive ...
19:05 kados owen: hiya :-)
19:05 kados owen: how's the git adventures going? :-)
19:06 owen No adventures yet. I think I got everything re-synched properly, but I haven't done any real work yet
19:11 kados gotcha
20:00 owen kados, got time for a git question now?
20:00 kados sure
20:01 owen So I've made changes to my local working copy, and committed them. How do those get into my remote working copy?
20:02 kados git push
20:04 owen It says 'Everything up-to-date'
20:09 kados hmmm
20:09 kados it's possible that push only works with the master branch
20:10 kados we'll have to ask chris how to handle that
20:10 kados another way to do it
20:10 kados is:
20:10 kados git-format-patch origin
20:10 kados on your local copy
20:10 kados then scp that to the remote one
20:10 owen I wonder I'm making things more complicated than they need to be in having a local repo and a remote one
20:11 kados once you get a system going it shouldn't be too complicated
20:11 kados lets ask chris how to handle your git push from local to remote
21:11 masonj morning #koha
21:11 walter morning mason
21:13 walter mason got a doc for you (dev kete on mac os x) to start on, if your keen to get going
21:19 kados is Kaka a necessary name for part of kete?
21:19 kados :-)
21:20 walter aye? no kaka in kete as yet
21:21 kados angela's email: "We will look at putting a link in the main Kaka interface"
21:21 kados is that supposed to be Kete?
21:21 masonj sorry, reading back another irc channel
21:22 walter yeah, Kete, sorry, too
21:22 walter masonj, perhaps we should take this to #kete
21:22 masonj yup, good call walt
21:23 walter see you there
00:10 thd kados: have you seen what I saw?
00:47 walter jaron: you around?
00:59 jaron walter: ping?
01:00 jaron walter++
01:00 jaron walter: just read your email
01:00 walter yeah, pretty cool
01:00 jaron and I was just getting ready to ask you how things were going
01:01 walter the tests through me for a bit of a loop, but most of the work was done early last week
01:01 walter and finally had the time to sit down with it on Saturday
01:01 jaron do any test fail right now?
01:02 walter no, but there are some that are commented out
01:02 walter it is for two reasons
01:02 walter needs to connect to a test zebra db to add/update/delete records
01:02 jaron sure
01:02 walter which i set up a temp one for, but not sure if that will be permanent
01:03 walter and that there is a problem with the test record needing tweaking
01:03 jaron I wonder if indexdata has a test server out there that permanent tests could be run against?
01:03 walter righ now on update and delete, existing record isn't matched, so they fail
01:03 walter but that is just with the tests
01:03 jaron ok
01:03 walter update and delete work fine with my plugin that uses ruby zoom now
01:04 jaron excellent
01:04 jaron I'm getting ready to start writing something and might be using acts_as_zoom for it
01:04 walter essentially it would be good to have tests against an extremely simple record type
01:04 walter rather than my elaborate filtering with alvis and xml
01:05 walter thats cool
01:05 jaron I'll be testing with marcxml records
01:05 jaron grs.xml
01:05 walter definitely let me know when you get started
01:05 jaron will do ;)
01:05 walter might set you up with commit rights or something
01:05 walter anyway, back to other work
01:06 jaron cool
01:06 walter catch you later
01:06 jaron thanks for the good news!
01:06 walter you're welcome
08:14 thd` good morning paul

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