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12:43 owen So anyway...
12:43 dewey So ... are you generally busy today, or have some time to hack away on Koha?
12:43 owen Should a library be able to have more than one category?
12:43 owen dewey, why are you cracking the whip at me?
12:43 dewey owen: wish i knew
12:43 owen dewey: you are a compulsive whip-cracker?
12:43 dewey owen: wish i knew
14:24 qiqo hello peeps
14:24 qiqo just wanna ask if what version is the most recent one
14:25 qiqo 2.2.9 or  2.3.0
14:25 qiqo ?
14:34 paul qiqo: 2.3.0 is an unstable version released by libLime, that don't work at all.
14:34 qiqo ah ok
14:34 qiqo hehe
14:34 qiqo im still having problem accessing the website
14:34 qiqo i guess my isp has some dns problems
14:35 qiqo and
14:36 kados_ they're working for me
14:40 qiqo ah ok
14:40 qiqo thanks
14:40 qiqo ill be calling my isp tech support
14:54 owen kados_: I've been looking at Ext, and it's pretty impressive
14:55 owen It looks like you could build a really complex application interface with it, but I'm not sure of the backwards-compatibility of it all
14:55 foxnorth owen: yeah, Ext has some really nice widgets
14:56 owen foxnorth: Do you know anything about Ext and progressive enhancement?
14:56 foxnorth owen: what are you thinking of in terms of backwards compatibility?
14:56 owen I'm thinking in particular of interfaces that work (if minimally) with javascript turned off
14:57 foxnorth owen: I think it would depend on how you've set things up layout-wise
14:58 foxnorth owen: if you've got your divs arranged so they work w/o javascript
14:58 foxnorth and then you're just rendering the Ext widgets in those divs (or already existing tables etc)
14:59 owen What kind of things have you done with it?
15:00 foxnorth i've been working on a web based cataloging program
15:00 owen So you're using Ext for that? I didn't know that.
15:00 foxnorth and so i've gotten the chance to try out most of the widgets ext offers
15:01 foxnorth yeah i looked at several toolkits, but ext seemed to have really nice widgets right out of the box, the forums looked active
15:02 foxnorth plus being able to use jquery or yui w/ it as well
15:02 owen When I first started looking at YUI I'd heard of ext as yui-ext. I didn't even know it had become a standalone option
15:03 owen I found the YUI way of doing things a little too impenetrable for me, but jquery and I hit it off pretty well
15:03 owen ...not that I've done anything particularly complex.
15:04 kados_ morning foxnorth
15:05 paul hello to all US citizens.
15:06 qiqo i wish i could have a US visa
15:06 qiqo lo
15:06 qiqo l
15:07 paul kados : there are some references to spellcheck_suggest in the git repository. And that's an undocumented feature (or a non working one). Can you take care of that ? Should I fill a bug to you in bugzilla ?
15:07 foxnorth hey kados
15:12 foxnorth owen: yeah i think Ext just recently changed over from yui-ext to being standalone
15:12 foxnorth owen: and i totally agree about jquery: it's so easy to use and so useful!
15:21 owen foxnorth: Do you use ext to handle all the layout in the cataloging client?
15:23 foxnorth owen: basically, yeah.  i use jquery to do some xpath things like retrieving html of some div-- although i think one can do that w/ Ext too
15:28 kados paul: yes, bugzilla it
15:29 kados paul: can you summarize what the 'suggestion' feature is, it may be a duplication of spellcheck_suggest
15:29 kados paul: if so I can merge the two and we can just have one :-)
15:29 paul kados : another question : the VirtualShelves => Bookshelves stuff is not in git atm, right ?
15:29 kados it is!
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15:30 kados I changed book to virtual everywhere, including in the database
15:30 paul right, sorry. VirtualShelves is the goal, bookshelves was the 2.2 name
15:30 kados yep
15:31 paul we just need the updatedatabase for migrations ;-)
15:31 kados yep :-)
15:31 kados that's gonna be tough
15:31 kados but definitely doable
15:31 paul I'll work on my version number idea, and that will be much more easy that now.
15:31 kados w00t
15:32 paul last point : misc/marc21_*.sql, asmp_marc21*.sql are useless.
15:32 paul (at least in this directory)
15:32 kados agreed
15:33 paul OK, so I submit a patch removing them immediatly ;-)
15:33 kados many files in misc are useless
15:33 kados and many need to be updated
15:33 kados koha.conf should be removed
15:33 paul yep. I already cleaned some, but chris sended me a mail that he made something wrong with my patch.
15:34 paul i'll commit again.
15:34 kados make sure you have 'git fetch' and 'git rebase' before you commit
15:34 paul it's a clean repository.
15:35 kados perfect
15:35 kados so make sure to branch first
15:35 kados then make changes, then commit, then git-format-patch then git-send-email
15:35 paul yep. I created a branch already.
17:03 paul kados : 11 patches sent to
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