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14:00 kados mornin foxnorth
14:01 foxnorth hey kados: just got your email and checking into that db error
14:01 foxnorth kados: may need to adjust my reset/setup funcs
14:01 owen hi kados and foxnorth
14:03 foxnorth hey owen
14:04 paul_ hello USA
14:04 ryan hi paul
14:04 paul commit for C4::Context::KOHAVERSION coming in the next hours...
14:38 foxnorth kados: i believe that error is fixed, if you want to refresh and try again
14:43 kados hiya owen
14:44 kados fixed
15:24 thd kados: are you there?
15:27 thd ryan: ping
15:38 kados hiya thd
15:39 kados thd: did you ever talk to paul about that issue you were having with the authorities frameworks?
15:39 paul yes, and I don't have any idea what happends...
15:39 kados paul: were you able to re-produce the problem?
15:39 paul nope
15:39 kados strange ...
15:40 paul I asked an URL, but thd didn't get me any
15:40 kados ahh, it's committed to rel_2_2
15:40 kados you can try from there
15:40 paul mmm... I thought it was on 3.0
15:40 kados nope, not yet
15:40 paul so I probably missed something...
15:41 paul is chris the only person validating patches ?
15:41 kados nope
15:41 kados your commits are in my queue
15:41 paul I submitted 11 patches yesterday, didn't you recieve them ?
15:41 paul ok
15:41 kados yes, chris approved them
15:42 kados I'll review them today
15:42 thd paul: I committed to the misc directory in both rel 2_2 and head if you were referring to the authorities frameworks
15:42 kados paul:[…]a&pathrev=rel_2_2
15:43 kados thd: I'm going to try the auth frameworks on 3.0 right now
15:44 kados thd: are they meant to be installed along with the default ones, or to replace the default?
15:45 thd kados: if you import the SQL file it dumps the old authority frameworks tables and recreates them with new frameworks including a default framework
15:47 thd kados: the default framework is more complete but unlike the bibliographic frameworks the original default was fairly close to correct and mostly complete
15:47 kados ok
15:47 kados thanks
15:48 thd paul: to remind you of the problem I had when I tested is that.
15:48 kados thd: did you go to library camp?
15:49 thd kados: yes, I learnt quite a bit and saw chris
15:49 kados excellent, I was going to ask
15:51 thd kados: chris suggested I post a link for Koha to the unconference wiki about RDF when it has some real information which may be about a month from now.
15:51 kados using the new web installer
15:51 kados excellent idea
15:53 kados so who is working on rdf?
15:53 kados hmmm
15:53 kados thd: error:
15:53 kados marc21_standard_auth_frameworks.sql
15:53 kados ERROR 1217 (23000) at line 144: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails
15:53 kados paul: see error above using web installer
15:54 paul isn't this just a SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; problem ?
15:54 kados ahh, I think you're right
15:55 thd kados: I put that in the standard installation file but not in the post installation update script
15:56 thd kados paul: should SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0 be in rel_2_2 code now also?
15:56 kados don't think so
15:56 kados thd: I'm testing on 3.0
15:56 paul I don't think so, there are no foreign keys in 2.2
15:58 kados interesting
15:58 kados now I got an error for the authorities_normal_marc21.sql file:
15:58 kados ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 2: Duplicate entry '010-a' for key 1
15:58 kados I think it worked though
15:59 kados we need to fix the installer a bit though, it should be able to negociate those errors better IMO
15:59 kados huh
15:59 kados there are a lot of duplicates
15:59 kados[…]
16:00 thd kados: I had no SQL errors when I applied the script.  I do not understand the last error you reported.
16:00 kados thd: can you look at the headings and confirm they are correct?
16:00 kados or are there duplicates?
16:00 kados if duplicates I will re-run the installer and unselect the mandatory auth file
16:01 kados thd: I suspect your script is meant to replace the default one
16:01 kados thd: sorry, s/script/sql/
16:02 thd kados: yes, that is what I said.
16:02 kados ok, I"ll make that change and reinstall
16:02 thd kados: maybe it does not work with the web installer in that case
16:03 kados it shuld work fine
16:04 kados I've replaced it
16:04 kados testing again
16:04 thd kados: what do you mean by "replaced it"?
16:05 kados I replaced the default auth frameworks with yours in my install dir
16:05 kados well, not really the install dir
16:05 kados the misc/sql-datas/en/optional dir
16:05 kados importing now
16:05 kados ...
16:06 kados thd: we still need to fix the 3.0 marc simple bib frameworks
16:06 thd kados: I changed the mandatory one in HEAD with the new frameworks
16:06 kados add the new column
16:06 kados for default value
16:06 kados thd: do you have time to work on that?
16:06 thd kados: yes, but not until this evening
16:07 kados ok, the headings are loaded
16:07 kados[…]
16:07 kados thd: ok, so what is the bug?
16:08 kados thd: do you want to try to reproduce on my 3.0 install?
16:09 thd kados paul: the bug I saw was that the initial frameworks inserted from the SQL file show all the same fields and subfields (that is everything in the standard) instead of the ones specified for personal name, corporate name, etc.
16:09 kados thd: user:thd pass: thd
16:09 thd kados: yes let me look
16:09 kados thd: you're a super librarian
16:12 thd kados:[…]es/ is stranger than on rel_2_2
16:13 thd kados: if I try to add an authority record I now have nothing appearing where the record editor form should be.
16:13 kados sounds like a bug :-)
16:13 kados paul: are any of your libraries using authorities in 3.0?
16:13 paul yep, ipt widely use them
16:14 paul although I haven't tested the cvs recently
16:14 thd kados: the list of frameworks is still backwards alphabetically on the authorities page
16:14 kados
16:14 kados thd / thd
16:15 kados zebra is running, but zebraqueue not
16:15 thd kados: what should I see there?
16:15 kados paul: thd / thd
16:16 kados paul: installed using web installer just now, running off of git version using thd's new frameworks
16:16 paul sorry guys, but I have to leave
16:16 paul (we have a dinner with friends...)
16:16 paul_dinner (and i'm already late...)
16:17 thd paul_dinner: will you be around tomorrow morning to look at this?
16:19 thd kados: In the link to which you pointed me I have nothing in the main part of the page except "Welcome to Koha"
16:19 kados yes, that's the default for 3.0
16:19 kados I was just showing paul how to get to 3.0 with authorities
16:20 thd oh :)
16:21 thd kados: seems to be broken because no form appears in the authorities editor.
16:21 kados yea
16:21 thd kados: can we try rel_2_2?
16:21 kados so add that to the list of broken features in 3.0 :-)
16:22 thd kados: can we try on a test install of version 2 now?
16:23 kados yes, I'd like to
16:23 kados but I have to wait for ryan
16:24 thd kados: by wait do you mean wait for him to come back from lunch or something?
16:24 kados yes, 
16:25 thd kados: so for how long should I do something else now?
16:26 kados hehe
16:26 kados I'll call him
16:26 kados just a sec
16:30 thd kados: I was speaking with him on telephone just before you and paul appeared on IRC.
16:40 ryan thd: i'll have time to test on dev_week late tomorrow or fri morning
16:43 thd foxnorth: hello
16:44 thd foxnorth: Is opencataloger ready for production use?
16:48 foxnorth thd: well i've been working on this web based cataloging app, with a different ui toolkit and a few different ideas from toins' and paul's opencataloger project
16:49 foxnorth thd: it's not ready for production but it's getting a little closer each day :)
16:50 foxnorth thd: eg no help system yet, still working on the marc editor
16:52 kados thd: it'll be ready for your review in a week or two :-)
17:05 owen kados: any further ideas on how to get the changes from my local repository to my remote one?
18:05 kados owen: sorry, chris has been awol since he left athens :-)
18:05 kados haven't had a chance to ask him yet
18:05 owen That's what happens when you let your employees run free
18:05 kados hehe, yea
18:19 owen kados, why would the error log show only "premature end of script headers" without going into more detail?
18:43 kados owen: because apache2 did some mentalness and it ignores the error log setting in the apache conf
18:43 kados all the real errors are in the main log
18:44 owen the main log?
18:44 kados the main apache log
18:44 kados /var/log/apache2/error.log
18:44 kados it's damned annoying
18:44 kados wish I could find a solution for it
18:45 kados so we need to give you sudo privs to tail the apache error log on arwen
18:45 kados ryan: you on that?
18:45 owen Does that mean that my Koha install's errors are lumped together with everyone elses on that machine?
18:45 kados yea :(
18:45 kados but don't blame us, it's apache2 :-)
18:48 owen Who defines the patron category category types? Those are built into Koha by default?
18:50 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: rangi n=nnchris@
18:51 kados I think so
18:51 kados well
18:51 kados you can define new categories, but based on some category types
19:51 owen Shouldn't the installation process prompt you for a value for the LibraryName system preference?
22:38 kados chris: you around?
22:38 kados chris: just looking at the first batch of stuff you pushed to me
22:39 kados chris: it's an 'all or nothing' patch, I'd rather deal with each of these individually, because some of them aren't up to snuff IMO
00:48 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: rangi n=nnchris@
01:04 kados hey chris
02:03 kados Set-Cookie: CGISESSID=34998e2b89466ef1476e395ca8defb0a; path=/^M
02:03 kados Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 02:02:02 GMT^M
02:03 kados Content: text/html^M
02:03 kados Content-Type: utf-8^M
02:03 kados that's the prob with 3.0
02:03 kados shoudln't content-type be first?
02:12 kados fixed now
02:12 kados yay
08:40 martinmorris hello all our little library is going to adopt koha which is good - but I'm having trouble getting barcodes to work
08:40 martinmorris i'd also appreciate some practical advice on how we actually implement it
08:43 masonj hi martin, i might be able to help u in a few hours
08:43 masonj im busy at the moment
08:44 js hello, if you want some help, explain your problem
08:45 martinmorris ok, the barcode problem: I believe I have all the correct modules installed, but when I try to generate barcodes a new browser window pops up and nothing more happens
08:45 martinmorris I have added my own country code beforehand (Great Britain/GB)
08:45 martinmorris it's possible i'm just putting wrong information in beforehand
08:46 paul_ hello martinmorris
08:46 martinmorris hi paul_ :)
08:46 paul_ is your problem printing barcodes or entering barcodes when creating an item ?
08:47 martinmorris oh i can enter barcodes fine
08:47 martinmorris but they don't appear when I go to Barcode Generator and enter the details
08:47 martinmorris the barcode just autogenerate for a specific item so that's no problem
08:47 paul_ bad news : I can't help you on this, because I never use barcodes stuff (& didn't code it )
08:48 martinmorris not to worry paul, thanks anyway
08:49 martinmorris will try i ton a different browser
08:51 martinmorris on firefox is just offers to let me download - which is a blank document
08:58 martinmorris well i'll keep this logged in in case anybody has ideas.  I'm using Safari and Firefox on a Mac running 10.4.9
08:58 martinmorris beg pardon, 10.4.10
09:00 paul_ martinmorris: it means there has been an internal server error I bet. You should check apache logs.
09:15 paul_ chris around ?
09:15 paul_ (a git question... another one...)

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