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13:47 chris morning
13:48 jaron morning?
13:48 jaron morning
13:53 owen Hi chris, jaron
13:57 jaron hiya owen
13:58 chris ohhh
13:59 chris looks promising
14:00 chris yep stateside for another week jaron
14:04 hdl hi
14:05 chris hi hdl
14:06 hdl are you in the states atm ?
14:06 owen I have verified his presence in the states with my own eyes.
14:07 chris hehe
14:08 chris yes im in Athens at the moment, until monday, then im doing a bit of travelling, to a conference and doing some demos, then home next friday
14:12 chris Athens Ohio that is :)
14:13 owen chris: any luck figuring out what was going on with the web installer yesterday?
14:14 chris yep, fixing it now
14:15 chris i changed the sessions table, (which holds the login info) and changed
14:15 chris but not
14:15 chris should be fixed soon
14:18 chris :)
14:26 hdl chris : change updatedatabase to while you are at it.
14:26 dewey hdl: that doesn't look right
14:26 hdl Session table is not good anymore.
14:26 hdl I had problems with that.
14:26 chris ive changed kohastructure.sql
14:26 hdl But not updatedatabase.
14:27 chris does 3.0 still use updatedatabase?
14:27 chris ah ok, ill change that too
14:28 hdl chris : I tried to send two bug fix with a git commit . Did you get them ?
14:28 chris did you email them to
14:29 hdl not yet
14:29 hdl I just used git commit
14:29 chris ahh that commits to your local repository
14:29 chris now you can do a git format-patch origin
14:30 chris and then git-send-email nameofpatch
14:30 chris and ill apply it
14:31 chris does that make sense?
14:33 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious n=plinkit@
14:52 owen chris, I sent a message to koha-devel yesterday from a non-subscribed address (forgot about my email changing). Can you approve it?
14:58 chris ahhh not me, i can do ones to koha .. i think kados and paul can do koha-devel
15:10 owen Thanks to whoever just did it :)
15:12 kados owen:
15:12 kados et all
15:12 kados nominate chris :-)
15:12 kados I just did one for Chris as Open Source Ambassador and Open Source Contributor
15:29 hdl I did.
15:29 hdl Chris patch sent.
15:30 owen kados and/or chris: I think git is working for me. The next step is to clone the repository I set up yesterday on the test server?
15:31 hdl chris there are still many calls to Date::Manip and one that I don't like is in It uses UnixDate.
15:31 hdl Is there a way to use a Date::Calc function for it ?
15:31 chris right, we should kill those
15:31 chris im sure there must be
15:34 chris thats right owen
15:43 owen How do I know where to point git?
15:43 kados owen: hi :-)
15:43 kados owen: what do you mean by 'point git' ?
15:44 kados what you can do
15:44 kados /home/oleonard/koha/production/koha  should be a git clone
15:44 kados so cd /home/oleonard/koha/production/koha
15:44 kados git branch
15:45 owen And you said I could clone that clone on my workstation in order to work on file locally?
15:45 kados that will tell you what branch you have checked out
15:45 kados ahh
15:45 kados yep, you can do that
15:45 kados so on your workstation, you can go:
15:46 kados git clone​e/oleonard/koha/production/koha
15:49 chris hdl: i just sent kados 2 patches to fix the installer (the clean up of kohastructure.sql broke it .. it was looking for 75 tables, now there are only 70)
15:50 hdl Yes.
15:50 hdl I thought that number of tables between 2 and 3 were very different.
15:51 owen kados, don't I need a repo name on the end of that command?
15:51 hdl And I didnot have Version number in database at that time.
15:51 kados owen: koha is the repo name
15:51 hdl We could remove this check imho
15:51 hdl chris
15:52 chris yes, ill have a think about how to do that, unless you have an idea?
15:57 kados owen: chris just patched and I approved the fix to installauth
15:57 kados owen: if you haven't branched yet, you can do a 'git pull' to get the updates
15:58 kados if you have branched, do 'git fetch' and then 'git rebase origin' from within your branch
15:58 owen I haven't branched. So all I need is "git pull" and it knows where to pull from?
15:58 kados yep
15:59 kados it knows because it's stored in .git/config
16:17 kados hi thd`
16:37 kados hdl: you aroudn?
16:46 kados owen:[…]/koha/
16:46 kados owen: you happy with that login style?
16:46 kados owen: we could use a better graphic when tina has a chance to make one for koha 3.0, similar style, but a bit more colorful perhaps
16:49 owen I think it's a little too Wordpress-derivative, but nice otherwise.
16:49 owen Let's not copy /exactly/
16:50 kados what would you change?
16:51 owen I'd style the login button differently at least.
17:14 chris owen: im accepting the patch from kados, so when its in there, can you change the style? :-)
17:17 kados owen-away: the public repo is updated, so you can grab the changes one of two ways:
17:17 kados 1. if you've branched already, issue:
17:17 kados git fetch
17:17 kados git rebase origin
17:17 kados 2. if you haven't branched, from 'master' you can issue:
17:17 kados git pull
17:32 kados hdl: are you present?
17:36 kados hiya foxnorth
17:38 foxnorth hey kados
17:38 foxnorth kados: just about to commit some changes
17:38 foxnorth kados: toolbars are in place
17:38 kados w00t
17:38 kados lemme know when I can see it :-)
17:39 foxnorth if you guys have some ideas for icons i'm all ears
17:44 foxnorth kados: ok, new version uploaded...
17:44 kados looking now
17:44 foxnorth kados: it took me a while yesterday cos i discovered the paging toolbars weren't working properly
17:44 foxnorth kados: and it took some troubleshooting to get them fixed
17:44 foxnorth all better now, i think
17:44 kados hehe, looking good
17:45 foxnorth so, i need to create/borrow/steal some icons!
17:45 kados yea
17:45 kados lets see
17:45 kados owen-away: you now of any decent free icons?
17:45 kados s/now/know/ ?
17:46 foxnorth i've actually got to run just now-- bbiab
17:46 foxnorth if you guys have some ideas feel free to email them to me
17:46 kados foxnorth: sure, ttyl
17:46 kados k, will do
17:46 foxnorth thanks!
17:47 hdl kados :am now
17:47 hdl (for a little while)
17:49 hdl (going away for lunch) send your question. I will answer afterwards
18:10 owen kados: I was showing this to tina yesterday:
18:11 kados sweet
18:12 owen I just had an idea for new sign-ups: automatically-generated welcome emails
18:12 kados owen: so in case you missed it, you should be able to grab the login page changes I just did and modify them if you want
18:13 kados cool
18:13 kados yea, we should do an online registration page
18:13 kados it'd be easy as pie really
18:13 owen A lot of libraries offer it
18:14 owen It was something we talked about when we were planning the new library site
18:25 kados owen: I'm working on some simple interface patterns right now, the first one was type 'login
18:25 kados '
18:25 kados the second is type 'wizard'
18:25 kados so logins use login.css
18:25 kados wizard will use wizard.css
18:25 kados the first wizard I'm working on is the installer
18:50 hdl kados ?
18:50 dewey kados is just a bit tied up
18:56 owen dewey: forget kados
18:56 dewey owen: I forgot kados
18:56 owen dewey: kados is champion alligator-wrestler in 7 counties
18:56 dewey OK, owen.
19:00 hdl I can't wait to see the new version.
19:01 hdl Have a nice week end.
19:31 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: openexit
19:31 [K] <openexit@FreeNode> hola
19:31 lloyd sorry guys, demo to my girlfriend lol
19:32 chris heh
19:32 lloyd hey chris
19:32 chris hey lloyd
19:32 lloyd you know if russ has started my work yet?
19:33 chris he had a daughter about 4 days ago, so his mind is on that at the moment :)
19:33 lloyd oh really?
19:33 lloyd thats fantastic news!
19:33 chris we did a bunch of speccing on it the other day tho (the other liblimers)
19:34 lloyd yah from what I understand it's quite a deep bit of code
19:35 chris[…]aby/cate-arrives/
19:37 lloyd excuse my ignorance but are russ and sarah "together"?
19:37 dewey lloyd: The server at (port 666) appears to be down.
19:37 lloyd lol
19:37 chris that sarah and russ are :)
19:37 lloyd gotta love dewey
19:37 chris sarah is his wife
19:38 lloyd ha!
19:38 lloyd I didnt know that
19:38 lloyd brb.. refill :)
19:41 chris who knows
19:41 foxnorth kados: for whenever you're back, i added some icons from tango
19:41 chris but we probably need to pay oclc to find out
19:41 chris that seems to be the rule with dewey
19:43 chris looks good foxnorth
19:43 owen chris: I'm still not sure what the sequence is with git. I've got the cloned repo on the testing server. Do I make a branch there, and clone the branch on my workstation?
19:43 chris what id do
19:43 chris is clone the repo to ur workstation
19:44 chris then make the branch there
19:52 kados foxnorth: back
19:52 kados foxnorth: looking now
19:53 kados oooh, pretty
19:53 foxnorth looking better, no?
19:53 kados yea!
19:53 kados foxnorth: speaking of icons
19:53 foxnorth just having a problem w/ buttons disappearing on savefile grid after leaving it :(
19:53 kados how about some icons for material type?
19:54 foxnorth hhm
19:54 kados should be able to pick that up from the MARC record leader
19:54 foxnorth i wondered about showing actually record icons in folder tree under save file
19:54 foxnorth sure
19:54 foxnorth is that where you'd imagine them?
19:54 kados yea, there and maybe in the search results page too
19:55 foxnorth ah good idea!
19:55 foxnorth i think i fixed the case of the disappearing buttons
19:55 kados cool
19:56 owen Noting a web installer error: marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.sql ERROR 1136 (21S01) at line 129: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
19:56 kados owen: yea, that's OK
19:57 owen Okay for you, but how should I know that? I'm just a librarian ;)
19:59 owen Did the installation process create a patron record for me?
20:04 kados owen: no
20:05 kados owen: just use the oleonard user/pass
20:09 owen Right, I got logged in okay, but I assumed that it would have had to have created a patron record for me. Or is the initial admin account not tied to a normal patron record?
20:10 kados we're still working out the best way to handle that
20:10 kados there's a system-level password, that's used by koha to connect to mysql
20:10 kados IMO that user/password shouldn't ever have access to koha's interface, except to maybe create a new yser
20:10 kados user even
20:11 kados probably the first step in the installer should be to create a new admin user
20:14 owen I wonder if that pesky French all-caps last name could be done with a stylesheet
20:15 kados good qustion
20:19 owen Good grief, STILL doesn't install with execute permissions?! It's the bug that will not die!
20:31 kados owen: hmmm
20:31 kados owen: we can fix it now
20:32 kados owen: I'll do that today!
20:32 owen I was just about to fill out a bug report, because I found several files that don't install with execute permissions
20:32 kados don't bother, i'll hunt them down
20:32 owen Okay

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