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12:00 Mordazy lots of errors
12:00 Mordazy will make a list and will be back here
12:01 Mordazy paul: thanks anyway
12:14 chris paul: im around now
12:14 paul I did a git checkout -f master
12:14 chris i jus sent joshua a patch removing those files.. that whole commit was a mistake
12:15 paul and loose some (few) things I was working on.
12:15 paul what's the name of my local branch ?
12:18 chris ummm, did you make a branch?
12:18 chris checkout -f master checks out hte master branch
12:19 chris checkout master does too, but it doesnnt get missing files
12:19 chris git branch will list the branches you have
12:20 chris i think i might have caused you to lose those changes :(
12:22 chris ok, just going in to the ofice be back on irc soon
12:23 chris sorry paul
12:32 paul chris : no prob, i'm discovering like you, and have lost only 2 or 3 lines of code ;-)
12:35 Mordazy bye :)
12:48 chris ahh encoding ... thats alwyas hard
13:02 kados paul: can you check for plugin_javascript sub somewhere in your installations?
13:02 kados or maybe toins one?
13:02 paul hi kados.
13:02 kados hi :-)
13:02 paul I did, and get no problem.
13:02 kados hmmm
13:03 kados so you don't have plugin_javascript routine?
13:03 paul http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]uing/
13:03 kados sub plugin_javascript does not exist in koha git repo
13:03 kados for me anyway
13:04 paul ??? it used to be a sub called in plugins.
13:04 paul It's commented in C4/, line 2767
13:04 paul (note I have added some comments, so the line # should not be exactly this one.
13:04 kados yes, but that's not the sub, eh?
13:05 paul mmm...
13:05 kados calls plugin_javascript
13:05 paul you probably have a plugin that is buggy.
13:05 kados hmmm
13:05 chris[…]feebe071fa15acd71
13:05 chris line 342
13:06 paul chris : right, I missed that one.
13:06 chris that should be commented out?
13:06 paul nope
13:07 paul add a "warn $plugin" just before the do $plugin,; line
13:07 paul you sjhould see which plugin is buggy
13:08 kados it's not a buggy plugin
13:09 kados the problem is that line 342 calls plugin_javascript
13:09 kados in
13:09 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> yeah there is a missing plugin_javascript routine .. that i think hasnt been committed
13:09 kados in Koha, there is no plugin_javascript subroutine
13:10 paul the plugin_javascript routine is in the plugin.
13:10 paul the "do $plugin" loads it dynamically
13:10 paul at runtime.
13:10 chris ohhhh
13:11 chris that makes sense now
13:11 chris thanks paul
13:11 paul you're welcome.
13:12 chris having the line numbers in gitweb makes things easier
13:15 paul chris :
13:15 paul (& kados) : not sure the virtualshelf stuff was properly committed : I don't see any differences (still use of bookshelves & refences to itemnumber field)
13:16 chris yeah we mucked up that whole commit
13:16 chris we are going to fix that today
13:18 dbs q about git: has anyone put a web interface on top of a koha git repository for browsing / searching purposes?
13:19 chris yep
13:19 chris
13:19 dbs well that was easy :)
13:19 chris yeah we are still finishing off that wiki page
13:19 dbs I'll add that to the wiki
13:19 chris then we will do a mail to the devel list
13:19 chris cool thanks dbs
13:20 chris hi john :)
13:20 kados hiya dbs
13:20 chris is it hot down there in crawford county?
13:20 kados dbs: we haven't done an announcement just yet, we're still working out a few git growing pains
13:21 kados hopefully by the end of the week we'll have the kinks worked out
13:21 chris hi kyle
13:21 dbs groovy
13:21 kyle hey chris, kados.
13:21 kados hiya kyle
13:21 kyle I was hoping to talk to you two about a new reserves system.
13:22 kados kyle: holds? or course reserves?
13:22 kados (holds I'm guessing, eh?)
13:22 kyle yes, holds.
13:24 kados kyle: sure, what do you have in mind?
13:24 kyle The current reserves system is not satisfactory for our librarians. I am interesting in working on a new reserves system. I was directed to speak to you two. I was hoping I might get some assistance on the work, but any input would be helpful.
13:24 kados *nod*
13:25 kyle I have a list of requirements for the reserves system. i think i could modify the current one to fit those requirements, but I don't want to fork Reserves2. I'd rather take the existing code and create Reserves3.
13:25 chris oh no
13:26 chris :)
13:26 kyle ; )
13:26 chris how about Reserves :)
13:26 kados it'd probably be a good time to change the nomenclature here,
13:26 chris or yes
13:26 kyle That can be your call, I've never even heard the term Hold in this context.
13:27 chris its an academic library thing
13:27 kados yea, publics call them reserves, academics call them holds
13:27 kados and they work differently too :-)
13:27 chris they have holds (what we call reserves) and course reserves, what they call reserves
13:27 kados (most academic libraries don't pull books off the shelf for patrons)
13:28 kyle How do they work? You mean Reserves => Holds, and Course Reservers => Reserves?
13:28 chris thats what they call them yep
13:29 kyle I'm guessing a reserve is an item that can only be checked out by a student enrolled in a certain course?
13:29 chris yeah, thats kinda it
13:29 dbs kyle: correct
13:29 dbs items on reserve are usually searchable via course code, course name, instructor name
13:30 chris actually dbs will be able to explain better, he works at a university :)
13:30 dbs kyle: you might want to take a look at reservedirect (open source academic reserve system)
13:30 kyle We could do something similar using the existing ClubsAndServices module.
13:30 dbs we run Unicorn's reserves module, but reservedirect was written by people to replace Unicorn's crappy reserves module :)
13:31 chris heh
13:31 dbs supports multiple backends
13:31 dbs but it's php :/
13:31 chris ahh kyle is good with php
13:31 kyle indeed ; )
13:32 kyle Can you provide a link? I'm having trouble finding it.
13:32 kados kyle: google reservesdirect
13:33 dbs
13:33 dbs (sorry, missed the 's'
13:33 kyle google only gives vacationing links.
13:33 kyle Thanks.
13:33 kados huh, first hit for me
13:34 dbs yeah, "reservedirect" is vacations, "reservesdirect" is what you want
13:34 kyle How is this program meant to integrate into an existing ILS?
13:35 kados I suspect reservesdirect is just for course reserves, eh?
13:35 dbs Right, not regular holds, just academic reserves
13:36 dbs kyle: haven't worked that (or i18n) out, which is why it's not running here
13:37 kyle I see the line: Integrates with the library's catalog, providing convenient access to all course materials, physical and electronic, in one place
13:38 kyle Do you think maybe the best solution would be to write some glue for Koha?
13:38 chris maybe for course reserves yep
13:38 kyle Or do you think it would be better for koha to have its own integrated solution?
13:38 chris im all about not reinventing the wheel if we dont have too :)
13:39 kyle I agree completely ; )
13:40 chris owen:
13:44 kyle does anyone have any suggesstions of possible improvements to the current 'Holds' System?
13:45 kyle I have a list of them from my librarians if anyone is interested.
13:46 kados kyle: sounds useful, maybe start a thread on koha-devel?
13:46 chris yeah, or a page on the wiki
13:46 chris or both :)
13:47 kyle both sound excellent. I will do that.
13:47 chris i think future and holds with expiry dates
13:47 chris would be good for a start
13:47 kyle future?
13:47 dewey it has been said that future is oranges
13:47 kyle expiry dates are an excellent idea.
13:48 chris like a start date for a reserve
13:49 kyle ok, I understand now.
13:50 chris we have something like it for the toledo diocese, but its pretty crufty
13:53 chris i cant think of anything else off the top of my head
14:14 kados paul: got a sec?
14:14 paul yep
14:14 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darcilicious n=plinkit@
14:23 chris hi darci
14:23 [K] <darcilicious@FreeNode> hi chris! :)
14:49 chris paul: i just sent some mail from to you, i hope it gets through
15:21 chris right, im all caught up on patches
15:21 paul chris : i've got 2 mails.
15:22 chris cool, i hope they make sense
15:23 paul i'm ok to let you deal with ;-)
15:24 chris cool
16:51 Brooke Howdy
16:51 dewey hola, Brooke
16:59 chris hey brooke
16:59 Brooke :D
17:09 chris cool
17:13 Brooke You're incredibly good natured about me making more work for ye :)
17:14 chris hehe, it has to be done sooner or later
17:14 Brooke chris ++
17:16 chris right lunch time, bbiab
18:24 chris back
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09:03 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: lloydp
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