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12:33 kados paul_: are you here?
12:33 paul_ yep
12:33 kados hi :-)
12:33 paul & somewhat available
12:33 kados paul_: i've got a question about the french translation
12:33 paul hello & good morning to you
12:34 kados there's a 'fr' directory in the repository, is that supposed to be there?
12:34 kados or are fr templates auto-magically generated?
12:34 paul french templates are in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr
12:34 kados right
12:35 paul and generated by misc/translator/ install -s ... -o ... -i ...
12:35 kados my question is, if a change is made to prog/en, how does it get to prog/fr?
12:35 kados ahh, ok
12:35 kados so why should they be in the repo?
12:35 kados should they be? or should it be a step for installation?
12:35 paul you won ;-)
12:36 paul I wanted to write that, until the library can choose which language to install, it has to be in the repo
12:36 kados ok
12:36 kados cool idea ;-)
12:36 paul but not that easy to write
12:36 paul tmpl_install can be quite long.
12:37 paul and could reach apache timeout limit if the user set up too many languages
12:37 kados yep
12:37 kados paul: I have made some major changes to virtual shelves recently, changed the nomenclature and moved them to be biblio-level instead of item-level (so you can add a biblio with no items to a virtual shelf) ... do you have any objection to such a change?
12:38 kados (NPL and several other clients wanted it to be biblio level instead of item level)
12:38 paul just to let you know : I just told yesterday to my 2 "students" that I didn't know why virtualshelves were on item level, and it was probalby a design error ;-)
12:39 kados hehe
12:39 kados cool
12:40 paul did you had a chance to look at the new marc editor ?
12:40 paul I think there is 1 very interesting feature missing, that I plan to add asap :
12:40 kados not yet, but I'll look today
12:41 paul when a field is not mandatory, and has no subfield = all subfields are hidden. And you'll have to click on the field description to "open" the subfield list.
12:41 paul with this small feature, I think the new editor will rock.
12:42 kados :-)
12:42 paul do you use qgit ?
12:42 kados sounds like a cool feature, similar to the 'visibility' feature I think
12:43 kados no, just git
12:43 paul you should try it...
12:43 paul very very nice to see commits, patches and history.
12:43 kados cool
12:43 kados paul: chris and I have to get breakfast, but we'll be back shortly
12:43 kados paul: I have some additional questions for you
12:44 paul I'll be close
12:44 paul (leaving in 3 hours)
13:21 kados hehe
13:21 paul and me or and chris ?
13:21 paul "and me" or "and chris" ?
13:21 kados oops
13:22 kados :-)
13:22 kados and chris I mean
13:23 chris cool
13:27 chris heya dbs
13:28 dbs Hi Chris! Yeah, I've been negligent :(
13:28 paul who is dbs ?
13:28 dbs paul: Dan Scott
13:29 paul whois told me. but who is dan scott ???
13:29 chris a canadian and a coffee drinker :)
13:29 chris Dan works on evergreen a lot
13:29 dbs Paul --
13:30 dbs I was hoping to get hands-on with a koha 3.0 release candidate this summer, but I'm running out of time :(
13:30 dbs but I'm happy to here about cleaning of kohastructure.sql :)
13:30 chris :)
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13:32 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
13:52 paul I'm not sure of what i'll see when you validate my commits and I git pull. So let me know when you've done it.
13:53 paul I just had :
13:53 paul [paul@localhost head]$ git pull
13:53 paul remote: Generating pack...
13:53 paul remote: Done counting 178 objects.
13:53 paul Result has 120 objects.
13:53 paul remote: Deltifying 120 objects...
13:53 chris yep
13:53 paul remote: 20/120) done20) done
13:53 paul Indexing 120 objects.
13:53 paul remote: Total 120 (delta 84), reused 120 (delta 84)
13:53 paul 100% (120/120) done
13:53 paul Resolving 84 deltas.
13:54 paul 100% (84/84) done
13:54 chris[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
13:54 paul 45 objects were added to complete this thin pack.
13:54 paul * refs/remotes/origin/master: fast forward to branch 'master' of git://
13:54 paul 8ee8811..e9ae8c0
13:54 paul 100% (1/1) done
13:54 paul Already uptodate!
13:54 paul Merge made by recursive.
13:54 paul does that mean i've pulled my own changes, and git had nothing to pull ?
13:54 chris yep
13:55 paul I don't understand what means :
13:55 paul - Merge branch 'master' of ...
13:55 paul and 'patches from paul'
13:58 chris thats merging the changes into the public repository
13:58 paul so you validate them then kados publishes them ?
13:59 paul it means we will have 3 "lines" for each commit someone does ?
14:00 chris sometimes, but in this case we have 14 commits from you, then 1 from me and 1 from kados
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15:17 kados hiya foxnorth
15:17 paul kados : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]uing/
15:17 paul (login abel / abel )
15:17 kados looking
15:17 kados cool
15:18 kados that's gonna be a big time saver
15:18 paul yep
15:18 kados how does it handle the IDs?
15:18 kados incremental?
15:18 paul toins rewrote all the editor.
15:18 paul I don't know every details...
15:18 paul I just gave him the goal
15:19 kados *nod*
15:19 kados tag_020_527881
15:19 kados is the id of the first 020 field
15:19 kados I wonder if that increments
15:19 paul iirc, there is a random() part in the id
15:20 paul note that the + on fields doesn't require a post anymore.
15:21 paul mmm... a git question :
15:21 paul git format-patch origin will create ALL my patches forever ?
15:21 paul even once it has been validated & added to the public repo ?
15:21 paul (question for chris)
15:21 paul quite inconvenient...
15:22 chris ahh you dont want to do origin
15:22 paul what do I want to do then ? :-D
15:22 chris try git-format-patch -2
15:22 chris that will git you a patch for your last commit only
15:22 paul what means "last" ?
15:22 chris or last 2
15:22 paul ll
15:23 paul isn't there a way to say "all patches I havent mailed yet" ?
15:23 chris or you can go git-format-patch REV1 REV2
15:24 chris and that will make a patch for between those
15:24 chris not sure have a read of
15:24 chris[…]format-patch.html
17:54 kados foxnorth: you around?
17:56 kados on eowyn I get: db error: SQLite prepare() failed: ERROR: SQL logic error or missing database DETAILS: no such table: Records EXPRESSION: delete from Records where status=""
17:58 foxnorth hey kados-- forgot to mention this
17:59 foxnorth in firebug run "resetDatabase()"
17:59 foxnorth and refresh
18:06 kados ok
18:07 foxnorth kados: you can still run search (despite partially obscured search bar) for xml, keyword
18:07 kados hehe, this is slick
18:11 kados impressive foxnorth
18:12 foxnorth i think i like this email-client-like interface!
18:12 foxnorth btw i was going to ask you about saving
18:13 foxnorth i have it set up so that if you have a record open in the marc editor
18:13 foxnorth and you haven't yet saved it anywhere
18:13 foxnorth clicking the save button (button #1 on toolbar) saves it to Drafts
18:13 foxnorth like an email program might
18:13 foxnorth otherwise if you've opened the record from a particular save file
18:13 kados right
18:13 foxnorth of course it saves the results to that one
18:13 kados well, i was thinking abotu that too
18:13 foxnorth sound good?
18:14 kados yea, that makes perfect sense
18:14 foxnorth hhm i need to check that search results grid
18:14 kados I woudl say where's the save button?
18:14 foxnorth it's the first button (you can hover for tooltip)
18:14 kados huh, i don't see it
18:15 kados ahh
18:15 kados now I do
18:15 kados ok
18:15 kados here's what I'd do
18:15 kados I'd remove the whole row where the buttons are now
18:15 foxnorth uh huh
18:15 kados and move the buttons to reside right where the folder name is displayed inside the edit panel
18:16 foxnorth i see
18:16 foxnorth so i could make them a toolbar for that contentpanel
18:16 foxnorth which would be easy i think with ext
18:16 kados and I'd put a Save label on it to the right of the icon
18:16 foxnorth and then it'd be clear they go with that
18:16 kados yea, exactly
18:16 foxnorth defiately need labels
18:16 foxnorth not tomention bigger and nicer icons!
18:16 foxnorth ok that make sense
18:16 kados and that can be contextual
18:16 foxnorth right
18:17 foxnorth i'll update it as you change views
18:17 kados cuz you'll want the same toolbar in the results page
18:17 kados just different buttons
18:17 foxnorth right
18:17 foxnorth in fact we should discuss exactly which buttons
18:17 foxnorth we'd like where...
18:17 foxnorth obviously save
18:17 foxnorth for search and savefile views
18:17 kados I think I had a list at one point
18:17 kados lemme see if I can find it
18:18 foxnorth hhm lemme see maybe it's in that email from a week or 2 back
18:18 foxnorth ok think i've got it
18:19 foxnorth actually not really
18:20 kados New, Refresh, Move, Print, Edit
18:20 kados for the results page I think
18:21 foxnorth could add Export?
18:21 kados yea
18:22 kados Save, Export, Cancel, Save Draft, Merge, Validate, Options (select template)
18:22 kados for the edit page I think
18:22 kados ahh, print too
18:22 foxnorth yeah Validate is a good one
18:22 kados Save, Export, Cancel, Save Draft, Merge, Validate, Print, Options
18:22 foxnorth can post to marc::record in perl script
18:23 kados yea, probably marc::lint
18:23 foxnorth right
18:23 kados with Merge, you find another record and it shows them side by side
18:24 jaron MARC::Lint++
18:24 foxnorth that sounds cool
18:26 kados yea, it's really nice
18:26 kados and you can always add your own checks too
18:27 foxnorth right
18:27 foxnorth extensibility++
18:27 foxnorth just thinking how to implement the merge idea
18:27 foxnorth popup a dialog box w/ the search results grid and user can dbl click
18:28 kados yea
18:28 kados and maybe they can do a new earch too
18:28 kados and/or upload a new record on th fly
18:28 kados or use one in the saved folders
18:28 foxnorth good points
18:28 kados basically, passing these objects around as much as possible
18:29 foxnorth so maybe just let them pick another record however they want
18:29 kados yea
18:29 foxnorth then they can click on an Editor button
18:29 foxnorth and it'll open the marceditor with those records in split panels?
18:29 kados yea
18:29 kados field1 <- field2
18:30 kados and if you click on <- it 'steals' the value ofrom field2 or something
18:30 kados I dunno
18:30 foxnorth well that would be cool!
18:30 kados merging is hard
18:30 foxnorth yeah
18:30 foxnorth that would take some work
18:30 kados yep
18:30 kados I think we focus on the editor
18:30 kados first
18:30 kados add merging later
18:30 foxnorth yeah let's get that working well
18:30 foxnorth agreed
18:30 jaron have it in mind when designing but --yeah focus on the editor first :)
18:30 kados but we can put the merge button in :-)
18:31 foxnorth sure
18:31 foxnorth ok so next steps lemme get the toolbars setup and in place in the ui
18:31 foxnorth and fix that searchbar being cut off
18:31 foxnorth also the status bar at teh bottom is kind of annoying
18:31 foxnorth although the status updates are good
18:31 kados you could do it in the center of the page
18:31 foxnorth i was thinking maybe just a status message coudl display or someting
18:32 kados a little twirly thingy
18:32 kados like you have on initial page load
18:32 foxnorth yeah that's a good idea
18:32 kados it could also give other feedback
18:32 kados like if the search failed, etc.
18:32 foxnorth right
18:32 kados what would be cool
18:33 kados is if you had a little [!] bottom left
18:33 kados and it would go 'hide' there after it displayed
18:33 foxnorth the msg box you mean?
18:33 kados yea
18:33 kados like the apple minimize function
18:33 foxnorth i think there are some jquery plugins that do stuff like that
18:33 kados yea, I figured
18:33 foxnorth i could check into
18:34 kados so if I do a search with 100 results
18:34 kados can we make it not scroll at all?
18:34 kados limit to 20 at a time or something
18:34 foxnorth yeah, that might work
18:34 foxnorth the paging in teh grid should take care of some of that
18:34 kados and have the <- Page 1 of 1 -> for scrolling
18:35 foxnorth right now i think i set it to display in blocks of 25
18:35 kados right
18:35 foxnorth but we could lower that, since we've got that preview panel
18:35 kados so the page thing you have now is the same row we want our toolbar to be in
18:35 kados we can just scoot the pages bit over to the right
18:35 foxnorth gotcha
18:36 kados and I don't think we need the Search results row
18:36 kados just a waste of vertical space
18:36 kados (sorry for being picky :-)
18:36 foxnorth you're right!
18:36 foxnorth and getting rid of the status bar
18:36 foxnorth would free up a little more vertical space
18:36 kados I think status is OK for now
18:36 kados that's a nice area
18:36 foxnorth ok
18:36 kados we could use it for something
18:37 foxnorth got to figure out how not to have it hide stuff in the central panel
18:37 kados can't you nest it in the left panel?
18:37 foxnorth nest the status bar there?
18:37 foxnorth yeah that's a thought
18:37 foxnorth it's small, after all
18:37 kados ahh, also, if I 'hide' the preview panel, I can't get it back
18:38 foxnorth yeah cos of the status bar, i think
18:38 kados ahh
18:39 kados so you've got two rows of vertical space to kill, your current 'button' one, and the 'Search Results one' and put the buttons in the row where the page scroller is now
18:39 foxnorth sounds right
18:39 kados context sensetive, yadayada
18:39 foxnorth right
18:39 foxnorth hang on, brb
18:56 foxnorth kados: any other thoughts?  otherwise i'll head off to implement those things
18:58 kados not just yet
18:58 kados it's looking really good
18:58 foxnorth great
18:58 foxnorth lemme see what i can do then
18:58 kados sweet
19:08 kados foxnorth: one more thing I can think of
19:08 kados foxnorth: if you're still around
19:21 foxnorth sure
19:21 kados nothing big, just a comment about the 'folders'
19:21 foxnorth shoot!
19:21 kados I think the servers could be expanded by default for the search results
19:22 foxnorth no prob
19:22 kados and i'd put a separator between them and the other groups of folders
19:22 foxnorth yeah that makes sense
19:22 kados just to signal that they're different
19:22 foxnorth sure
20:09 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
21:00 masonj morning #koha
23:13 thd seen kados
23:13 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 3 hours, 51 minutes and 25 seconds ago, saying: just to signal that they're different [Thu Aug  9 07:22:32 2007]
23:14 thd kados: they are different
23:15 thd kados: please answer
00:44 kados hey thd
00:44 kados thd: I was at dinner, I'm back now
00:45 thd hello kados
00:45 kados hi
00:46 kados thd: what's up?
00:46 thd kados: auth_stricture_structure has no hidden column
00:47 thd kados: auth_subfield_structure has no hidden column
00:47 thd kados: would you like me to add one?
00:47 kados hmmm
00:47 kados yes, I think so
00:47 kados just in case :-)
00:48 kados actually ...
00:48 kados lets not
00:48 kados we can always add it later
00:48 kados I've got too much to do in the next couple months anyway to write something to take advantage of it
00:50 thd kados: I thought that one of the key issues was that the library only wanted to see the heading field from uniform title when editing a uniform title record and not corporate name etc
00:52 thd kados: is that not one of the essential elements that they wanted?
00:57 kados hmmm
00:58 kados yes, that is one element
00:58 kados but it can easily be acomplished by simply deleting the unnecessary fields
00:58 kados with authorities records ... you don't need all those extra fields
01:10 thd kados: the default framework alone controls some factors for the record editor.  Do you remember which factors are controlled by the default framework alone?
01:10 kados no, I don't
01:10 kados sorry
01:13 thd kados: I think that the use of hidden column was only effective for the default framework and the semantic label from the libopac column was always read from the default framework, but I cannot remember what else
01:15 thd kados: no I said that incorrectly, hidden was framework dependent
01:17 thd kados: Is the use of a metarecords in Koha going to be for Koha 4.0?
01:19 kados thd: yes
01:19 kados thd: for 5.0 too I bet :-)
01:20 thd kados: I meant to ask what your timeline is for what you were working on with Chris
01:20 kados thd: we don't have one yet
01:20 thd kados: do you have a commitment for funding or were you just looking at the possibility?
01:27 kados just looking
09:19 Mordazy Hello
09:20 CGI702 hi
09:20 dewey hola, CGI702
09:20 Mordazy have question about bulkmarcimport
09:20 CGI702 no
09:21 Mordazy hi CGI702, hi dewey
09:21 Mordazy CGI702: ?
09:23 CGI702 i try use koha
09:23 Mordazy me too
09:23 Mordazy I use modified version
09:24 CGI702 which system Linux or Win
09:24 CGI702 i use Win
09:24 Mordazy linux of course, running any server application on Win is mistake IMHO
09:25 CGI702 I have no problem for the present
09:26 CGI702 but i use to change some things
09:27 Mordazy My friend who modified Koha for me, made also a small distribudion of Koha, called Koha Mini, which runs out-of the box on a single XP machine
09:27 Mordazy he made it for his mother who works in a very small library
09:28 Mordazy CGI702: are you familiar with Linux?
09:29 CGI702 Yes, but I dont know well
09:30 Mordazy but which, a Win-like, Ubuntu or something like this?
09:30 Mordazy or a "classic" one, no GUI, only text console?
09:31 CGI702 I want to learn but i cant by myself
09:32 Mordazy if you want my advice, choose a small, text-only distribution
09:33 CGI702 Your preference is Ubuntu
09:34 Mordazy which is intended not "workstation" use, but rather a router or server, without graphical interface
09:34 Mordazy honestly I hate Ubuntu
09:34 Mordazy actually, I don`t like any "graphical" Linux
09:36 Mordazy I tried to learn Linux using distributions like Ubuntu
09:36 Mordazy and it didn`t work for me
09:37 Mordazy because  there was this nice interface, you could do many things just like in Windows, clicking with mouse
09:38 Mordazy but actually I wasn`t discovering Linux, I was still working with Windows
09:39 Mordazy then I had to prepare a small router / server for a small network
09:39 Mordazy and discovered a small, text-only distribution
09:40 CGI702 Could you give me a name or any address for download
09:41 Mordazy this one is Polish distribution, guess you wouldn`t have much use of it
09:42 CGI702 where are u now
09:42 Mordazy Poland
09:42 Mordazy but you might try Arch Linux
09:42 Mordazy it will be quite hard at the beginning
09:43 Mordazy but you`ll gradually learn more and more things
09:43 Mordazy even better solution is looking for a Linux guru among your friends
09:44 Mordazy and getting the same distributiona as he is using
09:45 CGI702 ok thank you very much
09:46 CGI702 i will go to lunch
09:46 CGI702 do you want
09:46 Mordazy but whatever you choose
09:46 CGI702 i will be here afternoon
09:46 Mordazy DON`T install XWindow
09:46 Mordazy or any other Graphic User Interface
09:47 Mordazy just try the command line interface
09:48 Mordazy and try to use Linux for some specific tastk
09:48 Mordazy task*
09:49 Mordazy for instance, router  between your PC and the internet
09:50 Mordazy then you will have specific goals, and this is something that helps much learning Linux
09:50 Mordazy ok, enough preaching :)
10:38 Mordazy is there anybody familiar with bulkmarcimport and generally importing MARC records to Koha?
10:59 Mordazy I have prepared iso2709 file with MARC records, test parsing with bulkmarcimport went fine,
10:59 Mordazy but during actual import I have lots of errors
10:59 Mordazy mostly "duplicate entry"
11:01 Mordazy and "incorrect key file"
11:01 Mordazy what`s wrong?
11:01 Mordazy or is it normal during importing many similiar records into database?
11:12 risa hi everybody
11:27 Mordazy hi risa
11:28 Mordazy are you familiar with bulkmarcimport and generally importing MARC records to Koha?
11:36 risa Hi Mordazy we spoke in the forenoon about Linux
11:36 risa my nickname is changed
11:37 Mordazy ROTFL :)
11:37 Mordazy OK
11:51 paul chris around ?
11:52 Mordazy Hello paul
11:52 Mordazy could you help me a little with bulkmarcimport?
11:53 Mordazy I have prepared iso2709 file with MARC records, test parsing with bulkmarcimport went fine,
11:53 paul a little, yes.
11:53 Mordazy but during actual import I have lots of errors
11:53 Mordazy mostly "duplicate entry"
11:53 Mordazy what`s wrong?
11:53 Mordazy or is it normal during importing many similiar records into database?
11:53 paul copy/paste the error here, pls
11:53 paul no, it is not normal
11:55 Mordazy awwww, now it crashed totally
11:56 Mordazy sorry, bbl

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